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Delta Psi/Wells Family Collection

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Elevation of Front Porch/Side Elevation of Front Porch   

Folder A Print 1

Rear Elevation of Wells House   

Folder A Print 2

Maple Street side of Elevation   

Folder A Print 3

Foundation and cellar plan   

Folder A Print 4

Side Elevation   

Folder A Print 5

Side Elevation of Porte-Cochere/Full size section of porch/one-half porte-cochere   

Folder B Print 6

Layout of Belvidere and Round Tower   

Folder B Print 7

Smaller layout of Belvidere and Round Tower   

Folder B Print 8

Plan of Tower Windows   

Folder B Print 9

Full-size jam and casting, first story windows   

Folder C Print 10

Full-size jam and casing, second story windows   

Folder C Print 11

Plan and Elevation of Tower Windows   

Folder C Print 12

Elevation showing finish on Belvidere   

Folder C Print 13

Carved Stone Detail   

Folder C Print 14

Details of Hall Ceiling   

Folder D Print 15

Elevation of Stairs, back hall   

Folder D Print 16

Side Elevation of main staircase/one-half elevation of hall alcove   

Folder D Print 17

Plan and Elevation of Drawing Room chamber-bay   

Folder D Print 18

One-half finished as side-board/One-half finished as glass closet/One-half Dining Room fireplace   

Folder E Print 19

Dining Room half "Dado,"/Second story hall "Dado"   

Folder E Print 20

Elevation of Bookcases   

Folder E Print 21

First story bedroom mantel/Miss Well's bedroom mantel   

Folder E Print 22

Elevations of linen closet, medicine closet, and pantry cupboards   

Folder E Print 23

One-half Elevation of Sitting Room mantel   

Folder E Print 24

Sketch showing corbels   

Folder E Print 25

Chimney heads/One-half large gabl   

Folder E Print 26

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