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Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD, dated October 19, 1850.

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Title: Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD, dated October 19, 1850.


  • Marsh, George Perkins, 1801-1882


  • Baird, Spencer Fullerton, 1823-1887

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Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD, dated October 19, 1850., Original located at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washinton, D.C., file 7002., (accessed December 15, 2017)

Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to SPENCER FULLERTON BAIRD, dated October 19, 1850.

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Constantinople October 19' 1850

Dear Baird

By the Lucinda Sears, which sailed from Constantinople for Boston, via Smyrna, on the 29' of September, I shipped a keg of fish c directed to the Smithsonian Institution. The keg is consigned to Yasigi and Goddard of Boston, and I have written to them to send it by packet unless directed to the contrary. If therefore you want any other disposition made of it, write to Yasigi & Goddard accordingly. Of the smaller fish of the Bosphorous, there are about 250 specimens, of more than 20 species. There are a few crabs, & some pisces minutinimi, which latter with a couple of tree frogs, and other oddities, are by themselves in cotton batting. I could get but one lizard, & he is minus a part of the tail, but I shall do better next time. Some of the specimens have lost the back fin, the fisherman, ignorant wretch, cut it out because it was poisonous. I am sorely afraid the whole will spoil. They were in perfect order, & I had two tin cases prepared to pack them. On the morning of the 28" Sept. I was informed that the ship would sail that day, instead of remaining a week longer, as had been -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- intended, and immediately packed the fish in the cases in fresh spirit. Unluckily, in spite of the pains I had taken to have the cases re-soddered at all the joints, they proved leaky, and I was obliged to use a cask, which had not been opened with proper precautions. The cooper warranted it tight, but after all, it did transpire a little. The captain promised to set his cooper about it and I hope he will make it tight, but after all it is not impossible that I may lose my labour and you your specimens. My poor wife has been confined to her room, and most of the time to her bed for two months. She occasionally now gets out into the parlour for a few hours, but cannot, stand a walk, and suffers a great deal of severe pain. I hope to be off for Egypt early in December, and intend to be absent three months or thereabouts. We had hoped to cross the desert to Syria, but I have now no idea that Mrs Marsh can bear the journey We intend to go up the Nile as far as Thebes, perhaps even to Assouan, and if possible on our return to stop at Jaffa & go up to Jerusalem, & visit such other places as Mrs Marsh's strength will allow. Write me as often as you can, & enclose your letters under cover to John Miller U S Dispatch Agent London. I believe pay postage only to N.Y. or Boston. Love to Mary in which as well as to yourself Mrs M joins,

Truly yours

G P. Marsh

-------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- Above the first cataract, it is said there is greater variety. I refer you to Dr. Wislizenus for such vague observations as I have been able to make, but they are too loose to be of much interest to you. Write often and fully, and make dear Mary do the like, to your true friend.
Prof. S. F. Baird

Geo P. Marsh

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