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Burlington, Vermont Reference Files

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Adams Mission Home   

Adams School   

SEE: Schools


See Also: Burlington Convalescent Center; Converse Home; Home for Aged Women; Ruggles Foundation; St. Joseph's Home


SEE: Burlington (City of)--Board of Alderman

American Field Service   

SEE: Schools--Burlington High School

Angell, Kenneth A.   

SEE: Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Angell (Kenneth A.)

Arbuckle Company   

Architects--Barr, Lind and Hubberd   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Reference file, Architects--Hubbard, Charles.

Architects--Freeman, French and Freeman   

Architecture--History and description   

See Also: Historic buildings; History and Description; Whittekind, Albert H.; (Ref File-UVM--Buildings)

Architecture--History and Description--Clark Schoettle files.   

Clark Schoettle took part in the Vermont Historic Sites and Structures Survey in Burlington in the 1970s.


See Also: Dance; Music; Theater

Arts--Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts   

Athena Club   

Baha'I Community of Burlington   

Baird (Josephine S.) Children's Center   

Banking History   

SEE: Schools

Barge Canal   

See Also: Pollution--E.P.A. Superfund Sites; Historic Preservation Program Student Papers, no. 81.

Bartering Center   

Battery Park   


SEE: Burlington Ecumenical Action Ministry


Bicycle Path   

SEE ALSO: Waterfront; Elections

Bike-way Systems   

SEE: Bicycle Path

Blodgett Company   



SEE: Stores, Retail--(1950- )

Brautigan Library   

Brismaid Family   

SEE: Silver (Reference File)

Burke, James E.   

SEE: Mayors--Burke, James E.

Burlington (City Of)--Board of Aldermen   

Burlington (City Of)--Cemetery Commission   

Burlington (City Of)--Community and Economics Development Office   

Burlington (City Of)--Dept. of Parks and Recreation   

Burlington (City Of)--Dept. of Public Schools   

SEE ALSO: Schools

Burlington (City Of)--Dept. of Public Works   

Burlington (City Of)--Dept. of Streets   

SEE ALSO: Main Street Improvement Project

Burlington (City Of)--Dept. of Water Resources   

Burlington (City Of)--Electric Dept.   

Burlington (City Of)--Fire Dept.   

SEE ALSO: Ethan Allen Club

Burlington (City Of)--Grand List   1852-1970  (Bulk, 1892-1917)

Burlington (City Of)--Master Plan   

SEE ALSO: City Planning

Burlington (City Of)--Mayor's Youth Office   

Burlington (City Of)--Ordinances   

Burlington (City Of)--Police Dept.   

Burlington (City Of)--Urban planning   

Burlington (City Of)--Waterfront Board   

Burlington (City Of)--Zoning Board of Adjustment   

Burlington 1855   

SEE: History and Description

Burlington 1865   

SEE: History and Description

Burlington Academy of Music   

Burlington Area Community Gardens   

Burlington Area Community Health Study   

SEE: Health Care

Burlington Area Vocational Technical Center   

Burlington Barbershop Quartet   

Burlington Bay 1812   

SEE: History and Description

Burlington Beautification Committee   

Burlington Bicentennial 1963   

SEE: History and Description

Burlington Bicentennial Committee   

SEE: History and Description

Burlington Board of Alderman   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Board of Alderman

Burlington Boathouse   

Burlington Boys and Girls Club   

Burlington Buildings   

SEE: Historic Buildings

Burlington Business   

SEE: Business Enterprises

Burlington Camera Club   

Burlington Centennial Historic Walk   

SEE: History and Description

Burlington Chamber of Commerce (1920-1953)   

Burlington Choral Society   

SEE: Burlington Oratorio Society

Burlington City Government   

Burlington Coasting Club   

SEE: Winter Carnival--Burlington Coasting Club

Burlington College   

SEE: Colleges & Universities--Burlington College

Burlington Commercial Club   

Burlington Community Action Committee   

Burlington Community Land Trust   

SEE: Housing--Burlington Community Land Trust

Burlington Consumer's Cooperative Inc.   

