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Post and beam construction, Wilmington, Vt.

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Item Description

Title / Supplied: Post and beam construction, Wilmington, Vt.


  • Thayer, Porter C. (Porter Charlie), 1882-1972

Source Document

Extent: 1 black-and-white photograph; 6.5 x 8.5 in.

Date Created: 19--

Genre(s): photographs, black-and-white photographs



Note [Digital Version]

2012-03-02, Brooks Memorial Library, Brattleboro, Vermont

Type of Resource: still image

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Access Conditions

The William Thayer Family and heirs hold copyright to the Porter Thayer Photographs collection. Material in the collection may not be used without permission. For permission requests, contact Bill Thayer at

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Preferred citation

Post and beam construction, Wilmington, Vt., Box 12, Porter Thayer Collection, Local History/Genealogy, Brooks Memorial Library, (accessed January 23, 2018)

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