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Robert S. Babcock Papers
Creator: Babcock, Robert S.
Dates:  1952-1968
Extent:  0.8 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: Robert S. Babcock was a Republican Vermont state senator, a member of the Eisenhower State Committee, an alternate to the 1952 national convention, Lieutenant Governor for Vermont in 1959-1961, worked for the Political Science Department of the University of Vermont, and contributed to The Burlington Free Press, WCAX-radio, and WCAX-TV. Included in this collection are manuscripts for some of Babcock's writings and radio and TV addresses, a collection of his writings on the Vermont legislature, “International Federalism”, and an address given to the Middlebury Conference.
Henry A. Bailey Collection
Creator: Bailey, Henry A., (Henry Albon), 1893-1961.
Dates:  1909-1963
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, essays by Bailey, legal briefs and notes, newspaper clippings, and a large body of title abstracts.
Bakersfield, Vermont Town Records
Creator: Bakersfield, Vermont
Dates:  1850-1947
Extent:  1 carton, 15 volumes
Abstract: This collection consists of two parts: the recorded activity of the Bakersfield Congregational Church and its various membership organizations, and coverage of other Bakersfield community organizations.
Baldwin Refrigerator Company Papers
Creator: Baldwin Refrigerator Company
Dates:  1889-1938
Extent:  1 box, 6 volumes
Abstract: The Baldwin Refrigerator Company was a concern for the manufacture of wooden refrigerators. The collection contains financial records, minutes of company meetings, correspondence with stockholders and some general correspondence.
B. Benton Barker Photograph Collection
Creator: Barker, B. Benton
Dates:  circa 1900 - 1920
Extent:  1.6 Linear feet4 boxes
Abstract: B. Benton Barker was an early 20th Century photographer in Burlington, Vermont. The collection contains glass negatives and prints of photos taken around Burlington by B. Benton Barker around the turn of the century.
Barlow Insurance Surveys
Creator: Barlow Company.
Dates:  1873-1893
Extent:  2.0 oversize map folders
Abstract: Barlow's Insurance Surveys were published between circa 1870-1896. The site-specific surveys of industrial properties include a page of text and an isometric view and plan. The surveys describe buildings, special features, and available fire protection. They include notes about the business owners and the goods produced. Updated surveys were produced as the business activities and facilities changed.
Samuel Horace Barnum Papers
Creator: Barnum, Samuel Horace
Dates:  1878-1928
Extent:  2.5 Linear feet492 sermons given at New Haven, Conn. (5), Salisbury, NH (5), Durham, NH (19), Cornwall, VT (170), Jericho Center, VT (177), and Weybridge, VT (116) together with 49 other writings and a complete list of sermons, dates and places given, 1878-1928. The red numbers listed after each sermon probably indicate attendance. Susan Barnum, daughter of the donor, has checked each of the sermons against the list.
Abstract: Collection contains 492 sermons given at New Haven, Conn. (5), Salisbury, NH (5), Durham, NH (19), Cornwall, VT (170), Jericho Center, VT (177), and Weybridge, VT (116) together with 49 other writings and a complete list of sermons, dates and places given, 1878-1928. The red numbers listed after each sermon probably indicate attendance. Susan Barnum, daughter of the donor, has checked each of the sermons against the list.
Barr Family Papers
Creator: Barr Family
Dates:  circa 1830-1920
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of the business papers, correspondence, militia records, and Odd Fellows publications of the Barr family of Highgate, Vermont, circa 1830-1920.
Barrett Family Papers
Creator: Barrett Family
Dates:  1788-1986, most from 1860-1930.
Extent:  8 cartons, 1 box, 1 oversize bd. vol., 2 oversize photograph folders, 1 oversize manuscript folder
Abstract: The Barrett Family Papers consist of approximately nine linear feet of correspondence, bound manuscripts, books, diaries, photographs and other miscellaneous papers.
Abraham B. Barter Papers
Creator: Barter, Abraham B.
Dates:  c. 1930-1949
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: This collection consists of Barter's notes, including clippings from the Bible and printed matter, on various theological topics.
