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Thomas P. Salmon Papers
Creator: Salmon, Thomas P.
Dates:  1957-1976
Extent:  11.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, notes, memoranda, speeches, reports, proceedings, printed materials, legal client/case files, Democratic party committee materials, campaign financial and other records, and other materials documenting his activities as a lawyer, VT state legislator, VT Governor, and his campaigns for VT Legislature, Governor, and U.S. Senate and other work in the Democratic party.
I.L. Salomon Collection
Creator: Salomon, Isidore Lawrence, 1899-1985
Dates:  1952-1972
Extent:  3 boxes.
Abstract:  I. L. Salomon was an American poet and translator.
Edward Sanborn Papers
Creator: Sanborn, Edward
Dates:  1942-1970
Extent:  1.0 Linear feetDrawings including some correspondence and a card index of jobs and charges.
Abstract: Collection contains drawings, stamps, sketches, cartoons, clippings of printed cartoons, and correspondence re: drawings. Subjects are UVM buildings, VT buildings and scenes, historical scenes, advertisements, and political and humorous drawings.
Bernard Sanders Papers
Creator: Sanders, Bernard
Dates:  1980 - 1989
Extent:  47.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, subject files, campaign materials, speeches, notes, and photographs of Bernard Sanders, socialist mayor of Burlington, VT. (1981-1989). Includes materials on waterfront development, construction of the Southern Connector highway bypass, and other projects from his administration.
Savage Family Papers
Creator: Savage Family
Dates:  1768-1902
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet5 boxes
Abstract: Collection includes primarily letters (1860-79) recieved by Reuben A. and Elizabeth R. Ladd Savage, residents of Stowe, Vt., from family members in New England, Baraboo, Wisconsin, Esondido, California, Lawrence, Kansas, and Metamora, Illinois, concerning everday life; includes a few civil War letters from Stowe men serving in the Army.
Francis O. Sawyer Civil War Collection
Creator: Sawyer, Francis O.
Dates:  1862-1870
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The Francis O. Sawyer Papers consist of approximately one linear foot of manuscript material from the Quartermaster Corps, U.S. Volunteers.
Henry Schnakenberg Papers
Creator: Schnakenberg, Henry
Dates:  circa 1920-1960
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence to Schnakenberg, some from minor literary figures, as well as some clippings from newspapers and magazines on literary and related subjects.
David C. Scobey Papers
Creator: Scobey, David C.
Dates:  1833-1861
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, school papers, writings, and a journal documenting Scobey's studies at Dartmouth College and subsequent teaching career.
Hayward Merriam Severance Papers
Creator: Severance, Hayward Merriam, 1887-
Dates:  1931-1971
Extent:  2 boxes
Abstract:  The Hayward Severance Memorial Collection contains personal correspondence, typescripts, and handnotes.
Shelburne Spinners Records
Creator: Shelburne Spinners
Dates:  1972-1978
Extent:  2 Boxes, 1 loose-leaf binder
Abstract:  The collection contains the records for internal management of the co-operative, e.g., minutes of weekly meeting for four years, newsletters for three years, dye recipes for five years.
Sheldon Press Ilustration Plates Collection
Creator: Sheldon Press.
Dates:  circa 1890?
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of illustration/engraving "cuts" of plates attached to wooden blocks with images of buildings and scenes of UVM, Burlington, and other places in Vermont.
Charles Monroe Sheldon Papers
Creator: Sheldon, Charles Monroe
Dates:  1887-1967
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The Charles Monroe Sheldon collection includes fourteen (14) printed sermons which were delivered by Dr. Sheldon at the Waterbury (Vermont) Congregational Church from October 1887 to September 1888. The first nine of these form a series which outlines the "Reasons for Living the Christian Life."
Winfield T. Sherwood Collection
Creator: Sherwood, Winfield T.
Dates:  late1860s-1926
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The Winfield T. Sherwood collection contains the correspondence of W.T. Sherwood with two editors, and either the manuscripts or typescripts, or both, for thirty-eight short stories and novelettes.
