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Bernadine Custer Papers

Collection Inventory


Carton Folder

Artwork-Ford Times New England   1956-59 

Carton 3 Folder 3

Artwork-Rudyard Kipling's Vermont Feud   n.d. 

Carton 3 Folder 4

Artwork-Tomorrow   Dec. 1944 

Carton 3 Folder 5

Artwork-Tomorrow   Jan. 1945 

Carton 3 Folder 6

Artwork-Tomorrow   Nov.-Dec. 1946 

Carton 3 Folder 7

Artwork-Tomorrow   Jan.-Feb. 1947 

Carton 3 Folder 8

Artwork-Tomorrow   May-June 1948 

Carton 3 Folder 9

Artwork-Tomorrow   June, Oct., Nov. 1949 

Carton 3 Folder 10

Artwork-Country Stove Sketchbook   n.d. 

Carton 3 Folder 11

Artwork-Sketches   n.d. 

Carton 3 Folder 12

Artwork-Sketches   n.d. 

Carton 3 Folder 13

Artwork-Woodcuts and graphic art   n.d. 

Carton 3 Folder 14

Artwork-Woodcuts and graphic art   n.d. 

Carton 3 Folder 15

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