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Dorothy Canfield Collection

Collection Inventory

Critical Studies of Dorothy Canfield Fisher's Work   

Carton Folder

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield Fisher : An Appreciation" Eupha Bonham   July 1948 

Carton 66 Folder 14

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield Fisher : Interpreter of Life and Character" John Wright /Buckham   Mar. 1943 

Carton 66 Folder 15

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield and the Moral Bent" Joseph J. Firebaugh   Mar. 1951 

Carton 66 Folder 16

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield: The Little Vermonter" by Dorothea Lawrence Mann   no /date 

Carton 66 Folder 17

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield Fisher 's Views on American Education" Lois McCallister /   1963 

Carton 66 Folder 18

Critical Studies: "An Intelligent Woman's Adjustment to Modern American Life," Alice E. /McNiff   1939 

Carton 66 Folder 19

Critical Studies: "Analysis of Dorothy Canfield Fisher 's The Deepening Stream" by Fred /Lewis Pattee   1930 

Carton 66 Folder 20

Critical Studies: "The Neo-Puritanism of Dorothy Canfield" by Edward A. Post   Aug. 17, 1933 

Carton 66 Folder 21

Critical Studies: "Catharsis" by Frederick A. Pottle   Summer 1951 

Carton 66 Folder 22

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield: An Appreciation" Naomi Rabe   (1922?) 

Carton 66 Folder 23

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield: A Neglected Best-Seller" by Elizabeth Wyckoff   Sept. /1931 

Carton 66 Folder 24

Critical Studies: "Dorothy Canfield in Review" Elizabeth Wyckoff   Sept. 1931 

Carton 66 Folder 25

Critical Studies: misc. college papers on Dorothy Canfield Fisher 's work   no date 

Carton 66 Folder 26

Critical Studies: The Dial Issue dedicated to Dorothy Canfield Fisher   Dec. 1953 

Carton 66 Folder 27

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