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W.E. Lamson and Son Co. Records
Creator: W.E. Lamson and Company (Randolph, Vt.)
Dates:  1873-1943
Extent:  23 cartons, 27 bound volumes
Abstract:  The bulk of the W.E. Lamson and Son Co. collection consists of invoices of goods bought and sold by the company.
W.S. Soule and Sons General Store records
Creator: W.S. Soule and Sons General Store.
Dates:  1878-1911
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of the ledgers, account books, bills, and receipts for the W.S. Soule and Sons General Store of East Fairfield, Vermont.
Walker Family Papers
Creator: Walker Family
Dates:  c. 1910-1945
Extent:  0.25 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains family photographs and a scrapbook of clippings of the Walker family of Cabot, VT, mostly of William C. Walker, 2nd, who was a 1912 graduate of UVM, a UVM Trustee, and member of the Vermont Legislature, ca. 1938.
Walker Grocery Company Account Books
Creator: Walker Grocery Company.
Dates:  1894-1907
Extent:  8.0 Linear feet21 volumes
Abstract: The collection comprises a nearly complete set of the account books and ledgers of the Walker grocery businesses from 1894 through 1905. Included are cash journals, records of sales, rent, bills received, accounts receivable and payable, etc. There are also the articles of association and by-laws for the incoporation of the Walker Grocery Company in 1899, and the minutes of the corporation's board of directors from 1899 to 1905. A few of the columes contain scattered accounts for 1906-07, after the Walker Grocery Company had gone out of business. The volumes have been arranged chronologically, with some overlapping.
Wardner Family Papers
Creator: Wardner Family
Dates:  1818-1904
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains business accounts, receipts, invoices, and correspondence; family and personal correspondence; church records; writings; and other materials documenting the business and personal activities of several generations of the Wardner and related families of Windsor, Vermont, especially those of George Wardner (1815-1885). Included are correspondence, writings, and court and public speeches by William Maxwell Evarts, U.S. Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Senator, who was a nephew to Edward A. Wardner.
Peter Thacher Washburn Papers
Creator: Washburn, Peter Thacher, 1814-1870
Dates:  1836-1858
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: Peter Thacher Washburn was a Vermont Governor and Lawyer in Ludlow and Woodstock, Vermont. Collection includes letters books (2v.) of family correspondence (1839-58), letter books (2 v.) of business and legal correspondence (149-53), and manuscript records and transcriptions (1v.) of Vermont county court cases (1836-52).
Waterman Family Papers
Creator: Waterman Family
Dates:  circa 1855-1991
Extent:  4.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains the papers of the Waterman and Votey families, including UVM and military memorabilia, correspondence, photographs, clippings, genealogy research, pocket diaries, writings, and other materials documenting the history and activities of these families.
Kenneth B. Webb Papers
Creator: Webb, Kenneth
Dates:  circa 1920-1985
Extent:  3.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains writings, speeches, printed and published materials, photographs, a scrapbook, memorabilia, a little correspondence, and other materials documenting his interests and activities related to education, religion, and summer camps.
John Eliakim Weeks Papers
Creator: Weeks, John Eliakim, 1854-1949
Dates:  1915-1937
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet1 box
Abstract: Collection includes chiefly letters by Weeks to Catherine Marion Wood Kelley on such topics as Weeks' activities in politics, the 1927 flood, and personal concerns.
Arthur C. Wells Papers
Creator: Wells, Arthur C., 1876-1970
Dates:  1876-1970
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Arthur C. Wells was a farmer in Cambridge, Vermont and city official of Bakersfield, Vermont. Collection includes chiefly family correspondence, together with accounts books, receipts and minutes of meetings (1860-70) of the Society of Masons, Barnes lodge, Eagle Lodge dues book (1880-97), statistical record (1905-17) relating to the Vermont Sunday School Association, and photos.
William W. Wells Papers
Creator: Wells, William, 1837-1892
Dates:  1856-1884
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: William Wells was an Army officer during the U.S. Civil War and Adjutant General of Vermont. Collection includes correspondence, diary and military papers including rosters of Vermont Cavalry, ordnance reports, orders, and clothing and equipment returns.
General William I. Westervelt Papers
Creator: Westervelt, William I., General
Dates:  circa 1910-1960
Extent:  1.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains artillery handbooks, military studies, some military correspondence and marching orders from Westervelt's time as Brigadier General during World War I, as well as some personal and business papers.
Henry O. Wheeler Papers
Creator: Wheeler, Henry O.
Dates:  circa 1870-1915
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains three letter books, three checkbooks, assorted legal documents, correspondence, and other materials documenting some of the legal and educational activities of Wheeler.
Sadie L. White Papers
Creator: White, Sadie L., 1901-1999
Dates:  1959-1996
Extent:  4.17 Linear feet
Abstract: Sadie L. White (1901-1999), a long-time resident of Burlington’s Old North End, worked in the Winooski Woolen Mill from her late teens until it closed in 1954. She then increased her political activities and served as State Representative for Burlington District 4 1966-1980, and 1983-1984, and served as City Councilor (Alderman) for District 4 1981-1982. Her papers document her efforts to change the route of the Burlington Beltline highway and to advocate for the needs of the elderly and poor in her neighborhood and in Vermont.
Hilton Wick Papers
Creator: Wick, Hilton
Dates:  circa 1940-2003
Extent:  11.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains personal, political, and professional correspondence, campaign materials from his run for VT Governor, fundraising correspondence and materials, Republican Party committee materials, some medical and other personal records.
