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Diplomas and certificates: located in oversize case
Mary R Bates,
Bates, Samuel Lysander (1831-1904)

Bates Family Collection

Collection Inventory


Scrapbook I.   

Binder's Label: "Herbarium." Pp. 109-154. 2"

Scope and Content

Clippings of reports on Congregational conferences, anniversary celebrations, liturgy, esp. hymnology, obituaries of ministers, sermons; and or pictures of schools and churches, mostly in Vermont. Index inside front cover and on flyleaf. In Wilbur Collection with call number W4c2

Scrapbook II. Newbury First Congregational Church   

Scope and Content

  • a) annual reports, 1876-1887.
  • b) orders of service
  • c) schedules of prayer meetings, Vermont churches
  • d) Orange Association programs of 34 winter, spring and fall meetings, February 1871-May [1887?].
  • e) Orange County Conference programs of 14 annual June meetings, 1873-1888.
  • f) Washington County Conference programs, 1878-1880.
  • g) Chittenden Conference program 1881.
  • h) Grafton County [N.H.] Conference program 1883.

    30.5 x 13 cm. 1.5" In Wilbur Collection with call number W4c2

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Diplomas and certificates: located in oversize case   

UVM- S.L. Bates   1857 

Glenwood Ladies Seminary- Marion Elizabeth Walker   1861 

Andover Theological Seminary- S.L. Bates   1863 

Vermont Bible Society life membership   1865 

American Missionary Society life membership   1872 

Burlington High School- Mary Russell Bates   1890 

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Mary R Bates,   

Travel diaries and accounts, 1 folder, 4 small notebooks   1927, 1929-1931, 1935-1947 

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Bates, Samuel Lysander (1831-1904)   

UVM Undergraduate Papers.   

"The literature of the American Revolution." 6p. Another draft, 6p. With comments in another hand.   

"The mission and reward of literary men." 4p. With pencilled note to the effect that the speech as delivered was extemporaneous, bearing little resemblance to the MS.   

"Reading and elocution." 7p.   

"The religious character of Socrates." 3p.   

"The revolutionism of Mirabeau." 4p.   

"Thompson and Pollok" [poets compared] 2p.   

"The utilitarian character of American literature." June 28 [or 29], 1856 crossed out. 4p.   

"The massacre of St. Bartholomew." Delta Psi Hall, March 24, 1855. 3p.   

"Cowper: his influence upon the spirit of poetry in his times." N.d. 4p. Delivered at Sophomore Exhibition 17 May 1855 as No. 10 with the title, "Cowper's influence upon the poetic spirit of his time." 1855 Commencement program.   

"Is agitation a means of reformation?" October 16, 1855. 3p.   

"Evils of unsound literature." October 20, 1855 "Done" 3p. See later version of October 9, 1856.   

"A general diffusion of knowledge indispensable." March 13, 1856.   

"Prosperity as affecting the morals of a nation." March 26, 1856. 3p. See other version of September 18, 1856.   

"The morals of Burke." "April 12 Gass" [1856?]; also "The moral character of Burke." n.d. 4p.   

Mock plans for sophomore exhibition 22 [May 1856?] 4p.   

No title. Delivered at Junior Exhibition 5 August 1856, No. 2, as "The Errors of Genius, the result of a want of moral principal." 4p.   

"Evils of unsung literature." October 9, 1856. 3p.   

17 undergraduate essays, delivered in Delta Psi fraternity, Sophomore and Junior Exhibitions. 1 folder.   

Miscellaneous manuscripts: 19 folders:   

12 sermons   

legal documents relating to the family estate, 1821-1865   

5 papers read at ministerial association meetings   

synopsis of Bate's belief, 1850 (with misc. Papers on Congregationalism)   

Sermons and addresses as minister.   

"A synopsis of theology, exhibiting my belief in outline." Brookfield February 11, 1850 Read before Council February 12. 8p. In folder "Papers on Congregationalism."   

Sermon 141. Underhill, November 1, 1868 (given 10 more times). I Cor. 10:14. "And the rock was Christ." 28p. Unnumbered.   

Sermon 365. Newbury, November 2, 1879 (twice more). Rom. 8:28. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, to them who are the called according to his purpose." 29p. Unnumbered.   

Sermon 372. Newbury, December 28, 1879 (4 time more). Luke 1:33. "And of his kingdom there shall be no end." 28 p. Unnumbered.   

Sermon 408. Newbury, October 2, 1884 (once more). Acts 10:33. "Now therefore we are all present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God." 30 p. Unnumbered.   

Sermon 534. Newbury, October 25, 1885 (once more). Rom. 14:7. "For none of us liveth to himself." 31p. Unnumbered.   

Sermon 554. Newbury, September 19, 1886. Luke 24:47. "Among all nations beginning at Jerusalem." 36p. Unnumbered. [pp. 13-30 pinned] cover.   

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