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Dorothy Canfield Collection

Collection Inventory

Background on Dorothy Canfield Fisher and the Collection   

Carton Folder

Collection background: Inventory   August 1980 

Carton 1 Folder 1

Collection background: Deed of Gift   1953 

Carton 1 Folder 2

Collection background: Bibliography of anthology excerpts   June 1932-Aug. 1942 

Carton 1 Folder 3

Collection background: bibliography of books and articles   1903-1955 

Carton 1 Folder 4

Collection background: Notes toward a bibliography   1939-1955 

Carton 1 Folder 5

Collection background: Preliminary bibliography by Glenn Skillin   1960 

Carton 1 Folder 6

Collection background: MSS in Arlington Library   1976 

Carton 1 Folder 7

Collection background: MSS in Wilbur Collection by TDS Bassett   November 1958 

Carton 1 Folder 8

Collection background: Short biographies,   1939-1958 

Carton 1 Folder 9

Collection background: Miscellaneous personal tributes   1939-1949 

Carton 1 Folder 10

Collection background: Dorothy Canfield Fisher chronology   1944 

Carton 1 Folder 11

Collection background: Explanatory notes accompanying papers   no date 

Carton 1 Folder 12

Collection background: Publications removed from Dorothy Canfield Collection   no date 

Carton 1 Folder 13

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