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Albert B. Jewett to William Wirt Henry

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Item Description

Title: Albert B. Jewett to William Wirt Henry


  • Jewett, Albert B., 1829-1887


  • Henry,William Wirt, 1831-1915

Source Document

Extent: 1 page

Date Created: February 02, 1863


Letter discussing Jewett’s possible promotion to Brigadier General (as Jewett's name is on a list for promotions) and Jewett willing to help get a staff position for Gov. Dillingham's son if Jewett is promoted.

Genre(s): correspondence



Language(s): English

Note [Digital Version]

2013-02-13, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Type of Resource: text

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Albert B. Jewett to William Wirt Henry, Vermont Historical Society Library, Barre, Vermont, (accessed April 28, 2015)

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