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Family--History [4]
Landscape photography [3]
Poets, American--20th century [3]
University of Vermont. [3]
Architectural photography [2]
Civil rights movement--United States [2]
Covered Bridges -- Vermont [2]
Education -- Philosophy [2]
Hinds, O.L. [2]
Hinds, Oscar A. [2]
Hinds, Oscar T. [2]
Photographs--Vermont [2]
Rixford family [2]
Rixford, Oscar Stephen, 1828-1911 [2]
Tools--Manufacturers--Vermont [2]
Abbott, Collamer M., b. 1919 [1]
Aero Club of Vermont. [1]
Agricultural credit--United States [1]
Agriculture--Handbooks, manuals, etc. [1]
Ambassadors [1]
American Engineering Council. [1]
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. [1]
Antimissle missles [1]
Architecture --Details. [1]
Architecture, Domestic --Vermont. [1]
Architecture--Vermont [1]
Arms control [1]
Art and state--Vermont [1]
Asylum, Right of [1]
Authors [1]
Authors and publishers [1]
Authors, American [1]
Ballistic missle defenses [1]
Barrett, Caroline (Sanford), d. 1926. [1]
Barrett, Charles S., b.1860 [1]
Barrett, Charles, 1830-1892. [1]
Barrett, John, 1866-1938. [1]
Bill family [1]
Brainerd, Heloise, 1881-1969. [1]
Brandt & Brandt. [1]
Buildings --Repair and reconstruction [1]
Burlington (Vt.). Dept. of Streets. [1]
Burlington International Airport. [1]
Child development [1]
Children's art [1]
Civil rights [1]
Civil rights--United States [1]
Civil service--United States [1]
Clergymen--Congregationalists [1]
Clouds--Pictorial works [1]
Construction projects [1]
Construction workers [1]
Cookery, American--New England style [1]
Coolidge, John, 1906- [1]
Copper industry and trade--Vermont [1]
Copper mines and mining--United States [1]
Copper mines and mining--Vermont [1]
Country life--Handbooks, manuals, etc. [1]
Dake, Thomas Reynolds, 1785-1852. [1]
Dance [1]
Diplomats [1]
Domestic relations--1940-1946--Vermont [1]
Eagle Lodge. -- Chronological subdivision--1880-1897; [1]
Educators -- United States -- Biography. [1]
Elections--1920--Vermont [1]
Emigration and immigration. [1]
Emmigration and Immigration--Vermont [1]
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Vermont. [1]
Family-owned business enterprises--Vermont [1]
Farm law--United States [1]
Farmers--Vermont [1]
Federal Art Project. [1]
Firearms [1]
Fishing --Humor [1]
Flood control [1]
Food relief [1]
Freemasonry--1860-1897--Vermont [1]
General stores--Vermont [1]
Goddard College. [1]
Governors--Vermont [1]
Green Mountain Club. [1]
Greene family [1]
Harvey family [1]
Hight family [1]
Historic buildings--Vermont. [1]
Hopkins family [1]
Hunting --Humor [1]
Jane Addams Peace Association. [1]
Johnson Gallery. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Jones and Lamson Machine Company. [1]
Journalists--Vermont [1]
Lake Champlain Transportation Company. [1]
Landscape painting--Vermont [1]
Lawyers [1]
Legislators--United States [1]
Legislators--United States. [1]
Legislators--Vermont [1]
Machine tool industry--France [1]
Machine tool industry--Germany [1]
Machine tool industry--Great Britain [1]
Machine tool industry--United States [1]
Mead, Larkin G., (Larkin Goldsmith), 1835-1910 [1]
Medicine [1]
Middlebury Maternal Health Clinic. -- General subdivision--Birth Control League; [1]
Miners--Vermont [1]
Napoleon I, Emporer of the French, 1769-1821 [1]
Nearing, Helen [1]
Nearing, Scott, 1883-1983 [1]
Negotiation [1]
Nelson family, (David Nelson, 1738-1827) [1]
New Deal, 1933-1939 [1]
Nuclear disarmament [1]
Nuclear energy [1]
Nursery growers [1]
Observation (Educational method) [1]
Painters [1]
Petroleum industry and trade--New England [1]
Photographers--Vermont--Jericho [1]
Political campaigns--1944--United States [1]
Political plays [1]
Politicians [1]
Presidents--Elections--1944--United States [1]
