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Warren R. Austin Collection

Collection Inventory

China Period   August 1916-July 1917 

Scope and Content

The China series includes correspondence, contracts, reports and drafts, notes, clippings, published material, and personal papers generated during Austin's stay in China. As general counsel for The American International Corporation, Austin negotiated loans with the Chinese for the building of the Shantung Canal and Chuchow-Chinchow Railroad. The two boxes of personal material has been arranged chronologically. Austin's subject arrangement of the material in the other four boxes has been retained.

Personal Correspondence and Expenses   

carton folder

Greeting cards and invitations, n.d.   

Carton 1 Folder 1

Hotel bills, 1916-1917, September-July   

Carton 1 Folder 2

Newspaper clippings, 1916, n.d.   

Carton 1 Folder 3

Pamphlets, memorabilia, etc., n.d.   

Carton 1 Folder 4

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, April-July, n.d.   

Carton 1 Folder 5

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, August   

Carton 1 Folder 6

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, September   

Carton 1 Folder 7

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, October   

Carton 1 Folder 8

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, November   

Carton 1 Folder 9

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, December   

Carton 1 Folder 10

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1916, December 25th   

Carton 1 Folder 11

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, January   

Carton 2 Folder 1

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, February   

Carton 2 Folder 2

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, March   

Carton 2 Folder 3

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, April   

Carton 2 Folder 4

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, May   

Carton 2 Folder 5

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, June   

Carton 2 Folder 6

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, July, n.d.   

Carton 2 Folder 7

Personal correspondence and expenses, 1917, n.d.   

Carton 2 Folder 8

Telegrams, n.d.   

Carton 2 Folder 9

American International Corporation - China Business   

carton folder

The Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company (William F. Carey and Roy S. Anderson) and American International Corporation (Richard P. Tinsley, Willard .S. Straight, The China Corporation)   

Scope and Content

  • a. copies of contracts organizing The China Corporation and head letter to Warren R. Austin from Willard S. Straight, August 2, 1916  .
  • b. correspondence re: organization of China Corporation and Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company, May 17, 1916  .
  • c. correspondence re: return of papers concerning above organization Richard H. Tinsley to Warren R. Austin, May 9, 1921  .
Carton 3 Folder 1

National Engine and Car Foundry Proposal for Chinese Railway, November, 1916.   

Carton 3 Folder 2

The Peking News, June 13, 1917.   

Carton 3 Folder 3

The North China Herald, June 14, 1917 and September 16, 1916.   

Carton 3 Folder 3

Burlington Free Press clip January 4, 1919.   

Carton 3 Folder 3

Pan-Fu, Assistant Director General of National Conservancy Bureau re: Shantung Grand Canal. Contains correspondence and contracts concerning the interest to be paid by China on loan to dredge The Grand Canal, 1916, April-December   

Carton 3 Folder 4

Huai River Conservancy Grand Canal Improvement-Kiangsu Canal   

Carton 3 Folder 5

Correspondence and contracts concerning the dredging of canal and the Siems Carey railway, 1916, May-November.   

Carton 3 Folder 5

Various concessions and proposals: Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company, New York Orient Mines Company, and Pinge Hsiang Mines.   

Scope and Content

  • a. proposal for building Sino-American Railway, April 12, 1916.
  • b. letter concerning a tanning proposition at Canton, May 25, 1917.
  • c. agreements between The American International Corporation and The Industrial Bank of Japan, 1917; agreements concerning the Peking-Hankow Railroad September 29, 1916.
  • d. Inter-office correspondence diary of Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company 1917, May-June.
Carton 3 Folder 6

Contracts negotiated between the Republic of China Province of Kwang-Tung and Pacific Construction Company.   

Scope and Content

Contains: correspondence between Warren R. Austin and Willard S. Straight (Vice President American International Corporation) and correspondence and a contract with the Pacific Construction Company, 1916, August-November.

Carton 3 Folder 7

Reference materials:   

Scope and Content

  • a. books: China Corporation, Regulations, (1915).  The Complete Ordinance, (1913).
  • b. letter from Warren R. Austin to Chester P. Siems, January 21, 1918.
  • c. Frank L. Green-Warren R. Austin correspondence and Congressional Reports on incorporation in China, 1921, February.
  • d. Ralph Ward (China Society of America)-Warren R. Austin correspondence re: The China Trade Act, 1921, August.
  • e. J.B. Powell (American Chamber of Commerce of China)-Warren R. Austin correspondence re: The China Trade Act, 1921, August and October.
  • f. Congressional Act H.R. 4810 on incorporation in China, 1921, April-August.
Carton 3 Folder 8

St. John's University, Shanghai - maps, description and correspondence with Warren R. Austin, 1921, January.   

