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Caledonia Association records
Creator: Caledonia Association
Dates:  1829-1910
Extent:  1 linear ft. (1 box)
Abstract:  Includes minutes, correspondence, clippings, resolutions, invitations, and notes documenting the work of the Caledonian Association. The association's main activity seems to have been to foster theological discussion and debate.
Caledonia County Sunday School records
Creator: Caledonia County Sunday School Society.
Dates:   1835-1847
Extent:  1 linear ft. (1 box)
Abstract:  Includes correspondence, reports, speeches, petitions, and lists created by Rev. John H. Worcester in the course of his involvement with the Caledonia County Sunday School.
Harriet Pope and Charles Walter Carpenter papers
Creator: Carpenter, Harriet (Harriet Pope Carpenter), 1875-1962.
Dates:  1895-1902
Extent:  .25 linear feet (8 folders)
Abstract:  The collection is primarily comprised of letters exchanged by Harriet Pope and Charles Walter Carpenter during the period of their courtship.
George C. Cary Papers
Creator: Cary, George C. 1864-1931.
Dates:  1898-1986
Extent:  2.25 linear feet (2 boxes) 1 oversized folder
Abstract:  George Clinton Cary (1864-1931) founded the Cary Maple Sugar Company, which eventually grew to a million-dollar business, in St. Johnsbury in 1904. Cary had to file for bankruptcy in 1931, but the bankruptcy did not affect his company since the liabilities were mainly due to accommodation endorsements on notes and papers of business concerns. The collection consists mainly of correspondence and financial and legal records relating to Cary's bankruptcy and estate.
Cray family home movies
Creator: Cray Family
Dates:  1942-1956
Extent:  1 linear foot (41 reels)
Abstract:  The collection includes black and white and color 8 mm. movies of family and friends, vacations in Maine, and films with Vermont backgrounds, such as the Tunbridge and Rutland Fairs; Joe's Pond in Danville, Miles Pond in East Concord, and Harvey's Lake in Barnet; the St. Johnsbury pet and circus parades; and the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe.
Earl Cross covered bridge photograph collection
Creator: Cross, Earl, 1892-1979.
Dates:  1940's
Extent:  1.5 linear feet
Abstract:  The collection primarily consists of negatives taken by Earl Cross depicting Vermont covered bridges ca. 1940.



Records of the Northern New England Weather Center
Creator: Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium
Dates:   1894-1997
Abstract:  The Northern New England Weather Center is a program of the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium. Collection includes weather observations and recordings documenting meteorological conditions in St. Johnsbury and other sites in northern Vermont from 1894 to the present.
The Collection of Dispatches to and from Governor Fairbanks
Creator: Fairbanks, Erastus, 1792-1864.
Dates:  05/1860 - 10/1861
Extent:  .25 linear feet (14 folders) 8 oversize folders
Abstract:  This collection is made up of a large number of telegraphic dispatches and some letters to and from Governor Erastus Fairbanks primarily during the period of April 1861 through October 1861.
Carlton R. Felch diaries
Creator: Felch, Carlton R., 1836-1922.
Dates:  1862-1918
Extent:  2 linear feet (40 folders)
Abstract:  The collection consists of rather brief daily entries in yearly diaries from 1862 through 1918 with the years 1866-1867, 1879-1877, and 1912-1917 missing. At the end of some diaries are records of accounts and/or listings of some local news items, local events, and local deaths, marriages, etc.
George Felch papers
Creator: Felch, George Carlton 1870-1939.
Dates:  1880-1937
Extent:  2 linear feet (33 volumes)
Abstract:  George Felch was born of February 24, 1870 and died on March 20, 1939 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The collection is primarily comprised of diaries, which begin in George's young adulthood and continue up until two years prior to his death.