Barton Family Papers
Creator: Barton Family
Dates:  1848-1870
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, 1848-1870, between members of the Barton Family of Ludlow, Vermont. Topics include members traveling west to mine for gold in California.
Bates Family Collection
Creator: Bates Family
Dates:  1821-1947.
Extent:  1 box
Abstract: Clippings of reports on Congregational conferences, anniversary celebrations, liturgy, esp. hymnology, obituaries of ministers, sermons; and or pictures of schools and churches, mostly in Vermont.
Florence Thomas Bearse Diaries
Creator: Bearse, Florence Thomas
Dates:  1910-1967
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet
Abstract: Diaries from 1910-1918, 1920-1922, 1924, 1927-1933, 1935-1941, 1943-1967 plus Fletcher Bearse school notebook 1935. Very brief entries entirely devoted to weather, her own personal activities (washing, ironing, shopping, etc.) and family events (birthdays, husband taking a trip, etc.) nothing about current events, no observations on politics, history, issues of the day.
Ray Bearse Papers
Creator: Bearse, Ray
Dates:  circa 1950s-1980s
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: The collection contains research materials, photographs, and drafts of work by Ray Bearse. The bulk of the collection is photographs and chapter drafts for an unpublished book on Vermont covered bridges.
Fred Beauchamp Papers
Creator: Beauchamp, Fred
Dates:  1910, undated
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of a prescription book and notes, medical school notebooks, and physician's handbook from Beauchamp's medical practice.
Benedict Family Papers Collection
Creator: Benedict Family
Dates:  1811-1969
Extent:  10 cartons, 1 oversize chart, 1 oversize volume
Abstract: The Benedict Family papers consist of material from four generations and numerous members of the family, especially George Wyllys Benedict, George Grenville Benedict, and George Wyllys Benedict, II.
Ernst Benkert Sketchbooks and Notebooks Collection
Creator: Benkert, Ernst, 1928-
Dates:  1956-2005
Extent:  4.4 Linear feetFour cartons, one box
Abstract: Painter and art educator Ernst Benkert (1928-2010) was a founding member of the Anonima artists group. Materials include 127 sketchbooks of drawings; 69 notebooks of collected quotes and travel diaries; a scrapbook; one folder of photographs of paintings; and a group of publications about Benkert and his work.
Kenneth D. Benne Professional Papers
Creator: Benne, Kenneth Dean, 1908-1992
Dates:  1920-1993
Extent:  8.5 Linear feet
Abstract: The collection, selected and submitted by Dr. Paul Blackwood in 1994, provides a comprehensive assortment of Dr. Benne's professional writings. The collection was donated by The Museum of Education at the University of South Carolina.
Bennington World Affairs Center Records
Creator: Bennington World Affairs Center.
Dates:  1962-1965
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet1963 Organizational papers of "liberal" foreign affairs group (Turn Toward Peace), also includes some material on civil rights, 1962-1963.
Abstract: This collection consists of business correspondence, policy handbook, memos and newspaper clippings, documenting the activities of the Bennington World Affairs Center, which sought to work for peace between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Wilson A. Bentley Photographs
Creator: Bentley, W.A., (Wilson Alwyn), 1865-1931
Dates:  circa 1885-1929
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet130 prints
Abstract: W.A. Bentley (1865-1931) is best known for his lantern slides of snowflakes, which gave him his nickname. This collection shows Bentley as a photographer of great talent and artistic sense beyond the technical ability requisite to his snowflake photography. Bentley’s relatives and neighbors, in Jericho, Vt., are the subjects of the photographs, as well as unpublished photographs of clouds, and some unpublished photographs of snowflakes. The collection illustrates how Bentley worked and the standards he set for himself.
Kristina Berster Papers
Creator: Berster, Kristina
Dates:   1978-1979
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet1 Carton
Abstract:  The Kristina Berster Collection consists of one box, which contains case records and proceedings, correspondence and mailings produced by the Kristina Berster Defense Committee, articles on case related topics, news clippings, photographs, a sketchbook, and a few letters by Kristina Berster.