Wicker Family Papers
Creator: Wicker Family
Dates:  Bulk, 1861-1896
Extent:  3.75 Linear feet3 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, diaries, financial papers, receipts, memo books, printed items, and photos of Cyrus Washburn Wicker (1814-1887), merchant, of North Ferrisburgh, Vt., his wife, Maria Delight Wicker (1817-1903), and their sons, Henry C. and Cassius M. Wicker (d>1913), who traveled west to work for and manage various western railroads. Includes correspondence of Augustus C. French (1801-1868), attorney and Governor of Illinois (1846-1853) with his wife, Lucy Southworth French, and with various business associates (1840’s-1850’s); correspondence of Cyrus French Wicker (1882-1968) with his wife, Grace Whiting Wicker, including material relating to his legal and diplomatic service in the Caribbean (ca. 1915); account sheets (1836-1847) of Haskell and Wicker, merchants, of North Ferrisburgh, Vt.
Wilcox, Ladd, and Tucker Family Papers
Creator: Wilcox Family
Dates:  circa 1800-1950
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet1 carton
Abstract: This collection consists of materials from the Wilcox and Ladd families based in Vermont. It also includes genealogical information from the Herrick/Tucker family. The collection includes correspondence, property records, and personal materials.
Henry Harrison Wilder Papers
Creator: Wilder, Henry Harrison
Dates:  1849-1862, 1901
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of Wilder's Civil War letters, 1861- 1862, letters related to Wilder's death, family papers, and a portrait. Wilder was a corporal in the 5th Vt. Infantry.
Ralph Williams Papers
Creator: Williams, Ralph
Dates:  circa 1960-1975
Extent:  2.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, notes, cash books, expense records, receipts, agreements, negotiations, speakers manuals, conference minutes, reports, the VT State Comprehensive Manpower Plan of 1972, and other materials documenting Williams' activities as the president of the VT State Labor Council.
Samuel Williams Papers
Creator: Williams, Samuel, 1743-1817
Dates:  1732-1808
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Samuel Williams was a Congregational minister, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Harvard, and a founder of the University of Vermont. Collection includes correspondence, sermons, lectures, and other papers, relating to Williams’ teaching career, compilation and publication of his Natural and Civil History of Vermont (1794), astronomical observations (1806) to determine the northern boundary of Vermont, and other scientific topics. Includes partial manuscripts of the second edition (1809) of his history and reflections on religion and philosophy.
William H. Wills Papers
Creator: Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946
Dates:  1941-1946
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: William H. Wills was the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont between 1937 and 1941, then Governor between 1941-1945. Collection includes primarily notes for text of Wills’ speeches while Governor, together with a few letters, scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Wills’ support for Wendell Wilkie in the 1944 Presidential campaign, notebook of materials of Vermont state war committees (1942-44), family photos, and other papers. Speeches relate to World War II as well as Vermont’s domestic issues in early 1940’s.
Charles Morrow Wilson Papers
Creator: Wilson, Charles Morrow, 1905-
Dates:  1925-1966
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet7 boxes
Abstract: Wilson worked as a writer and journalist. Collection includes letters to Wilson; articles (1929-60) on topics such as farming, economics, health, industry, and travel; drafts, galleys, and page proofs of his books; reviews of his work; and notebooks, newspaper clippings, and other papers. Includes letters (1959) in response to an article in Reader’s Digest critical of Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas.
Stanley Calef Wilson Papers
Creator: Wilson, Stanley Calef, 1879-1967
Dates:  1879-1962
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet7 document boxes
Abstract: Stanley Calef Wilson was a lawyer in Vermont and Governor, 1931-1935. Collection includes correspondence, diary (1918), speeches, school essays, desk calendars, campaign material, printed matter, and newspaper clippings. Includes folders on the Vermont Copper Company (1942-57), of which Wilson was secretary, and the Vermont "Little Hoover" Commission to study state Government (1957), and material on banking, farming, insurance, politics, religion, and road building.
Windsor (Vt.) Records
Creator: Windsor (Vt.).
Dates:  1798-1822, undated
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains tax bills, marriage certificates, highway records, and other historical records for the town of Windsor, VT.
Burton and May Wolcott Photographs
Creator: Wolcott, Burton
Dates:  circa 1900-1965
Extent:  11.5 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of photographs and negatives taken by the Wolcotts in Vermont, New York City, at the NYC World's Fair of 1939-40, in many different U.S. states and Canadian provinces, and in countries around the world, as well as photographs of the Wolcott family.
Women's Union of Vermont Papers
Creator: Women's Union (Vermont).
Dates:  1992-2003
Extent:  13.25 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, financial records, newsletters, and research materials on women's health issues, welfare reform, poverty, and other women's issues in Vermont.
Woodbury Granite Company Blueprints
Creator: Woodbury Granite Company.
Dates:  undated
Extent:  10.0 Linear feet50 rolled sheets
Abstract: Collection consists of blueprint architectural drawings of buildings and memorials, some well-known, for which the Woodbury Granite Company supplied granite.
Woodbury-Page Family Papers
Creator: Woodbury-Page Family
Dates:  1872-1953
Extent:  2.0 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection contains letter books, legal and court records, photograph albums, and other materials that mostly document the lives and activities of the Woodbury family, including Urban A. Woodbury, Governor of Vermont, 1884-1886, as well as those of the Page family.
Alvin Woodward Civil War Letters
Creator: Woodward, Alvin
Dates:  circa 1861-1865
Extent:  0.4 Linear feet
Abstract: Collection consists of letters of Alvin Woodward of Berkshire, VT, a soldier in the Third Vermont Infantry Regiment in the Civil War, as well as genealogical material on the Woodward and Mitiguy families.
Hildreth Tyler Wriston Papers
Creator: Wriston, Hildreth Tyler, 1899-1969
Dates:  1899-1969
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Wriston wrote books for children. Collection includes correspondence, drafts of books and articles, printed material, and newspaper clippings.