Mary Jean Simpson Papers
Creator: Simpson, Mary Jean, 1888-1977
Dates:  1930-1968
Extent:  21.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, notes, photos, diaries, and other materials documenting Simpson's political, educational, public affairs, and personal activities.
Ruth M. Rasey Simpson Papers
Creator: Simpson, Ruth M. Rasey
Dates:  1958-1979
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, photographs, and typescripts of her writings: Out of the Saltbox (memoir), Mountain Fortitude (poetry), and Hand Hewn in Old Vermont (Historical sketch).
Wilder Arthur Simpson Papers
Creator: Simpson, Wilder Arthur, 1887-1971
Dates:  1930-1968
Extent:  6 boxes
Abstract:  Approximately half of the Simpson papers are newsclippings; the other half consists of correspondence, addresses, court dockets, news releases, notes, pages from assorted U.S. Congressional Records, and miscellaneous material such as insurance forms and material written by other people.
Stella Hackel Sims Papers
Creator: Sims, Stella H.
Dates:  circa 1968-1982
Extent:  2.25 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains campaign materials, speeches, clippings arranged by topic, correspondence, and other materials that document Hackel-Sims' campaign for the VT Governor's office in 1976, loosing to Snelling, her political career as a Democratic politician, and her career in the U.S. Mint in Washington, D.C.
Ephraim Sleeper Family Papers
Creator: Sleeper Family
Dates:  1800-1894
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, financial papers, and legal papers documenting the lives and activities of the Sleeper and Burnham families.
Smith Family of Bethel and Randolph, VT, Papers
Creator: Smith Family of Bethel and Randolph, VT
Dates:  circa 1860-1890
Extent:  0.8 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains photographs (tintypes, ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes), a photo album including Civil War cdv's, and a pocket Bible.
Smith Family of Burlington, VT, Papers
Creator: Smith Family of Burlington, VT
Dates:  1918-1989
Extent:  5.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains Burlington Savings Bank materials, 1918-1960, including annual reports, articles by bank president Levi Smith, Free Press ads, and some correspondence, 1930s and 1940s. American Red Cross, Northern Vermont chapter records, 1975-1989. There are some personal financial records, printed materials, and correspondence.
Smith-Kilborn Papers
Creator: Smith Family of New Haven, Vermont
Dates:  1862-1880
Extent:  0.2 Linear feetOne small document box
Abstract: The Smith-Kilborn Letters consist of Kilborn family correspondence from 1862-1863, mostly consisting of letters from the Kilborn men who were serving in the army. The collection also contains Smith correspondence from 1872-1880. Most of these letters are addressed to one Eva E. Smith (occasionally spelled Evah).
Smith Family Papers
Creator: Smith family
Dates:  1797-1956
Extent:  11.0 Linear feet11 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence and other papers of a prominent Vermont political family. The Smith Family Papers contain correspondence, legal documents, notes, typed and printed material, newspaper clippings and assorted family memorabilia.
H.M. Smith Papers
Creator: Smith, H.M.
Dates:  1845-1870
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains First a ledger, 1855-1860, and account books, 1859-1861, for General Store; two surveyor's notebooks, 1870; a journal of trip to Midwest, 1858; tax lister's notebook, 1859; a journal of expenses, 1861-1862; a record book of Enosburgh Falls Debating, 1857-1859; business papers, 1845-1869; and a leather letter file. The main topics within the business papers are butter sales, land transactions, mortgages, and merchandise expenditures.
Society of American Foresters, Green Mountain Chapter Records
Creator: Society of American Foresters. Green Mountain Chapter.
Dates:  1952-1996
Extent:  2.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains meeting agendas and minutes, newsletters, corresopondence, committee reports, resolutions, other papers of the Green Mountain chapter of the Society of American Foresters.
Len Solo, Teacher Drop Out Center papers
Creator: Solo, Len
Dates:  circa 1965-1980
Extent:  8.3 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, printed matter, and completed questionnaires from and about alternative schools, as well as video and audio recordings of interviews, newsletters, directories, articles, and other materials about alternative education, educators, and institutions.