Burlington Correctional Center   

SEE: Chittenden County Correctional Center (Reference File)

Burlington Council of Churches (1955-1968)   

SEE ALSO: Greater Burlington Council of Churches (1968-1973) and Greater Burlington Council of Churches and Synagogues (1973-)

Burlington Country Club   

Burlington Daily News   

Burlington Daily Times   

Burlington Dance Theater   

SEE: Dance--Burlington Dance Theater

Burlington Drug Company   

Burlington Ecumenical Action Ministry   

Burlington Elections (1980)   

SEE: Elections

Burlington Electrical Dept.   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Electric Dept.

Burlington Emergency Shelter   

SEE: Homelessness--Burlington Emergency Shelter

Burlington Executives Club   

Burlington Farmer's Market   

Burlington Female Seminary   

Burlington Free Press   

See Also: (Ref. File-Howe, David W.)

Burlington Free Press Printing Co.   

Burlington Friends of Music   

The Burlington Friends of Music supported the Vermont Youth Orchestra.

Burlington Garden Club (2 folders)   

Burlington Green Party   

SEE: Political parties--Vermont--Burlington Greens (Reference File)

Burlington High School   

SEE: Schools--Burlington High School

Burlington Indoor Tennis Center   

SEE: Business Enterprises

Burlington International Airport   

SEE ALSO: Aeronautics--History (Reference File)

Burlington International Games   

Burlington Jail Group, Inc.   

Burlington League of Women Voters   

SEE: League of Women Voters (Reference File)

Burlington Legacy Project   

Burlington Lions Club   

Burlington Military Band   

Burlington Oratorio Society   

Society renamed Burlington Choral Society

Burlington Peace Center   

SEE: Peace--Burlington Peace Center

Burlington Peace Coalition   

SEE: Peace--Burlington Peace Coalition

Burlington Philharmonic Society   

SEE: Music--To 1900

Burlington Post Office   

SEE: Post Office

Burlington Rapid Transit Company   

Burlington Safe Energy Coalition   

Burlington Savings Bank   

SEE: Banks & Banking--Burlington, VT--Burlington Savings Bank (Vermont Reference File)

Burlington Swimming Club   

SEE: Sports

Burlington Swimming Club   

SEE: Sports

Burlington Symphony Orchestra   

Burlington Tennis Club   

SEE: Sports

Burlington Traction Company   

Burlington Waterfront   

SEE: Waterfront

Burlington Women's Council   

Burlington Youth Employment Program   

Burlington-Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program   

SEE ALSO: Russia--Vermont/ Karelin Burlington/Yaroslav Sister Projects (Reference File)

Burroa, John   

Burroughs, Sadie Mae (1875-1950)--Burlington Artist and Singer   

Business Enterprises (1) (Divided by Date: 1900, 1900-1950, 1950-, 1950-1980,and 1980-;and by alphabet; subheadings for business)   

SEE: Stores, Retail; Booksellers; Restaurants; Hotels; Printers

Business Enterprises--(To 1900)   

Business Enterprises--(To 1900)--Susan J. Lawrence Medicine Co.   

Business Enterprises--(1900-1950)   

Business Enterprises--(1950-)   

Business Enterprises--(1950-1980)   

Business Enterprises--(1980-)   

Business Enterprises--Abernethy's   

Business Enterprises--Ben & Jerry's   

See Also: Waterbury, Vt.--Ben & Jerry's

Business Enterprises--Gardener's Supply Co.   

Business Enterprises--Green Mountain Distillery, Inc.   

Business Enterprises--Hickok & Boardman Ins. and Real Estate   

Business Enterprises--Kidder Manufacturing Co.   

Business Enterprises--Vermont Structural Steel   

Cain, Francis   

SEE: Mayors--Cain, Francis


SEE: Music--Carolfest

Cathedral Church of St. Paul   

SEE: St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Cathedral High School   

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Bulrington--St. Joseph's Orphanage   

Catholic Diocese of Burlington   

SEE: Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington

Catholic Young Men's Union--Burlington   


Chamber of Commerce   

SEE: Burlington Chamber of Commerce (1920-1953); Burlington-Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce (1954-1970); after 1970, Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce (Reference File)

Champlain Academy of Ballet   

SEE: Dance

Champlain College   

SEE: Colleges and Universities--Champlain College

Champlain District Circus   

SEE: Boy Scouts

Champlain Glass Co.   

