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Vermont Large Bound Manuscripts

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Account Book, Anonymous - Burlington, VT   1965-1975 

Account Book, Unidentified: Notes and Bills Receivable   1892, April - 1901, March 

Account Book, Unidentified: List of Notes   1820-1821 

Algonquin Club - Burlington, VT: Register   1901-1931 

Allen, Cyrus: Ledger - Cooper and General Carpenter   1810-1863 

Cyrus Allen's ledger documenting his work as a cooper and carpenter in Windsor, Woodstock, Bridport Dam and other areas of Vermont in the early 19th century. Also includes 8 pages of geneaological information.

Allen, John: Arithmetic Practice Book   1789 

American Express Company: Account Book - Brandon, VT   1886 

American Telegraph Company: Register - Milford, NH   1873-1885 

Angell, Wilmer W. - Randolph, VT: "Down the Further Slope: The Autobiography of a Vermont Doctor."   Undated 

Angier, Dr. John: Physicians Account Book   Undated 

Avery and Piper Company: Ledger   Undated 

Bacon and Underwood - Bellows Falls, VT: Account Book (2 volumes)   1878, April 1 - 1883, Jan. 20 

Bailey, Consuelo Northrop: School Papers   1910-1912 

Bailey, Henry A. - Burlington, VT: Book of Commissions and Deposits   1934, May - 1938, Jan. 

Bakersfield, VT: Account Book, Unidentified Lumber Business   1889-1900 

Bakersfield, VT: Account Book, Unidentified General Store   1914-1917 

Bakersfield, VT: Congregational Church Record of Weekly Offerings   1903-1914 

Bakersfield, VT: Congregational Church Sunday School Library Record   1859 

Bakersfield, VT: Congregational Church Treasurer's Journal (2 volumes)   1890-1891 and 1899-1920 

Bakersfield, VT: Scrapbook found in J.K. Maynard Home. Pasted on account book of 1817-1842.   Undated 

Ballou, Phineas D: Candy Manufacturer's Ledger - Burlington, VT   1843-1853 

Barnard, VT: Sawmill & General Store Accounts   1843-1850 

Barber Farm - Jerico, VT: Photo Album   Circa 1900 

Barney Marble Company - Swanton, VT: Time Book (4 volumes)   1889-1893, 1899-1902 

Barney Marble Company - Swanton, VT: Cash Journal (2 volumes)   1888-1892 

Barrett Family Papers: Scrapbook   1921-1933 

Barstow, John L. - St. Albans, VT: Scrapbook - Currency, Political Clippings (4 volumes)   1874-1882 

Bascom, A.B.: Ledger   1840-1850 

Bates, Warner: Account Book   1837-1862 

Baxendale, John O. Vermont Salvage Committee Scrapbook - Salvage For Victory   1943-1944 

Baxendale, John O. Vermont Salvage Committee - World War II, Two Boxes   1941-1945 

Beardsley, H.R.: Attorney's Account Book   1847-1877 

Bellows Falls Toll Bridge: Account Book - Bellows Falls, VT   1863-1873 

Bennett C. Douglass School - Burlington, VT: Scrapbook (5 volumes)   1960-1974 

Bennett C. Douglass School - Burlington, VT: Scrapbook and Photo Album   1956-1961 

Bennington County Agricultural Society: Society Record Book   1848-1864 

Bethel Manufacturing Company - Bethel, VT: Account Book   1815-1816 

Billings, Oel - Woodstock, VT: Memorandum Book   1859-1871 

Billings, William: Account Book   1838-1884 

Bissell, Wm. Henry A. Diary (5 volumes)   1849-1868, May 22 

Black River Creamery Association - Coventry, VT: Account Book (2 volumes)   1899-1902 

Black River Creamery Association - Coventry, VT: Cash Book   1898-1901 

Black River Creamery Association - Coventry, VT: Check Book   1900, July 9 - Nov. 24 

Black River Creamery Association - Coventry, VT: Stockholder List and Interest Paid   1900-1901 

Blake, William W: Letters   1858-1884 

Booth, John R. - Burlington, VT: Lumbering Scrapbook, Two Boxes   1910-1935 

Boyce, Eugene F. - Middlebury, VT: Scrapbook with Photos   Undated 

Bradley, Cora: Post Card Album - So. Lincoln, VT   Circa 1900-1910 

Bradley and Canfield - Burlington, VT: Ledger   1852-1864 

Brainerd, F.L & Co. - Fairfield, VT: General Store Ledger with Index   1873-1874 

Brattleboro Council No. 2 of the Union League - Brattleboro, VT: Constitution and Membership List   1863 

Brattleboro, VT: General Store Day Book   1859, April 4 - 1860, August 9 

Brattleboro, VT: General Store and Lumber Day Book   1859-1860 

Briggs, Seth: Accoount Book, General Store and Personal - Dummerston, VT   1817-1824 

Bristol, VT: Baptist Church Membership Register with Index (Including Statistics, Minutes, and Record of Marriages) (3 volumes)   1867-1956 

Bristol, VT: Baptist Church Records, (2 volumes)   1904-1917 

Bristol, VT: Baptist Church Records (3 volumes)   1835-1904 

Bristol Railroad Manuscript Atlas - Bristol, VT   1893 

Brooks House - Brattleboro, VT: Unused Hotel Register   Circa 1875 

Brooksville, VT: Advent Church Records   1854-1865 

N.K. Brown Manufacturing Co. - Burlington, VT: Journal   1873-1877 

N.K. Brown Manufacturing Co. - Burlington, VT: Ledger   1873-1874 

Brownell, Chauncey W: Account Book, General Store - Essex Junction, VT   1855-1857 

Brownell, Chauncey W. Jr: Personal Cash Account Book - Burlington, VT   1881-1890 

Buchanan, J. & W.G. & Co. General Store - Newbury, VT: Account Book   1865-1866 

Bullard, Benjamin - Weybridge, VT: General Store Ledger   1812-1818 

Bullard, Cullen - Weybridge, VT: Physician's Journal Account Books (5 volumes)   1833-1882 

Burgess, Maria - Rockingham, VT: Commonplace Book   1822-1826 

Burgess & Foster - Fairfield, VT: General Store Cash Sales Record Book   1870, Dec. 7 - 1872, Oct. 19 

Burlington, VT: Account Book   1833-1861 

Burlington, VT: City Property Rentals   1908-1923 

Burlington, VT: Day Book   1881-1882 

Burlington, VT: Drug Store Day Book (6 volumes)   1864, Mar. - 1878, Sept. 

Burlington, VT: Street Sprinkling Tax Records (5 volumes)   1896, 1906, 1908, 1909, 1910 

Burlington College: Scrapbook   1972-1982 

Burlington, VT: Drug Store Day Book   1878, Oct. - 1880, Dec. 

Burlington, VT: Drug Store Journal   1878-1880 

Burlington, VT: Drug Store Journal   1893 - ? 

