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Religion--Vermont [6]
Poets, American--20th century [5]
University of Vermont. [5]
Family--History [4]
Vermont --History --Civil War, 1861-1865 [4]
Authors, American--20th century [3]
Civil rights [3]
Governors--Vermont [3]
Legislators--Vermont [3]
Politicians--Vermont [3]
Politics--Vermont [3]
Authors, American [2]
Civil rights movement--United States [2]
Civil rights--United States [2]
Clergymen--Congregationalists [2]
Courts--Vermont [2]
Education -- Philosophy [2]
Flood control [2]
Goddard College. [2]
Hinds, O.L. [2]
Hinds, Oscar A. [2]
Hinds, Oscar T. [2]
Law--Vermont [2]
Lawyers [2]
Legislators--United States [2]
Nuclear disarmament [2]
Political campaigns [2]
Politicians [2]
Politics, Practical--Vermont [2]
Practice of law [2]
Republican Party (Vt.). [2]
Rixford family [2]
Rixford, Oscar Stephen, 1828-1911 [2]
Social reform--Political aspects [2]
Steamboats--Champlain, Lake [2]
Tools--Manufacturers--Vermont [2]
Vermont Historical Society. [2]
Abbott, Collamer M., b. 1919 [1]
Accountants [1]
Agricultural credit--United States [1]
Agriculture [1]
Agriculture -- Vermont -- History [1]
Agriculture--Handbooks, manuals, etc. [1]
Agriculture--Vermont [1]
Allen family [1]
Allen, Ellen Cordelia, (Ellen Cordelia Lyman) Mrs. Charles Edwin Allen, b. 1843 [1]
Ambassadors [1]
American Friends Service Committee . [1]
American literature --20th century. [1]
Anti-communist movements--United States [1]
Antimissle missles [1]
Antiquarian booksellers [1]
Antiques United States [1]
Antiques United States Catalogs [1]
Architecture --Details. [1]
Architecture, Domestic --Vermont. [1]
Architecture--Vermont [1]
Armenian Russian Institute. [1]
Arms control [1]
Art and state--Vermont [1]
Art--Vermont [1]
Astronomy--19th century--Vermont [1]
Asylum, Right of [1]
Atkinson, Brooks, 1894 [1]
Authors [1]
Authors and Publishers Vermont [1]
Authors and publishers [1]
Baird, Spencer Fullerton 1823-1887 [1]
Baldwin Manufacturing Company. [1]
Ballistic missle defenses [1]
Banking--Vermont [1]
Barre (Vt.)--Fiction [1]
Barrett, Caroline (Sanford), d. 1926. [1]
Barrett, Charles S., b.1860 [1]
Barrett, Charles, 1830-1892. [1]
Barrett, John, 1866-1938. [1]
Bennington Battle Monument and Historical Association. [1]
Bennington Museum and Historical Art Gallery. [1]
Bennington Museum. [1]
Bible--Publication and distribution--Societies,etc. [1]
Bill family [1]
Book collecting [1]
Book collectors Vermont [1]
Booksellers and bookselling [1]
Booksellers and bookselling--England--London [1]
Brainerd, Heloise, 1881-1969. [1]
Brandt & Brandt. [1]
Brattleboro Retreat. [1]
Brown, John Carter [1]
Brown, John, 1800-1859 [1]
Buck Lake Christian Camp. (Date of work--1951-1953; ) [1]
Buck, Pearl, 1892-1973 [1]
Buildings --Repair and reconstruction [1]
Burlington Courier (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Burlington Historical Society [1]
Businessmen Vermont [1]
Canfield, Flavia Camp, b. 1844 [1]
Canfield, James Hulme 1830-1909 [1]
Canfield, Thomas Hawley, 1822-1897. [1]
Canfield, Thomas Hawley, 1874-1864? [1]
Carlisle, Lilian Baker. [1]
Carter, Edward C. (Edward Clark), 1878-1954. [1]
Castle, Abel [1]
Castle, Marshall 1799-1875 [1]
Cattle [1]
Champlain Peace Council. [1]
Champlain tercentenary celebrations [1]
Child development [1]
Children's art [1]
Chittenden, L. E. (Lucius Eugene), 1824-1900. [1]
Christianity--Philosophy--19th century [1]
Churches--Vermont--Burlington. [1]
Churches--Vermont--Georgia [1]