Champlain Shakespeare Festival   

Champlain Valley Information Service   

Charity Organization Society   

Chittenden Community Action   

Chittenden County Courthouse   

SEE: Historic Buildings--Chittenden County Courthouse

Chittenden County Health & Welfare   

SEE: Chittenden Community Action

Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf   

Chittenden, Herman Bethuel   

Chittenden, Martin   

Christ Church, Presbyterian   

Christ Church, Presbyterian- The Loft   

Christian Action   

Church Schools   

See Also: Cathedral High School; Rock Point High School; St. Anthony's School; St. Joseph School; Mount Saint Mar's Academy; Catholic Church Diocese of Burlington--Schools (Reference File); Rice Memorial H.S., So. Burlington, VT (Reference File)

Church Street Center   

Church Street Mall   

SEE: Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Marketplace   

SEE ALSO: City Planning


SEE ALSO: (specific name of church)

Cinema Art Club of Burlington   

City Government   

SEE: Burlington City Government

City Market   

SEE: Onion River Cooperative

City Planning   

SEE ALSO: Burlington (City of)--Master Plan

College Street Congregational Church   

College Street Congregational Church--History   

College Street Congregational Church--Reports   

Colleges & Universities   

Colleges & Universities--Burlington College   

Colleges & Universities--Champlain College   

Colleges & Universities--St. Joseph's College   

Colleges & Universities--Trinity College   

Colleges & Universities--Vt. Institute of Community Involvement   

Community Chest   

Community Concert Association   

SEE: Music

Community Health Services   

Community Health Services--Burlington Area Community Health Study   

Community Health Services--People's Free Clinic   

SEE: Community Health Services

Community Relations Committee   

SEE: Burlington Committee on Community Relations

Community Theater   

SEE: Burlington Community Theater

Converse Home   

SEE ALSO: Home for Aged Women

Corner Bookstore   

SEE: Historic Buildings--Chittenden County Courthouse


SEE: Homelessness--Community on Temporary Shelter

Crane, Edward F.   

Curtis, Emma Eliza (Educational Trust Fund)   


Dance--Burlington Dance Theater   

Dance--Main Street Dance Theater   

Degoesbriand Memorial Hospital   

SEE: Hospitals--Degoesbriand Memorial Hospital (Reference File)


Downtown Burlington Development Association   

SEE ALSO: City Planning


SEE: Theater

Eagles Club   

SEE: Crane, Edward F.

Economic Conditions   

Edge City   

Edmunds High School   

SEE: Schools--Edmunds High School

Edmunds Junior High School   

SEE: Schools--Edmunds Junior High School




Elections--School Commissioner   

Electric Light Dept.   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Electric Dept.

Elizabeth Lund Home, Inc.   

Emergency Food Shelf   

SEE: Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf

Ethan Allen Club   

Ethan Allen Firehouse   

SEE: Historic Buildings--Ethan Allen Firehouse

Ethan Allen Monument   

Ethan Allen Park   

Family & Children Counseling Service   

SEE: Youth Service

Fayette, Frederick J.   

First Baptist Church   

First Church of Christ, Scientist   

First Congregational Church   

First Methodist Church   

First Night   

First Unitarian Church   

First Unitarian Church--sermons   

First United Methodist Church   

Fish, The   

Fletcher Family   

Fletcher Free Library   

Fletcher Free Library--Friends of the Fletcher Free Library   

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts   

SEE: Flynn Theater

Flynn Theatre   

See Also: Majestic Theater

Food Shelf   

SEE: Chitenden Emergency Food Shelf

Fortnightly Club   

SEE: Literary Societies--Fortnightly Club

Fraser Publishing Co.   

