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Title:  Dairy Products (Library): Correspondence, 1956

Resource type:  text

Creator: Aiken, George D. (George David), 1892-1984. 

Topics include importation of cows from Canada and over-production of milk; soil bank bill in Congress; Boston milk formula and the price of milk; milk promotion to middle aged women; price of grain; proposed forestry provisions to plant poorer land with trees in new farm bill in Congress; lack of incentive for big diary companies to increase the sale of fluid milk; minimum support prices under manufacturing milk; "Dairy Farmers of America"; Vermont dairy cooperatives; milk vending machine legislation in New York; congratulatory letter to Elmer Montgomery for receiving the Distinguished Farmer Award for 1955; request of New England cooperatives for a suspension of the 22 cent drop in milk; school milk and Brucellosis eradication programs; use of lime and superphosphate; tax benefits for farmers; Federal tax on gasoline used for agricultural purposes; St. Lawrence Seaway; farmer eligibility for Social Security benefits; marketing of farm products in foreign countries; Watershed Act of 1954; Water Facilities Act of 1954; farm production and marketing methods research; support price for feed grains; bulk tanks; proposals to expand New York marketing area to include major upstate cities and provide for regulation by federal order for northern New Jersey; Scoffield case and an injunction prohibiting the Secretary of Agriculture from extending the milk order; use of dairy products by the Armed Services.