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Vergennes Baptist Church Records
Creator: Vergennes First Baptist Church
Dates:  1868-1927
Extent:  one box
Abstract:  The collection includes records of the Church Clerk, the Baptist Society of Vergennes, the Ladies Aid Society, the Ordination Council, membership letters, and newspaper clippings.
Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences Records
Creator: Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Dates:  1965-2009
Extent:  17.75 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains the organization records of the V.A.A.S. including: Correspondence, grant records, meeting agendas and minutes, committee reports, conference proceedings, student symposia papers, newsletters and news releases, membership development, fellows letters and records, presidents' notebooks, scrapbooks, trustees reports, annual reports, publications, financial records, travels and events records, and other records documenting the organizational and outreach functions of the academy during its existence.
Vermont Alliance for Art Education Papers
Creator: Vermont Alliance for Art Education.
Dates:  circa 1973-1990
Extent:  1.65 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, grant files, project files, reports, and other records of the VAAE, an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy center for the performing Arts Alliance for Arts Education.
Vermont Antiquarian Society Collection
Creator: Vermont Antiquarian Society
Dates:  1830-1923
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The Vermont Antiquarian Society Papers are made up of a combination of the materials pertaining to the Society and collected by it.
Vermont Archaeological Society Records
Creator: Vermont Archaelogical Society.
Dates:  1968-1988
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains financial records, annual and treasurer's reports, membership lists, founding documents of the society, events and news, correspondence, transparencies of site maps, grant applications, meeting minutes, publications, and other records documenting the organization and activities of the society.
Vermont Association for Crippled Children Records
Creator: Vermont Association for Crippled Children.
Dates:  1937-1976
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains committee reports and meeting minutes, records of legislative action, correspondence of committee members and others, printed matter about related institutions or services, lesson plans, studies and projects, tests, case studies, and other materials documenting the association and it activities and promotion of special education in Vermont.
Vermont Association for Mental Health Records
Creator: Vermont Association for Mental Health.
Dates:  1960-1976
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains general correspondence, constitutions, minutes of meetings (board and annual), reports and studies, and fund raising materials.
Vermont Baptist Historical Society
Creator: Vermont Baptist Historical Society
Extent:  5 boxes
Abstract:  The Vermont Baptist Historical Society Papers consist primarily of local church historical papers and biographical sketches of Vermont baptist clergymen and church leaders.
Vermont Conference on the Primary Prevention of Psychopathology Collection
Creator: Vermont Conference on the Primary Prevention of Psychopathology Collection
Dates:  1975-1993
Extent:  18 cartons
Abstract:  The collection includes VCPPP organizational records, conference records, papers related to the publication of the book series, and Prevention Clearinghouse records and source materials
Vermont Congregational Conference and Vermont Domestic Missionary Society Collection
Creator: Vermont Congregational Conference
Dates:  1773-1959
Extent:  6 cartons
Abstract: The collection includes a small group of booklets relating the histories of the Congregational churches in various Vermont towns, early manuscripts from a number of Vermont churches, and material relating to the Congregational Church as a statewide body. The VDMS material in the collection includes annual reports for 1850-61, much correspondence of Society secretary Charles Henry Merrill, reports of the Woman's Board of Missions for 1909-1920, and of the Congregational Women' s Home Missionary Union of Vermont for 1912-1930.
Vermont Copper Company Collection
Creator: Vermont Copper Company
Dates:  1853-1961
Extent:  6 containers
Abstract:  The collection consists of 4 cartons and one box of papers, 10 bound volumes, and 16 oversize maps. The papers consist mainly of the business records of the Vermont Copper Company during the 1942-1958 era. The bound volumes are ledgers and jornals, some from the year 1882, and the remainder from the period 1942-1954. The 16 oversized maps are all maps of the Orange County Mines. The dates range from 1900 to 1949.
Vermont Dental Hygienists' Association Records
Creator: Vermont Dental Hygenists Association.
Dates:  1959-2000
Extent:  10.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains board meeting minutes, Executive Board of Dental Examiners meeting minutes, correspondence, photos, network and placement communications, surveys, annual meeting records, reports, found records like by-laws, etc., financial records and treasurer's reports, programs and continuing ed., salary studies, recommended state-wide health care plan, accreditation and self-regulation records, and other materials documenting the VDHA. The collection also contains the records of Sigma Phi Alpha, the Honor Society of Dental Hygienists. These include chapter correspondence, membership information, annual reports, newsletters, certificates, meeting minutes, and other records.
Vermont Ecumenical Council Records
Creator: Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society.
Dates:  1812-1972
Extent:  19.0 Linear feet19 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, and financial and other records, of the council, known originally as Vermont Council of Churches; and records of Vermont Bible Society (1812-1969), Vermont Sunday School Association (1863-1931), and Vermont Council of Religious Education (1926-62).
Vermont Farm Bureau Papers
Creator: Vermont Farm Bureau.
Dates:  1895-1968
Extent:  10.0 Linear feet8 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and printed matter, relating to farming in Vermont and the U.S., chiefly 1919-30.
Vermont Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs
Creator: Vermont Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs.
Dates:  1928-1976
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, minutes, accounts, newsletters, printed material, constitution and by-laws, and a history of VFBPWC documenting the activities of the federation as recorded by Lena Giudici, the president 1931-1933; as well as some of Giudici's personal ephemera a letters.
Vermont International Film Foundation
Creator: Vermont International Film Foundation.