City planning--Vermont--Burlington [1]
Civil service--United States [1]
Clark Family [1]
Clark, Henry 1829-1899 [1]
Clark, Jonas 1775-1854 [1]
Clark, Merritt 1803-1898 [1]
Collectors and collecting [1]
Columbia University [1]
Commercial Bank (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Congregational churches--Clergy--Vermont [1]
Conservation of natural resources [1]
Constitutional Conventions Vermont [1]
Cookery, American--New England style [1]
Copper industry and trade--Vermont [1]
Copper mines and mining--United States [1]
Copper mines and mining--Vermont [1]
Country life--Handbooks, manuals, etc. [1]
Courts--Vermont--Windsor County [1]
Covered Bridges -- Vermont [1]
Craig, James Henry, Sir, 1748-1812 [1]
Dake, Thomas Reynolds, 1785-1852. [1]
DeBoer, Joseph [1]
Department of Camps and Conferences. (Date of work--1952-1967; ) [1]
Diplomats [1]
Eagle Lodge. -- Chronological subdivision--1880-1897; [1]
Economic assistance, Domestic--United States [1]
Economics [1]
Education, Secondary--Vermont [1]
Education--Vermont--Funding [1]
Educators -- United States -- Biography. [1]
Educators--Vermont [1]
Emigration and immigration. [1]
Emmigration and Immigration--Vermont [1]
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Vermont. [1]
Espionage [1]
Europe--Description and travel [1]
Family-owned business enterprises--Vermont [1]
Farm law--United States [1]
Farmers--Vermont [1]
Federal Art Project. [1]
Fessenden, William Pitt 1806-1869 [1]
Field and Son (Rutland, Vt.) [1]
Field family [1]
Field, Frederick Arnold 1850-1935 [1]
Field, Frederick Arnold 1881-1936 [1]
Field, Frederick Vanderbilt, 1905- [1]
Field, William M. 1813-1890 [1]
Firearms [1]
First Unitarian Church. (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958 [1]
Fishing --Humor [1]
Floods--1927--Vermont [1]
Food relief [1]
Foote, Solomon [1]
Force, Peter, 1790-1868 [1]
Free Soil Courier (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Free-Soil Party [1]
Freemasonry Vermont [1]
Freemasonry--1860-1897--Vermont [1]
General stores--Vermont [1]
Governors--Biography--Vermont [1]
Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada . [1]
Green Mountain Club. [1]
Greene family [1]
Harvey family [1]
Haskell & Sells [1]
Henry, John [1]
Hight family [1]
Hiss, Alger, -1997 [1]
Historians [1]
Historians Vermont [1]
Historic buildings Vermont Burlington [1]
Historic buildings--Vermont. [1]
Historical museums Vermont [1]
Hoff, Philip H. [1]
Hopkins Family [1]
Hubbardton, Battle of, 1777 [1]
Hunting --Humor [1]
Industrialists [1]
Inquiry. [1]
Institute of Pacific Relations. [1]
Insurance--Vermont [1]
Intellectuals--Correspondence--United States [1]
Intellectuals--Vermont [1]
Inter-Allied Reparations Commission. Accountant General. [1]
Jane Addams Peace Association. [1]
Jewett, Charles C., 1816-1868 [1]
Johnson Gallery. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Journalists--Vermont [1]
Judges--Vermont [1]
Killington-Pico Ecumenical Project. (Date of work--1967-1969; ) [1]
Kunin [1]
Kunin, Madeleine May, 1933- [1]
Labor [1]
Lake Champlain Tercentenary Commission (Vt.) [1]
Lake Champlain Transportation Company. [1]
Lake Superior and Puget Sound Company [1]
Landscape painting--Vermont [1]
Landscape--Vermont [1]
Lattimore, Owen, 1900- [1]
Lawyers Vermont [1]
Lawyers Vermont Burlington [1]
Lawyers--Vermont [1]
Lawyers--Vermont--Windsor County [1]
League of Women Voters of Vermont. [1]
Legislators Vermont Burlington [1]
Legislators--United States. [1]
Lehman, Herbert Henry, 1878 [1]