SEE: Publishers & Publishing (Reference File)

Fraternal Organizations   

Frayed Page   

SEE: Booksellers


Fremeau Jewelers   

SEE: Stores, Retail

Friends of the Fletcher Free Library   

SEE: Fletcher Free Library--Friends of the Fletcher Free Library

Friends Society of Burlington   

SEE: Religious Society of Friends--Burlington Chapter

General Electric Company   

German Club/Goethe Lodge   

Good News Garage   

Goodrich, John Ellsworth   

Grand List, 1852   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Grand List

Greater Burlington Anti-Fluoridation League   

Greater Burlington Community Council   

Greater Burlington Council of Churches (1968-1973)   

SEE ALSO: Burlington Council of Churches (1955-1968)

Greater Burlington Council of Churches and Synagogues (1973- )   

Greater Burlington Ecumenical Council   

Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation   

Greater Burlington Ministerial Association   

Greek Orthodox Church   


Green Mountain Club   

Green Mountain Distillery   

SEE: Business Enterprises--Green Mountain Distillery

Green Mountain Media   

SEE: Business Enterprises


SEE: U.S. Coast Guard Station

Hatch family   

Health Care   

SEE ALSO: Community Health Services

Heinberg Bridge   

Hickock and Boardman Inc.   

SEE: Business Enterprises

Historic Buildings   

See Also: Architecture; History and Description; Preservation Burlington; UVM--Buildings (Reference File)

Historic Buildings--Alpha Chi Omega Sorority   

Historic Buildings--Battery Street   

Historic Buildings--Bishop's House   

Historic Buildings--Booth House (College Street)   

Historic Buildings--Burlington Civic Trust   

Historic Buildings--Central Vermont Railway Station   

Historic Buildings--Chittenden County Courthouse   

Historic Buildings--Church Street   

Historic Buildings--Ethan Allen Firehouse   

Historic Buildings--Ethan Allen Homestead   

Historic Buildings--Historic Sites Committee   

Historic Buildings--Historic Walks and Tours   

History and Description   

See Also: Architecture; Historic Buildings; Preservation Burlington

History and Description--to 1865   

History and Description--1865 to 1900   

History and Description--1900 to 1950   

History and Description--1950-1979   

History and Description--1980-   

History and Description--Centennial Celebrations   

History and Description--Centennial Celebrations--1923 (city sesquicentennial)   

History and Description--Centennial Celebrations--1963 (city bicentennial)   

History and Description--Centennial Celebrations--1976 (U.S. bicentennial)   

History and Description--Pamphlets from Burlington Commercial Club, etc.   

See Also: Basset, T.D.S.-Burlington Free Press (Articles in Ref. file)

Holbrook, Sara   

Holt, Henry   

Home for Aged Women   


Home for Destitute Children/Baird Center   

SEE ALSO: Baird (Josephine S.) Children's Center (Burlington Reference File)


Homelessness-- Burlington Emergency Shelter   

Homelessness--Committee on Temporary Shelter   

Hopkins Bookshop   

SEE: Booksellers


SEE: Hospitals (Reference File)



Housing--Apartment Owners Incorporated   

Housing--Burlington Community Land Trust   


Housing--Project Home   

SEE ALSO: Vermont reference file, HomeShare Vermont.

Howard Family Services   

SEE: Howard Mental Health Services

Howard Mental Health Services   

SEE ALSO: Mental Health Services (Reference File)

Howard National Bank   

SEE: Banks & Banking--Howard Bank (Vermont reference file)

Howard Opera House   

SEE: WILB,CLST PN 2277.B92 H69

Howard Park   

Howard, Jacob Merritt   

Howard, John Purple   

Howard, Oliver Otis (Gen.)   

Howe, David W.   



Ira Allen School   

SEE: Schools--Ira Allen School

Jewish Community   

Jocelyn, Stephen Perry   

Joint Urban Ministry Project (JUMP)   

Jubilee Foursquare Gospel Church   

Keller, Helen   

Klifa Club   

Lake Champlain   

SEE: Champlain, Lake (Reference File)

Lake Champlain Yacht Club   

SEE ALSO: Burlington Boathouse (Burlington Reference File)


See Also: Neighborhoods


Lanman, Charles   

Lawrence Barnes School   

SEE: Schools--Lawrence Barnes School

Legacy Project   

Linsley, Dr. Jo. H.   

Literary Societies   

Literary Societies--The Fortnightly Club   

Literary Societies--The Neighbors   

Loft, The   

SEE: Christ Church, Presbyterian--The Loft

Love, Inc.   

SEE: Youth Services--Love, Inc. (Reference File)

Lumiere North American Co.   

Lund Family Center   

SEE: Elizabeth Lund Home, Inc.

