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Dorothy Canfield Collection

Collection Inventory


Carton Folder

Miscellaneous: Account Books Refugee Aid (via Celine Sibut)   1916-1918 

Carton 70 Folder 17

Miscellaneous: "Tili" Fischbacher Baudry: "Agnes"   Dec. 1953 

Carton 70 Folder 18

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, Carola; Memoir Prose Articles   no date 

Carton 70 Folder 19

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: Article offprints   1941-1949 

Carton 70 Folder 20

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: Birchbark Greeting card to Dorothy Canfield Fisher   no /date 

Carton 70 Folder 21

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: "Empirical Data ... Ethics ... And the Citerion of Coherence"   no date 

Carton 70 Folder 22

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: "Johannes Kepler in his Letters"   no date 

Carton 70 Folder 23

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: "Moral Lessons of the Day"   ca. 1940? 

Carton 70 Folder 24

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: Library of Congress material   1942 

Carton 70 Folder 25

Miscellaneous: Baumgardt, David: MSS fragment on Bentham   no date 

Carton 70 Folder 26

Miscellaneous: Broadcast by Prof. Walter Murdoch   Sept. 19, 1954 

Carton 71 Folder 1

Miscellaneous: Radio Broadcast bon France's Girl Scouts   Aug. 27, 1935 

Carton 71 Folder 2

Miscellaneous: Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial Newsletter   1957 

Carton 71 Folder 3

Miscellaneous: Sarah N. Cleghorn: Pencil Sketch   Oct. 14, 1922 

Carton 71 Folder 4

Miscellaneous: Cleghorn, Sarah N.: Offprints and Bound Poetry   1931-44 

Carton 71 Folder 5

Miscellaneous: Cleghorn, Sarah N.: "A Fierce Beating Heart"   Apr. 18, 1940 

Carton 71 Folder 6

Miscellaneous: Cleghorn, Sarah N.: Poetry Sheets   no date 

Carton 71 Folder 7

Miscellaneous: Sketch of John Dewey   1895 

Carton 71 Folder 8

Miscellaneous: "Die Kom-Menden" (German Newspaper) 3 issues   1950 

Carton 71 Folder 9

Miscellaneous: Statements made by President Eisenhower   Nov. 11, 1956 

Carton 71 Folder 10

Miscellaneous: Flyers and clippings Dorothy Canfield Fisher Subject interests   1902-1940 

Carton 71 Folder 11

Miscellaneous: Foreign Language Reviews, articles   1946-47 

Carton 71 Folder 12

Miscellaneous: "Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications"   1951 

Carton 71 Folder 13

Miscellaneous: Layug, Dr. and Mrs.: articles   1945-46 

Carton 71 Folder 14

Miscellaneous: Eliza Lopez: Sonnets   no date 

Carton 71 Folder 15

A-Miscellaneous: Newspaper column on Dorothy Canfield Fisher "Made in VT," by Charles E. /Crane   Oct. 14, 1953 

Carton 71 Folder 15

Miscellaneous: Presentation copies of publications from others   1945-1952 

Carton 71 Folder 16

Miscellaneous: Assorted fragments   

Carton 71 Folder 17

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