Lenox, James, 1800-1880 [1]
Librarians [1]
Lyman family [1]
Lyman, Elias [1]
Lyman, Wyllys [1]
Marsh, George Perkins 1801-1882 [1]
McCarran, Patrick [1]
McCarthy, Joseph 1908-1957 [1]
Middlebury College. [1]
Middlebury Maternal Health Clinic. -- General subdivision--Birth Control League; [1]
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. -- General subdivision--Social life and customs.; [1]
Miller, Gretchen Howe [1]
Miners--Vermont [1]
Mining claims--South Dakota [1]
Morse, Wayne L. (Wayne Lyman) 1900-1974 [1]
Music [1]
Napoleon I, Emporer of the French, 1769-1821 [1]
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. [1]
National Education Association of the United States [1]
Natural History (Vt.) [1]
Nearing, Helen [1]
Nearing, Scott, 1883-1983 [1]
Negotiation [1]
Nelson family, (David Nelson, 1738-1827) [1]
New Deal, 1933-1939 [1]
New England--Rural conditions--Case studies [1]
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y.). [1]
Northern Pacific Railroad Company [1]
Norwich University. [1]
Novelists, American--20th Century [1]
Nuclear energy [1]
Nursery growers [1]
Observation (Educational method) [1]
Ohio State University [1]
Painters [1]
Pan-Pacific Relations [1]
Parkmen, Francis, 1823-1893 [1]
Peace--Societies, etc. [1]
Pearson, Drew, 1879-1969 [1]
Petroleum industry and trade--New England [1]
Phelps, Edward John 1822-1900 [1]
Political Scientists [1]
Political plays [1]
Politicians Vermont [1]
Progressive Party (1912) . [1]
Prospect Archive of Children's Work (North Bennington, Vt.) . [1]
Prospect Archives and Center for Education and Research . [1]
Prospect School (North Bennington, Vt.). [1]
Public Works of Art Project (United States). [1]
Publishers and publishing [1]
Puppet theater--Vermont [1]
Puppeteers--Vermont [1]
Quarries and quarrying--Vermont--Grafton. [1]
Railroads United States [1]
Railroads--Vermont [1]
Raymond, Dick [1]
Reformers [1]
Refrigerator industry--Vermont--Burlington [1]
Religion and social problems [1]
Religious camps--Vermont [1]
Religious education--United States--Vermont [1]
Republican Party (Vt.) [1]
Revolutionaries--Correspondence--Russia [1]
Roads--Vermont [1]
Robert Hull Fleming Museum. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Roberts, Daniel 1811-1899 [1]
Rote Armee Fraktion. [1]
Russian War Relief. [1]
Rutland Savings Bank (Rutland, Vt.) [1]
Rutland and Burlington Railroad . [1]
Rutland and Washington Railroad Company [1]
School children [1]
Schumann, Peter, b. 1934. [1]
Science--History--19th century [1]
Scientists--19 century--Vermont [1]
Seaver, Edward [1]
Sewage disposal, Rural--United States [1]
Sewage, Rural--United States [1]
Sheep--Breeding [1]
Shelburne Museum [1]
Shoemakers [1]
Slavery--Justification [1]
Smith, Edward Curtis, 1854-1935 [1]
Smith, Ernest E. [1]
Smith, G.J. [1]
Smith, John Gregory, 1818-1891 [1]
Smith, John, 1789-1858 [1]
Soapstone [1]
Socialists--Correspondence--United States [1]
Society for Educational Reconstruction. [1]
Soldiers--Biography--Vermont [1]
Soldiers--Correspondence--1845-1875--Vermont [1]
Soldiers--Diaries--1864-1865--Vermont [1]
Southern Vermont Arts Center. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Sparks, Jared, 1789-1866 [1]
Spiritualism --Vermont [1]
Spys [1]
Statesmen--United States [1]
Statesmen--Vermont [1]
Stetson, Frederick E., 1943 [1]
Stevens and Brown. [1]
Stevens, Benjamin Franklin, 1833-1902 [1]
Stevens, Henry 1819-1886 [1]
Stevens, Henry, Jr., 1819-1886 [1]
Supersonic transport planes [1]