Prospect Archive of Children's Work (North Bennington, Vt.) . [1]
Prospect Archives and Center for Education and Research . [1]
Prospect School (North Bennington, Vt.). [1]
Public Works of Art Project (United States). [1]
Publishers and publishing [1]
Puppet theater--Vermont [1]
Puppeteers--Vermont [1]
Raymond, Dick [1]
Religion--Vermont [1]
Republican Party (Vt.). [1]
Robert Hull Fleming Museum. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Rote Armee Fraktion. [1]
Rutland and Burlington Railroad . [1]
School children [1]
Schumann, Peter, b. 1934. [1]
Seaver, Edward [1]
Sewage disposal, Rural--United States [1]
Sewage, Rural--United States [1]
Snowflakes--Pictorial works [1]
Society for Educational Reconstruction. [1]
Southern Vermont Arts Center. -- Geographic subdivision--Vermont; [1]
Steamboats--Champlain, Lake [1]
Stetson, Frederick E., 1943 [1]
Supersonic transport planes [1]
Theater and society--Vermont [1]
Theology [1]
Transportation--Vermont [1]
United Nations----Officials and employees, American [1]
United Nations--History [1]
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964. [1]
United States. Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949) [1]
United States. Congress. Pensions. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Post Office and Civil Service. -- General subdivision--Pensions; [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Restatement of Republican Principles. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Food Allotment Bill.. [1]
United States. Congress. Senate. Republican Policy Committee.. [1]
United States. Naval Consulting Board. [1]
United States. President's Commission on the Status of Women. [1]
United States. Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space, and under Water (1971). [1]
University of Vermont --Trials, litigation, etc. [1]
Vermont Copper Mining Company. [1]
Vermont Historical Society. [1]
Vermont Sunday School Association. [1]
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation. [1]
Vermont in art [1]
Vermont--Description and travel [1]
Vermont--Pictorial views [1]
Vermont. National Guard. [1]
Vermont. Teachers College, Castleton. [1]
W.Colson Leigh, Inc.. [1]
Water supply, rural--United States [1]
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974 [1]
Wells, Joan [1]
Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946 [1]
Women--United States [1]
World War, 1939-1945--Vermont [1]
World War,1914-1918--Personal narratives [1]
Burlington (Vt.) [4]
Champlain, Lake [4]
Vermont--Politics and government [3]
Bedford (Quebec)--Manufacturers [2]
Corinth (Vt.) [2]
Highgate (Vt.)--Manufacturers [2]
Thetford (Vt.) [2]
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865 [2]
Alburg (Vt.) [1]
Bakersfield (Vt.) [1]
Bradford (Vt.) [1]
Burlington (Vt.)--Schools [1]
Cambodia [1]
Cambridge (Vt.) [1]
Champlain, Lake--Navigation [1]
Ely (Vt.) [1]
Fairlee (Vt.) [1]
Glover (Vt.)--Theaters [1]
Grafton (Vt.) [1]
Jackson (Miss.) [1]
Jericho (Vt.)--Photographers [1]
Lake Champlain Waterway [1]
Long Trail (Vt.) [1]
Newport (Vt.) [1]
Norwich (Vt.) [1]
Orange County (Vt.) [1]
Plainfield (Vt.)--Theaters [1]
Rutland (Vt.) [1]
Saint Lawrence Seaway [1]
Topsham (Vt.) [1]
Topsham (Vt.)--Genealogy [1]
United States--Ambassadors--Thailand [1]
United States--Appropriations and expenditures [1]
United States--Executive departments--Management [1]
United States--Executive departments--Reorganization [1]
United States--Foreign relations [1]
United States--Officials and employees--Pensions [1]
United States--Officials and employees--Retirement [1]
United States--Politics and government [1]
Vergennes (Vt.) [1]
Vermont--Boundaries--New Hampshire [1]
Vermont--Politics and government. [1]
Vietnam [1]
Photographs [46]