Lund Home   

SEE: Elizabeth Lund Home, Inc.

Lyman, Elias (1849-1923)   

Main Street Dance Theater   

SEE: Dance--Main Street Dance Theater

Main Street Improvement Project   

Majestic Theater   


Maltex Company   


Maps (Greater Burlington--to 1960)   

Maps (Greater Burlington--1960-1969)   

Maps (Greater Burlington--1970-1979)   

Maps (Greater Burlington--1980-1989)   

Maps (Greater Burlington--1990- )   

Mater Christi School   

Mayor's Youth Office   


Mayors- Beecher, Dr. Clarence   

Mayors- Brownell, Peter   

Mayors- Burke, James E.   

Mayors- Cain, Francis   

Mayors- Cairns, C. Douglas   

Mayors- Clavelle, Peter   

Mayors- Dow, Louis   

Mayors- Haselton, Seneca   

Mayors- Kiss, Robert   

Mayors- Paquette, Gordon   

Mayors- Roberts, Robert   

Mayors- Sanders, Bernard   

Mayors- Weinberger, Miro   

McAllister, Louis Leon, photographer   

SEE: Photographers--McAllister, Louis L.

Meals on wheels   

Memorial Auditorium   

Memorial Day Services   

Mohican Club   

SEE: Stock Certificates (Reference File)

Molt, Theadore F.   

Mount St. Mary's Academy   

Music--to 1900   

Music--1900 to 1950   


See Also: Burlington Academy of Music; Burlington Friends of Music; Burlington Oratorio Society; Burlington Symphony Orchestra

Music--Burlington Ensemble   

Music--Burlington Music Festival   


Music--Community Concert Association   

Music--Discover Jazz Festival   

Music--Vermont Conservatory Choir and Orchestra   

Natural Resources   


See also: Old North End; Lakeside; Starr Farm Beach

New Alpha Baptist Church   

New North End   

SEE ALSO: Neighborhoods

New School for Mentally Retarded Children   

SEE: Bennett C. Douglass School

North Avenue Alliannce Church   

Northern Cartographic, Inc   

Nurseries (Horticulture)   

Nursing Homes   

Oakledge Manor   

Ohavi Zedek Synagogue   

Old North End   

SEE ALSO: Neighborhoods

Olde Timers' Association   

Old Timer's Aaociation

Onion River Cooperative   

Overlake School   


SEE: Housing--P.A.C.T.


Peace--Burlington Peace & Justice Center   

Peace--Burlington Peace Coalition   

Performing Arts   

SEE: Dance; Music; Theater


Photographers--McAllister, Louis L.   

Political parties   

SEE: Political parties--VT--name of party (Reference File)

Pomeroy, John Norton   


Potter, Howard   

SEE: Elections--Mayor--1970-1979


SEE: Handicrafts--Ceramics (Reference File)

Preservation Burlington   

Printers--George Little Press   

Printers--Queen City Printers   

Prospect Park   

Public Schools   

SEE: Schools

Quarry Hill Club   

SEE: South Burlington, VT (Reference File)

Queen City Cotton Company   

Queen City Park   

SEE: South Burlington, VT--Queen City Park

Queen City Printers   

SEE: Printers--Queen City Printers


SEE: Burlington Jail Group

Rapid Transit Company--Burlington   

SEE: Burlington Rapid Transit Co.

Real Estate   

Real Estate--Overlake Condominiums   


Red Rocks Park   

SEE: South Burlington, VT (Reference File)

Religious Society of Friends--Burlington Chapter   

See Also: American Friends Service Committee (reference file), Society of Friends (reference file)

Rice Memorial High School   

Rock Point School   

Rock Point School for Girls   

Rotary Club   

Ruggles Foundation   

Ryan, Edward F.   