Swift, Benjamin, 1781-1847 [1]
Tanning [1]
Teachers--19th century--Vermont [1]
Terrell Fund. (Date of work--1938-1953; ) [1]
Theater and society--Vermont [1]
Theater--Vermont--Essex [1]
Transportation--Vermont [1]
Troy Conference Academy. [1]
Tydings, Millard E. [1]
United Nations----Officials and employees, American [1]
United Nations--History [1]
United States. Army. -- History-Sources [1]
United States. Army. Vermont Infantry Regiment, 10th (1862-1865).. [1]
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964. [1]
United States. Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949) [1]
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. [1]
United States. Congress. Pensions. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Post Office and Civil Service. -- General subdivision--Pensions; [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Restatement of Republican Principles. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Food Allotment Bill.. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Republican Policy Committee.. [1]
United States. Department of the Treasury [1]
United States. Discovery and exploration. [1]
United States. Navy. [1]
United States. President's Commission on the Status of Women. [1]
United States. Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space, and under Water (1971). [1]
United World Federalists (U.S.). [1]
University of Kansas [1]
University of Nebraska--Lincoln [1]
University of Vermont --Trials, litigation, etc. [1]
University of Vermont Personal narratives [1]
University of Vermont. -- Administration [1]
University of Vermont. -- General subdivision--History; [1]
University of Vermont. -- History [1]
University of Vermont. University Libraries. Special Collections. [1]
Vermont "Little Hoover" Commission. [1]
Vermont Academy (Saxtons River, Vt.) . [1]
Vermont Antiquarian Society [1]
Vermont Bible Society. (Date of work--1812-1969; ) [1]
Vermont Bicentennial Commission [1]
Vermont Cavalry. 1st Reg., 1861-1865. [1]
Vermont Copper Company. [1]
Vermont Copper Mining Company. [1]
Vermont Council of Churches. [1]
Vermont Council of Religious Education. (Date of work--1926-1962; ) [1]
Vermont Council of United Church Women. (Date of work--1952-1957; ) [1]
Vermont Council on World Affairs. [1]
Vermont Council on the Arts . [1]
Vermont Governor's Office [1]
Vermont Progressive Republican League. [1]
Vermont Sunday School Association. [1]
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation. [1]
Vermont in art [1]
Vermont--Description and travel [1]
Vermont--Pictorial views [1]
Vermont. [1]
Vermont. Governor (Proctor : 1945-1947). [1]
Vermont. Governor (Wilson, Calef Stanely : 1931-1935). [1]
Vermont. Governor. [1]
Vermont. Governor. (Proctor : 1906-1908). [1]
Vermont. Mental Retardation Planning and Implementation Program [1]
Vermont. National Guard. [1]
Vermont. Teachers College, Castleton. [1]
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 --Literary collections [1]
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements--United States. [1]
Vietnamese conflict, 1961-1975 [1]
W.Colson Leigh, Inc.. [1]
Water supply, rural--United States [1]
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974 [1]
Wells, Joan [1]
Women in politics--Vermont. [1]
Women--United States [1]
World War, 1939-1945 [1]
World War, 1939-1945--Social aspects [1]
World War,1914-1918--Personal narratives [1]
YMCA of the USA. [1]
Yale Law School. [1]
Youth Project of Vermont. [1]
Youth Service Agency New York (N.Y.). [1]