Burlington, VT: Grand List   1860 

Burlington, VT: Liquor Store Day Book   1822, May 26 - 1824 

Burlington, VT: Licences (Index)   1887-1888 

Burlington Lyceum - Burlington, VT: Constitution, Minutes and Roster   1831, March - 1839, March 

Burlington Savings Bank: Ledgers (7 volumes)   1895-1948 

Burlington Shoe Company - Burlington, VT: Ledger   1891-1898 

Burlington, VT: Record of Deaths (prior to 1870 taken from tombstones in Burlington cemeteries)   Undated 

Burlington, VT: Records of Union School District A   1849-1867 

Burlington, VT: Taxpayer Consent for Burlington and Lamoille Railroad   1874 

Burlington Town/City Records, Unidentified Index   Undated 

Burlington Town/City Records, Health Dept./Vital Statistics, Births/Deaths Register   [1899?] - 1902 

Burlington Traction Co.: Barker and Wheeler, Engineers, New York City: Inventory and Appraisal of the Electric Railway System of the Burlington Traction Co.   1926, Aug. 2 

Burlington Traction Co.: Barker and Wheeler, Engineers, New York City: Burlington Traction Co. Burlington, VT: Report to Public Service Commission, State of Vermont, on Investigation of assets   1926, Aug. 2 

Burlington, Voluntary Association: Articles of Incorporation   1881-1892 

Burlington Water Works - Burlington, VT: Scrapbook of Clippings   1877-1888 

Mayor John J. Burns - Burlington VT (one box)   1939-1964 

Mayor John J. Burns - Burlington, VT: Scrapbooks (12 volumes)   1939-1948 

Cambridge, VT: General Store Account Books (2 volumes)   1863-1871 

Cambridge, VT: Ledger General Store   1869-1870 

Capen, John: Exercise Book in Surveying - Brandon, VT   1847-1848 

Carley, William: Account Book   1799-1876 

Catlin, Alexander L. - Burlington, VT: Import and Customs Duties List   1849, Dec. 3 - 1853, Apr. 28 

Catlin, Henry W. - Burlington, VT: Central Vermont Railroad Record   1852-1864 

Catlin, Henry W. - Burlington, VT: Legal Notes   1865 

Cedar Beach Association: Record of Visitors   1876-1906 

Central Vermont Railway - St. Albans, VT: Register of Repairs with Index   1905-1909 

Champlain Association for Retarded Citizens - Vermont: Scrapbook   1949-1972 

Champlain Transportation Company - Burlington, VT: Annual Reports (two volumes)   1891-1932 

Champlain Transportation Company: Financial Ledger, (two volumes)   1921-1937 

Champlain Transportation Company - Burlington, VT: Check and Deposit Register   1938, May - 1939, Sept. 

Champlain Transportation Company: Stock Ledger   1849-1877 

Champlain Transportation Company: Stock Transfer Book (two volumes)   1849-1929 

Champlain Transportation Company: Gross Earnings Record Book, Steamers of Lake George Steamboat Co. and Champlain Trans.   1897-1927 

Champlain Transportation Company: Lake George Steamboat Co. Financial Ledger   1920-1928 

Champlain Transportation Company: Plattsburgh - Grand Isle Ferry Accounts   1920-1933 

Champlain Transportation Company: I.C.C. Engineering Report on CTC   1923 

Champlain Transportation Company: Reports to ICC Bureau of Valuation   1937 

Charlotte, VT: Inventory and Auction   1834, Feb. 19 and 1835, July 

Chase, Issac - Westford, VT: Business Record Book   1813-1823 

Chelsea, Vermont: General Store Accounts (2 volumes)   1819-1848 

Chelsea, VT: Grandlist   1886 

Chester House, Chester, VT: H.H. Ingraham Ledger   1872-1876 

Childs, J.J. - Burlington, VT: General Store Personal Accounts   1911-1912 

Chimney Point, VT: Record and Postal Account Book   1887 

Chittenden County Development Association: Records   1965-1967 

Chittenden County Superior Court: Docket Book   1806-1823 

Civil War Market Street Hospital Day Book and Storeroom Acounts   1863 

Clarendon, VT: Second Baptist Church Records   1798-1832 

Clark, Enon - Huntington, VT: Farm Account Book with Index   1814-1833 

Clark, M. - Poultney, Vermont: U.S. Government Pension Agent Ledger Book   1847-1849 

[Clark, Thomas?] - Dummerston, VT: Farm Accounts   1822-1857 

Clarke, Cornelius W. Lawyer, Chelsea, VT: Letter Book and Day Book (2 volumes)   1861-1862 and 1867-1871 

Clemons, Seneca S. MD - Manchester Center, VT: Physician's Account Book   1893-1900 

Clemons, Seneca S. MD - Manchester Center, VT: Physician's Account Book (2 volumes)   1867-1871 

Cleveland, Elijah - Coventry, VT: Business Records (60 volumes)   

Businessman of Coventry, VT. Mostly papers (1845-82) concerning the Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad Company of which Cleveland was secretary, including ballots and votes for the director of the railroad, subscription books for stock, vouchers and receipts, construction costs (1849-50), lists of employees and salaries (circa 1850-58; and partial inventories (1857) of railroad equipment; together with papers and documents of the estates of Nancy Cook and Dewitt Holland, both of Coventry, VT; account books, bills, receipts, and shares of stocks of the Black River Creamery Association, Coventry, VT, for 1890-1902; an account book (1844-47) of a sawmill; and account books, bills, and receipts of Cleveland's various business enterprises including a general store in Coventry. There are two boxes shelved with the manuscript collections in addition to the 60 volumes in Large Bound Manuscripts.

Cleveland Family: Account Books (4 volumes)   1821 - 1917 

Cleveland, Harriat - Coventry, VT: Cash Account Book   1790-1809 

Cleveland, Harriat - Coventry, VT: Ledger   1810-1816 

Cleveland, Harriat - Coventry, VT: Day Book used as a Scrapbook   1820's 

Cleveland, Stephen - Coventry, VT: Day Book   1817-1834 

Cleveland & Woodbury - Coventry, VT: Account Book   1812-1820 

Cobb H.E. - Milton, VT: Ledger   1825-1828 

Colby Wringer Co., Waterbury, VT: Letter Copybook   1877-1878 

Colchester Mill - Winooski, VT: Account Book   1888 

Colchester/Winooski: School Expenses, Town Treasurer's Records   1817-1864 

Cole, Zacheus: Blacksmith's Ledger   1843-1877 

Collins, Nathan - Monkton, VT: Day Book   1803-1819 

Comings, Joseph Sidney: Ledger   1829-1865 

Comstock, Orange: Diary   1852-1861 

Connecticut River Valley Medical Association: Constitution and Minutes (2 volumes)   1870-1919 

Converse, Shubael: Day Book   Undated 

Coolidge, Calvin and Grace: Scrapbook   1971, Feb. 26 

Coombs, Barnas: Account Book, Barrell Cooper - Townshend, VT   1827-1852 

Corinth, VT: General Store Day Book   1796-1797 

Coventry, Kathryn: Scrapbook   Circa 1938-1953 

Cowles and Gridley Store - Weathersfield, VT: Day Book   1809 

Cramton, Augustus - Timmouth and Berkshire, VT: Account Book and Genealogy   1807-1851 

Crockett, Katherine - Pittsford, VT: Christmas Card Designs and Samples   1965 

Crystal Lake Hotel - Barton, VT: Register   1905 

Culbert, Ann: Day Book   1844-1890s 

Cummings, Joseph - Barre, VT: General Store Ledger   1815-1841 

Curry, George E: Account Book (2 volumes)   1874-1878 

Cushing, David F. - Cambridgeport (Grafton), VT: General Store Accounts (7 volumes)   1845-1864 

