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Ketch Dance Company
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Trinity College
AIDS Education
Working Ground Dance Company
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Hannah Dennison Collection

Collection Inventory

Burlington Schools   

Carton Folder

Burlington Schools: Homework Assignments   1989-90 

Carton 1 Folder 48

Burlington Schools: Improve Curriculum   1989-93 

Carton 1 Folder 49

Burlington Schools: Modern techniques; Info Sheets   1990 

Carton 1 Folder 50

Burlington Schools: Australia Curriculum   1990-91 

Carton 1 Folder 51

Burlington Schools: Milton; Knowledge=Power, Silence=Death   1991 

Carton 1 Folder 52

Burlington Schools: Dreams I Remember   1991-92 

Carton 1 Folder 53

Burlington Schools: Bleeding for No Reason   1992 

Carton 1 Folder 54

Burlington Schools: Tour of First Semester   1993 

Carton 1 Folder 55

Burlington Schools: Pigeons on the Ledge   1993 

Carton 1 Folder 56

Burlington Schools: School to Work; Chamber of Commerce   1996 

Carton 1 Folder 57

Burlington Schools: Dance Profile; PAP   no date 

Carton 1 Folder 58

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