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Charles F. Bancroft to Clarissa Bancroft

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Item Description

Title: Charles F. Bancroft to Clarissa Bancroft


  • Bancroft, Charles F., 1835-1862


  • Bancroft,Clarissa E., 1843-1864

Source Document

Extent: 2 pages

Date Created: January 11, 1862


Topics include the illness of Ephraim D. Dutton and the treatment he is getting from Bancroft, who is watching over Dutton. Bancroft thinks he'll recover when taken to a hospital. Fever, dysentery, lung ailments are compounded by homesickness, according to Bancroft. B. asks for sausage, cayenne pepper, and brandy from home. Mentions daguerreotype of "that little schoolmarm" and the problem of blue eyes. Final request: burn this letter after you read it! "Chain Bridge" refers to a site near Washington, D.C.

Genre(s): correspondence


Language(s): English

Note [Digital Version]

2012-01-31, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Type of Resource: text

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Charles F. Bancroft to Clarissa Bancroft, Vermont Historical Society Library, Barre, Vermont, (accessed January 18, 2018)

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