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Authors, American [2]
Vermont Historical Society. [2]
Abbott, Collamer M., b. 1919 [1]
Agriculture--Handbooks, manuals, etc. [1]
Anti-communist movements--United States [1]
Antiques United States [1]
Antiques United States Catalogs [1]
Armenian Russian Institute. [1]
Art and state--Vermont [1]
Atkinson, Brooks, 1894 [1]
Authors [1]
Authors and publishers [1]
Baird, Spencer Fullerton 1823-1887 [1]
Bennington Battle Monument and Historical Association. [1]
Bennington Museum and Historical Art Gallery. [1]
Bennington Museum. [1]
Book collecting [1]
Book collectors Vermont [1]
Brandt & Brandt. [1]
Brattleboro Retreat. [1]
Buck, Pearl, 1892-1973 [1]
Burlington Courier (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Canfield, Flavia Camp, b. 1844 [1]
Canfield, James Hulme 1830-1909 [1]
Carlisle, Lilian Baker. [1]
Carter, Edward C. (Edward Clark), 1878-1954. [1]
Castle, Abel [1]
Castle, Marshall 1799-1875 [1]
Chittenden, L. E. (Lucius Eugene), 1824-1900. [1]
Columbia University [1]
Commercial Bank (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Copper industry and trade--Vermont [1]
Copper mines and mining--United States [1]
Copper mines and mining--Vermont [1]
Country life--Handbooks, manuals, etc. [1]
Craig, James Henry, Sir, 1748-1812 [1]
Domestic relations--1940-1946--Vermont [1]
Educators--Vermont [1]
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Vermont. [1]
Espionage [1]
Federal Art Project. [1]
Fessenden, William Pitt 1806-1869 [1]
Field, Frederick Vanderbilt, 1905- [1]
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958 [1]
Flood control [1]
Foote, Solomon [1]
Free Soil Courier (Burlington, Vt.) [1]
Free-Soil Party [1]
Governors--Vermont [1]
Henry, John [1]
Hiss, Alger, -1997 [1]
Historians [1]
Historic buildings Vermont Burlington [1]
Historical museums Vermont [1]
Hopkins family [1]
Inquiry. [1]
Institute of Pacific Relations. [1]
Intellectuals--Correspondence--United States [1]
Intellectuals--Vermont [1]
Johnson Gallery. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Journalists--Vermont [1]
Landscape painting--Vermont [1]
Lattimore, Owen, 1900- [1]
Lawyers [1]
Lawyers--Vermont [1]
Legislators Vermont Burlington [1]
Legislators--Vermont [1]
Lehman, Herbert Henry, 1878 [1]
Lyman, Wyllys [1]
Marsh, George Perkins 1801-1882 [1]
McCarran, Patrick [1]
McCarthy, Joseph 1908-1957 [1]
Middlebury Maternal Health Clinic. -- General subdivision--Birth Control League; [1]
Miners--Vermont [1]
Morse, Wayne L. (Wayne Lyman) 1900-1974 [1]
National Education Association of the United States [1]
Nearing, Helen [1]
Nearing, Scott, 1883-1983 [1]
New Deal, 1933-1939 [1]
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y.). [1]
Ohio State University [1]
Painters [1]
Pan-Pacific Relations [1]
Pearson, Drew, 1879-1969 [1]
Phelps, Edward John 1822-1900 [1]
Political Scientists [1]
Political campaigns--1944--United States [1]
Presidents--Elections--1944--United States [1]
Public Works of Art Project (United States). [1]
Publishers and publishing [1]
Raymond, Dick [1]
Reformers [1]
Religion--Vermont [1]
Republican Party (Vt.) [1]
Revolutionaries--Correspondence--Russia [1]
Robert Hull Fleming Museum. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Roberts, Daniel 1811-1899 [1]
Russian War Relief. [1]
Shelburne Museum [1]
Social reform--Political aspects [1]
Socialists--Correspondence--United States [1]
Southern Vermont Arts Center. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Spys [1]
Statesmen--United States [1]
Statesmen--Vermont [1]
Stetson, Frederick E., 1943 [1]
Stevens, Henry 1819-1886 [1]
Theology [1]
Tydings, Millard E. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. [1]
United States. Department of the Treasury [1]
University of Kansas [1]
University of Nebraska--Lincoln [1]
Vermont Bicentennial Commission [1]
Vermont Copper Mining Company. [1]
Vermont in art [1]
Vermont--Description and travel [1]
Vermont--Pictorial views [1]
Vermont. [1]
Vermont. Governor (Proctor : 1945-1947). [1]
Vermont. Mental Retardation Planning and Implementation Program [1]
Vermont. Teachers College, Castleton. [1]
W.Colson Leigh, Inc.. [1]
Wells, Joan [1]
Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946 [1]
World War, 1939-1945 [1]
World War, 1939-1945--Social aspects [1]