Dates:  1970s-2005
Extent:  7.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains budget and financial records, correspondence, press coverage, judging, resumes, grants, funding and donors, clippings, personnel records, entry forms and files, photos and promotional materials, programs, board minutes, and other records documenting the films, selection and judging, and the funding of the festival and the activities of the foundation.
Vermont Pharmaceutical Association Papers
Creator: Vermont Pharmaceutical Association.
Dates:  1934-1935
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains about 150 letters written to and from Harold E. Coleman as President of the VT state Pharmeceutical assoc. 1934-35. Also contains printed items. Subjects include price fixing, drug retail code, and the N.R.A.
Vermont Public Interest Research Group Collection
Creator: Vermont Public Interest Research Group.
Dates:  1973-1995
Extent:  42.5 Linear feet
Abstract: The VPIRG collection hold reports, clippings, correspondence, and public relations materials generated by the organization and other in connection with the various topics of public interest between the early 1970s and the mid 1990s.
Vermont Public Radio: Homegrown Folk Music Recordings
Creator: Vermont Public Radio.
Dates:  1980-1983
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of audio tape reel recordings for the "Homegrown" Folk Music radio program on Vermont Public Radio.
Vermont Memories (ETV) Collection
Creator: Vermont Public Television.
Dates:  1995-1996
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of three binders of unedited transcripts of interviews and the VHS recordings of the interviews titled "Vermont Memories II" and "Vermont Memories III" produced by Vermont ETV (now Vermont Public Television).
"The Governors" ETV Transcripts
Creator: Vermont Public Television.
Dates:  1989
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of typed transcripts of the interviews that took place on Vermont ETV (later Vermont Public Television). Former governors that were interviewed were: Robert T. Stafford, F. Ray Keyser Jr., Philip Hoff, Deane C. Davis, Thomas P. Salmon, and Richard Snelling.
Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO Records
Creator: Vermont State Labor Council.
Dates:  circa 1960-1986
Extent:  14.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains board meeting minutes, educational films, audio tapes of board meetings, audio tapes and record albums of labor speeches by Hoffa and others, COPE (Committee On Political Education) reports, correspondence, treasurer's records, election and campaign materials and records, newsletters, and other records documenting the conferences, events, committees, and activities of the Vermont State Labor Council (VSLC).
Vermont State Nurses Association Records
Creator: Vermont State Nurses Association.
Dates:  1875-2000
Extent:  31.75 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains publications and newsletters, membership records, minutes, correspondence, collected books, treasurer's book, legislative committee reports, scrapbooks, and other records documenting the association and the nursing profession in Vermont.
Alan Carter and the Vermont State Orchestra Papers
Creator: Vermont State Symphony Orchestra
Extent:  sixteen linear feet
Abstract:  The collection consists of Vermont State Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Music Center/Composers' Conference papers, and some personal papers of Carter. The VSO materials include photographs, programs, newspaper clippings, tape recordings and organizational material. Carter's personal papers include autobiographical material and information about the other organizations he was involved in.
Vermont Structural Steel Company Records
Creator: Vermont Structural Steel.
Dates:  circa 1920-1985
Extent:  14.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains job files with photos, correspondence, and descriptions of projects; ledgers with payroll and personnel, expenses, accounts, etc.; powerline records(?); industry reports; photographs; annual reports; meeting minutes; scrapboooks of press clippings and advertisements; and other records documenting the projects and activities of the Burlington, VT company.
Vermont in Mississippi Collection
Creator: Vermont in Mississippi, Inc..
Dates:  1965-1967
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract:  Vermont in Mississippi, Inc. (VIM), a civil rights movement project, was organized in June 1965, under the auspices of the Vermont Civil Rights Union. The collection is comprised of correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed materials, business and financial records, progress reports, photos, and audio tapes.
Aircraft Accidents Records
Creator: Vermont. Aeronautics Commission.
Dates:  1944-1968
Extent:  2.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Forms, clippings, photographs, notes, reports, and other documentation of aircraft accidents and complaints in Vermont.
Vermont Commission on Administrative Justice Papers
Creator: Vermont. Commission on Administrative Justice.
Dates:  1972-1981
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of a binder of VCAJ Supervisory Board Meeting minutes, cassette tape recordings of these meetings and of Criminal Justice Training and Education Study Committee of 1974.
Grand Isle County Court Records
Creator: Vermont. County Court (Grand Isle County).
Dates:  1790-1920, 1980s
Extent:  36.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of general and varied records of the court, judges, clerks, sheriffs, justices of the peace, etc., including writs, deeds, court orders, judgments, and trial records.
Vermont Advisory Board on Interstate Banking Records
Creator: Vermont. Dept. of Banking and Insurance.
Dates:  circa 1987-1989
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains the records of the VT Advisory Board on Interstate Banking, including: reports, agendas, testimony, and the application of the Bank of Boston to acquire Bank of Vermont. Seven cassette audio tapes of witnesses' testimony and transcripts from the legislative hearings around the Interstate Banking Act (8 V.S.A., chapter 56) of 1987 are included. Collection of Roberta Walsh, Board member.
Hubert Vogelmann Papers
Creator: Vogelmann, Hubert
Dates:  1952-2006
Extent:  49.13 Linear feet
Abstract: These papers document Dr. Hubert Vogelmann's field work, scholarship, and teaching in the realms of botany and acid rain research. He was an important figure in demonstrating forest decline due to acid rain, especially on Camel's Hump in Vermont.