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Vermonters in the Civil War

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Vermont soldiers in the Civil War wrote an enormous quantity of letters and diaries, of which many thousands have survived in libraries, historical societies, and in private hands. This collection represents a selection of letters and diaries from the University of Vermont and the Vermont Historical Society.


Time Period Covered: January 1, 1861 - February 28, 1864 

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Title:   Ira A. Marshall to William Wirt Henry

Creator:  Marshall, Ira A., d. 1893

Date:  1862-05-13

Resource type:   correspondence

Topics include recent battles in Yorktown and Williamsburg, which had significant casualties; the destruction of the C.S.S. Merrimack off the coast of Norfolk, Va., now under Union occupation. McClellan will likely send Vt. troops home once Richmond is taken. Ill soldier Tilton Sleeper mentioned again.

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    Title:   Lyman Barton to Melissa Barton

    Creator:  Barton, Lyman, 1839-1936

    Date:  1863-03-15

    Resource type:   correspondence

    Lyman Barton writes of his travels from Fredericksburg to Newport News via a steamer, and then on to Suffolk. While at Newport News he saw a monitor and the U.S.S. Galena, as well as the wrecks of the U.S.S. Merrimack (C.S.S. Virginia) and the U.S.S. Cumberland and U.S.S. Congress. He also comments on the lack of alcohol available to the troops and that while he is not a drinker, he is “as bad can be” and that it is “hard spoiling a rotten egg.”

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      Title:   Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

      Creator:  Veazey, Wheelock G., 1835-1898

      Date:  1862-04-22

      Resource type:   correspondence

      Topics include a brief love letter, continuous firing from the rebels, men being pressed into service for the Confederate army (reference to the Irish), reference to the Merrimack, Rebel rifle pits, and the number of men who were killed or injured in the skirmishes.

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