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Art gallery object records

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Series IV. Object File, Related Topics   

Scope and Content

IV. Related Topics include records consisting of research topics and sites with related collections. The records are organized alphabetically by topic and by the name of the person or institution. Information may include: biographical; correspondence; exhibitions; inquiries; research notes and clippings.


About the Athenaeum, publications,   1910-1984 

Folder 1

American painting, articles,   1936-1948 

Folder 2

American painting, articles,   1945-1958 

Folder 3

American painting, articles,   1969-1998 

Folder 4

American painting, articles,   undated 

Folder 5

Arnot Gallery, Elmira NY   

Folder 6

Artist studios in New York, NY,   ca 1970 

Folder 7

Boston Athenaeum,   1980, 1983 

Folder 8

Century Association, correspondence,   1975-1994 

Folder 9

Champney, Benjamin,   ca 1973 

Folder 10

Dusseldorf Academy,   n.d. 

Folder 11

Dusseldorf Gallery,   n.d. 

Folder 12

Fairbanks, Horace, biographical research notes,   ca 1900-1984 

Folder 13

Fairbanks family, genealogy,   1974-2000 

Folder 14

Fairbanks scales, research notes,   ca 1985 

Folder 15

Frames, gilt,   1983-1991 

Folder 16

Genre painting,   1989 

Folder 17

Goupil Gallery, research notes,   ca 1985 

Folder 18

Hatch, John Davis III, research,   1957-1994 

Folder 19

Hatch, John Davis III, research correspondence & biography   1990-1999 

Folder 20

Hatch, John Davis III and John Davis V,   1990-1994 

Folder 21

Hatch, John Davis V, correspondence,   1971-1993 

Folder 22

Italy, artists in, 19th century,   ca 1980 

Folder 23

Knoedler, M. and Co., correspondence,   1890 

Folder 24

Lockwood-Matthews Mansion,   1970-1995 

Folder 25

Lockwood-Matthews Mansion, publications,   1981 

Folder 26

National Academy of Design,   ca 1960 

Folder 27

New Bedford Whaling Museum,   ca 1950, 2002 

Folder 28

Packard, Lambert,   1976-1993 

Folder 29

Park Gallery, University of Vermont,   1881-1887, 1978 

Folder 30

Picturesque travel books, clipping,   1990 

Folder 31

Poole, William Frederic, biographical research,   n. d. 

Folder 32

Start, Edwin, "A Model New England Village",   ca 1900 

Folder 33

Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford CT,   ca 1980? 

Folder 34

Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore,   1936, 1989 

Folder 35

Webster, Daniel,   1978 

Folder 36

Whistler, James A. McNeill, invitation to Mrs. H. Fairbanks to view etchings,   1883 

Folder 37

Willard, Archibald,   1989 

Folder 38

Willard, Ashton, biographical,   189 

Folder 39

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