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Letter to Nathan and Mary Hill, July 17, 1842

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Letter to Nathan and Mary Hill, July 17, 1842


Crafts, Samuel Chandler, 1768-1853

Published: August 21, 2006,  University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections


Letter to daughter and son-in-law. Topics include President Tyler and the Tariff Bill; Tariff Bill passed, 116 to 112, by the House despite opposition from Locofocos (Democrats) and some Southern Whigs and a threatened veto; Tariff Bill now in the Senate where there are 20 Locofocos (Democrats) and 30 Whigs, but 5 southern Whigs who will cast the deciding votes on passage; Vermont State Whig Convention; Governor Paine (VT); Henry Clay's potential candidacy for President; Craft's feelings on being elected for the remained of Judge Samuel Prentiss' Senate term; rumored changes in President Tyler's cabinet; Daniel Webster, Lord Ashburton and a prospect of a settlement of disputes with Great Britain.

Source Document

Crafts Family Papers, Box 6, Folder 3

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Time period: 1842-07-17

Format: text, letter


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Letter to Nathan and Mary Hill, July 17, 1842, Crafts Family Papers, Box 6, Folder 3, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library, (accessed January 23, 2018)


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