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Bakersfield (Vt.). Free Public Library. [1]
Baldwin Manufacturing Company. [1]
Bible--Publication and distribution--Societies,etc. [1]
Buck Lake Christian Camp. (Date of work--1951-1953; ) [1]
Child development [1]
Children's art [1]
Churches--Vermont--Bakersfield [1]
Churches--Vermont--Georgia [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). Christian Endeavor. [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). Congregational Aid Society. [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). Ladies' Auxiliary. [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). Ladies' Congregational Aid Society. [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). Parsonage Association. [1]
Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). Young Ladies' Auxiliary. [1]
Congregationalists--Statistics--Vermont--Bakersfield [1]
Department of Camps and Conferences. (Date of work--1952-1967; ) [1]
Eagle Lodge. -- Chronological subdivision--1880-1897; [1]
Education -- Philosophy [1]
Farmers--Vermont [1]
First Congregational Church (Bakersfield, Vt.). [1]
Freemasonry--1860-1897--Vermont [1]
Industrialists [1]
Killington-Pico Ecumenical Project. (Date of work--1967-1969; ) [1]
Lyman, Elias [1]
New England--Rural conditions--Case studies [1]
Observation (Educational method) [1]
Prospect Archive of Children's Work (North Bennington, Vt.) . [1]
Prospect Archives and Center for Education and Research . [1]
Prospect School (North Bennington, Vt.). [1]
Refrigerator industry--Vermont--Burlington [1]
Religion and social problems [1]
Religion--Vermont [1]
Religious camps--Vermont [1]
Religious education--United States--Vermont [1]
School boards--Vermont [1]
School children [1]
Small pox--Vermont--Burlington [1]
Smith, Ernest E. [1]
Smith, G.J. [1]
Spiritualism --Vermont [1]
Terrell Fund. (Date of work--1938-1953; ) [1]
Vermont Bible Society. (Date of work--1812-1969; ) [1]
Vermont Council of Churches. [1]
Vermont Council of Religious Education. (Date of work--1926-1962; ) [1]
Vermont Council of United Church Women. (Date of work--1952-1957; ) [1]
Vermont Sunday School Association. [1]
Women in charitable work--Vermont--Bakersfield [1]
Bakersfield (Vt.) [1]
Bakersfield (Vt.)--Churches [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Cemeteries [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Courts [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Elections [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Finance, public [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Fire departments [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Health boards [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Land titles [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Libraries [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Liquor laws [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Police [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Politics and government [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Poor [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Public health [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Public works [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Schools [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Statistics, vital [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Streets--Maintenance and repair [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Taxation [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Water supply [1]
Cambridge (Vt.) [1]
Georgia (Vt.) [1]
Queen City Park (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Vermont--Manufacturers--Burlington [1]
Minutes [8]
Correspondence [6]
Accounts [3]
Financial records [2]
Photographs [2]
Account books [1]
Announcements [1]
Attendance Records [1]
Church records [1]
Constitutions [1]
Deeds [1]
Membership lists [1]
Receipts (financial records) [1]
Reports [1]
Rosters [1]
School records [1]
Scrapbooks [1]
Statutes [1]
Videotapes [1]
Queen City Park Association.
Title: Queen City Park Association Records
Dates:  1881-1950
Extent:  0.4 Linear feetOne box
Abstract: The Queen City Park Association was formed in 1881 under the name of "The Forest City Park Association" (see Articles of Association in Minutes book). The stated purpose of the association was to maintain a private park at Burlington to be used for spiritualist camp meetings, picnic parties, and as a summer resort. The collection contains business records of the Association, 1881-1950.
Wells, Arthur C., 1876-1970
Title: Arthur C. Wells Papers
Dates:  1876-1970
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Arthur C. Wells was a farmer in Cambridge, Vermont and city official of Bakersfield, Vermont. Collection includes chiefly family correspondence, together with accounts books, receipts and minutes of meetings (1860-70) of the Society of Masons, Barnes lodge, Eagle Lodge dues book (1880-97), statistical record (1905-17) relating to the Vermont Sunday School Association, and photos.
Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society.
Title: Vermont Ecumenical Council Records
Dates:  1812-1972
Extent:  19.0 Linear feet19 cartons
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, and financial and other records, of the council, known originally as Vermont Council of Churches; and records of Vermont Bible Society (1812-1969), Vermont Sunday School Association (1863-1931), and Vermont Council of Religious Education (1926-62).
Congregational Church. (Georgia, Vt.)
Title: Georgia Congregational Church Collection
Dates:  1803-1940
Extent:  1 box
Abstract:  The Georgia Vermont Congregational Church Papers, 1803-1940, contain correspondence, letters of admonition and excommunication, subscription and membership lists, minutes of meetings, deeds, and other documents relating to the church.
Burlington, Vermont
Title: Burlington, Vermont Town/City Records
Dates:  1800-1900
Extent:  14 Cartons
Abstract: The collection is a varied mixture of local records, not a full archive of town/city government to 1900.
Bakersfield, Vermont
Title: Bakersfield, Vermont Town Records
Dates:  1850-1947
Extent:  1 carton, 15 volumes
Abstract: This collection consists of two parts: the recorded activity of the Bakersfield Congregational Church and its various membership organizations, and coverage of other Bakersfield community organizations.
Baldwin Refrigerator Company
Title: Baldwin Refrigerator Company Papers
Dates:  1889-1938
Extent:  1 box, 6 volumes
Abstract: The Baldwin Refrigerator Company was a concern for the manufacture of wooden refrigerators. The collection contains financial records, minutes of company meetings, correspondence with stockholders and some general correspondence.
Prospect Archives and Center for Education and Research .
Title: Prospect School and Center for Research and Education Archives
Dates:   196-1991
Extent:  284.0 Linear feet
Abstract: The Prospect School and Center for Education and Research Archives contains the archives of the Prospect School (1965-1991) and the Prospect Archive and Center for Education and Research (1979-2010). The largest portion of the collection is comprised of the Prospect Archive of Children’s Work, which consists of visual and written work produced by more than sixty children who attended Prospect School. The collection also includes records and publications documenting Prospect’s administration, curriculum, adult educational programs, and consulting projects. The approximately 284 linear feet of materials in the collection encompasses manuscripts, artwork, photographs, and films dating between 1964 and 2011.