Cushing, David F - Cambridgeport, VT: General Store Accounts (11 volumes)   1851-1869 

Cushing, David F: Hay Scale Book   Undated 

Cushman, H.H. - Rochester, VT: General Store Accounts   1906 

Dartt, Vonnie: Scrapbook   1912-1929 

Davis, George - Marshfield, VT: General Store Day Book (2 volumes)   1860-1861, 1871, 1876-1877 

Davison, William A: Scrapbook of Clippings on Baptists in Vermont   Circa 1910-1920 

DeGoesbriand, Louis - Burlington, VT: Diary   1853-1899 

Degree, S.P. - Hinesburgh, VT: Liquor Agent's Account Book   1901-1903 

Derby, Eli: Ledger   Undated 

Dillingham, William P: Congressional Bill Tariff H.R. 7456   1921 

Dillingham, William P: Congressional Bill Appropriations, New Offices, Etc.   1922-1923 

Dodge, Dr. Albert: Account book, Chelsea, VT   1864-1869 

Dorset Furnace Company: Account Book   1828-1830 

Douglas Medicine Company - Burlington, VT: Financial Books (9 volumes)   1870-1898 

Dow, Louis F. Mayor - Burlington, VT: Scrapbook (4 volumes)   1935, Feb. 19 - 1939, April 

Drew, Charles: Drew Family Genealogy   Undated 

Drew, George W. - Randolph, VT: Blacksmith's Account Book (3 volumes)   1868-1899, 1904-1910 

Drew, Harriet T: Scrapbook - [Burlington, VT?]   1870's 

Drew, L.C. - Randolph, VT: Blacksmith's Account Book (9 volumes)   1892, Mar. 1 - 1904, Dec. 1 

Drury, Ebenezer: Book of Law Case Records   1781, Aug. - 1791, Nov. 

Dubois Family Photo Album   1908-1953 

Dubois, Charles: Civil War Memoir, original and transcript   Undated 

Dunham, Nathaniel - Hinesburg, VT: General Store Day Book   1827, Feb. - 1830, Dec. 

Eldridge, John: Account Book Blacksmith/Tavern - Salisbury, CT and Burlington, VT   1770-1832 

Emanuel Lodge #351 Order Brith Abraham - Burlington, VT: Secretary's Book   1903, Feb. - 1910, Dec. 

Emanuel Lodge #351 Order Brith Abraham - Burlington, VT: Membership Accounts   1907, Oct. - 1912, Aug. 4 

Emanuel Lodge #351 Order Brith Abraham - Burlington, VT: Cash Book   1903, Feb. - 1910, May 

Enosburg, VT: Cobbler Account Book   1811, Oct. 11 - 1828, June 9 

Ephemera Scrapbook. Victorian Trade Cards; Valentines, Calling Cards. (Collector Unknown)   Circa 1880s 

Erwin, WIlliam R: Account Book - St. Albans, VT: Misc. Expenses and Wages   1922-1934 

Estey Organ Company - Brattleboro, VT: Financial Journal   1879, Oct. - 1885, June 

Estey Organ Company - Brattleboro, VT: Tax Forms   1881-1927 

Estey Organ Company - Brattleboro, VT: Customer Form Letters   1903-1911 

Estey Organ Company - Brattleboro, VT: Price Book for Piece Work   1884-1893 

Ewing, Daniel S: Ledger   1823-1836 

Fairchild, Joel: Physician's Day Book - Shelburne, VT   1824-1826 

Fairfield, VT: Road Commission Orders Issued and Paid   1899-1906 

Fairfield, VT: School Board Directors Orders Issued and Paid   1899-1906 

Fairfield, VT:Selectmen List of Orders Issued and Paid, Drawn and Paid and Orders Issued by Overseer of the Poor   1899-1907 

Fargo, J.C. - Randolph Centre, VT: Account Book with Index   1878-1879 

Fargo, J.C. - Randolph Centre, VT: Account Book   1878-1881 

Fargo, J.C. - Randolph Centre, VT: Ledger and Scrapbook   1820-1825 and 1878-1879 

Feed and Grain Store: Account Book - [Northfield, VT?]   1904-1909 

Felton, H&L Tanner's Ledger - Jamaica, VT   1843-1854 

Field, Andrew E. - Berlin, VT: Carpenter's Account Book with Index   1824-1859 

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield: Book-of-Month-Club, Books Reviewed   1933, Sept. - 1946, Oct. 

Fletcher, Jesse: Account Books (3 volumes)   1796-1830 

Fletcher, Jesse: Justice of the Peace Records   1803-1809 

Fletcher, Jesse: Account Book   1809-1830 

Fletcher Public Library - Fletcher, VT: Patron Circulation Register   1896-1902 

[Fletcher A.C.?] Ledger with Index from General Store Credit Sales   1870, May-1876, Dec. 

Fletcher and Smith - Cambridge, VT: General Store Day Book (4 volumes)   1869-1878 

Fletcher, VT: Post Office Package List   1884-1904 

Fleury Family Record, in Bible   1813-1978 

Follett and Bradley - Burlington, VT: Notes and Receipts   1838-1847 

Foote, Alvan Atty. - Burlington, VT: Account Book   1814-1828 

Foote, Alvan - Burlington, VT: Chittenden County Court Day Books (4 volumes)   1804-1817 

Foote, Isaac & Company - Charlotte, VT: Ledger   1828-1848 

[Forsyth, Everett?] Feed Store - Topsham, VT[?]: Account Books (3 volumes)   1901-1903 

Forum Club: Records   1916-1918 

Foster & Davis - Fairfield, VT: General Store Day Book (3 volumes)   1862, April - 1888, June 

Foster & Pomeroy - Fairfield, VT: General Store Day Book (2 volumes)   1861, May 6 - 1862, Aug. 20 

Foster & Pomeroy - Fairfield, VT: General Store Ledger with Index   1860-1863 

Foster & Pomeroy - Fairfield, Vt: General Store Day Book (Vol. 4)   1860-1862 

Freeman, French, Freeman: Scrapbook   Undated 

French, George B.: Account books, Woodstock, VT - Windsor County Court clerk records and personal accounts (4 volumes)   1854-1910 

French, J.A. Shoemaker's Account North Bennington, VT (3 volumes)   1831-1856 

French, Jedidiah (1770-1833) Braintree and Randolph, Vermont, Account book   1770-1833 

Friendly Society, Bennington, Vermont: Records of the Society   1781-1790 

Frontier House: W. Berkshire, VT: Hotel Register   1881 May to 1889 November 

Frost, Charles Christopher: Account books, boot & shoe store, Brattleboro, VT (2 volumes)   1847-1859 

Frost, Henry B.S.: Account book, stage route Winchester-Fitzwilliam-Athol-Brattleboro   1840-1841 

Fullerton, Calvin (1803-1871): Misc. account book, Waitsfield, VT   1848-1871 

Fullerton & Wardner: Windsor, VT: General Store Cash book, Vol. 1   1841 August 28 to 1851 January 

Fullerton & Wardner: Windsor, VT: General Store Day Book, Vol. 2   1841 June 23 to 1851 March 1st 

