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Lucius E. Chittenden Correspondence and Dated Documents
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Lucius E. Chittenden Papers

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Writings by L.E. Chittenden and Misc. Book Lists   

Carton Folder

Introduction to Lucius E. Chittenden’s List of Books noting some rarities and the value of the /collection   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 58

List of Books belonging to Lucius E. Chittenden Part I   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 59

List of Books belonging to Lucius E. Chittenden Part II   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 60

Library of Lucius E. Chittenden: Auction Catalog of Bangs and Co.   Jun. 8-11 1894 

Box 1 Folder 61

Memo of committee frag.   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 62

Essay: “Chambers Makes Planets”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 63

Essay: “A Charitable Expedition to Savannah...”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 64

Essay: “Les Diablas del Volcan”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 65

Essay: “The Discussion”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 66

Typescript: “Francis P. Blair: A Veteran Editor on the Confederate Expedition /Against Washington in July 1864"   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 67

Essay: “The Nebular Hypothesis”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 68

Essay: “On the Beauties of Nature”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 69

Speech: “On the Selection of Whig Candidates”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 70

Essay: “On General Geary and His Troops”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 71

Essay: “On Slavery”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 72

Essay: “On Southern Chivalry”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 73

Essay: “Plan for the Collection of Tax an Whiskey”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 74

Essay: “The Popularization of Natural Science”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 75

Essay: “The Plan the Expedition”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 76

Essay: “Thomas Wilson, Bank Robber”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 77

Essay: “To the Inside of the Earth”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 78

Essay: “Tribute to the Husband of Julia Ward Howe”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 79

Essay: “John Brown and Fort Ticonderoga”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 80

Essay: “Evacuation of Ticonderoga”   n.d. 

Box 1 Folder 81

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