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Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 30, 1862.

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Title: Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 30, 1862.


  • Powers, Hiram, 1805-1873


  • Marsh, George Perkins, 1801-1882

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Extent: 1 letter

Genre(s): letter


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Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 30, 1862., Original located at the University of Vermont's Special Collections in the George Perkins Marsh Collection, filed by date., (accessed December 12, 2017)

Letter from HIRAM POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 30, 1862.

Transcribed by : Ralph H. Orth

TEI mark-up by : James P. Tranowski andEllen M Thomson

Published by: University of Vermont. All rights reserved.

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My Dear Friend Marsh

Longworth and I expect to leave here day after tomorrow for England, and we shall probably be in Turin on the 4th July--but do not intend to stop there more than a few hours -- We shall do as you have advised--and come directly to your house --

We were all right glad to hear of Mrs Marshs safe arrival home & in her usual health --

The news from home--on the whole--looks as well as could reasonably be expected -- Some mishaps, and sad loss of life--but the feeling of the North is rapidly coming to the point--about slavery the cause of all our woes--just as the Italians have at last--and far more slowly come to the conclusion--that the Pope is the cause of most of their troubles --

The tares of Slavery--had become so mixed up with every interest in our Country--that to sort them out

-------------------------------- Page --------------------------------

at once was not possible--such was the entanglement of fibres -- It was only by violence that disengagements could be effected--and by degrees--and so the Divine Power--in which I firmly believe--always works--Physically & morally -- At first the north was slow to move--did not want to move--and would not have stirred--but for the kick behind--at fort Sumpter -- Bulls Run was another kick on the same spot--and so it has gone on by steps--steadily to the approaching end which will be--the northern unanimous consent to the death of Slavery -- And when this happens--Slavery will be virtually dead --

I take it that every conservative soldier has left or will leave his southern sympathies dead upon the battle grounds--where it is natural that they should die--while a proper feeling of resentment rises from the blood stained field -- Our Armies are fast coming up to the proper pitch, in regard to "our Southern Bretheren" They now understand what pro Slavery means--and what is meant by those moderate Politicians at the north--who go for the letter of the Constitution while dealing with -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- Traitors -- The north is already tuned to a pretty high pitch--but has not yet got up to the gallows for such men as the Buchannans--Woods, and Taneys -- These men and their like--are still allowed to meddle in political affairs -- We shall stop their speech before we shall have done --

With kindest regards from us all I am every Sincerely Yours --

H. Powers note:Florence June 30th 1862 --

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