Correspondence [29]
Clippings [12]
Financial records [9]
Diaries [8]
Notes [8]
Writings [7]
Manuscripts for publication [6]
Account books [4]
Manuscripts (document genre) [4]
Poetry [4]
School records [4]
Letters (correspondence) [3]
Portraits [3]
Scrapbooks [3]
Articles [2]
Audiotapes [2]
Deeds [2]
Journals (accounts) [2]
Ledgers (account books) [2]
Maps [2]
Minutes [2]
Notebooks [2]
Receipts (financial records) [2]
Reviews (document genre) [2]
Speeches [2]
Accounts [1]
Amendments [1]
Architectural drawings (visual works) [1]
Bills (legislative records) [1]
Bills (legislatve records) [1]
Congressional committee reports [1]
Drafts (documents) [1]
Exhibition catalogs [1]
Genealogies [1]
Interviews [1]
Invoices [1]
Judicial records [1]
Land surveys [1]
Magnetic tapes [1]
Memorabilia [1]
Memorandums [1]
Motion pictures (information artifacts) [1]
Photocopies [1]
Press releases [1]
Programs [1]
Reports [1]
Scripts (documents) [1]
Sermons [1]
Sketches [1]
Sound recordings [1]
Statistics [1]
Videotapes [1]
Allen, Lyman, 1872-1961
Title: Lyman Allen Papers
Dates:  1942-1971
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet1 box
Abstract: Dr. Lyman Allen, 1872-1961, served on the faculty of the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, was professor of Surgery at UVM, chief of Surgery at the Mary Fletcher Hospital, and attending surgeon at the Mary Fletcher, DeGoesbriad Memorial, and Fanny Allen Hospitals. This collections contains a book of typescript poetry, much of it concerning Christmas, a 1950 travel journal, an audio tape of an interview from about 1960, information about his property, a letter regarding his induction into the UVM Athletic Hall of Fame, his resume, writings on medicine, and his obituary.
Barker, B. Benton
Title: B. Benton Barker Photograph Collection
Dates:  circ- 1920
Extent:  1.6 Linear feet4 boxes
Abstract: B. Benton Barker was an early 20th Century photographer in Burlington, Vermont. The collection contains glass negatives and prints of photos taken around Burlington by B. Benton Barker around the turn of the century.
Parker-Fleming family
Title: Parker/Fleming Family Papers
Dates:  1835-1909
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet1 carton
Abstract: The Parker/Fleming Collection deals primarily with the descendants and relations of Charles Carrol Parker (1814-?), a Congregational minister who preached in various churches in Vermont and Maine, and Elizabeth Fleming Parker (1813-1979), his wife. The letters span the time period of 1835-1909, with the bulk of the collection lying between 1863-1879.
Upson, William Hazlett, 1891-
Title: William Hazlett Upson Papers
Dates:  1913-1987
Extent:  28.42 Linear feet21 cartons, 2 boxes, 1 oversized box
Abstract: William Hazlett Upson was an author. Collection includes correspondence, literary manuscripts, drafts, notes, lectures, outlines, articles, poems, plays, scripts, fan mail, tapes, photos, and miscellaneous material, relating to Upson’s published and unpublished writings on Army life in World War I, his fictional character, Alexander Botts, tractor salesman, and on Vermont, arrangements with his New York Agents, Brandt & Brandt, his lecture agents, W. Colston Leigh, inc., and his presidency of the Middlebury Maternal Health Clinic, affiliated with the Birth Control League.
Parker, Charles E., 1839-1924
Title: Charles E. Parker Papers
Dates:  1810-1943
Extent:  10.0 Linear feetFive cartons, three boxes, two oversized folders
Abstract: Charles Edmund Parker (1839-1923) was a prominent businessman of Vergennes, Vermont, Civil War veteran, and politician. The collection covers 1810-1943 and includes family and civil war era correspondence, militia records, business records, and photographs.