Youth--Counseling of [1]
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865 [9]
Vermont--Politics and government [6]
Champlain, Lake [4]
Vermont Politics and government [4]
Burlington (Vt.) [3]
Rutland (Vt.) [3]
Arlington (Vt.) [2]
Bedford (Quebec)--Manufacturers [2]
Essex (Vt.) [2]
Highgate (Vt.)--Manufacturers [2]
Thetford (Vt.) [2]
United States--History--Personal narratives--Civil War, 1861-1865 [2]
United States--History--War of 1812 [2]
United States--Politics and government [2]
Vermont History [2]
Vermont--Boundaries--New Hampshire [2]
Vermont--History [2]
Alburg (Vt.) [1]
Bakersfield (Vt.) [1]
Berlin (Vt.) [1]
Bradford (Vt.) [1]
Brandon (Vt.) [1]
Bristol (Vt.) [1]
Burlington (Vt.) History [1]
Burlington (Vt.) Politics and government [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Politics and government [1]
Burlington, (Vt.) History [1]
Burlington, (Vt.) Social conditions [1]
Cambodia [1]
Cambridge (Vt.) [1]
Champlain, Lake--Navigation [1]
Chittenden County (Vt.) [1]
Corinth (Vt.) [1]
Ely (Vt.) [1]
Enosburg (Vt.) [1]
Fairlee (Vt.) [1]
Georgia (Vt.) [1]
Glover (Vt.)--Theaters [1]
Grafton (Vt.) [1]
Great Britain Description and travel [1]
Jackson (Miss.) [1]
Johnson (Vt.) [1]
Lake Champlain Waterway [1]
Long Trail (Vt.) [1]
Ludlow (Vt.)--Officials and employees [1]
Middletown (Vt.) [1]
Nashville (Tenn.) [1]
New Hampshire--Boundaries--Vermont [1]
Norton (Vt.) [1]
Norwich (Vt.) [1]
Norwich (Vt.)--Courts [1]
Orange County (Vt.) [1]
Paraguay [1]
Plainfield (Vt.)--Theaters [1]
Poultney (Vt.) [1]
Queen City Park (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Saint Lawrence Seaway [1]
Salisbury (Vt.) [1]
Shelburne (Vt.) [1]
St.Albans(Vt)--History--Raid, 1864 [1]
Topsham (Vt.) [1]
Topsham (Vt.)--Genealogy [1]
United States Exploring expeditions [1]
United States History Civil War, 1861-1865 Finance [1]
United States History Civil War, 1861-1865 Transportation [1]
United States Politics and government [1]
United States--Ambassadors--Thailand [1]
United States--Appropriations and expenditures [1]
United States--Executive departments--Management [1]
United States--Executive departments--Reorganization [1]
United States--Foreign relations [1]
United States--Officials and employees--Pensions [1]
United States--Officials and employees--Retirement [1]
Vergennes (Vt.) [1]
Vermont--Manufacturers--Burlington [1]
Vermont--Politics and government. [1]
Vietnam [1]
Whiting (Vt.) [1]
Williston (Vt.) [1]
Winooski (Vt.)--Politics and government. [1]
Woodstock (Vt.)--Officials and employees [1]
Correspondence [93]
Photographs [29]
Clippings [22]
Financial records [18]
Notes [14]
Diaries [12]
Writings [12]
Manuscripts for publication [8]
Speeches [8]
Poetry [7]
Account books [6]
Accounts [6]
Minutes [6]
Reports [6]
Manuscripts (document genre) [5]
Deeds [4]
Legal documents [4]
School records [4]
Scrapbooks [4]
Sermons [4]
Audiotapes [3]
Genealogies [3]
Ledgers (account books) [3]
Maps [3]
Memorabilia [3]
Memorandums [3]
Receipts (financial records) [3]
Reviews (document genre) [3]
Articles [2]
Church records [2]
Congressional committee reports [2]
Dockets [2]
Drafts (documents) [2]
Invoices [2]
Journals (accounts) [2]
Land surveys [2]
Lectures [2]
Letters (correspondence) [2]
Notebooks [2]
Rosters [2]
Songs (document genre) [2]
Transcripts [2]
Videotapes [2]
Amendments [1]
Announcements [1]
Architectural drawings (visual works) [1]
Autographs [1]
Bills (legislative records) [1]
Bills (legislatve records) [1]
Books [1]
