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Governors--Vermont [3]
Religion--Vermont [3]
Agriculture [2]
Civil rights [2]
Civil rights movement--United States [2]
Civil rights--United States [2]
Economics [2]
Flood control [2]
Legislators--Vermont [2]
Nuclear disarmament [2]
Politics--Vermont [2]
Vermont Historical Society. [2]
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation. [2]
Accountants [1]
Agricultural credit--United States [1]
Agriculture -- Vermont -- History [1]
Agriculture--Vermont [1]
Air quality management [1]
American Friends Service Committee . [1]
Animal experimentation [1]
Animal testing alternatives [1]
Anti-communist movements--United States [1]
Antimissle missles [1]
Arms control [1]
Art and state--Vermont [1]
Asylum, Right of [1]
Automobile industry and trade--Laws and legislation--Vermont [1]
Ballistic missle defenses [1]
Banking [1]
Banking law [1]
Banking--Vermont [1]
Bennington Battle Monument and Historical Association. [1]
Bennington Museum and Historical Art Gallery. [1]
Bennington Museum. [1]
Bill family [1]
Bovine somatotropin [1]
Brattleboro Retreat. [1]
Central Vermont Public Service Corporation. [1]
Central Vermont Solid Waste Disposal Landfill. [1]
Champlain Peace Council. [1]
Champlain tercentenary celebrations [1]
Child welfare [1]
Civil service--United States [1]
Climate changes [1]
Communism--United States [1]
Conservation of natural resources [1]
Consumer protection [1]
Cookery, American--New England style [1]
Courts--Vermont [1]
Diplomats [1]
Domestic relations--1940-1946--Vermont [1]
Education -- Philosophy [1]
Educators -- United States -- Biography. [1]
Electric utilities [1]
Emigration and immigration. [1]
Energy conservation [1]
Energy consumption [1]
Energy policy [1]
Family--History [1]
Farm law--United States [1]
Faubus, Orval Eugene, 1910-1994 [1]
Federal Art Project. [1]
Firearms [1]
Fishing --Humor [1]
Flanders, Ralph E., (Ralph Edward), 1880-1970 [1]
Food relief [1]
Global warming [1]
Green Mountain Power Corporation. [1]
Greenhouse effect, Atmospheric [1]
Harvey family [1]
Haskell & Sells [1]
Hazardous waste [1]
Health [1]
Health care reform [1]
Hight family [1]
Historians [1]
Howe, Peter A. [1]
Hunting --Humor [1]
Hydro-Quebec. [1]
Incineration [1]
Insurance [1]
Insurance, Physicians' liability [1]
Insurance--State supervision [1]
Insurance--Vermont [1]
Intellectuals--Correspondence--United States [1]
Intellectuals--Vermont [1]
Inter-Allied Reparations Commission. Accountant General. [1]
Internal security [1]
Investment banking [1]
Johnson Gallery. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Journalists [1]
Lake Champlain Transportation Company. [1]
Landscape painting--Vermont [1]
Landscape--Vermont [1]
Law--Vermont [1]
Lawyers [1]
Lawyers--Vermont [1]
League of Women Voters of Vermont. [1]
Lease and rental services [1]
Legislators--United States [1]
Margarine--Law and legislation [1]
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. -- General subdivision--Social life and customs.; [1]
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. [1]
Negotiation [1]
Nelson family, (David Nelson, 1738-1827) [1]
New Deal, 1933-1939 [1]
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. [1]
Novikoff, Alex Benjamin, 1913-1987 [1]
Nuclear energy [1]
Nursery growers [1]
Painters [1]
Peace--Societies, etc. [1]
Petroleum industry and trade--New England [1]
Political Scientists [1]
Political campaigns [1]
Political campaigns--1944--United States [1]
Politicians [1]
Politicians--Vermont [1]
Politics, practical [1]
Practice of law [1]
Presidents--Elections--1944--United States [1]
Public Works of Art Project (United States). [1]
Radiation preservation of food [1]
Radioactive waste disposal [1]
Radon [1]
Reformers [1]
Revolutionaries--Correspondence--Russia [1]
Roads--Vermont [1]
Robert Hull Fleming Museum. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Rote Armee Fraktion. [1]
Seaver, Edward [1]
Sewage disposal, Rural--United States [1]
Sewage, Rural--United States [1]
Social reform--Political aspects [1]
Socialists--Correspondence--United States [1]
Society for Educational Reconstruction. [1]
Southern Vermont Arts Center. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Statesmen--United States [1]
Statesmen--Vermont [1]
Steamboats--Champlain, Lake [1]
Supersonic transport planes [1]
Taxation [1]
Torts [1]
Transportation--Vermont [1]
Travel [1]
United Nations----Officials and employees, American [1]
United Nations--History [1]
United Nations. [1]
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964. [1]
United States. Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949) [1]