Fullerton, Thomas S.: Windsor, VT: General Store Day Book, Vol. 3   1842 January to 1848 November 

Fullerton, Thomas S.: Windsor, Vt: General Store, Invoice and Inventory, Vol. 4   1842 January 28 to 1843 March 

Fullerton, Thomas S., Windsor, VT. General Store Ledger, Vol. 5   1842 January to 1850 April 

Fullerton, Thomas S. Windsor, VT.: General Store Sales Account book, Vol. 6   1842, 1843 March 22 

Fullerton, Thomas S.: Windsor, VT. General Store Account book Vol.7   1880-1889 

Gaffield, (Mrs. J.E.? Miss L.H.?, Florence Emma?): Montpelier, Waterbury, and Bradford Programs of Cultural Events   1891-1900 

Gage, Sanford, and Brown: Ledger   1838-1843 

Gay, M. Day Book   1846-1847 

General Store (Essex Co.?) Day Book   1837, 1845 February 28, May 29 

General Store Day Book   1822-1823 

Goodenow, Dr. Artemus (?): Cash ledger, Hubbardton, VT   1803-1809 

Gordimer, Barbara: Scrapbook   1954 February to April 

Gorton & Kneeland, April 22 1848 to January 31 1850, Labor on railroad cars involving Robbins & Lawrence and Vt. Central R.R. Co., 48 p.   1848 April 22 to 1850 January 31 

Grand Army of the Republic, General I.B. Richardson Post No.92 Fairfax, VT Minutes   1892 March 25 to 1908 May 

Granite Mutual Insurance Company Register, Barre, VT   1907 to 1949 

Green Mountain Distillery, Burlington, Vt   1935 to 1983 

Green Mountain Parkway Vermont, Reconnaissance Survey Final report by the landscape architects of the National Park Service   Circa 1935 

Green Mountain Parkway Vermont Proposal to Establish the Green Mountain National Park   Circa 1936 

Green Mountain Parkway Vermont: Progress Reports No.s 1-4   1934 

Green Mountain Parkway Vermont: Progress Report No. 5   1934 

Griswold, A.: Daybook   Undated 

Hagar Brook Farm: East Rupert, VT: History   Undated 

Hale, Harry, Chelsea, VT: Tavern, Jail and Mill Accounts   1807-1833 

Hale, Samuel D.: diary & account book   1914-1918 

Hall, David: Physician's account book, Pomfret, CT and Windsor, VT   1759-1796 

Handly, William G.: Account book, East Granville, VT, general store and odd jobs   1891-1906 

Hanson's Shoe Store: Winooski, VT, Business Records (7 volumes)   1906-1920 

Hardware and Repair Accounts Book, Unidentified   1809-1825 

Hardy, Charles L., Springfield, VT: Diaries (5 volumes)   1908-1928, 1930-1931 

Harrington, Hiram H.: Shoemaker's account books, Burlington, VT (2 volumes). Also contains general store accounts, Chambly, Quebec (1782-1783)   1827-1853, 1782-1783 

Harrington, William C.: Lawyer's account book, Burlington, VT   1799-1814 

Hastings, Charles E.: Account books, black smith, Brownsville, VT (10 volumes)   1889-1910 

Hatch, Asa L., Iowa Valley Construction Company and Central RR of Iowa records (Includes Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, Contract with RR, Subscriptions, etc.) (A.L. Hatch was Treas. and N.Y.C. resident (b. 1822 - d. 1895) From Grand Isle. U.V.M. Graduate, 1845)   1869 

Hawley and Amblers Daybook: Brandon, VT   1796-1847 

Daybook accounts for a boarding house, a tavern, legal work, and stores. Brandon, Vermont. Noah Hawley was related to Thomas Hawley Canfield.

Hawley Justin G. (Manchester, Vt?): Diary   1897 

Hayden, Eli: General Store account book, Braintree, MA   1789-1792 

Hazard, Oscar, Burlington, VT: Account book   1854 January 1 to 1870 June 

Hazelton, Norman, Chester, VT: Farm Record book   1831-1858 

Henry, Marguerite: "Justin Morgan Had A Horse," Typscript   Undated 

Henry, C.W.: A Battle of Wits: A Military Play in 4 Acts   1934 

Henrrick and Cutler, Day book   1851 

Hickok, Samuel, Burlington, Day Book   1798-1799 

Highgate, Vt: Methodist Episcopal Church, Treasurer's Book   1891-1918 

Hilton, D.H., Chester, Vt.: General Store, Day Books (32 volumes)   1827-1850 

Hilton, P.H?, Chester, VT: Ledger Indices unidentified 5 vols. (No.31-35)   Undated 

Hilton, Miss E.M., Chester, Vt, General Store day book   1834 October 16 to 1834 December 23 

Hilton, Emerson & Morris, Chester, Vt.: Ledger with index   1831?-1837? 

Hilton, G.H., Chester, Vt.: General Store day books (6 volumes)   1853-1857 

Hilton, G.H., Chester, Vt.: Ledgers (2 volumes)   1853-1861 

Hinesburg, Town of: Record of Writs and Executions   1829-1848 

Hinesburg, Town of Selectmens Orders   1844-1863 

Hinesburg, Town of: Record of Attachments 1862-1895 , (seperate index); also includes Liens and seperate index 1871-1892   

Hinesburg, Town of: Check Stubs (3 volumes)   1859-1888 

Hinesburg, Town of: Chattel Mortgages (5 volumes)   1879-1944 

Hinesburg, Town of: Conditional Sales (3 volumes)   1892-1948 

Hinesburg, Town of: Town Officers Bonds   1899-1933 

Hinesburg, Town of: Animal Bounty Certificates   1899-1933 

Hinesburg, Town of: Cemetery Ledgers (2 volumes)   1920-1956 

Hinesburg, Town of: Records of Liens (3 volumes)   1935-1958 

Hinesburg, Vt: Account book 1833-1834, Unidentified merchant   1833-1834 

Hodges, Alexander P.: Ledger   1848-1851 

Holden, George F.: Highgate Falls, Vt.: Attorney account book   1939-1966 

Hollis, George P.: Shoemaking and Leather Journal   1855-1856 

Holton, Ann J.: Putney, Vt: Ledger   1887-1894 

Holton, Ann J.: Putney, Vt: Farm expense Ledger (3 volumes)   1894-1910 

Holton, Edith W., Putney, Vt: Pencil Drawings at Vermont Academy Saxton's River, Vt   1886 

Holton, H.H., Jamaica, Vt: Parsons & Holton letter copy book   1872-1874 

Holton J. and wife, Jamaica, Vt., day book   1831 October 4 to 1834 June 15 

Holton, J.M.D., Jamaica, Vt, Day books (2 volumes)   1834--1839 

Holton, Joel Jr., M.D., Jamaica, Vt, Ledgers (2 volumes)   1839-1884 

Horton, William, Benson, Vt: Tanner's Ledger   1809-1840 

Hopkins, Francis L., Scrapbook, 1830s-1880s; Bailey, Whitney, Hopkins families (Part of F.L. Hopkins Papers)   1830s-1880s 

Houghton, George H.: Civil War Photograph Album (2 volumes)   

Howe, Laurence P.: Role of the Bellows Falls Area in the Growth of the Dairy Industry of Vermont between 1850 and 1900   Undated 

Hoyt and Safford Troy, Vermont, General Store Day book   1831-1835 

Hubbell, Barlow, Court fees, Bradley, Account Book (Ledgers)   1829-1830 

Hungerford, Edward, Burlington, Vt, Religious Canvass of Burlington, Vt   1867 

Huntington, Vt.: Grand List 1843, 1873 Schedule of Transfers and Mortgages   1912-1913 

Hunt & Co. Vermont: Tin Shop Ledger   1855-1881 

Huntington, Vt: General Store Ledger   1881-1883 

Huntington & Belknap, Pharmacist's Ledger with index   1862-1865 

Hyde Park, Vermont: Account book, unidentified personal & business accounts   1824-1861 

Humez, Nicholas: Stage music   1973-1983 

International Order of Odd Fellows, Otter Creek Lodge: Installation and Minutes   1847-1858 

Iroquois Light and Power Company - Burlington, VT: Expense Book and Construction Account   1925-1934 and 1924-1927 

Iroquois Light and Power Company - Burlington, VT: Expense Book   1934, Nov. - 1942, Sept. 