Carton 3 Folder 9

Correspondence, 1918.   

Scope and Content

  • a. F.C. Hitchcock (Siems-Carey)-Warren R. Austin, enc. E.J. Purcell Case, May 1, [UNK]
  • b. John J. Abbott (Continental and Commercial Trust and Savings Bank)-Warren R. Austin, 1918, May 24 and 27.
  • c. N.W. Hawkins (Central Vermont Railway Company)-Warren R. Austin, May 27, 1918.
  • d. Commerce Reports, "China", May 15, 1918.
  • e. newspaper clipping: "American Banking in China," n.d.
  • f. Warren R. Austin's notes on China, n.d.
Carton 3 Folder 10

List of papers for Mr. Warren R. Austin-British, German and American groups with China.   

Scope and Content

Contains: copies of eleven memoranda dated (1910-1916), re: American International Corporation affairs in China during these years.

Carton 3 Folder 11

Manchurian Development Company, Louis Palen, Manager.   

Scope and Content

  • a. Manchurian [UNK] Company agreement, July 28, 1914.
  • b. Warren R. Austin report of investigation of Manchurian Development Company to Willard S. Straight, November 10, 1916.
  • c. minutes of meeting of Manchurian Development Company, September 14, 1916.
  • d. W.I. Pottinger-(Manchurian Development Company)-Warren R. Austin correspondence, March 24 and September 25, 1916.
  • e. Willard S. Straight-Warren R. Austin letter re: Manchurian Development Company, September 25, 1916.
  • f. Stanley Knowles (Manchurian Development Company)-Warren R. Austin letter, September 26, 1916.
  • g. Stanley Knowles-Warren R. Austin correspondence, 1916, December.
  • h. wire from Lewis S. Palen to Warren R. Austin, n.d.
  • i. Warren R. Austin letter to Stanley Knowles, January 16, 1917.
  • j. letter to Warren R. Austin from Harry Lucker (Attorney for Manchurian Development Company), January 1917.
  • k. Warren R. Austin report of Manchurian Development Company investigation (supplement to letter of November 10, 1916), January 26, 1917.
  • l. Manchurian Development Company land title sent to Warren R. Austin and related Correspondence, January 30, 1917.
  • m. Warren R. Austin letter to Straight re: Manchurian Development Company, February 2, 1917.
  • n. title to "Oakwood" from Manchurian Development Company, March 23, 1917.
  • o. Correspondence between Warren R. Austin and Lewis S. Palen, 1917, April-may.
Carton 3 Folder 12

Report: Statistics of Government Railways in China, Peking,  1916.   

Carton 4 Folder 1

International Banking Corporation, Peking.   

Scope and Content

Contains: correspondence re: Warren R. Austin account and checks, 1919, November.

Carton 4 Folder 2

Extracts from "The Office of District Magistrate in China," vol. XXXII, 1897-1898.   

Carton 4 Folder 3

Warren R. Austin travel expenses, November 1916-January 1918.   

Carton 4 Folder 4

Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company   

Scope and Content

  • a. correspondence between Purnell and Paget, Siems-Carey, and American International Corporation re: purchase of a tannery and improvement of The Tannery and Cement Works, March 20, 1917-May 25, 1917.
  • b. final published contract For the Construction of Railways in China, (1916-1917), including copies of agreements and correspondence between The Republic of China, Siems-Carey and American International Corporation, March 20, 1917-May 25, 1917.
Carton 4 Folder 5

John R. Rosseter Power of Attorney given to Warren R. Austin re: formation of a steamship company,   February 16, 1917. 

Carton 4 Folder 6

Railway #14-Chuchow-Chinchow Railway   

Scope and Content

Contains: correspondence and agreements between Siems-Carey and Warren R. Austin re: building 1100 mile railroad, including agreements for funding the project and some Warren R. Austin notes, May 16, 1916-January 11, 1917.