Harris W. Soule Papers
Creator: Soule, Harris W.
Dates:  1953-1973
Extent:  1carton
Abstract:  The Harris W. Soule Papers are made up almost entirely of materials relating to his book, Northwoods Tales and Unusual Recipes. Included are manuscripts, typescripts and printer's galleys of the work, as well as correspondence with publishers, prospective buyers and reviewers.
South Burlington Town Records
Creator: South Burlington (Vt.).
Dates:  1807?-1900
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of scattered records of the town of South Burlington, mostly from the 1870s to 1890s. Includes highway expenditures, school bills and reports, and vital records, as well as non-official records, including those relating to the Grange, correspondence, letters of inquiry, and old newspapers.
John Spargo Papers
Creator: Spargo, John,, 1876-1966
Dates:  1750-1966
Extent:  18.34 Linear feet5 cartons, 23 boxes, 18 volumes
Abstract: John Spargo was a historian and reformer.The founder of the Bennington Museum, president of the Bennington Battle Monument and the Vermont Hsitorical Society. Collection includes correspondence, notes, writings, newspaper clippings, and other papers, relating to Spargo's activities as a Socialists (1901-16), and subsequently as political analyst, historian, and anti-communist; together with letters, deeds, court records, government documents, and other autograph and ms. material relating to Vermont collected by him.
Charles I. Spaulding Papers
Creator: Spaulding, Charles I.
Dates:  1886-1945
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of clippings, photographs, commissions, diaries, and other materials documenting the activities of Charles I. Spaulding and the Vermont Contribution to the Spanish-American War; in particular the Vermont Soldiers in the Tennessee encampment.
Spear Family Papers
Creator: Spear family
Dates:  1793-1942
Extent:  10.0 Linear feetEight cartons, two oversized bound volumes, four oversize folders
Abstract: Richard Spear (1737-1788) moved to Shelburne, Vermont, from Braintree, Massachusetts, in the summer of 1783. He died five years later, but his sons Asahel (1778-1849) and Elhanan W. Spear (1782-1869) remained in Shelburne and raised families there. The Spear Family Papers contain an interesting variety of manuscripts from the 1790s to the 1940s.
Anne Spencer Photographs
Creator: Spencer, Anne F.
Dates:  circa 1955-1967
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of photographs of Mental Health Association gatherings, summer camp activities, Philip H. Hoff and family, and John F. Kennedy.
Springfield Ice Company
Creator: Springfield Ice Company.
Dates:  1908-1954
Extent:  2.85 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains records of the Springfield Ice Company owned and operated by Clare John Parker, including employee pay, customer accounts, expenses, accounts with suppliers, as well as records documenting the Ice Industry, the Concrete Industry, the National Recovery Administration, the War Food Administration, and the New England Ice Dealers Association.
St. John Family Papers
Creator: St. John Family
Dates:  1842-1914
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains St. John Family correspondence, as well as town records and miscellaneous family papers from several towns and related families.
Town of St. Johnsbury records
Creator: St. Johnsbury (Vt.: Town)
Dates:   1790-1920
Extent:   4 linear feet (5 boxes)
Abstract:  Includes financial records, correspondence, minutes, ledgers, pay vouchers, and related materials created and maintained by the Town of St. Johnsbury from 1790 to 1920.
Art Gallery Activity Records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:   1873-2002
Extent:  1 1/2 linear feet (3 boxes)
Abstract:  These records reflect curatorial and educational activities, as well as management of the collections of the Art Gallery, including appraisals (1873,1956-2001), fundraising, conservation, loans, rights and reproductions, and publicity. Also included in this record group are files relating to the entire gallery, as opposed to individual artworks, such as rights and reproductions for photographing the gallery, and records of in situ conservation work not attributable to individual artworks.
Librarians' program records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1981-1994
Extent:  .5 linear ft.
