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Marci Tullii Ciceronis De amicicia liber...

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Item Description

Title: Marci Tullii Ciceronis De amicicia liber...


  • Cicero, Marcus Tullius

Source Document

Extent: 52 leaves : parchment ; 210 x 140 (127 x 90) mm.

Date Created: 1375 [inferred] - 1425 [inferred]

Physical Description

Collation: Parchment, fol. ii (modern parchment) + 52 + ii (modern parchment); 1-3¹⁰, 4⁴, 5¹⁰, 6⁸; catchwords at the bottom of fol. 10v, 20v, 30v, 44v. Layout: Written in 26 long lines, below top line; ruled in light brown ink. Decoration: Five historiated initials with gold illumination and green, slate, blue, brown, red, and black paint mark the beginnings of each text (fol. 1r, 20r, 29r, 30v, and 35r). The scenes depict human figures in public and private intellectual discourse. The third of these initials (fol. 29r) depicts a scribe or author at work on a text at a writing desk with a book stand holding another book (closed) at eye level. Each of these initials is accompanied by an intricate and colorful border. The first border (fol. 1r) encloses the entire page, the others fill two to three of the margins of the page. These borders depict scenes with bird, dragon, angel, human, stag, and hare subjects, and depicts hunting and music making activities. Blue initials with red flourishes throughout, though a few initials remain without their flourishes though space was left for them (fol. 2v). Blue paragraph marks with red flourishes. Possible damage to border illustration at the bottom of fol. 1r, where the left arm of the principle subject is obscured.


Rebound in modern goatskin, 1992.


Written in Semitextualis script. There are numerous corrections in line and in margin in another hand. There are several maniculae, some with elongated forefinger (fol. 5r, 10r).


Texts contained in this codex are Cicero's De amicitia, Paradoxa, De senectute, and the text known as "Sallust's invectives."

Genre(s): codices

Language(s): Latin

Place: [Italy]

Note [Digital Version]

2010-04-22, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Note [Provenance]

Possibly created at the Bobbio Scriptorium. Signed (by owner or scribe) "Vincent" (fol. 52v). Probably purchased in 1869 by Lucius E. Chittenden. From the library of Lucius Chittenden.

Note [Incipit]

QVINTVS Mucius Sceuola augur multa narrare de Gaio Lelio suo socero memoriter et iocunde solebat.

Note [Explicit]

experti probare possitis

Note [Bibliography]

De Ricci, p. 2168-2169, no.3

Type of Resource: text

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