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Ketch Dance Company
Vermont Council on the Arts
Cradle to Grave Arts
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Trinity College
AIDS Education
Working Ground Dance Company
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Rose Street Bakery Project
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Hannah Dennison Collection

Collection Inventory


Carton Folder

Larkin Order Record (large book with red edges)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 1

The Mill Project (small 3 ring binder)   no date  

Carton 5 Folder 2

Histoire de la Congregation Canadienn de Winooski au Vermont (red book)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 3

Questions about Mill Project (marble notebook)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 4

Homemade Autograph Book (paper and string)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 5

The Woolen Mill Project (white book)   1993 

Carton 5 Folder 6

Work Book (brown squares)   1986-88 

Carton 5 Folder 7

Bones (blue book)   '85, '86, '87 

Carton 5 Folder 8

Broken Eggs (marble notebook)   1984-86 

Carton 5 Folder 9

Piece with Kim Bent, Unrealized (black/blue book)   1987-88 

Carton 5 Folder 10

Broken Eggs/A Little Cocktail Party Too (green book)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 11

Bones/Work with Darri Johnson (red book)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 12

Figure/Ground (blue book)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 13

Mill Project DAT Tapes Interviews (box of tapes)   no date 

Carton 5 Folder 14

Hannah Dennison: Biography   1998 

Carton 5 Folder 15

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