1. Versions

Release 1.4.1 is our current production quality release. Among other things, it features a faster and more customizable full text indexing by transparently integrating Lucene into the XQuery engine. eXist-db now also provides a lightweight URL rewriting and MVC framework (which in part replaces Cocoon already and will completely replace it in version 1.5), along with support for XProc, XForms and many new XQuery extension modules.

1.4.1 replaces the 1.4 version from 2009. Release 1.5 is the bleeding edge development release, which will relabeled to 1.6 when ready. New features will be added to this release only.

2. Donations, Consulting, Training

eXist-db depends on the commitment of volunteers. Making a donation acknowledges their efforts and helps to finance the few things we need to keep the project at speed.

Another way to support eXist-db is to "sponsor" features or solutions you may need for your own applications. Members of our development team are available for consulting, training or first-hand support on a flexible basis. If interested, please send an email to and we will coordinate the requests.

Commercial support plans are provided by eXist Solutions GmbH since 2010. The company is backed by large parts of the active development team (in cooperation with all interested parties).


For information concerning upgrades from previous versions, see our Upgrade Guide.

3.1. Stable Release 1.4.1 (Codename: Eindhoven)

1.4.1 (Stable Release)
eXist-setup-1.4.1-rev15155.jar Installer based on IzPack. Includes source. Run with java -jar eXist-1.4.1-rev15155.jar
eXist-setup-1.4.1-rev15155.exe Installer based on IzPack. Includes source. Required for MS Vista.
eXist-setup-1.4.1-rev15155.war WAR archive for deployment in Tomcat or Jetty. Please read the notes regarding tomcat.
eXist as Cocoon block
The 1.4.1 release still includes Cocoon 2.1.11. Starting with release 1.5 cocoon will only available as an optional block. The development team is looking for a maintainer for this code. If you have experience with Cocoon please drop us a message on the developer's list, otherwise this feature might be removed in the future.

3.2. Previous Stable Release (Codename: Rennes)

eXist-setup-1.2.6-rev9165.jar Installer based on IzPack. Includes source. Run with java -jar eXist-setup-1.2.6-rev9165.jar
eXist-setup-1.2.6-rev9165.exe Installer based on IzPack. Includes source. Required for MS Vista.
eXist-1.2.6-rev9165.war Web application archive, ready to be installed into an existing servlet-engine like Tomcat or Jetty.
eXist as Cocoon block
The standard distribution already ships with Cocoon. However, this version is a bit older and offers only a subset of the available Cocoon modules (called "blocks" in Cocoon). If you work a lot with Cocoon, you might prefer to have eXist integrated into full Cocoon build. The installer-based distribution contains build scripts to set up eXist as a block in Cocoon. Please refer to the documentation. As a service to Cocoon users, we also provide a pre-compiled Cocoon 2.1.11 below:
cocoon-2.1.11-with-eXist-1.2.6.war This is Cocoon version 2.1.11 build with standard options and eXist 1.2 as a block. You should find eXist in http://my-server:port/cocoon/samples/blocks/exist/.

4. Important Notes

4.1. Java versions

eXist-db version 1.4.x requires Java5. The database has been implemented and tested with the Java implementation of Sun. Implementations of other vendors will probably work but have not been tested as extensively.

4.2. Endorsed library

eXist-db heavily depends on the Apache Xerces2 parser, Apache Xalan-Java XSLT processor and the Apache XML Commons Resolver libraries. When eXist-db is installed in a servlet container like tomcat, these jar files must be made available to eXist via the java endorsed feature.

4.3. Tomcat

Due to some restrictions of Apache Tomcat the validation functions do not fully work on stored documents (using the xmldb:exist:///-type URLs - Note the three slashes).

By default Apache Tomcat is started with a limited HeapSize. This heapsize must be increased to have optimal performance and to prevent "Out of Memory" errors.

August 2011
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