Iroquois Light and Power Company - Burlington, VT: Receipt Book (4 volumes)   1924, Oct. - 1943, Oct. 

Jackson, Horation Nelson: Scrapbook - Burlington, VT:   1912-1922 

James, L.H. and Price, D.J. - Washington, DC: Report of Studies of the Heating of Hay in the Flooded Region of Northern Vermont   1927, Nov. 

Janes, Henry: "Notes...Gunshot Injuries Treated in Hospitals"   1863-1965 

Index, Henry Janes Medical Register   Undated 

Janes, Henry: Photos Removed from Medical Records   Undated 

Jarrell, Barbara: Scrapbook   Undated 

Jericho, VT: Account Book, Unidentified General Store and Personal Accounts   1789-1794 

Jones, Jason D: Blacksmith's Ledger - Windham, VT   1869-1883 

Jones, Julian, Bradford, VT: Homeopath's Account Book   1877-1881 

Later news clippings are pasted over many of the entries.

Judson, Eli: Account Book, Tailor, Mill-Owner (plus scattered anon. accounts) - Shelburne, VT   1831-1843 

Judson, John: Account Book, Tannery and Personal - Huntington, VT(2 volumes)   1816-1855 

Ketchum, Bernard - Brandon, VT: General Store Accounts (2 volumes)   1844-1848 

Kelsey, C.B. - Whiting, VT: Sheep Record Book   1881, 1883 

Killington Steam Fire Engine Company No. 3: Record Book   1868-1886 

Knights Templar: Minutes Book & Sheriff's Account Book   Undated 

Lake View Creamery: Mill Book - Charlotte, VT   1905-1911 

Lamb, Gideon J. Burke, Caledonia Co. - Vermont: Estate and Land Records   1790-1840 

Lane, Henry S. - Burlington, VT: Saddler-Harness Maker Day Book   1832, April 1 - 1834, Dec. 1 

Langdon Manufacturing Company - St. Albans, VT: Financial Journal   1900-1909 

Leavenworth, Henry: Lawyer's Docket Books - Burlington, VT (9 volumes)   1827-1849 

Leavenworth, Henry: Lawyer's Account Book - Burlington, VT   1828-1835 

Leavenworth, Henry: Lawyer's Docket Book, Vermont Supreme Court   1831-1854 

Ledger, Unidentified   1830s 

Ledger, Unidentified Name and Location   1889, April - 1900, Dec. 

Long, Jesse: Account Book, Livery Stable/Blacksmithy - Springfield, VT   1836-1838 

Loomis, Mary - Burlington, VT: Music Book   Undated 

Loomis Smith and Co. (Champlain Glass Co.) - Burlington, VT: Pay Lists   1835-1837 

Loveland, Asa - Berlin, VT: Blacksmith's Account Book   1817-1843 

Lowell, Abram L: Physician's Accounts - Chester, VT (12 volumes)   1821-1876 

Includes ledgers, scattered medical notes, hospital deaths and discharges,and medical case notes

Lowell & Whiting: Physician's Account Books - Chester, VT (2 volumes)   1846-1852, 1860-1869 

Lyman, Florence: Postcard Album of European Trip   1904 

Lyman, Job: Lawyer's Account Book - Woodstock, VT   1830-1849 

Lyndon, VT: Day Book   1820s 

Marble, Samuel: Blacksmith's Account - Stratton, VT   1795-1816 

McIntosh, H.M. - Burlington, VT: Lot Plans of Burlington, VT   1848-1912 

Maple History U.S. Patents, Two Books   Undated 

Mary Fletcher Hospital: Scrapbook   Undated 

Medical Center Hospital of Vermont: Redevelopment Application (4 volumes)   1980 

Including project description and financial issues

Middletown, VT: Baptist Church Records   1805-1847 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion. Vermont Commandery: Records Registry   1886-1910 

Miller, Alex - Wallingford, VT: Love Letters   1802-1807 

Miller, E.H. - Westfield, VT: General Store Day Book   1854, Mar. 14 - 1855, Nov. 23 

Miller, William M. - Burlington, VT: Letter Copy Book   1853, Dec. - 1855, Mar. 

Millet, Samuel: Account Book (2 volumes)   1836-1862 

Milton, VT: Poor Farm Records (Vol.1)   1871-1888 

Miner, James: Milton, Vt.: Ledger   1821-1828 

Missisquoi Lime Works Inc.: St. Albans, Vt.: Balance Sheet and Schedules   1917 December 31 to 1921 January 

Monkton Kaolin Works, Monkton, Vermont: Account book   1915-1916, 1920-1922, 1935-1936 

Montpelier, Vt.: Anonymous photograph album   Circa 1890s 

Montpelier, Vermont: Newspaper Subscription Record book   1847-1851 

Montpelier, Vt: unidentified ledger   1823-1829 

Moore and Arms: Ledger   1875-1882 

Morey, Mrs. Sadie East Fairfield, Vt: Scrapbook   1885-1936 

Morrill, Nathaniel: Blacksmith's ledger, Strafford, VT (2 volumes)   1821-1828 and 1830-1831 

Morristown, Vt. Baptist Church Records   1811-1835 

Morrisville Garage.: Records of daily business   1936 May to 1937 September 

Morse, Isaac Leicester, Vt.: Farm Accounts (5 volumes)   1825-1902 

Morse, Isaac Leicester, Vt.: Farm Acc'ts, Cash Blotter (Volume 3 of 5)   1827 October to 1851 December, 1869-1872 

Morton, Henry: General store account book, Williston, VT, 1870-1871; family expense accounts,1872-1893   1870-1893 

Mount Killington Photograph Album: Photos of a trip up Killington Mountain to the cottage of Clark/Field families   circa 1900 

Myrick William: Justice of the Peace records, Addison Co., VT, 1812-1831; similar records, 1830-1845, by Truman Grady   1812-1845 

Nash, H.C.: Personal and general store accounts, Underhill, VT (Volume 1 of 2), Personal   1854-1858 

Nash, H.C.: Personal and general store accounts, Underhill, VT (Volume 2 of 2)   1854-1858 

Pliocene geography and animal life Author and location unknown: Bound in volume with National Bank of the Metropolis.   Undated 

