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Houses - Unidentified

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Title: Houses - Unidentified


  • McAllister, L. L. (Louis L.), 1877-1963

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Front view of a two story clapboard house located in Queen City Park with an open front porch and center front steps. Striped awnings are attached to the front porch and to the two upper story windows. Shingles cover the lower portion of the front porch. The number 96 is visible on the front of the house. Same house as mcalA11F16i22

Genre(s): photographs, black-and-white photographs



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2008-05-08, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Type of Resource: still image

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Houses - Unidentified, Louis L. McAllister Photographs, Box A11, Folder 16, Item 21, (accessed December 17, 2017)

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User Comments

I believe this photo is misidentified. I believe that instead it is 96 Shelburne Road as originally built. The portion of a house on the left is one going up Ledge Road. The porch of the house pictured was enclosed and the entrance lowered to ground level...inside there are several steps going up to the original front door level. The window on the right front (facing drive) has been cut away to form a recessed doorway to stairs going to the second floor. That doorway is number 98 Shelburne. I lived at 100 Shelburne for 25 years and my house matched this one as can be seen in the edge of the roof on the right. The houses were matching except #100 was built "sideways" to #98....with the gable ends swiveled 90 degrees to each other. Both houses have those matching triangular windows, and the porch at #100 is open as built. The steep driveway between the houses has been eliminated (1980's-1990's) and moved to the opposite (north) side of the house where the grade is less steep. The driveway at #100 is still as steep as the one in the picture. The sidewalk is flat in that stretch, and the trees are among the last large ones along the road. These houses were built in the early 1920's.

- Richard Corbett