Wells, Arthur C., 1876-1970
Title: Arthur C. Wells Papers
Dates:  1876-1970
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: Arthur C. Wells was a farmer in Cambridge, Vermont and city official of Bakersfield, Vermont. Collection includes chiefly family correspondence, together with accounts books, receipts and minutes of meetings (1860-70) of the Society of Masons, Barnes lodge, Eagle Lodge dues book (1880-97), statistical record (1905-17) relating to the Vermont Sunday School Association, and photos.
Garden Way Publishing Company (Charlotte, Vt.).
Title: Garden Way Publishing Company Records
Dates:  1970-1981
Extent:  28.0 Linear feet28 cartons, 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Garden Way Publishing existed primarily as a mail-order publishing house specializing in books on self-sufficiency and natural alternatives.Collection includes correspondence, typescripts, galleys, production notes, production mechanicals, reviews, art work, and photos, relating to titles published by the company; together with material relating to accounting, title selection, production, sales, and marketing, Gardens for All, and the Garden Way Living Center, Burlington, Vt.; and correspondence between employees of Garden Way Publishing Company, Garden Way Manufacturing, and Garden Way Associates, the parent company.
Hartness, James, 1861-1934
Title: James Hartness Papers
Dates:  1882-1935
Extent:  25.0 Linear feet24 cartons, 2 boxes, 1 print box
Abstract: Collection includes corresspondence relating to personal and family matters, Aero Clubs of Vermont and America, American Engineering Council (1924-1933), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1913-1933) , U.S. Naval Consulting Board (1917), Hartness's Gubernatorial Campaign and term (1920-1922), machine tool manufacture in France, Germany, Great Britain, and the U.S. (1910-1930), lathes and thread cutting tools, and screw thread standardization (1918); together with manuscript, typescript, and printed writings by Hartness; reports and printed material relating to his professional affiliations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and photos.
Wills, William Henry, 1882-1946
Title: William H. Wills Papers
Dates:  1941-1946
Extent:  1.2 Linear feet3 boxes
Abstract: William H. Wills was the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont between 1937 and 1941, then Governor between 1941-1945. Collection includes primarily notes for text of Wills’ speeches while Governor, together with a few letters, scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Wills’ support for Wendell Wilkie in the 1944 Presidential campaign, notebook of materials of Vermont state war committees (1942-44), family photos, and other papers. Speeches relate to World War II as well as Vermont’s domestic issues in early 1940’s.
Bentley, W.A., (Wilson Alwyn), 1865-1931
Title: Wilson A. Bentley Photographs
Dates:  circ-1929
Extent:  0.2 Linear feet130 prints
Abstract: W.A. Bentley (1865-1931) is best known for his lantern slides of snowflakes, which gave him his nickname. This collection shows Bentley as a photographer of great talent and artistic sense beyond the technical ability requisite to his snowflake photography. Bentley’s relatives and neighbors, in Jericho, Vt., are the subjects of the photographs, as well as unpublished photographs of clouds, and some unpublished photographs of snowflakes. The collection illustrates how Bentley worked and the standards he set for himself.
Lipke, William C.
Title: Vermont Landscape Images Papers
Dates:  1880-1976
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet3 cartons, 5 boxes
Rixford Axe Company.
Title: Rixford Axe Company Records
Dates:  1804-1951
Extent:  26.0 Linear feet22 cartons which includes 98 volumes
Abstract: The Rixford Axe Company was established in East Highgate, Vermont, by Luther Rixford; closed 1950s. Collection includes chiefly business correspondance,(19 letter books, 55 journals, 5 ledgers, 3 cashbooks, and 7 miscellaneous vols.) together with miscellaneous personal and business papers including legal papers, deeds, bank statements, and family photos of Luther Rixford, Oscar H. Rixford and his wife Elizabeth (Leach) Rixford, and Susan K. Rixford and Mary E. (Rixford) Knight, daughters of Oscar S. Rixford.
Greene, Frank Lester, 1870-1930
Title: Frank Lester Greene Papers
Dates:  1788-1968
Extent:  5.0 Linear feet8 boxes, 11 vols.
Abstract: Frank Lester Greene served in the US House of Representatives from Vermont, 1912-1923. Prior to his tenure in the US House he had been active in Republican clubs and activities in the state and served with the Vermont National Guard in the Spanish-American War. The collection of papers primarily includes family documents, photographs, military papers, speeches, articles, correspondence, campaign material and family memorabilia.