Carton 4 Folder 7

Grand Canal Shantung Province, Contract and Loan   

Scope and Content

  • a. list of railway agreements not contained in the book of Railway Agreements in China in W.J. Cannon's possession, September 3, 1898-December 27, 1915.
  • b. railway situation in China, spheres and rights, n.d.
  • c. Digest of Railway Agreements, n.d.
  • d. account ledger sheets re; Siems-Carey railway agreements, 1916.
  • e. memorandum of conference between Government of China and Siems-Carey, December 16, 1916.
  • f. Warren R. Austin memorandum re: Shantung Canal contract situation, December, 1916.
  • g. cables from Willard S. Straight to Warren R. Austin re: Shantung Canal agreement, December 8 and 10, 1916.
  • h. Warren R. Austin memorandum re: Pan-Fu and Shantung Canal contract, December 12, 1916.
  • i. Grand Canal of Shantung Province Improvement Contract and Loan, (four drafts), December 8, 1916.
Carton 4 Folder 8

Railway Contract - China, British #1B   

Scope and Content

  • a. Canton-Kowloon Railway Agreement between Government of China and British and Chinese Corporation, n.d.
  • b. Chuchow-Chinchow Railway correspondence between Warren R. Austin, Roy S. Anderson, Willard S. Straight, William F. Carey, Sidney Makers (British and Chinese Corporation), T.C. Sun (Director of Chuchow-Chinchow Ry.), Hou Shih-Ying (minister of Communications, Republic of China), F.C. Hitchcock (American Consul), and negotiations, estimates, etc., December 1916-March 1917.
  • c. letter from William F. Carey to Willard S. Straight re: Anderson, Meyer and Company, December 1, 1917.
Carton 4 Folder 9

China's Foreign Railway Agreements, 1909,  and supplements to  1914.   

Scope and Content

Also includes related correspondence:

  • a. J.V.A. MacMurray (First Secretary of American Legation)-Warren R. Austin, October 20 and 25, 1916.
  • b. Warren R. Austin (?)-Harry A. Arthur (Siems-Carey) re: above letters, October 27, [UNK]
  • c. Hitchcock-Warren R. Austin, re: above agreements, May 29, 1917.
  • d. pamphlet: "Regulations of the 6% Internal Loan of the Fifth Year of the Republic of China," March 10, 1916.
Carton 4 Folder 10

Correspondence, interviews, agreements, etc., 1917-1918.   

Scope and Content

cables, May 15, 1917-August 17, 1917.
letter from Warren R. Austin to Willard S. Straight, July 18, 1917.
Chinese literature - quotations, n.d.
Russian pamphlet and translation: "The Petrograd-Kamenya Suburb," 1914.
comment on Japan's post-World War I buildup and mistakes in perspective: "Sowing the Dragon's Teeth in Paris," n.d.
Carton 4 Folder 11

Warren R. Austin's notes on China and Chinese history   

Carton 4 Folder 12

Correspondence and miscellaneous re: canal and railway agreement   

Scope and Content

  • a. correspondence re: Siems-Carey Railroad and Canal Company between Warren R. Austin, W.S. Kies and Willard S. Straight of American International Corporation, July 2, 1916-May 23, 1917.
  • b. memorandum on China Organization: plans for carrying out the contract for dredging the Grand Canal agreed upon by Siems-Carey and the Government of China, n.d.
  • c. Fifth draft of railway contract between Siems-Carey and China, n.d.
Carton 5 Folder 1

Work sheets and correspondence between Warren R. Austin, Willard S. Straight, W.S. Kies and Siems-Carey, January-December, 1916   

Scope and Content

  • a. correspondence re: Chuchow-Chinchow Railway, January 8, 1916-November 13, 1916.
  • b. drafts of contracts- nine agreements re: canal and railway, 1911-[UNK]
  • c. worksheets, notes, drafts of communications etc. re: above contracts and correspondence, n.d.
Carton 5 Folder 2

Correspondence and cables   

Scope and Content

  • a. Cables between Warren R. Austin, William F. Carey and Willard S. Straight re: Siems-Carey and American International Corporation, May 13, 1916-May 21, 1917.
  • b. Letters from The Ministry of Communications to William F. Carey, May 23, 1917; letter from Warren R. Austin to Aryhur von Rothorn (Austrian Minister to China), June 19, 1917.
  • c. interview with Roy S. Anderson, March - Warren R. Austin's notes, n.d.
Carton 5 Folder 3

Record of numbered letters with Willard S. Straight   

Scope and Content

Contains: correspondence between Warren R. Austin and American International Corporation, November 4, [UNK] - August 2, 1917, with four letters dated earlier: January and August 1916.

