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Edward C. Carter Collection

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Miscellaneous Concerns   

Carton Folder

Social Science Research Council: J. T Shotwell report on "The Study of International Relations in the United States," part I,   1993, June 

Carton 2 Folder 1

Shotwell report, part II,   1933, June 

Carton 2 Folder 2

Shotwell report, part III,   1933, June 

Carton 2 Folder 3

Round Table Topics: The United States,   1936 

Carton 2 Folder 4

"A Foreigner Visits the Far East,"   1937 

Carton 2 Folder 5

Canadian Institute of International Affairs: "Twenty Years of Peace Failure,"   1940, May 

Carton 2 Folder 6

European Peace Settlement (Post-War) : memoranda and correspondence,   1940 

Carton 2 Folder 7

European Peace Settlement (Post War) : memoranda and correspondence,   1943 

Carton 2 Folder 8

United China Relief: Reports and Misc.,   1942 

Carton 2 Folder 9

United Nations Resolutions,   1949, Feb.-Mar 

Carton 2 Folder 10

Foundation for World Government: Reports,   1949 

Carton 3 Folder 1

Institute of Current World Affairs: Newsletter,   1949 

Carton 3 Folder 2

Farming in Russia: Newsletter,   1951 

Carton 3 Folder 3

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