Grand Army of the Republic
Creator: Grand Army of the Republic. George Chamberlain Post No. 1 (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1865-1941
Extent:  7.25 linear ft. (6 boxes)
Abstract:  This collection contains a reasonably complete view of the Chamberlain Post No. 1, after its resurgence in 1880. It contains governing documents, minutes, ledgers, and secret ritual and service books, which show the form and working of internal GAR meetings.
Arthur Graves Home Movies
Creator: Graves, Arthur
Dates:  1946-1960
Extent:  1 linear foot (15 reels)
Abstract:  Includes 18 reels of 8mm films, depicting Graves' home and family, the St. Johnsbury and New England region, Canada, and trips taken by the Graves family to the American West, Florida, and England and Scotland.



Horace Locklin papers
Creator: Locklin, Horace
Dates:  1826-1945
Extent:  0.25 linear feet (6 folders)
Abstract:  Includes a single volume diary and financial records authored by or addressed to Horace Locklin.



Passumpsic Valley Craft Guild records
Creator: Passumpsic Valley Craft Guild
Dates:  1953-1974
Extent:   .25 linear feet (13 folders)
Abstract:  The Passumpsic Valley Craft Guild was part of the Vermont Society of Craftsmen, which was founded in 1938 and incorporated in 1947. Includes histories and by-laws, treasurers' reports, correspondence, check statement books, membership lists, newsletters, and fair consignors' lists.
William Henry Preston papers
Creator: Preston, William Henry.
Dates:  1861-1908
Extent:  .25 linear feet (23 folders) 3 oversized folders
Abstract:  The collection is made up primarily of letters to William Henry Preston from family and friends between 1861 and 1864. This correspondence includes letters from his mother, Mary Preston and two sisters Juliette and Mary.
William Henry Proctor papers
Creator: Proctor, William Henry, 1840-
Dates:  1855-1908
Extent:  .5 linear feet (27 folders) 1 oversized folder
Abstract:  Includes diaries, correspondence, government documents, land deeds, newspaper clippings, photographs, and a personal account documenting William Henry Proctor's Civil War experiences and his life following the War up until 1908.



Town of St. Johnsbury records
Creator: St. Johnsbury (Vt.: Town)
Dates:   1790-1920
Extent:   4 linear feet (5 boxes)
Abstract:  Includes financial records, correspondence, minutes, ledgers, pay vouchers, and related materials created and maintained by the Town of St. Johnsbury from 1790 to 1920.
Jean Marcy's and Gael Stein's records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1966-1993
Extent:  .75 linear ft.
Abstract:  Comprised of the subject and correspondence files of Librarian Gael Stein and her predecessor Jean Marcy.
Art Gallery Activity Records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:   1873-2002
Extent:  1 1/2 linear feet (3 boxes)
Abstract:  These records reflect curatorial and educational activities, as well as management of the collections of the Art Gallery, including appraisals (1873,1956-2001), fundraising, conservation, loans, rights and reproductions, and publicity. Also included in this record group are files relating to the entire gallery, as opposed to individual artworks, such as rights and reproductions for photographing the gallery, and records of in situ conservation work not attributable to individual artworks.
Librarians' program records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1981-1994
Extent:  .5 linear ft.
Abstract:  Includes correspondence, promotional materials, and notes documenting the development and execution of programs at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum between 1981 and 1994.
Art gallery object records
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:   1873-2002
Extent:  8 linear feet
Abstract:  Includes records relating to the interpretation and conservation of individual paintings, works on paper, furnishings, rare books, photograph collections, and other objects in the collection of the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum .
Librarians' reports
Creator: St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (Saint Johnsbury, Vt.)
Dates:  1926-1991
Extent:  .75 linear ft. (2 volumes, 1/4 box)
Abstract:  Includes formal reports made by Cornelia Fairbanks (Librarian, 1920-1952), Aurilla H. Gladding (Librarian, 1952-1973), Jean F. Madden Marcy (Librarian 1973-1987),and Gael B. Stein (Librarian 1987-1993) to the Athenaeum's Board of Trustees on an annual basis.
Stone family papers
Creator: Stone family..
Dates:  1849-1998
Extent:  3.75 linear ft. (4 boxes)
Abstract:  The Stone family papers include correspondence, personal papers, photographs, and publications belonging to several generations of Laura Stone's antecedents. The work of Arthur Stone, in the form of correspondence, notes, speeches, and writings, takes up the bulk of the collection.