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This collection features letters home from Warren R. Austin (Senator, 1931-1946), Jacob Collamer (Representative, 1843-1848; Senator, 1855-1865), and Samuel C. Crafts (Representative, 1817-1824; Senator 1842-1843). The letters document travel to and from Washington by horse, boat, train, and airplane; lodging in boarding houses, hotels, and homes; social life in Washington; significant local and national events; and legislative issues under consideration in Congress. Austin's letters are particularly strong in their coverage of his frustration at being a minority Senator during the era of Roosevelt and the New Deal; his activities on the Judiciary Committee; and foreign affairs questions such as the Neutrality Act. The letters of Crafts and Collamer both extensively cover the question of slavery, discussing Missouri statehood, John Brown, the annexation of Texas, and the Civil War. All three Congressmen frequently discuss questions regarding appropriations and the Federal budget. Biographical information is available from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, at:

Time Period Covered: 1818-1941 

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Published:  September 12, 2006,  University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections

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Title:   Letter to Mrs. C.G. (Ann) Austin, November 16, 1937

Creator:  Austin, Warren Robinson, 1877-1962

Date:  1937-11-16

Resource type:   text

Resource type:   letter

Topics include Senator Byrnes (SC) speech on the Reorganization Bill; Anti-Lynching Bill debate and Senator Tom Connally (TX).

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