Briefs (legal documents) [1]
Business records [1]
Case files [1]
Clippings Newspapers [1]
Clippings--Newspapers [1]
Exhibition catalogs [1]
Government records [1]
Interviews [1]
Judicial records [1]
Magnetic tapes [1]
Manuscripts (for publication) [1]
Manuscripts Speeches [1]
Membership lists [1]
Memoirs [1]
Motion pictures (information artifacts) [1]
Notes Travel England [1]
Pamphlets [1]
Patents [1]
Photocopies [1]
Photoprints [1]
Playbills [1]
Press releases [1]
Programs [1]
Receipts [1]
Scripts (documents) [1]
Sketches [1]
Sound recordings [1]
Statistics [1]
Surveys, land [1]
Transcripts Testimony [1]
Anisfield, Nancy
Title: Nancy Anisfield Papers
Dates:  1986-1987
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet1 box
Abstract: This collection contains the manuscript of the book Vietnam Anthology, 1987. It also contains release forms from authors and publishers and correspondence between Anisfield and authors.
Parker family
Title: Parker Family Papers
Dates:  1820-1952
Extent:  0.4 Linear feetOne box
Abstract: The Parker Family Papers consist largely of Civil War letters to and from Moses A. Parker. Parker's letters, many of which are to his fiance and eventual wife Eliza E. Hale Parker, offer considerable detail on the daily life of the Civil War soldier. The Parker Family was from Concord, Vermont.
Parker-Fleming family
Title: Parker/Fleming Family Papers
Dates:  1835-1909
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet1 carton
Abstract: The Parker/Fleming Collection deals primarily with the descendants and relations of Charles Carrol Parker (1814-?), a Congregational minister who preached in various churches in Vermont and Maine, and Elizabeth Fleming Parker (1813-1979), his wife. The letters span the time period of 1835-1909, with the bulk of the collection lying between 1863-1879.
Queen City Park Association.
Title: Queen City Park Association Records
Dates:  1881-1950
Extent:  0.4 Linear feetOne box
Abstract: The Queen City Park Association was formed in 1881 under the name of "The Forest City Park Association" (see Articles of Association in Minutes book). The stated purpose of the association was to maintain a private park at Burlington to be used for spiritualist camp meetings, picnic parties, and as a summer resort. The collection contains business records of the Association, 1881-1950.
Upson, William Hazlett, 1891-
Title: William Hazlett Upson Papers
Dates:  1913-1987
Extent:  28.42 Linear feet21 cartons, 2 boxes, 1 oversized box
Abstract: William Hazlett Upson was an author. Collection includes correspondence, literary manuscripts, drafts, notes, lectures, outlines, articles, poems, plays, scripts, fan mail, tapes, photos, and miscellaneous material, relating to Upson’s published and unpublished writings on Army life in World War I, his fictional character, Alexander Botts, tractor salesman, and on Vermont, arrangements with his New York Agents, Brandt & Brandt, his lecture agents, W. Colston Leigh, inc., and his presidency of the Middlebury Maternal Health Clinic, affiliated with the Birth Control League.
Parker, Charles E., 1839-1924
Title: Charles E. Parker Papers
Dates:  1810-1943
Extent:  10.0 Linear feetFive cartons, three boxes, two oversized folders
Abstract: Charles Edmund Parker (1839-1923) was a prominent businessman of Vergennes, Vermont, Civil War veteran, and politician. The collection covers 1810-1943 and includes family and civil war era correspondence, militia records, business records, and photographs.