United States. Congress. 1939-1949. [1]
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. [1]
United States. Congress. Pensions. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Post Office and Civil Service. -- General subdivision--Pensions; [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Restatement of Republican Principles. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Food Allotment Bill.. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Republican Policy Committee.. [1]
United States. Navy. [1]
United States. President's Commission on the Status of Women. [1]
United States. Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space, and under Water (1971). [1]
United World Federalists (U.S.). [1]
University of Vermont --Trials, litigation, etc. [1]
Vermont "Little Hoover" Commission. [1]
Vermont Copper Company. [1]
Vermont Council on World Affairs. [1]
Vermont Public Interest Research Group. [1]
Vermont in art [1]
Vermont--Description and travel [1]
Vermont--Pictorial views [1]
Vermont. [1]
Vermont. Governor (Proctor : 1945-1947). [1]
Vermont. Governor (Wilson, Calef Stanely : 1931-1935). [1]
Vermont. Liquor Control Board. [1]
Vermont. Public Service Board. [1]
Vicon Recovery Systems, Inc. [1]
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements--United States. [1]
Vietnamese conflict, 1961-1975 [1]
Vivisection [1]
Voter registration [1]
Water supply, rural--United States [1]
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974 [1]
Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946 [1]
Women in politics--Vermont. [1]
Women--United States [1]
World War, 1939-1945 [1]
World War, 1939-1945--Social aspects [1]
World War, 1939-1945--Vermont [1]
Vermont--Politics and government [4]
United States--Politics and government [2]
Vermont--Boundaries--New Hampshire [2]
Alburg (Vt.) [1]
Berlin (Vt.) [1]
Burlington (Vt.) [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Politics and government [1]
Cambodia [1]
Champlain, Lake [1]
Champlain, Lake--Navigation [1]
Jackson (Miss.) [1]
Lake Champlain Waterway [1]
New Hampshire--Boundaries--Vermont [1]
Saint Lawrence Seaway [1]
Topsham (Vt.) [1]
Topsham (Vt.)--Genealogy [1]
United States--Appropriations and expenditures [1]
United States--Executive departments--Management [1]
United States--Executive departments--Reorganization [1]
United States--Foreign relations [1]
United States--Officials and employees--Pensions [1]
United States--Officials and employees--Retirement [1]
Vietnam [1]
Winooski (Vt.)--Politics and government. [1]
Clippings [29]
Correspondence [22]
Photographs [12]
Notes [6]
Diaries [5]
Financial records [5]
Scrapbooks [5]
Writings [5]
Reports [4]
Reviews (document genre) [4]
Speeches [4]
Articles [3]
Notebooks [3]
Audiotapes [2]
Congressional committee reports [2]
Memorabilia [2]
Account books [1]
Amendments [1]
Autographs [1]
Bills (legislative records) [1]
Bills (legislatve records) [1]
Books [1]
Briefs (legal documents) [1]
Drafts (documents) [1]
Exhibition catalogs [1]
Interviews [1]
Judicial records [1]
Letters (correspondence) [1]
Magnetic tapes [1]
Manuscripts (document genre) [1]
Manuscripts for publication [1]
Memorandums [1]
Motion pictures (information artifacts) [1]
Pamphlets [1]
Poetry [1]
Press releases [1]
Proceedings [1]
Sketches [1]
Sound recordings [1]
Statistics [1]
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Vermont Commandery.
Title: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Vermont Commandery Papers
Dates:  1860-1951
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet5 ft.
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, drafts of speeches, records and record books, printed material, newspaper clippings, photos, and memorabilia largely relating to social events and historical celebrations sponsored by the commandery or other similar groups, including the Lake Champalin Tercentennial Celebration of 1909. Includes materials from other chapters of the order.
Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946
Title: William H. Wills Papers
Dates:  1941-1946
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: William H. Wills was the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont between 1937 and 1941, then Governor between 1941-1945. Collection includes primarily notes for text of Wills’ speeches while Governor, together with a few letters, scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Wills’ support for Wendell Wilkie in the 1944 Presidential campaign, notebook of materials of Vermont state war committees (1942-44), family photos, and other papers. Speeches relate to World War II as well as Vermont’s domestic issues in early 1940’s.
