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Alan Carter and the Vermont State Orchestra Papers

Collection Inventory

Personal Papers   

Carton Folder

Alan Carter-autobiographical material (1)   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 1

Alan Carter-autobiographical material (2)   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 2

Alan Carter-correspondence   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 3

Alan Carter-Certificate of Appreciation from South Burlington Kiwanis Club   April 12, 1972 

Carton 7 Folder 4

Alan Carter-photo proofs   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 5

Alan Carter-resume   1968 

Carton 7 Folder 6

Alan Carter-Army file   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 7

Alan Carter-returned checks and bank statement   Oct.-Nov. 1978, March -April, June-July 1969 

Carton 7 Folder 8

Alan Carter-miscellaneous   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 9

Alan Carter-"A Report of Music in Vermont Its Accomplishments and Needs" by A. Carter   1931-1936 

Carton 7 Folder 10

Accounting system instructions for A. Carter, Chicago representative for Emil Herrmann, Berlin, Germany   Sept. 25, 1931 

Carton 7 Folder 11

Special examination of accounts for A. Carter, representative for Emil Herrmann   Sept. 1, 1930-Sept. 12 1931 

Carton 7 Folder 12

Alan Carter-income tax return   1938 

Carton 7 Folder 13

University of Vermont Archives-correspondence with T.D. Seymour Basset, Bailey Library   n.d. 

Carton 7 Folder 14

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