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Chronological Biography
Scope and Content
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Correspondence, 1910-1962
Speech Files
China Period
U. S. Senate Period
United Nations Period and After
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Career and Public Life
Annotated Government Documents
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Biographical, Personal and Memorabilia

Warren R. Austin Collection

Collection Inventory


carton folder

Family and Miscellaneous Photos.   

Carton 108 Folder 1

Family Photo Album.   

Carton 108 Folder 2

Senate Group Photos   

Carton 108 Folder 3

United Nations Associates Photos.   

Carton 108 Folder 4

Speaking Engagements, Honorary Degrees, etc.   

Carton 108 Folder 5

Portraits of Warren R. Austin.   

Carton 108 Folder 6

Portraits of Warren R. Austin (Large)   

Carton 108 Folder 7

Austin Photos used by Time, Incorporated    

Carton 108 Folder 8

Rock of Ages Quarry Photos   

Carton 108 Folder 9

Scenery, Miscellaneous.   

Carton 108 Folder 10

Miscellaneous and Unidentified.   

Carton 108 Folder 11

Glass Color Plates (4)   

Carton 109

Slide Boxes (4)   

Carton 109

Warren R. Austin's Bible   

Carton 109
carton folder

Oversized Family and Miscellaneous Photographs   

Carton 110 Folder 1

Oversized Senate Group Photographs   

Carton 110 Folder 2

Oversized Portraits of Austin   

Carton 110 Folder 3

Oversized Austin Photos used by Time, Incorporated   

Carton 110 Folder 4

Oversized Miscellaneous and Unidentified Photographs   

Carton 110 Folder 5

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