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John Johnson Collection

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Miscellaneous Papers   

Carton Folder

Miscellaneous Papers: extract from Underhill, town records   1800-1801 

Carton 3 Folder 39

Miscellaneous Papers: to the Vermont Sentinel, letters attacking the character of Martin Chittenden   1802 

Carton 3 Folder 40

Miscellaneous Papers: Petition from residents of Burlington to get John Johnson appointed Justice of the Peace   October 1810 

Carton 3 Folder 41

Miscellaneous Papers: Report of expedition to survey United States-Canadian border   May 1818 

Carton 3 Folder 42

Miscellaneous Papers: notes on astronomy for work as US surveyor   Summer 1818 

Carton 3 Folder 43

Miscellaneous Papers: Daniel Jackson's "improved distillery" patent application   ca. 1820 

Carton 3 Folder 44

Miscellaneous Papers: An act for the better organization of the Surveyor general's department, Vermont General Assembly   October 1832 

Carton 3 Folder 45

Miscellaneous Papers: Inventory of J. B. Johnson Library   Feb. 3, 1835 

Carton 3 Folder 46

Miscellaneous Papers: list of books, UVM Library   Aug. 31, 1835 

Carton 3 Folder 47

Miscellaneous Papers: Surveyor General commission signed by Governor Silas H. Jenison   

Carton 3 Folder 48

Miscellaneous Papers: Essays supporting Heman Allen for Congress against John Smith   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 49

Miscellaneous Papers: Whig convention, 4th district   July 12, 1838 

Carton 3 Folder 50

Miscellaneous Papers: application for a patent for improvements in soldering, William R. Lawrence and Charles Parsons   Jan. 28, 1839 

Carton 3 Folder 51

Miscellaneous Papers: letter to the editor concerning defamation of the character of Udney Hay, candidate for Congress   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 52

Miscellaneous Papers: Henry Ward Beecher, "To the friends of Freedom"; letter introducing William Smith to lecture on Slavery   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 53

Miscellaneous Papers: Biographical sketch of Peter Benedict   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 54

Miscellaneous Papers: Letter to the editor replying to "A. B." about roads and bridges   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 55

Miscellaneous Papers: Chronology of World History   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 56

Miscellaneous Papers: Poetry   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 57

Miscellaneous Papers: "Statement of Revolution and Patriotic Pieces"   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 58

Miscellaneous Papers: list of grantees of Milton, with their land holdings   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 59

Miscellaneous Papers: list of grantees of Bolton with their land holdings   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 60

Miscellaneous Papers: petition to Congress protesting high rates of postage   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 61

Miscellaneous Papers: "Proposed Regulation of Surveys"   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 62

Miscellaneous Papers: "Remarks on Surveying"   no date 

Carton 3 Folder 63

Miscellaneous Papers: Leather wrappers used to divide correspondence and other papers   no /date 

Carton 3 Folder 64

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