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In commemoratione defunctorum

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Item Description

Title: In commemoratione defunctorum

Title / Supplied: Office for the Dead


  • Catholic Church

Source Document

Extent: 55 leaves : parchment ; 294 x 211 (240 x 145) mm.

Date Created: 1450 [inferred] - 1499 [inferred]

Physical Description

 Parchment, fol. i (modern parchment) + ii + 51 + ii + i (modern
 parchment); Original front flyleaves are two half sheets, 1⁸
 2⁴ (+1 leaf after 1) 3-6⁸ 7⁶ (1 and 2 are half
 sheets), original back flyleaves are a conjugate bifolio. Layout:
 Written in 21 long lines, below top line; ruled in red ink. Decoration:
 Illuminated and decorated initials and line fillers in gold, green, red,
 and blue. Profiles of droll faces in initials of antiphons. Music:
 Contains musical notation written on red, four-line staves.


2001, goatskin and wood. Text and parchment were cleaned and paint was consolidated at time
 of rebinding


Written in a Gothic Textualis
 ("Quadratus") script. Text and music have been corrected, covered, or
 revised with white paint (e.g. fol. 18v., fol. 31v.). Text has been
 scraped off in places (e.g. fol. 51v.).


Text is a liturgy for observing a vigil for the deceased. The Office of the Dead is use of Paris as shown by the responses to the nine lessons, beginning respectively: Qui lazarum (image 23), Credo quod (image 25), Heu michi (image 27), Ne recorderis (image 36), Domine quando (image 38), Peccantem me (image 40), Domine secundum (image 50), Memento mei (image 52), Libera me domine de morte eterna (image 54). The second text in this codex is the Recommendation of Souls (images 75-105).

Genre(s): codices

Language(s): Latin

Place: [France?]

Note [Digital Version]

2010-04-22, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Note [Provenance]

Given to UVM by the families of Charles Whittingham and Benjamin Franklin Stevens.

Note [Incipit]

Placebo. Seculorum. Amen. Psalmus, Dilexi quoniam exaudiet dominus

Note [Explicit]

ut indulgentiam quam semper optauerunt piis supplicationibus consequantur. Qui uiuis et regnas.

Note [Bibliography]

De Ricci, p. 2168, no. 1

Type of Resource: text

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Preferred citation

In commemoratione defunctorum, TR F Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Vigiliae mortuorum., Special Collections, University of Vermont Library, (accessed January 19, 2018)

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Is there a typo in the 2nd sentence of the description field? "The Office of the Dead is use of Paris as shown by the responses ..." ???

- Birdie MacLennan