Kenneth Bessette Sr. Papers
Creator: Bessette, Kenneth, Sr.
Dates:  (1920s-1962)
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Stories of the history of Vermont Transit Co. and Mr. Bessette's experiences as a bus driver. 36 stories.
Bigelow-Shaw Family papers
Creator: Bigelow family
Dates:  1803-1905
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: Letters containing family news and commentary on current events, between members of the Bigelow and Shaw families of Lyndon and Danville, Vermont. Cards re: correspondents and one small box of memorabilia artifacts.
Ben Zion Black Collection
Creator: Black, Ben Zion
Dates:  1906-1972
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet
Abstract: The Ben Zion Black Collection contains 3 audio record albums, each containing 10 individual records of Russian, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, and Yiddish folk songs among other music; and 5 volumes of scrapbooks (numbered 1-6, with vol. 4 missing) of clippings from Yiddish and Hebrew papers from the 1940s and 1950s, some photographs (1920s partially identified), and typescripts of Ben Zion Black's Yiddish or Hebrew poetry. One loose photograph (1920s) and one loose, undated program.
Theodore Brameld Papers
Creator: Brameld, Theodore Burghard Hurt, 1904-
Extent:  15 ft.
Abstract: The Brameld Papers include professional and family biographical information and correspondence, financial records, academic papers, published journal articles, publicity, book reviews, media presentations, family ephemera, two diaries, a scrapbook, audio tapes, slides, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
Charles F. Branch Papers
Creator: Branch, Charles F.
Dates:  1878-1923
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains UVM Medical School notebooks, Demonstration tickets, a printed article by Branch, and certificates and receipts documenting his medical career.
Bread and Puppet Theatre Collection
Creator: Bread and Puppet Theatre
Dates:  1962-1985
Extent:  3 cartons, plus publications, drawings and assorted oversized materials
Abstract: The Bread and Puppet Theater collection covers the period from 1962 to 1985 and contains flyers and advertisements, financial papers, correspondence, schedules of performance, news clippings or reviews, information regarding Goddard College, exchanges with other theater groups, several scripts and publications, a bibliography of films and publications about and by Bread and Puppet, and photographs.
Paul Brigham Papers
Creator: Brigham, Paul, 1746-1824.
Dates:  1763-1837
Extent:  1 carton 2 boxes
Abstract: The Paul Brigham papers include correspondence, legal/court documents, Vermont town and state documents, and personal financial papers. Paul Brigham moved to Norwich, Vermont, in 1781 after serving in the Continental Army during the American Revolution and soon became prominent in both local and state affairs.
Tim Brookes Papers
Creator: Brookes, Tim
Dates:  1990-2004
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet
Abstract: Radio commentaries by Brookes, delivered mainly on Vermont Public Radio, 1990-2004.
Henry Brown Papers
Creator: Brown, Henry
Dates:  1787-1920
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Papers of Brown, Narramor, Martin and Nicks families of Underhill, VT. Some "letters home to Vermont" from California, Nevada, Washington D.C., New York, Maryland, and Montreal.
Brownell Family Papers
Creator: Brownell Family
Dates:  1824-1970
Extent:  9.67 Linear feet
Abstract: Family correspondence, diaries, ledger books, genealogical research, and photographs of the Tracy and Brownell families, 1824-1970.
Henry C. Brownell Papers
Creator: Brownell, Henry C.
Dates:  Bulk, 1908-1950
Extent:  5.2 Linear feet5 cartons, 1 box, 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Henry C. Brownell was a history professor at Lingnan University (formerly Canton Christian College) in China from 1908 - 1950. These papers document his life and work and they include correspondence, reports, newsletters, photographs, lecture notes, writings, official legal documents, diaries, calendars and date books, address books, and newspaper clippings. Henry's 1938-1940 diary from the period in which the Japanese occupied China may be of particular interest. Mrs. Jane Brownell, also a teacher at Lingnan University, is represented in the collection.
David Budbill Papers
Creator: Budbill, David
Dates:  Bulk, 1965-2007
Extent:  33.0 Linear feet
Abstract: The David Budbill papers contain both personal and professional papers of the Vermont poet, author, playwright, and musician.