World War, 1939-1945--Vermont [1]
World War,1914-1918--Personal narratives [1]
YMCA of the USA. [1]
Vermont Politics and government [3]
Corinth (Vt.) [2]
Vermont--Politics and government [2]
Arlington (Vt.) [1]
Bradford (Vt.) [1]
Burlington (Vt.) [1]
Burlington, (Vt.) History [1]
Burlington, (Vt.) Social conditions [1]
Chittenden County (Vt.) [1]
Ely (Vt.) [1]
Essex (Vt.) [1]
Fairlee (Vt.) [1]
Great Britain Description and travel [1]
New Hampshire--Boundaries--Vermont [1]
Orange County (Vt.) [1]
Thetford (Vt.) [1]
United States History Civil War, 1861-1865 Finance [1]
United States Politics and government [1]
United States--History--War of 1812 [1]
United States--Politics and government [1]
Vermont History [1]
Vermont--Boundaries--New Hampshire [1]
Williston (Vt.) [1]
Winooski (Vt.)--Politics and government. [1]
Notes [17]
Correspondence [14]
Photographs [8]
Clippings [6]
Manuscripts for publication [4]
Accounts [3]
Writings [3]
Diaries [2]
Notebooks [2]
Reports [2]
School records [2]
Scrapbooks [2]
Speeches [2]
Briefs (legal documents) [1]
Clippings Newspapers [1]
Clippings--Newspapers [1]
Dockets [1]
Exhibition catalogs [1]
Financial records [1]
Interviews [1]
Invoices [1]
Letters (correspondence) [1]
Magnetic tapes [1]
Maps [1]
Memorandums [1]
Notes Travel England [1]
Receipts [1]
Reviews (document genre) [1]
Sermons [1]
Sketches [1]
Surveys, land [1]
Transcripts Testimony [1]
Upson, William Hazlett, 1891-
Title: William Hazlett Upson Papers
Dates:  1913-1987
Extent:  28.42 Linear feet21 cartons, 2 boxes, 1 oversized box
Abstract: William Hazlett Upson was an author. Collection includes correspondence, literary manuscripts, drafts, notes, lectures, outlines, articles, poems, plays, scripts, fan mail, tapes, photos, and miscellaneous material, relating to Upson’s published and unpublished writings on Army life in World War I, his fictional character, Alexander Botts, tractor salesman, and on Vermont, arrangements with his New York Agents, Brandt & Brandt, his lecture agents, W. Colston Leigh, inc., and his presidency of the Middlebury Maternal Health Clinic, affiliated with the Birth Control League.
Garden Way Publishing Company (Charlotte, Vt.).
Title: Garden Way Publishing Company Records
Dates:  1970-1981
Extent:  28.0 Linear feet28 cartons, 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Garden Way Publishing existed primarily as a mail-order publishing house specializing in books on self-sufficiency and natural alternatives.Collection includes correspondence, typescripts, galleys, production notes, production mechanicals, reviews, art work, and photos, relating to titles published by the company; together with material relating to accounting, title selection, production, sales, and marketing, Gardens for All, and the Garden Way Living Center, Burlington, Vt.; and correspondence between employees of Garden Way Publishing Company, Garden Way Manufacturing, and Garden Way Associates, the parent company.
Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946
Title: William H. Wills Papers
Dates:  1941-1946
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: William H. Wills was the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont between 1937 and 1941, then Governor between 1941-1945. Collection includes primarily notes for text of Wills’ speeches while Governor, together with a few letters, scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Wills’ support for Wendell Wilkie in the 1944 Presidential campaign, notebook of materials of Vermont state war committees (1942-44), family photos, and other papers. Speeches relate to World War II as well as Vermont’s domestic issues in early 1940’s.
Spargo, John,, 1876-1966
Title: John Spargo Papers
Dates:  1750-1966
Extent:  18.34 Linear feet5 cartons, 23 boxes, 18 volumes
Abstract: John Spargo was a historian and reformer.The founder of the Bennington Museum, president of the Bennington Battle Monument and the Vermont Hsitorical Society. Collection includes correspondence, notes, writings, newspaper clippings, and other papers, relating to Spargo's activities as a Socialists (1901-16), and subsequently as political analyst, historian, and anti-communist; together with letters, deeds, court records, government documents, and other autograph and ms. material relating to Vermont collected by him.
Lipke, William C.