Spargo, John,, 1876-1966
Title: John Spargo Papers
Dates:  1750-1966
Extent:  18.34 Linear feet5 cartons, 23 boxes, 18 volumes
Abstract: John Spargo was a historian and reformer.The founder of the Bennington Museum, president of the Bennington Battle Monument and the Vermont Hsitorical Society. Collection includes correspondence, notes, writings, newspaper clippings, and other papers, relating to Spargo's activities as a Socialists (1901-16), and subsequently as political analyst, historian, and anti-communist; together with letters, deeds, court records, government documents, and other autograph and ms. material relating to Vermont collected by him.
Lipke, William C.
Title: Vermont Landscape Images Papers
Dates:  1880-1976
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet3 cartons, 5 boxes
Meyer, William Henry, 1914-
Title: William H. Meyer Papers
Dates:  1958-1965
Extent:  34.0 Linear feet34 cartons
Abstract: Meyer served as U.S. Representative from Vermont, [1958-1965]. Collection includes correspondence, notes, reports, statements. printed matter, newspaper clippings, and other material, on such topics as agriculture, conservation, civil liberties ,and nuclear disarmament. Bulk of the collection is made up of congressional papers with materials on legislation, committee work, public opinion polls conducted by Meyer in Vermont, and the plan for peace which Meyer worked in as a member of Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Wriston, Hildreth Tyler, 1899-1969
Title: Hildreth Tyler Wriston Papers
Dates:  1899-1969
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Wriston wrote books for children. Collection includes correspondence, drafts of books and articles, printed material, and newspaper clippings.
Wilson, Stanley Calef, 1879-1967
Title: Stanley Calef Wilson Papers
Dates:  1879-1962
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet7 document boxes
Abstract: Stanley Calef Wilson was a lawyer in Vermont and Governor, 1931-1935. Collection includes correspondence, diary (1918), speeches, school essays, desk calendars, campaign material, printed matter, and newspaper clippings. Includes folders on the Vermont Copper Company (1942-57), of which Wilson was secretary, and the Vermont "Little Hoover" Commission to study state Government (1957), and material on banking, farming, insurance, politics, religion, and road building.
Wilson, Charles Morrow, 1905-
Title: Charles Morrow Wilson Papers
Dates:  1925-1966
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet7 boxes
Abstract: Wilson worked as a writer and journalist. Collection includes letters to Wilson; articles (1929-60) on topics such as farming, economics, health, industry, and travel; drafts, galleys, and page proofs of his books; reviews of his work; and notebooks, newspaper clippings, and other papers. Includes letters (1959) in response to an article in Reader’s Digest critical of Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas.
Pettingill, Samuel Barrett,, b. 1886
Title: Samuel Pettengill Collection
Dates:  1939-1949
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet5 boxes
Abstract: Pettengill was a lawyer and a journalist. He served as United States Representative from Indiana. Collection includes eighteen vols. of newspaper columns entitled "Inside Your Congress" written by Pettingill, dealing chiefly with current events on the political scene, including the conduct of World War II, the establisment of the North Atlantic Tready Organization ( NATO ), and the United Nations, and the growing "red scare" over communism. Many of the pages contain annotations and other markings.
Vermont Farm Bureau.
Title: Vermont Farm Bureau Papers
Dates:  1895-1968
Extent:  10.0 Linear feet8 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and printed matter, relating to farming in Vermont and the U.S., chiefly 1919-30.
Berster, Kristina
Title:  Kristina Berster Papers
Dates:   197-1979
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet1 Carton
Abstract:  The Kristina Berster Collection consists of one box, which contains case records and proceedings, correspondence and mailings produced by the Kristina Berster Defense Committee, articles on case related topics, news clippings, photographs, a sketchbook, and a few letters by Kristina Berster.
Vermont in Mississippi, Inc..
Title: Vermont in Mississippi Collection
Dates:  1965-1967
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract:  Vermont in Mississippi, Inc. (VIM), a civil rights movement project, was organized in June 1965, under the auspices of the Vermont Civil Rights Union. The collection is comprised of correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed materials, business and financial records, progress reports, photos, and audio tapes.
Soule, Harris W.
Title: Harris W. Soule Papers
Dates:  1953-1973
Extent:  1carton
Abstract:  The Harris W. Soule Papers are made up almost entirely of materials relating to his book, Northwoods Tales and Unusual Recipes. Included are manuscripts, typescripts and printer's galleys of the work, as well as correspondence with publishers, prospective buyers and reviewers.