Bugbee Family of Hartford, VT Papers
Creator: Bugbee Family
Dates:  1820; 1875-1996
Extent:  35.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Correspondence, diaries, photos and other personal papers of Bugbee family of Hartford, Tunbridge and Randolph, VT. Includes records of Twin State Airport of White River Jct, VT. Adams and Lee families of Tunbridge, Lewis family of Claremont, NH.
Bugbee Family Collection
Creator: Bugbee Family
Dates:  1852-1902.
Extent:  2 cartons
Abstract: The collection consists of 95 pocket diaries kept by Justin and Dana J. Bugbee from 1852-1902.
Bulkley/Farnum Photograph Collection
Creator: Bulkley, David L., 1884-1950
Dates:  1988 (1900-1940)
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of approximately 125 prints made in 1988 from the original negatives taken 1900-1940, held by the Manchester Historical Society. The subjects include events and persons in Manchester, VT, and othere locations in Vermont.
Bundles for Britain Records
Creator: Bundles for Britain.
Dates:  1940-1944
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of correspondence, price lists, brochures, fund-raising literature etc. related to the Bundles for Britain organization in Burlington, which raised money and made clothing and other supplies for refugees and soldiers in Britain during WII.
John S. Burgess Papers
Creator: Burgess, John S.
Dates:  1969-1973
Extent:  1.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Includes papers from his time as Vermont Lt. Governor, 1971-1975.
Burlington Garden Club Records
Creator: Burlington (VT) Garden Club.
Dates:  1962-1996
Extent:  4.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of slides, yearbooks (1963-1986), annual reports, scrapbooks, meeting minutes, pressbooks, journal, pamphlets, newsletters, publications, financial records, correspondence, and member lists that document the activities of the Burlington Garden Club, 1962-1996.
Burlington City Real Estate Assessments Collection
Creator: Burlington (Vt.).
Dates:  1900s-1980s?
Extent:  13.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains notecards with location, owner, and assessment information, and the location of further records. Arrangement is by both owner name and by street address. The earliest records appear to be around 1900 and the most recent in the 1980s.
Burlington Area Community Health Study Collection
Creator: Burlington Area Community Health Study
Extent:  3 cartons
Abstract: The greater Burlington area was one of 22 communities in the United States chosen in 1963-64 to make a self-study of local health needs and resources. This collection contains public affairs pamphlets, a scrapbook with newspaper clippings pertaining to the study, and the correspondence between the steering and Advisory Committee and Mrs. Ethan Sims, Chairperson of the Advisory Committee.
Burlington College Records
Creator: Burlington College.
Dates:  1972-2016
Extent:  11.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Burlington College was a small private college in Burlington, Vermont founded in 1972 with alternative methods of higher education. The collection includes Board of Trustee minutes, audit reports, accreditation records, course catalogues, and presidential correspondence.
Burlington, Vermont Town/City Records
Creator: Burlington, Vermont
Dates:  1800?-1900
Extent:  14 Cartons
Abstract: The collection is a varied mixture of local records, not a full archive of town/city government to 1900.
Burlington, Vermont Junior-Senior High School PTA Collection
Creator: Burlington, Vermont Junior-Senior High School PTA
Extent:  3 cartons
Burlington, Vermont School Records
Creator: Burlington, Vermont Public Schools
Extent:  Nine Cartons, Eight Volumes
Abstract: The Burlington School Records consist of various papers from the period 1829-1965 pertaining to the schools of Burlington, Vermont.
Vincent Godfrey Burns Papers
Creator: Burns, Vincent Godfrey, 1893-
Abstract: The collection contains essays, poetry, a play entitled "World on Fire," correspondence newspaper clippings and copies of his articles, and assorted brochures, broadsides and memorabilia concerned with the poet's career as Laureate.
Bushnell Family Papers
Creator: Bushnell Family
Dates:  1863-1914
Extent:  1.83 Linear feet1 carton, 2 boxes
Abstract: Contains diaries of family members (1863-1919), photograph albums, an engagement book, and an autograph book.