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Dairy: Misc. (Library), 1957-1958

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Dairy: Misc. (Library), 1957-1958


Aiken, George D. (George David), 1892-1984.


Graves, Paul D.

Towne, Elmer

Cooper, John Sherman, 1901-

Morse, True D.

Published: November 16, 2006,  University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections


Topics include New England milk market and its different marketing orders; New York milk strike and New York milk market; responsibility of state governments in improving circumstances for dairy farmers; Federal Milk Order; effect of the New York milk strike on the Republican Party; Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Benson; differences in milk production around the country; consumption of dairy products; loans for milk tanks; opinions on dairy price supports by various Vermont farm constituencies as reported by Vermont Commissioner of Agriculture, Elmer Towne; Abernethy "Self-Help" bill; effects on Vermont farmers of a New England wide milk marketing order; proposal to extend the present export price assistance program to dry whole milk, and to evaporated milk; report on Eastern Milk Marketing Order; price war in the Boston market; growth of Hood Co.; Whiting Milk Company's economic difficulties and proposal to have operating cooperatives buy it; Southeastern New England milk order; milk production and pricing in Connecticut.

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Aiken Papers, Crate 8, Carton 1A, Folder 9

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Time period: 1957-1958


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Dairy: Misc. (Library), 1957-1958, Aiken Papers, Crate 8, Carton 1A, Folder 9, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library, (accessed January 19, 2018)


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