National Bank of the Metropolis, Washington, D.C.   1864 June 3 

National Car Co., St. Albans, Vt.: Record of bills against railroad companies with index (Volume 1 of 2)   1898-1908 

National Car Co., St. Albans, Vt.: Record of railroad car casualties (Volume 2)   1902-1911 

National Carbon Co., Bennington, Vt.: Scrapbook   1943 

National Hydraulic Co.: Account Book, Windsor, Vt   1834-1839 

Nelson, Garrison: Vermont Elections Project, Printout (2 volumes)   1896-1974 

New England Protective Union: Wardsboro, Vt., Constitution, minutes, financial reports   1850 May 2 to 1866 January 25 

Newton and Thompson Manufacturing Company ledger book, Brandon, VT   1909 

Nichols, Mrs. Samuel B.: Diary   Undated 

Noonan, William, Unknown location, sales day book   1893 January to December 

Olcott, Nila E. & Co., St. Johnsbury, VT: Lumber and General Merchandise Account Books (4 volumes)   1908-1910 

Onion, William A.: Rutland, Vt: Rental property accounts   1905-1920 

Orwell, Vt: Baptist Church Records (3 volumes)   1787-1865 

P. I.: Account book, Brookline, VT   Undated 

Packard, Arthur, Jericho, VT: Correspondence re Retirement, Vermont Farm Bureau   1953 November to December 

Paine, Elijah: Meterological journal, Williamstown, VT   1829-1842 

Panton, Vermont: Methodist Episcopal Church, Church records 1877-1931, Volume One (of five), Membership records, 1877-1911   1877-1911 

Packer, Daniel: Ledger   Undated 

Parks and Woolson Machine Co., Springfield, Vt, Scrapbook   Undated 

Parizo Brothers, Winooski, Vt.: Groceries and Meats Ledgers with index (2 volumes)   1917 December to 1921 January 

Parkes, G.S. Barton Landing, VT: Hardware, Tools, Implements, Cash Sales Book   1867 to 1869 

Partridge, Sanborn: Army Intelligence Course Scrapbook,   1942 to 1944 

Pawlett, Vermont: Land survey record book   1770-1804 

Peck, John: Records, U.S. tax assessor, Chittenden County (5 volumes)   1813-1816 

Peck and Spear, Burlington, VT: Prescription Record   1841-1861 

Peck, E.N. Adj. General of Grand Army of the Republic for the State of Vermont, Burlington, VT. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings   1865-1902 

Performing Arts Drama: Scrapbook of broadsides and bills   1871-1898 

Performing Arts Music: Scrapbook of Broadsides and bills   1871-1902 

Performing Arts Opera: Scrapbook of Broadsides and bills   1885-1901 

Pettes, F., Windsor, VT: Stagecoach Inn Account Book   1831-1839 

Pharmacy Scrapbook   1912-1917 

Perrin, Philander: Docket book   1863-1876 

Physicians Day Book (Randolph, VT?) (2 volumes)   1852-1860, 1877-1889 

Pierce, Marjorie, N. Shrewsbury, VT: Scrapbook   Circa 1925-1970 

Pierce, Nathaniel: Physician's ledger, Weathersfield, VT   1805-1811 

Pierce, Tommy, Rutland, VT: Golf Champion Scrapbook   Undated 

Pittsfield, VT: Day book   1839 May 18 to 1844 July 9 

Pomeroy, A.J.: Fairfield, VT, Grain sales, day book (2 volumes)   1888-1891 

Pomeroy, J.N.: Fairfield, VT: Ledger of grain sales   1863-1876 

Post Card Album Non-Vermont, Trip to England (Vol.1)   Circa 1925 

Post Card Album, Non-Vermont (Vol.1): Gift of Fleming Museum   1976 

Post Family: Account book   1770-1820 

Post, Frank, Account Books (2 volumes)   1909-1937 

Poultney Baptist Church, Poultney, Vt.: Records (7 volumes)   1802-1939 

Poultney Journal, Poultney, Vermont Ledger   1891-1893 

Powell, Max, Burlington, VT: Agent's register for Abington Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Index included   1892-1898 

Prior, Harrison, Strafford, VT, General Store Day book   1838 July to December 

Prospect Hill Aqueduct Company, Brattleboro, VT: Acts of Incorporation, Minutes of meetings (Vol.1)   1866-1944 

Putnam, Lewis, Brattleboro, VT: General account book   1856-1857 

Railraods: Scrapbook of forms used by various Vermont railroads, from Mr. Murtagh of Montpelier   1898-1911 

Randolph, VT (Tailor?) Ledger   1820-1825 

(Peck, Hobart H?), (East Randolph, VT?): Carpenter's Ledger, Bound with Randolph Centre, General Store, Day book   1914-1915 

Randolph Centre, VT: General Store Day Book   1851 May 14 to 1852 December 5, 1861 April 9 to 1879 May 1 

Reed, J.G. & Co.: Account book   1904-1907 

Reed, Samuel, Blacksmith's ledger   1820-1831 

Rice, Eunice: Barke, VT: Scrapbook   Undated 

Richardson, H.W., Richardson's Studio, Newport, VT: Sales/sample book of photo postcards of skiing, Mt. Mansfield   1945-1950s 

Richford Water Works, Richford, VT: Letter copy book with index   1875?, August to October? 

Rockingham, Vermont: Account book   1858-1885 

Rockwell, Reuben, Jericho, VT: General Store Ledger   1833-1841 

Royce, John S.: Lawyer's docket books and ledgers, Richford, VT (5 volumes)   1836-1840 

Rumney Tool Mill, Weathersville, VT: Oil and Seed Account Book   1838-1845 

Russell, A.D., Windsor, VT: Fish Dealer and House Painter Accounts   1870-1884 

Russell, George Albert "The History of Newton Lodge No. 12, 1799-1830" (Arlington, VT, lodge of Freemasons)   1799-1830 

Russell, James: Account book   1835-1858 

Russell & Plumb (Windsor, VT): Jewelers' ledger, Windsor, VT   1823-1829 

Rutland, VT: Carpenter's Union, Local #590, Dues books (2 volumes)   1907-1934 

Ryegate, Vermont: Grandlist record book   1850-1861, 1898-1899 

S. & R.R. Wires Insurance Co., Policy record book (1865-1866), Williston Cooperative Creamery account book (1892-1893)   1865-1893 

St. Albans Electric Light & Power Co.: Company records (2 volumes)   1889-1915 

St. Albans Street Railway Company, St. Albans, VT: Monthly reports on mileage, passangers, cash passenger receipts, weather   1918 January to 1921 November 

St. Albans & Swanton Traction Co, Payroll Books (4 volumes)   1917 May 26 to 1919 March 22 

St. Albans & Swanton Traction Co, St. Albans Bay Ticket Book Register with index   1917 April 14 to 1918 November 10 

St. Albans & Swanton Traction Co, Ledger and Voucher Record   1918 January to 1921 December 

Safford, Mryon H., Jeffersonville, VT: Grain and meal day book   1869 January 1 to 1873 March 24 

Safford, Mryon H., Jeffersonville, VT: Gristmill cash day book   1873 April 1 to 1874 March 14 

Salisbury & Co.: Account book   1840-1847 

Scrapbook Unidentified Newspaper clippings of Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and clippings on human health, No date   Undated 

Scrapbook Unidentified Essays and poems, "Journal of Education" (September 8, 1892, Vol. 36, No. 9), "Notes and Queries from the American Teacher," class list   Circa 1890 

Scrapbook: Vermont Obituaries (2 volumes)   1916-1943 

Shaftsbury, VT: Frist West Baptist Church Records   1768-1843 

Sharon, VT: General Store Daybook   Undated 

Shoreham, VT Baptist Church Records   1794-1837 

Simpson, George W., East Craftsbury, VT: General Store Records (3 volumes)   1887-1913 

Smith, C.P., Burlington, VT Day Book   1871-1873 

Smith, Pierpont E., Shelburne and Enosburg, VT. Agricultural laborer ledger   1843-1879? 