Wells, Arthur C., 1876-1970
Title: Arthur C. Wells Papers
Dates:  1876-1970
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Arthur C. Wells was a farmer in Cambridge, Vermont and city official of Bakersfield, Vermont. Collection includes chiefly family correspondence, together with accounts books, receipts and minutes of meetings (1860-70) of the Society of Masons, Barnes lodge, Eagle Lodge dues book (1880-97), statistical record (1905-17) relating to the Vermont Sunday School Association, and photos.
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Vermont Commandery.
Title: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Vermont Commandery Papers
Dates:  1860-1951
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet5 ft.
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, drafts of speeches, records and record books, printed material, newspaper clippings, photos, and memorabilia largely relating to social events and historical celebrations sponsored by the commandery or other similar groups, including the Lake Champalin Tercentennial Celebration of 1909. Includes materials from other chapters of the order.
Garden Way Publishing Company (Charlotte, Vt.).
Title: Garden Way Publishing Company Records
Dates:  1970-1981
Extent:  28.0 Linear feet28 cartons, 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Garden Way Publishing existed primarily as a mail-order publishing house specializing in books on self-sufficiency and natural alternatives.Collection includes correspondence, typescripts, galleys, production notes, production mechanicals, reviews, art work, and photos, relating to titles published by the company; together with material relating to accounting, title selection, production, sales, and marketing, Gardens for All, and the Garden Way Living Center, Burlington, Vt.; and correspondence between employees of Garden Way Publishing Company, Garden Way Manufacturing, and Garden Way Associates, the parent company.
Washburn, Peter Thacher, 1814-1870
Title: Peter Thatcher Washburn Papers
Dates:  1836-1858
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: Peter Thatcher Washburn was a Vermont Governor and Lawyer in Ludlow and Woodstock, Vermont. Collection includes letters books (2v.) of family correspondence (1839-58), letter books (2 v.) of business and legal correspondence (149-53), and manuscript records and transcriptions (1v.) of Vermont county court cases (1836-52).
Spargo, John,, 1876-1966
Title: John Spargo Papers
Dates:  1750-1966
Extent:  18.34 Linear feet5 cartons, 23 boxes, 18 volumes
Abstract: John Spargo was a historian and reformer.The founder of the Bennington Museum, president of the Bennington Battle Monument and the Vermont Hsitorical Society. Collection includes correspondence, notes, writings, newspaper clippings, and other papers, relating to Spargo's activities as a Socialists (1901-16), and subsequently as political analyst, historian, and anti-communist; together with letters, deeds, court records, government documents, and other autograph and ms. material relating to Vermont collected by him.
Lipke, William C.
Title: Vermont Landscape Images Papers
Dates:  1880-1976
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet3 cartons, 5 boxes
Meyer, William Henry, 1914-
Title: William H. Meyer Papers
Dates:  1958-1965
Extent:  34.0 Linear feet34 cartons
Abstract: Meyer served as U.S. Representative from Vermont, [1958-1965]. Collection includes correspondence, notes, reports, statements. printed matter, newspaper clippings, and other material, on such topics as agriculture, conservation, civil liberties ,and nuclear disarmament. Bulk of the collection is made up of congressional papers with materials on legislation, committee work, public opinion polls conducted by Meyer in Vermont, and the plan for peace which Meyer worked in as a member of Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Wriston, Hildreth Tyler, 1899-1969
Title: Hildreth Tyler Wriston Papers
Dates:  1899-1969
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Wriston wrote books for children. Collection includes correspondence, drafts of books and articles, printed material, and newspaper clippings.
Wilson, Stanley Calef, 1879-1967
Title: Stanley Calef Wilson Papers
Dates:  1879-1962
Extent:  3.0 Linear feet7 document boxes
Abstract: Stanley Calef Wilson was a lawyer in Vermont and Governor, 1931-1935. Collection includes correspondence, diary (1918), speeches, school essays, desk calendars, campaign material, printed matter, and newspaper clippings. Includes folders on the Vermont Copper Company (1942-57), of which Wilson was secretary, and the Vermont "Little Hoover" Commission to study state Government (1957), and material on banking, farming, insurance, politics, religion, and road building.
Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society.
Title: Vermont Ecumenical Council Records
Dates:  1812-1972
Extent:  19.0 Linear feet19 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, and financial and other records, of the council, known originally as Vermont Council of Churches; and records of Vermont Bible Society (1812-1969), Vermont Sunday School Association (1863-1931), and Vermont Council of Religious Education (1926-62).
Rixford Axe Company.
Title: Rixford Axe Company Records
Dates:  1804-1951
Extent:  26.0 Linear feet22 cartons which includes 98 volumes
Abstract: The Rixford Axe Company was established in East Highgate, Vermont, by Luther Rixford; closed 1950s. Collection includes chiefly business correspondance,(19 letter books, 55 journals, 5 ledgers, 3 cashbooks, and 7 miscellaneous vols.) together with miscellaneous personal and business papers including legal papers, deeds, bank statements, and family photos of Luther Rixford, Oscar H. Rixford and his wife Elizabeth (Leach) Rixford, and Susan K. Rixford and Mary E. (Rixford) Knight, daughters of Oscar S. Rixford.
Greene, Frank Lester, 1870-1930
Title: Frank Lester Greene Papers
Dates:  1788-1968
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet8 boxes, 11 vols.
Abstract: Frank Lester Greene served in the US House of Representatives from Vermont, 1912-1923. Prior to his tenure in the US House he had been active in Republican clubs and activities in the state and served with the Vermont National Guard in the Spanish-American War. The collection of papers primarily includes family documents, photographs, military papers, speeches, articles, correspondence, campaign material and family memorabilia.
Yale, John, b. 1841
Title: John Yale Papers
Dates:  1862-1920
Extent:  0.209 Linear feet1 2.5-inch document box
Abstract: Collection includes primarily military service papers including Yales’ enlistment and discharge papers, company muster rolls of men under his command, reports, and postwar claims for pensions and back pay; together with a small amount of correspondence and personal material (1863-93).
Vermont Farm Bureau.
Title: Vermont Farm Bureau Papers
Dates:  1895-1968
Extent:  10.0 Linear feet8 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and printed matter, relating to farming in Vermont and the U.S., chiefly 1919-30.
Berster, Kristina
Title:  Kristina Berster Papers
Dates:   197-1979
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet1 Carton
Abstract:  The Kristina Berster Collection consists of one box, which contains case records and proceedings, correspondence and mailings produced by the Kristina Berster Defense Committee, articles on case related topics, news clippings, photographs, a sketchbook, and a few letters by Kristina Berster.
Vermont in Mississippi, Inc..
Title: Vermont in Mississippi Collection
Dates:  1965-1967
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract:  Vermont in Mississippi, Inc. (VIM), a civil rights movement project, was organized in June 1965, under the auspices of the Vermont Civil Rights Union. The collection is comprised of correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed materials, business and financial records, progress reports, photos, and audio tapes.
Tomasi, Mari, 1907-1965
Title: Mari Tomasi Papers
Dates:  1940-1963
Extent:  1 box
Abstract:  The Mari Tomasi Papers contain drafts of two or her novels, Deep Grow the Roots and Like Lesser Gods, some records of the Poetry Society of Vermont, and several later articles and short stories, including "The Italian Story in Vermont" and "Happy Gifts to the Little King."
Soule, Harris W.
Title: Harris W. Soule Papers
Dates:  1953-1973
Extent:  1carton
Abstract:  The Harris W. Soule Papers are made up almost entirely of materials relating to his book, Northwoods Tales and Unusual Recipes. Included are manuscripts, typescripts and printer's galleys of the work, as well as correspondence with publishers, prospective buyers and reviewers.
Sherwood, Winfield T.
Title: Winfield T. Sherwood Collection
Dates:  late-1926
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The Winfield T. Sherwood collection contains the correspondence of W.T. Sherwood with two editors, and either the manuscripts or typescripts, or both, for thirty-eight short stories and novelettes.