Abstract:  Includes correspondence, promotional materials, and notes documenting the development and execution of programs at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum between 1981 and 1994.
Jean Marcy's and Gael Stein's records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1966-1993
Extent:  .75 linear ft.
Abstract:  Comprised of the subject and correspondence files of Librarian Gael Stein and her predecessor Jean Marcy.
Art gallery object records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:   1873-2002
Extent:  8 linear feet
Abstract:  Includes records relating to the interpretation and conservation of individual paintings, works on paper, furnishings, rare books, photograph collections, and other objects in the collection of the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum .
Librarians' reports
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1926-1991
Extent:  .75 linear ft. (2 volumes, 1/4 box)
Abstract:  Includes formal reports made by Cornelia Fairbanks (Librarian, 1920-1952), Aurilla H. Gladding (Librarian, 1952-1973), Jean F. Madden Marcy (Librarian 1973-1987),and Gael B. Stein (Librarian 1987-1993) to the Athenaeum's Board of Trustees on an annual basis.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Records
Creator: St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Burlington, Vt.)
Dates:  1830-1973
Extent:  2 cartons, 1 box
Abstract:  The St. Paul's Episcopal Church Papers include a wide range of materials from the period 1830-1973. There are letters and other papers relating to the establishment of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont in the early 1830s, as well as the record book of the Episcopal Society of Burlington from its foundation on December 6, 1830, through the mid-1870s.
Robert T. Stafford Papers
Creator: Stafford, Robert T.
Dates:  circa 1955-1988
Extent:  629.0 Linear feet629 containers
Abstract: Collection covers Stafford's years in U.S. Senate, U.S. House, as Vermont Governor, Vermont Lt. Governor, and Vermont Attorney General. These papers include the following record groups: Constituent correspondence, case files, project files, campaign records, legislative assistants, education subcommitte records, speeches, voting records, legislative records, as well as records from Stafford's Rutland and Winooski Offices.
Kaye Starbird Papers
Creator: Starbird, Kaye
Dates:  1922-1975
Extent:  8.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence with friends and family, including a group of correspondence with her first husband, James Dalton, some personal records including medical and financial records, and various drafts and revisions of her writings, including short stories and poetry for children.
Henry Stevens Papers
Creator: Stevens, Henry, 1791-1867
Dates:  1757-1870
Extent:  6.0 Linear feet6 cartons, 1 box
Abstract: Collection includes family correspondence and business papers (mostly 1832-63) including letters from Stevens’ sons, Benjamin Franklin Stevens (1833-1902), bookman and antiquarian who established the firm of Stevens and Brown in London; and Henry Stevens Jr. (1819-1886), London bookseller and collector who was instumental in building the libraries of John Carter Brown, James Lenox and Peter Force. Includes letters to Henry Stevens Jr., from Peter Force (1790-1868), Charles C. Jewett (1816-1868), Francis Parkman (1823-1893), Jared Sparks (1789-1866), and other collectors and librarians.
Gloria May Stoddard Papers
Creator: Stoddard, Gloria May, 1942-
Dates:  1959-1979
Extent:  3.75 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of the typescripts of Stoddard's writings about Vermont persons and activities.
Stone family papers
Creator: Stone family..
Dates:  1849-1998
Extent:  3.75 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Abstract:  The Stone family papers include correspondence, personal papers, photographs, and publications belonging to several generations of Laura Stone's antecedents. The work of Arthur Stone, in the form of correspondence, notes, speeches, and writings, takes up the bulk of the collection.
William Stow Civil War Letters
Creator: Stow, William
Dates:  1861-1864
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet1 narrow box.
Abstract: Letters of Private William Stow of the Second Vermont Infantry in the Civil War. Includes a few letters of his brother Lewis, also in the second.
Summit House Records
Creator: Summit House (Mount Mansfield, Vt.)
Dates:  1869-1958
Extent:  3 boxes and 25 large bound manuscript volumes
Abstract:  Records of the Summit House at Mount Mansfield, chiefly correspondence and hotel registers.