Smith, Edward Curtis (1854-1934), St. Albans, VT. Scrapbook of Sherman National Bank of New York City   1907-1923 

Smith, Wilkins, Landon and Co. (Champlain Glass Co.), Burlington, VT: Records (4 volumes)   1847-1869 

Sons of Temperance, Westminster, VT: Minutes   1849-1851 

South Strafford, VT: General Store Ledger   Undated 

South Vernon, Vermont: General Store Account book   1812-1823 

Sparhawk, Thomas: Account book, general store, Walpole, NH   1765-1777 

Spear Family Papers: Bound Manuscripts: Elhanan W. Spear, general account book   1811-1830 

Spear Family Papers: Bound manuscripts: Elhanan W. Spear, shoemaker's account book   1834-1836 

Springfield, Vermont: Records of School District Number 17   1834-1892 

St. Albans-Fairfax, Physician's Ledger Unidentified with index   1877-1890 

Stebbins, Gideon, Vernon, Vermont Farmer: Day book   1814-1828 

Steele, Josiah Account Book, Hartford, CT, Hinesburg, VT   1759-1836 

Sterling, VT: Proprietor's Records Compiled at a later date   Undated 

Stevens, Julia Burnett Smith: Scrapbook, world travels   1900-1901 

Stevens, Stephen Foster: Cabinetmaker Account Book   circa 1821-1836 

Account book of Vermont Quaker cabinetmaker Stephen F. Stevens, containing accounts for his work from ca. 1821 to 1836. The beginning of the book holds farming accounts, 1799-1813, of Stevens's uncles, James and Lothrop Foster.

Stone, G.: Wilmington, Vermont, General Store Day Book   1844-1875 

Stone, Jeremiah: General Store account book, Westford, VT   1810-1812 

Strong, John: Record book, justice of the Peace, Bennington/Rutland/Addison Counties, VT   1780-1806 

Summit House, Mt. Mansfield: Stowe, VT: Hotel Register (18 volumes)   1872-1943 

Summit House, Stowe, VT: Account books (4 volumes)   1920-1954 

Summit House, Stowe, VT: Hotel Operations Manual   1949-1952 

Summit House, (Mt. Mansfield Hotel) Stowe, VT: Ledger (Vol. 25)   1943 June to 1946 July 

Summit House, (Mt. Mansfield Hotel) Stowe, VT: Hotel Register (Vol. 26)   1869-1877 

Summit House, Stowe, VT: Hotel Scrapbook   1866-1958 

Swanton, VT: Baptist Church records   1796-1840 

Sumner & Page: Account Book   1815-1836 

Sutherland, Peter: Account Book - Rutland, VT   

includes Fanny Sutherland commonplace book

Sweet, O.P. - Lowell, VT: Surgeon U.S. Army Post Mortom Reports of Carver Hospital Washington, D.C. during Civil War   1864-1865 

Taggart, Wilnetta Sprowl (Mrs. Charles Ives): Scrapbook   Undated 

Talcoott, George M. - Williston, VT: San Francisco Diary   1880-1882 

Tavern-Bar: Day Book, Unidentified Location   1831, Feb. 26 - 1883, Jan. 30 

Thayer, A: Ledger   1815-1836 

Thompson and Corwin Families: Account Book and Day Book   1808-1841 

Thompson, E.C. - Highgate Center, VT: Dealer in Whips, Harnesses, Harness Oil, Blankets, etc. Ledger with Index   1864-1882 

Tinkham, Isaiah - Pomfret, VT: Account Book   Undated 

Tomlinson, L.S. - Milton, VT: General Store Ledger   1820-1856 

Troy & Canada Telegraph Company: Ledger   1857-1862 

Truman, Ann Proctor - Burlington, VT: Scrapbook with Index   1886-1898 

Tucker, P.C: Trial for Murder, State vs. Oliver D. Thompson - Addison Co. Court, Middlebury, VT   1838, June Term 

Turner, A.H. - Cambridge, VT: Account Book   1836-1837 

Turner, J.W. - Cambridge, VT: Account Book   1849-1850 

Tyler, Milton R. - Burlington, VT: Lawyer's Ledger with Index   1862-1871 

Tyler, Milton R. - Burlington, VT: Register of Court Cases   1873-1878 

Underwood, Cornelia - Burlington, VT: Commonplace Book   1880's-1890's 

Underworld, Levi - Burlington, VT: Scrapbook of political newspaper clippings on ledger of Pope, Berry & Hall, wholesale grocers   1882-1885 

Unidentified: Account Book   1913-1914 

Unidentified: Day Book   Undated 

Unidentified: Golf Club Account Book   1922-1924 

Unidentified: Ledger   Undated 

Union Copper Company: Account Book - Corinth, VT   1876-1878 

United States Army. Eleventh Infantry: Regimental Order/Letter Book, Montana/Dakota Territory (2 volumes)   1880-1884 

United States Army. Thirtieth Infantry: Orderly Book, War of 1812 - Burlington, VT. (2 volumes)   1814, Nov. 2 - 1815, June 14 

U.S. Army: Quartermaster's Account Book   Undated 

United States Post Office - Fletcher, VT: Record and Postal Account Book   1887, July - 1892, June 

United States Department of Agriculture Weather Bureau: Forms 1001, 1002, 1014 - Burlington, VT. (12 volumes)   1906-1917 

Van Ness House - Burlington, VT: Hotel Register, Used as a Scrapbook by E.N. Peck of G.A.R. Stannard Post   1883, Apr. 2 - May 19, 1884-1906 

Vergennes, Vermont: Account Book, Unidentified General Store   1856, September - 1857, February 

Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad: Account Book   1846-1848 

The Vermont Association of Boston: Minutes and Scraps (4 volumes)   1901-1912, 1922-1948, 1955-1959 

Vermont Iron & Car Co. - St. Albans, VT: Records of Maple Sugar and Syrup Orders and Equinox Barrel Record   1921, June 14 - 1922, Mar. 4 

The Vermont Baptist Historical Society: Alphabetical Index of Vermont Baptist Clergy   1890-1910 

Vermont Baptist State Convention: "Records of Vermont Literary & Scientific Institution" - Brandon, VT   1832-1866 

Vermont Board of Education: Statistical Records (4 volumes)   1857-1864 

Vermont Central Baptist Association (Huntington Assoc.), Conference of Baptists Records, Vol. 1   1869-1909 

Vermont Central Baptist Association (Huntington Assoc.), Huntington Center, Waterbury, Shady Rill, Starksboro, VT., Records, Vol.2   1909-1917 

