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Airplane Crashes

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Title: Airplane Crashes


  • McAllister, L. L. (Louis L.), 1877-1963

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View of a crashed plane in a snowy field. Logo on the side of the plane reads "Boston - Maine Airways Central Vermont" 1935/1936?

Genre(s): photographs, black-and-white photographs


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2008-08-26, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Type of Resource: still image

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Airplane Crashes, Louis L. McAllister Photographs, Box B01, Folder 02, Item 01, (accessed January 23, 2018)

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An account of this accident late in the winter of 1936 is given by Robert Mudge, a long-time Northeast Airlines pilot, in "Adventures of a Yellowbird." The Stinson Tri-motor's right engine would not start that day and the pilot, Bill Tanner, was trying an operation he had observed where you take off on two engines and let the wind feather-start the third. No passengers were aboard. "He pushed the throttles on his two good engines forward, released the brakes and began his take-off. He had not rolled too far when an airport maintenance truck appeared off to one side of the runway. Either the truck did start to cross, or it appeared from the cockpit of the Stinson that it appeared it would." Tanner "pulled the Stinson into the air earlier than he normally would have. It was too early, and he did not have enough speed to give him adequate rudder control . . . the plane pulled to the right . . . the plane stalled, rolled toward the right and dropped its nose sharply. It struck nearly vertically just off the right side of the runway." Tanner was killed; a mechanic aboard escaped.

- Guest

This accident was on April 08, 1936. The plane was a Stinson Tri-motor S-6000-B of the Boston & Maine Central Vermont Airways.

- Brian Lindner