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Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 7, 1862.

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Title: Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 7, 1862.


  • Powers, Hiram, 1805-1873


  • Marsh, George Perkins, 1801-1882

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Extent: 1 letter

Genre(s): letter


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Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 7, 1862., Original located at the University of Vermont's Special Collections in the George Perkins Marsh Collection, filed by date., (accessed January 21, 2018)

Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 7, 1862.

Transcribed by : Ralph H. Orth

TEI mark-up by : James P. Tranowski andEllen M Thomson

Published by: University of Vermont. All rights reserved.

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My Dear Friend Marsh

Your letter has made us quite happy. We know now, that we shall have you here for a time--and in order that there may be no hurry or confusion about the bust--perhaps coming in May would be better than now--for I must finish Louisa's bust while she remains with us, and another--already commenced--of Mr Douglass who will return here from Rome in about 3 weeks --

It is not likely that I shall have any other work of the kind on hand after the first week in may -- But if this should make any difference not convenient to you--then come at once--say for ten days at most--for the bust--and as much longer for our pleasure as possible --

I am glad to hear of the success of your book already out, and that another is forth-coming -- Succeed in England, and your fame and fortune will be secured -- Say what we will about England--she is still--in a great degree--our looking glass -- We seek to be-- -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- and love to be well reflected from that quarter. Perhaps it is because there is something silvery and golden in the view --

I am on tiptoe for the next news from home--great events must now come -- It is the crisis--the next month at most--must decide the contest -- I am very ticklish about Island No 10--about the Merrimac and Monitor--and those other iron rams of the Rebels--which may come out of other ports--and destroy our wooden ships -- We may hear--that the Monitor has gone into Norfolk! What is to prevent? She might surprize the Merimac--at anchor--while repairing--and play hob--with every thing in the port --

Pray write me at once--and let me know what you will do--and with our united best wishes--believe me yours ever

H. Powers. note:Florence note:April 7th 1862 --

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