Young Family
Title: John Young Family Photographs
Dates:  1907-1926, undated
Extent:  0.417 Linear feet1 5-inch document box
Abstract: Approximately 40 photographs of the Young Family of Newport, Vermont. Includes John Young, Augusta A Young, and George B. Young.
Bearse, Ray
Title: Ray Bearse Papers
Dates:  circ-1980s
Extent:  1.0 Linear feet2 boxes
Abstract: The collection contains research materials, photographs, and drafts of work by Ray Bearse. The bulk of the collection is photographs and chapter drafts for an unpublished book on Vermont covered bridges.
Berster, Kristina
Title:  Kristina Berster Papers
Dates:   197-1979
Extent:  1.25 Linear feet1 Carton
Abstract:  The Kristina Berster Collection consists of one box, which contains case records and proceedings, correspondence and mailings produced by the Kristina Berster Defense Committee, articles on case related topics, news clippings, photographs, a sketchbook, and a few letters by Kristina Berster.
Vermont in Mississippi, Inc..
Title: Vermont in Mississippi Collection
Dates:  1965-1967
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract:  Vermont in Mississippi, Inc. (VIM), a civil rights movement project, was organized in June 1965, under the auspices of the Vermont Civil Rights Union. The collection is comprised of correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed materials, business and financial records, progress reports, photos, and audio tapes.
Soule, Harris W.
Title: Harris W. Soule Papers
Dates:  1953-1973
Extent:  1carton
Abstract:  The Harris W. Soule Papers are made up almost entirely of materials relating to his book, Northwoods Tales and Unusual Recipes. Included are manuscripts, typescripts and printer's galleys of the work, as well as correspondence with publishers, prospective buyers and reviewers.
Salomon, Isidore Lawrence, 1899-1985
Title: I.L. Salomon Collection
Dates:  1952-1972
Extent:  3 boxes.
Abstract:  I. L. Salomon was an American poet and translator.
George Saunders Family
Title: George Saunders Family Papers
Dates:  1865-1927
Extent:  1 Carton
Abstract:  The George Saunders Collection includes wedding invitations, family photos, some family papers, scrapbooks of clippings (1865-1927), and a guest book of the George Linsley family cottage at Cedar Beach.
Rockwell Family
Title: Rockwell Family Papers
Dates:  1854-1972
Extent:  2 cartons
Abstract: The Rockwell Family Papers consist of two cartons of letters, business papers, bound diaries and account books, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other papers. The chronological span of the collection is from 1854 to 1972, with the great majority of the papers dating from the 1850s to 1929. Most of the materials in the Rockwell Family Papers relate to Ell B. Rockwell's many years of service on Lake Champlain steamboats.
Onion family
Title: Onion Family Papers
Dates:  1860-1940
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The Onion Family Papers contains correspondence, business and financial documents, photographs, railroad correspondence and memorabilia, personal ephemera, and miscellaneous material relating to Carlos and Mary Onion of Rutland, Vermont for the period 1860-1870.
Neiburg, Gladys
Title: Gladys Neiburg Papers
Dates:  1939-1974
Extent:  4 boxes
Abstract:  The bulk of the collection documents Neiburg's literary works.
Hopkins, John Henry, 1792-1868
Title: John H. Hopkins Papers
Dates:  1825-1925
Extent:  One Carton
Abstract:  Artist, lawyer, ironmonger, muscian, architect, theologian and first Episcopal Bishop of Vermont, John Henry Hopkins was born in Dublin, Ireland on January 22, 1792. The John H. Hopkins Family Papers consist largely of miscellaneous manuscripts of Bishop Hopkins and his great-granddaughter, Edith Hopkins.
Harvey, Dorothy Mayo
Title: Dorothy Mayo Harvey Papers
Extent:  1 carton
Abstract:  The collection consists largely of material used by D.M. Harvey in her book, Our Topsham Tapestry, a genealogical and historical account of major founding families of Topsham, Vermont.