Title: Vermont Landscape Images Papers
Dates:  1880-1976
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet3 cartons, 5 boxes
Hopkins, John Henry, 1792-1868
Title: John H. Hopkins Papers
Dates:  1825-1925
Extent:  One Carton
Abstract:  Artist, lawyer, ironmonger, muscian, architect, theologian and first Episcopal Bishop of Vermont, John Henry Hopkins was born in Dublin, Ireland on January 22, 1792. The John H. Hopkins Family Papers consist largely of miscellaneous manuscripts of Bishop Hopkins and his great-granddaughter, Edith Hopkins.
Custer, Bernadine
Title: Bernadine Custer Papers
Extent:  Five Boxes
Abstract:  The Bernadine Custer collection is notable as a record of the career of an artist during the New Deal era and beyond, and as a compendium of the life of a remarkably independent and intellectually energetic woman of the twentieth century.
Jackman, Marguerite Murphy.
Title: Jackman/Corinth Papers
Extent:  3 cartons, 1 box
Abstract:  The collection includes a few folders of Jackman family material, but the majority of the papers relate to Mrs. Jackman's work on the history of Corinth, Vermont.
Chittenden, L. E. (Lucius Eugene), 1824-1900.
Title: Lucius E. Chittenden Papers
Extent:  10 boxes, 11 volumes, one reel microfilm
Abstract:  The Lucius E. Chittenden papers include correspondence, letter books, account books, court dockets, transcriptions of testimony, lists of books, notebooks recording a trip to England (1871) which includes impression of bookseller Henry Stevens and various libraries, notes on rare books, notes on formation of the Republican Party in 1848, translations by Chittenden of descriptions of early French explorations of North America.
Castle, Marshall, 1799-1875
Title: Marshall Castle Papers
Extent:  1 box
Abstract:  Marshall Castle (1799-1875) represented the town of Essex in the General Assembly, and held other important offices of trust. The Marshall Castle papers include correspondence with family and townspeople, bills, receipts, notes, documents, land surveys, accounts and other papers. The collection contains materials from Marshall's father, Abel Castle, in addition to Marshall's papers.
Carlisle, Lilian Baker.
Title: Lilian Baker Carlisle Collection
Extent:  21 cartons
Abstract:  Lilian Baker Carlisle (1912- ) was born in Meridian, Mississippi, and has been an active contributor to Vermont's cultural political science as a state representative, lecturer and author. This collection consists of correspondence, papers and scrapbooks covering a broad range of topics, including material on the state bicentennial, Burlington area health services and Chittenden County historical interests.
Canfield, James Hulme, 1830-1909
Title: James Hulme Canfield Papers
Dates:  1830-1909
Extent:  7 boxes
Abstract:  The James Hulme Canfield collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, notebooks from his professorship at the University of Kansas and family memorabilia. Of particular interest are letters from his daughter, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, and his wife, Flavia Camp Canfield, during trips to the family home in Vermont, and during two extended European trips.
Abbott, Collamer M., b. 1919
Title: Collamer Abbott Collection
Dates:  1790-1976
Extent:  11 cartons, 8 boxes
Abstract: The Abbott Collection is composed of papers, maps, and photographs on mining and minerals, particularly in Vermont and the Eastern United States.
Adelson, Richard
Title: Richard Adelson Papers
Dates:  1808-1983
Extent:  1 box
Abstract: Research notes and photocopies of correspondence from manuscript collections dealing with the John Henry affair (1812), an intrigue with the Governor-General of Lower Canada (Quebec), Sir James Craig.
Bailey, Henry A., (Henry Albon), 1893-1961.
Title: Henry A. Bailey Collection
Dates:  1909-1963
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, essays by Bailey, legal briefs and notes, newspaper clippings, and a large body of title abstracts.
Proctor, Mortimer Robinson, 1889-1968
Title: Mortimer R. Proctor Papers
Dates:  1945-1946
Extent:  7.5 Linear feet6 cartons
Abstract: Proctor was a businessman who also served as state legislator and Governor of Vermont. Collection includes correspondence, notes, reports, newspapers clippings, printed matter, and other official papers from Proctor's governorships. Includes material relating to Brattleboro Retreat, flood control, Vermont-New Hampshire border dispute, and World War II domestic programs. Correspondents include U.S. Senators George D. Aiken, Warren R. Austin, Ralph E. Flanders, and U.S. Represenative Charles A. Plumley.
Carter, Edward C. (Edward Clark), 1878-1954.
Title: Edward C. Carter Collection
Dates:  1916-1993
Extent:  13.7 Linear feet10 cartons, 1 document box, 1 oversize folder.
Abstract: The Edward C. Carter Collection contains correspondence, reports and memoranda, notes, typed and printed material, newspaper clippings, articles by Carter and other published material relating to the many concerns and organizations he participated in.