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Dorothy Canfield Collection

Collection Inventory

Reviews by Dorothy Canfield Fisher   

Carton Folder

Reviews: of Henry Seidel Canby's Thoreau   1939 

Carton 66 Folder 1

Reviews: of Willa Cather's Willa Cather in Europe, ed. G. N. Kates   1956 

Carton 66 Folder 2

Reviews: of Childrens Books   ca. 1948 

Carton 66 Folder 3

Reviews: of Stewart G. Cole's This is My Faith   July 11, 19? 

Carton 66 Folder 4

Reviews: of Charles H. Compton's Memories of a Librarian   1954 

Carton 66 Folder 5

Reviews: of R. L. Dufus' Williamstown Branch for Sat. Review   1958 

Carton 66 Folder 6

Reviews: of Winston Allen Flint's The Progressive Movement in Vermont   no date 

Carton 66 Folder 7

Reviews: of Grandma Moses: My Life's History by Anna Mary Robertson Moses   no date 

Carton 66 Folder 8

Reviews: of A. B. Guthrie's The Big Sky   May 4, 1947 

Carton 66 Folder 9

Reviews: of Alvin Johnson's Pioneer's Progress   1952 

Carton 66 Folder 10

Reviews: of James Avery Joyce's World in the Making   1953 

Carton 66 Folder 11

Reviews: of Marrianne Oswald's One Small Voice   Nov. 10, 1945 

Carton 66 Folder 12

Reviews: of Krishnalai Shridharani's Anthropological Research and World Peace   Aug. 1943 

Carton 66 Folder 13

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