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Legal papers   

carton folder

Legal papers: notes on cases involving the Vermont lands of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts   1820-1833 

Carton 2 Folder 39

Legal papers: Stephen Herrick v. S. F. Belknap   1848, April 

Carton 2 Folder 40

Legal papers: Vanderwecke and Snyder v. Central Vermont Railroad   1851 

Carton 2 Folder 41

Legal papers: Kendall Beard v. B. W. Bartholomew   1851-1853 

Carton 2 Folder 42

Legal papers: Chester Baxter v. Abiel Austin   1853 

Carton 2 Folder 43

Legal papers: State of Vermont v. Horace Bugbee   1853-1854 

Carton 2 Folder 44

Legal papers: Truman Estes v. Western Vermont Rail Road Company   1854 

Carton 2 Folder 45

Legal papers: Job Lyman v. Edwin Egerton, Windsor and West Windsor   1855 

Carton 2 Folder 46

Legal papers: Barker et al. V. Troy and Boston Rail Road Company   1855 

Carton 2 Folder 47

Legal papers:   [unknown1856 

Carton 2 Folder 48

Legal papers: Cheshire Mills Company v. A. Willard   1859 

Carton 2 Folder 49

Legal papers: Edward Mott Robinson et al. V. John B. Page, Vermont and Canada Railroad, and Worthington C. Smith   1862-1863 

Carton 2 Folder 50

Legal papers: estate of Horace Hunt   1890 

Carton 2 Folder 51

Legal papers: estate of Frances Collamer   1917 

Carton 2 Folder 52

Legal papers: estate of Elizabeth C. Ives   1917-1918 

Carton 2 Folder 53

Legal papers: Hawks v. Faulkner   no date 

Carton 2 Folder 54

Legal papers: Huxfram Paddock, will and testament   no date 

Carton 2 Folder 55

Legal papers: notes on murder, insanity, infanticide, etc.   no date 

Carton 2 Folder 56

Legal papers: notes on murder, insanity, infanticide, etc.   no date 

Carton 2 Folder 57

Legal papers: misc. Notes   misc. dates 

Carton 2 Folder 58

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