George Saunders Family
Title: George Saunders Family Papers
Dates:  1865-1927
Extent:  1 Carton
Abstract:  The George Saunders Collection includes wedding invitations, family photos, some family papers, scrapbooks of clippings (1865-1927), and a guest book of the George Linsley family cottage at Cedar Beach.
Rockwell Family
Title: Rockwell Family Papers
Dates:  1854-1972
Extent:  2 cartons
Abstract: The Rockwell Family Papers consist of two cartons of letters, business papers, bound diaries and account books, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other papers. The chronological span of the collection is from 1854 to 1972, with the great majority of the papers dating from the 1850s to 1929. Most of the materials in the Rockwell Family Papers relate to Ell B. Rockwell's many years of service on Lake Champlain steamboats.
Meredith, Lewis Douglas, 1905-
Title: Lewis Douglas Meredith Collection
Dates:  1925-1971
Extent:  3 cartons, 2 volumes
Abstract:  The Lewis Douglas Meredith papers consist primarily of typescripts of speeches and articles by Meredith, and of newspaper clippings by or about him. The great majority of these deal with subjects within the banking, investment, and insurance fields.
Kennedy, Martha D.
Title: Martha D. Kennedy Papers
Dates:  1946-1978
Extent:  9 cartons
Abstract:  The collection consists of correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and other printed material relating to the various organizations with which Martha was involved.
Hewitt, Arthur Wentworth 1883-
Title: Arthur Wentworth Hewitt Collection
Dates:  1905-1970
Extent:  7 boxes
Abstract:  The Hewitt Collection contains personal correspondence between Hewitt and friends, booksellers, and colleagues. The collection also contains clippings of reviews of Hewitt's work, clippings of poems which he thought worthwhile to keep, published accounts of his social and official actions, and two boxes of literary autographs.
Harvey, Dorothy Mayo
Title: Dorothy Mayo Harvey Papers
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The collection consists largely of material used by D.M. Harvey in her book, Our Topsham Tapestry, a genealogical and historical account of major founding families of Topsham, Vermont.
Emerson, Lee E. 1898-
Title: Lee E. Emerson Papers
Dates:  -1962
Extent:  14 cartons
Abstract:  Emerson was elected as a Republican to the Vermont House of Representatives in 1939, the Vermont State Senate in 1943, served two terms as lieutenant governor, 1945-47, before he was elected governor in 1951-53 and 1953-55. The collection covers the years 1941-(1951-1955)-1962.
Custer, Bernadine
Title: Bernadine Custer Papers
Extent:  Five Boxes
Abstract:  The Bernadine Custer collection is notable as a record of the career of an artist during the New Deal era and beyond, and as a compendium of the life of a remarkably independent and intellectually energetic woman of the twentieth century.
Aiken, George D. (George David), 1892-1984
Title: George D. Aiken Papers
Dates:  1892-1987
Extent:  360 cubic feet
Abstract: The papers consist primarily of Aiken's senatorial files: bills and amendments, hearings, committee reports and recommendations, statistical studies, press releases, a great deal of correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, sound recordings, films, and his senate diaries, as well as some materials from Aiken's gubernatorial years
Austin, Warren Robinson, 1877-1962.
Title: Warren R. Austin Collection
Dates:  1877-1962
Extent:  110 linear feet
Abstract: The Warren R. Austin papers include correspondence, speeches, and writings, notes and notebooks, legislative bills and drafts, printed and published materials, memoranda, newspaper clippings, documents, and photographs. Organized into seven major series: I. General Correspondence; II. Speeches, speech materials, and writings; III. China period; IV. US Senate; V. United Nations and afterward; VI. Published materials, biographical, personal, and memorabilia; VII. Law career.
Brameld, Theodore Burghard Hurt, 1904-
Title: Theodore Brameld Papers
Extent:  15 ft.
Abstract: The Brameld Papers include professional and family biographical information and correspondence, financial records, academic papers, published journal articles, publicity, book reviews, media presentations, family ephemera, two diaries, a scrapbook, audio tapes, slides, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
Auld, George Percival
Title: George Percival Auld Papers
Dates:  1905-1968
Extent:  6 boxes
Abstract:  The George P. Auld Collection contains correspondence, articles, drafts of articles and books by Auld, research materials, printed matter, newspaper clippings, published pamphlets and journals relating to Auld's interests and miscellaneous memorabilia for the period 1905-1968.