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Letter from GEORGE W. COLLAMER to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated May 3, 1858.

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Title: Letter from GEORGE W. COLLAMER to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated May 3, 1858.


  • Collamer, George W.


  • Marsh, George Perkins, 1801-1882

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Letter from GEORGE W. COLLAMER to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated May 3, 1858., Original located at the University of Vermont's Special Collections in the George Perkins Marsh Collection, filed by date., (accessed January 19, 2018)

Letter from GEORGE W. COLLAMER to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated May 3, 1858.

Transcribed by : Ellen Thomson and Ralph H. Orth

TEI mark-up by : James P. Tranowski andEllen Thomson

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Monday Morning
May 3d 1858 Montpr.

Hon Geo P Marsh

Dear Sir,

I was in Boston the most of last week, I returned Saturday night, and found your letter of the 27th ult. I take the earliest oppy to reply.

I cannot say that I have had any conversation with the Dr since I wrote you before. Indeed, I know I have not. Of course I dont know how far the Dr will go in the way of negotiation, or compromise with the Commrs. and he does not suspect that I had or should write you on the subject any way.

He expressd a determination to have you satisfied Said he should not, nor did not intend to use those burnt stone, had others getting out -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- and th'o recommended by Silloway he had given up the idea long ago, that Silloway had misrepresented to you, that he could not rely upon him, that he was entirely incompetent c. c. that he told Mr Williams, c. that he had never spoken with a man in Montpr about it or him c.

Now you must be prepared to hear a good many accusations and complaints on both sides. In any event I reiterate my opinion, that any thing suggested by you consistent with the Drs. powers to do, will be done, and done freely. The fact is he cannot afford to oppose your wishes, indeed I think he feels disposed to do what you wish. He fears your influence with the Commrsthe Gov. and the State. He dare not make it a policy to do otherwise.

The Dr is here, Silloway is now gone, but I learn expected back to -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- meet the Commrs when they are here this week. I anticipate no bloodshed. I think there will be none.

A full investigation of the whole thing, and with explinations on both sides or all parties, will soon I think settle all things.

I deplore any trouble. We regret the thing, but really dont see any way of doing anything to settle it without your meeting and saying to the Dr. and all hands what you want, what you expect and then you can tell all --

What day does your board meet? Yrs. with respect

G. W. Collamer

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