Vermont General Assembly, House of Representatives Journal   1876 

Vermont General Assembly, Senate Journal   1876 

Vermont Hardware Co., Burlington, VT: Ledgers (6 volumes)   1908-1930 

Vermont Hardware Co., Burlington, VT, Expense journal   1908 February to 1910 November 

Vermont Hardware Co., Burlington, VT, Sales journal   1910 December to 1921 May 

Vermont Historical Scrapbook: Newspaper clippings, (2 Volumes)   1857-1947 

Vermont Infantry 6th regiment Company morning reports (Civil War)   1861 October to 1863 October 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, Ninth Accounts   1862-1864 

Vermont Medical Society: Minutes of meetings, Vol. 1, Also contains Washington County Medical Society Minutes of meetings   1814-1829, 1843-1844 

Vermont Medical Society: Minutes of meetings, Vol. 2, No meetings held from 1830-1840 inclusive, J.S. Richmond, Sec. is in 1864   1814-1851 

Vermont Medical Society: Minutes of meetings, Vol. 3   1851-1867 

Vermont Medical Society: Minutes of meetings, Vol. 4   1867-1876 

Vermont Medical Society: Minutes of meetings and membership lists Vol. 5   1881-1915 

Vermont Medical Society: Bank book of Rutland County Medical and Surgical Society Vol. 6   1904-1929 

Vermont Medical Society: Cash account book, Vol. 7   1902-1926 

Vermont Medical Society: Check book of Rutland County Medical & Surgical Society Vol. 8   1915-1933 

Vermont Medical Society: Check Book Vol. 9   1918-1928 

Vermont Medical Society: Check Book of Rutland County Medical & Surgical Society Vol. 10   1933-1937 

Vermont Medical Society: Notices of meetings of the Rutland Clinical Club, Vol. 11, Part 1   1914-1919 

Vermont Medical Society: Notices of meetings of the Rutland Medical & Surgical Society, Vol. 11, Part 2   1900-1932 

Vermont Medical Society: Programs of annual meetings, Vol. 11 Part 3   1900-1931 

Vermont Medical Society: Scrapbook, Vol. 11, Part 4   1897-1925 

Vermont Militia, 16th Regiment, Enrollment lists, etc.   1838-1844 

Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Montpelier, VT, Insurance account book with index, contains broadside   1873-1896 

Vermont National Guard: Record and roster of the First Brigade   1886-1896 

Vermont State Christian Conference (Eastern): Record Book, Vol. 1   1849-1906 

Vermont State Christian Conference (Western): Record Book, Vol. 2   1874-1903 

Vermont State Christian Conference (Vol. 3): Membership lists   1895 

Vermont State Christian Conference (Vol. 4) Treasurer's Book   1900-1906 

Vermont State Militia: Roster   1834-1840 

Vermont State Police: Photograph album of auto accidents   Circa 1930s to 1940s 

Vermont State Prison Record: House of Corrections Book: Chronological   1899 January to 1919 December 

Vermont State Prison Records: Committment Records (9 volumes)   1809-1919 

Vermont State Prison Records: Index to House of Correction Book   1899 January to 1919 December 

Vermont State Prison Records: Committment Records Index (3 volumes)   Undated 

Vermont Yearly Meeting of Free Will Baptists: Book of Records   1847-1888 

Vincent, George E., University of Chicago, Dept. of Sociology, Study of the City of Montpelier, VT   1897 

Waite Family, Franklin Co., justice docket   1843-1847 

Wakely, Robert, Wells, VT: Account Book   1856-1866, 1881 

Account book of Wells, Vermont, carpenter Robert Wakeley, containing details of his work and fees for his labor and products.

Walbridge Family: Daybook   Undated 

Walker, William, Ludlow, VT: Lawyer's Accounts (6 volumes)   1861-1883 

Walker & Goddard, Ludlow, VT., Lawyer's Accounts (3 volumes0   1870-1909 

Walston, R.L.: Account book, personal and lumber trade, probably Franklin County   1878-1891 

Waltham, VT: Grand list (9 volumes)   1843-1872 

Wardner Family, Windsor, Vermont: Family daybook   1828-1839 

Ware, Olm D., Ledger   1855-1880s 

Warren and Doty Account Book, Hardwick, VT   1821-1822 

Washburn & Huntington, Rochester, VT: General Store, Day book   1853-1854 

Washington Slate & Tile Co.: Stockholders' Account Book   1865-1868 

Waterbury, VT: General Store Ledgers (2 volumes)   1852-1853 

Waterville Methodist Episcopal Church: Record Book, Waterville, VT   1875-1896 

Waterville, VT, Town Poor Book   1864-1891 

Weed, John J., Washington, D.C.: Notes on cases before U.S. courts with index, Also contains letter from John J. Weed to his sister dated, Nov. 16 1886   1872-1886 

Weeks, Newman, General Store Ledger, Rutland, VT   1871-1878 

Wells, Jonathan, Account book, Colchester, Conn. 1756-1780; family accounts, Guilford, VT, 1780-1800, Athens, VT, 1800-1815, Hyde Park, VT, 1815-1827, and Bakersfield, VT, 1827-1848   1756-1848 

West, George C. Browning and Irasburg, VT: Farm and legal account book   1823-1850 

Westford, VT: Church account book   1919 

Westford, VT: Grand list, (15 volumes)   1843-1865 

Westford, VT, Library Accession books and catalog   Undated 

Westford, VT: Real Estate Book of property appraisal (Vol. 16)   1870-1874 

Westford, VT: Real Estate Appraisal (Vol. 17)   1910 

Weston, S.H. & Co., Winnoski Park, VT: Meat dealer Ledger, 1857-1858 Day Book, 1867-1868   1857-1868 

Wheeler Family Genealogical Scrapbook   Undated 

Wheeler, John Brooks: Lawyer's account books, Burlington, VT, 1856-1859, Daybook, 1856-1859 (Vol. 1 of 2)   1856-1859 

Wheeler, John Brooks: Lawyer's account books, Burlington, VT 1856-1859, Cash book, 1856-1858 (Vol. 2 of 2)   1856-1858 

Wheeler, Henry O.: Commandery of Vermont Military Order of the Loyal Legion letter copy book   1912-1913 

Wheeler & Ripley (Burlington, VT): Hardware store's letter book   1865-1867 

Wheeler, Rev. O.G., South Hero, VT, Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, Contains articles on Sand Bar Bridge and Broadside of North Hero Bridge, Grand Isle County Fair, religious essays   Circa 1878 

Whiting, Nathan: Physician's ledger, Chester, VT   1799-1823 

Whiting, VT: Justice of the Peace Case Record Book   1826-1900 

Willmartin, George M.: Day Book   Undated 

Wilson Brothers: Pharmacists' ledger, White River Junction, VT   1902-1903, 1912-1913 

Winooski, Vermont: Census records   1880 

Wires, Martin: General Store Ledgers, Cambridge, Vermont (8 volumes)   1832-1849 

Woman's Relief Corps, Farnsworth Corps, No. 67 (Lyndonville): meeting minutes   1913-1927 

Woodbury Granite Company: Account Book, Hardwick, VT   1915-1921 

Wooster, Benjamin: Account book and Memoirs   1816-1851 

Young Men's Christian Association: Ephemera   1882-1915 

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