SEE: Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Ryan (Reference File)

Sacred Heart Sisters   

Salvation Army   

Sarah Holbrook Center   


See Also: Burlington (City of) Dept. of Public Schools; Church Schools--by name: Shaker Mountain School; Overlake School

Schools--Burlington High School   

See Also--Schools--Edmunds High School

Schools--Burlington High School--Adult Education   

Schools--Burlington High School--Graduation Programs   

Schools--Burlington High School--Programs for Concerts and Plays   

Schools--Burlington High School--Sports Banquet   

Schools--Burlington Junior High School   

See Also: Schools--Edmunds Junior High School; Schools--Lyman C. Hunt Junior High School

Schools--C.P. Smith School   

Schools--Edmunds High School   

See Also: Schools--Burlington High School

Schools--Edmunds Junior High School   

See Also: Schools--Burlington Junior High School; Lyman C. Hunt Junior High School

Schools--Edmunds Junior High School--Mock Campaign for 1968   

Schools--Ira Allen School   

Schools--Lawrence Barnes School   

Schools--Lyman C. Hunt Jr. High School   

Schools--Taft School   

Schools--Thayer School   

Senior Citizen's Club   

Seventh Day Adventists   

Shaker Mountain School   

Sheldon, Earl   

Shepardson, Frederick W.   

Sister City Program   

SEE: Burlington-Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program

Sisters of Mercy   

See Also: Mount Saint Mary's Academy

Smith Family (Levi P.)   

Social Conditions   

Society of the Army of the Potomac   


SEE: Youth Services--Spectrum




St. Anthony's Church   

St. Joseph's Church   

St. Joseph's Home for the Aged   

St. Joseph's School   

St. Mark's Church   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Announcements   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Building Fund Campaign   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Correspondence   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--History and Description   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Lenten Services   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Misc. Material   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Newsletters   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Reports, Membership   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Saint Paul's Ministry of the Arts   

St. Paul's Episcopal Church--Sermons   

Stacy, Jennie   

Starr Farm Beach   

Stores, Retail--(1900-1950)   

Stores, Retail--(1950-)   

Stores, Retail--F.J. Preston & Sons   

Stores, Retail--Fremeau Jewelers   

Stores, Retail--Magrams Department Store   

Stores, Retail--Reynolds, W.G.   


See Also: Business Enterprises

Strong Theater   

SEE: WILB,CLST PN 2277.B92 S77


SEE ALSO: Onion River Cooperative




Theater--Burlington Community Theater   

SEE ALSO: Theater--Burlington Theatre Club, Inc. (Burlington Reference File)

Theater--Burlington Theatre Club, Inc. (formerly the Theatre Club, Inc.)   

Theater--City Company   

Theater--Lyric Theater   

Theater--Vermont Stage Company   

Theater--Vermont Theatre Company   

Transportation and Parking   

See Also: Parking


Trinity College   

SEE: Colleges & Universities--Trinity College


SEE: Burlington Traction Company

U.S. Coast Guard   

Union Station   

Urban Renewal   

Urban Youth Center   

SEE: Youth Services

Van Patten, William James   

Venetian Blind Company   

Vermont Center for Psychosynthesis   

Vermont Electric Company   

SEE: Electric Utilities--Vermont Electric Company (Vermont Reference File)

Vermont Episcopal Institute, Rock Point   

Vermont Federal Savings and Loans   

SEE: Banks & Banking (Vermont Reference File)

Vermont Hardware Company   

SEE: Business Enterprises

Vermont Institute of Community Involvement   

SEE: Colleges & Universities

Vermont State Employees Assoc.--Burlington Chapter   

Vermont-New Hampshire Red Cross Blood Center   

See Also: American National Red Cross--Northern Vt. Chapter (reference file)


Vital Statistics Reports (1879-1887)   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Health Office

Wakefield Family   

Warehouse Hall   


See Also: City Planning; Elections

Waubanakee Golf Club   

WCAX Television, Burlington   

SEE: Television Stations--WCAX (Reference File)


SEE ALSO: Weather (Reference File)

Wells, Richardson and Co.   

Western Union   

SEE: Business Enterprises

Whitman, Walt   

SEE: Literary Societies--The Neighbors

Whittekind, Albert H.   

Willard Nervine Home   

Winter Carnival   

Winter Carnival - Burlington Coasting Club   

Woman's Christian Temperance Union   


Women Helping Battered Women   


Women--Vermont Women's Health Center   

Wood Fueled Power Plant   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Electric Dept.




Youth Services   

See Also: Baird (Josephine S.) Children's Center

Youth Services--Spectrum   


Zoning Board of Adjustment   

SEE: Burlington (City of)--Zoning Board of Adjustment

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