Carton 5 Folder 4

Letters from Department of State given to Warren R. Austin   

Scope and Content

  • a. re: Siems-Carey railway contracts, letter of June 15, 1916 with enc. and reply of June 19, 1916.
  • b. re: Grand Canal contracts: correspondence May 16, 1916-July 5, 1916.
  • c. also contains two pamphlets: "First and Refunding Mortgage," re: Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad Company, September 2, 1912 and supplement, September 2, 1912.
Carton 5 Folder 5

Grand Canal   

Scope and Content

Correspondence and corrected contracts relating to the improvement of the Grand Canal and American cooperation with Japanese interests in China, December 1916-June 1917. [Japan captured Shantung by War from Germany, and then Japan protested The American canal project. American International Corporation agreed with Japan and a joint contract was drawn up.] Also includes news clips on Japanese co-operation, January 27th, February 2nd and 13th 1917.

Carton 5 Folder 6

Article: "American International Corporation," The Far Eastern Review.  March 1917,  vol. XIII, No. 10, p. 370.  

Scope and Content

re: the new railway and Grand Canal projects.

Carton 5 Folder 7

Correspondence, contracts, notes, etc., 1916-1917.   

Scope and Content

Letter from Lenox Simpson, December 8, 1917.
Cable from W.S. Kies re: purchase of ships, May 16, 1916.
Japanese railway timetable, October 1916
Letter introducing Warren R. Austin to Japanese customs, n.d.
Letter introducing Warren R. Austin to George Mixtre American International, May22, 1917
Letter introducing Warren R. Austin to Barrett Clapwa of Standard Oil, August 1, 1916.
Carton 6 Folder 1

Warren R. Austin article "Law Courts in China" and correspondence.   

Scope and Content

  • a. Correspondence with F.C. Hitchcock, August, and December 1917 and January 1918.
  • b. Letters admitting Warren R. Austin to U.S. Court for China, 1917, March-April.
  • c. "Law Courts in China," Case and Comment, vol. XXIV, No. 12, May 1918. Also includes drafts of article and related correspondence.
Carton 6 Folder 2

Warren R. Austin's personal file.   

Scope and Content

  • a. financial statements, records and checks, December 1916-August 1919.
  • b. map of Asia, n.d.
  • c. map of China, 1913.
  • d. "Facts about Chinese Trade," Commerce Reports, February 13, 1920.
  • e. menus of dinner given by Pan Fu, Vice Director of the National Conservancy, Peking, n.d.
  • f. newspaper clipping on Peking railroads, Christian Science Monitor, May 6, 1956.
Carton 6 Folder 3

Correspondence and notes.   

Scope and Content

  • a. correspondence with W.S. Kies,Willard S. Straight and William F. Carey, August 2, 1916-March 10, 1917.
  • b. notes on civil justice and finance, n.d.
  • c. extracts from The Far Eastern Review with notes, October 1915.
  • d. "Development of Constitution in China," n.d.
Carton 6 Folder 4

Siems-Carey Railroad and Canal Company- Chuchow- Chinchow Line.   

Scope and Content

  • a. correspondence re: above line, December 16, 1916-June 12, 1917.
  • b. contracts for new railroad and railroad loan and corrected drafts of [UNK], n.d.
Carton 6 Folder 5

Railway composite draft and fifth draft.   

Scope and Content

  • a. railway contract and related correspondence, May 1916 and two letters dated February 1917.
  • b. information on China recommended for field workers by American International Corporation, July 31, 1916.
Carton 6 Folder 6

American International Corporation.   

Scope and Content

  • a. Correspondence, May 26, 1917-January 2, 1918.
  • b. Memorandum re: Canal contract in China, August 25, 1917.
  • c. Industrial Bank of Japan share in canal construction.
  • d. Machinery of Disbursement of Advice re: National City Bank advances for railway.
  • e. Sketch of railway and canal building in China, August 2, 1917.
  • f. Chronology of political events in China, May 23, 1917-July 19, 1917.
  • g. Notes on correspondence, 1917, April-October.
  • h. Warren R. Austin's notes on contract stock options- American International Corporation to control the canal and Siems-Carey to control the railway, October 1917.
  • i. Newspaper clipping from The Burlington Free Press on Warren R. Austin's return home, July 30, 1917.
Carton 6 Folder 7

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