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University of Vermont Alumni Publications Now Online

Published: September 30, 2014 by Chris Burns

University of Vermont Alumni Publications

The Center for Digital Initiatives has launched a new collection, University of Vermont Alumni Publications.

The University of Vermont has published newsletters and magazines for alumni since 1905. The alumni publications are a valuable source of information about the institution and its students, faculty, and staff. The publications document faculty, student and alumni activities and accomplishments, curriculum developments, and campus expansion and building construction. They include feature articles, statistical and financial reports, interviews, photographs, and alumni news.

The titles and frequency of publications have changed over the years. The first publication, U.V.M. Notes, was issued monthly during the school year. In 1921, the title changed to Vermont Alumni Weekly, reflecting a much more ambitious publication schedule. From 1937 to 1980, alumni publications appeared monthly under eight different titles and in several formats. Since 1980, the alumni magazine has been published quarterly for alumni, parents of students, faculty and staff, and friends of UVM.

Historical Maps of Burlington and Winooski Now Online

Published: February 26, 2013 by Chris Burns

Historical Maps of Burlington and Winooski, Vermont

The Center for Digital Initiatives has launched its first collection of Vermont maps, Historical Maps of Burlington and Winooski, Vermont. Ten of the most frequently used maps in Special Collections are now available online. .

The collection contains wall maps, city plans, and atlas sheets published between 1830-1890, a period when Burlington became the largest city in Vermont and a center of commerce and industry on Lake Champlain. The earlier maps show the village and rural sections of the town of Burlington, which extended from Lake Champlain on the east to Muddy Brook on the west, and from the Winooski River on the north and the town of Shelburne on the south. Later maps cover the City of Burlington, which was established in 1865 when most of the rural areas were set off to create the town of South Burlington. Maps of the neighboring village of Winooski are also included in the collection.

The maps show streets, buildings and lots, building owners’ names and functions, parks, cemeteries, wards, railroads, and some natural features. Some of the maps include illustrations of prominent buildings and business directories.

A zoom function makes it possible to extract detailed information, such as the horse racing track at Howard Park in the southern part of town on the 1890 map of Burlington.

The University of Vermont as shown on one of the 1869 maps.

A section of the business directory on the 1869 map of Winooski Falls.