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Abbott, Peter M.: Civil War letter   1864 

Abell, Howard L.: Bristol, VT; 1 letter   January-Ferbruary, 1945 

Aboriginal Vermonters   undated, circa 1890 

Discusses evidence of Indian occupation of Vermont prior to 1750; artifacts, burial sites, stone carvings, etc.

Account Book; Possibly Vergennes, VT; unidentified personal accounts   1839-1841 

Adams, Charles: ALS, to Justin Smith Morrill   1855, December 31 

Discusses national politics, very strongly anti-slavery; compares American and British forms of government; discusses stands on extension of slavery of Seward, Pierce, Douglas, Banks, et al.; writes about new Republican party, its principles; discusses Kansas-Nebraska bill.

Adams, Charles: "Early Days of Burlington"   undated, circa 1860 

Newspaper galley, 1 page. Description of downtown warterfront Burlington around 1800 by Charles Adams, 1785-1861; edited by Charles E. Allen.

Adams, Charles Baker: Report to Horace Eaton, ALS, DS (xerox copies)   1846, November 30 

Report to Horace Eaton on progress of Vermont Geological Survey; commission for Thomas Sterry Hunt, Adams' assistant.

Adams, Henry: Deed from John W. Asselytne, Franklin, Ohio to Henry Adams, St. Albans, Vermont   1836, June 1 

Deed to lot number twenty-two and the undivided land west of the same, in [St. Albans, Vermont?] attached to deed one promissory note, to John W. Aseltyne, his receipt to Henry Adams, for four hundred dollars, and order to have the mortgage recorded.

Adams, John, 1735-1826: ALS, to Elbridge Gerrry   1799, October 17 

Letter from John Adams to Elbridge Gerry, from Braintree, Massachusetts. Discusses Massachusetts' claim to New Hampshire Grants, controversy over jurisdiction and Vermont's claims to independence; details his own efforts promoting Massachusetts' claim. (copy) Edited by Glen Skillin and published in Vermont History, January 1962. 2 pp.

Addison County Supreme Court: 1 paper, testimony of Jesse Hanford vs. Amos Eastman sworn before Horatio Seymour and John Ferguson   January 17, 1810 

Addison County, Vermont: Bristol, Ripton, Warren, Granville - 4 proprietors lists   1770s 

Addison, Vermont - rent accounts and interest note   1844-1851 

Memo of Rentals received from Austin Smith, Robert Smith, monies from L.C. Hurlbut, Cyrus Allen, A. Murray, and paid to G.V. Austin, to C. Esty. On same sheet a note from David Kingsland against Jonas Vanderhoef. 1 pp., 20 cm.

Addison, Vermont - School District No. 5   1833, March 14 and March 28 

School bill for November 1832-March 1833, listing names of students, days attended, amounts owed and wood furnished; tax list for repairing the schoolhouse, with names and amounts owed. 2 pp. 31 cm.

Addison, Vermont, two notes   1841? 

Aiken, George David: Autographs   

Aiken, George David: Transcript of recorded interview of Aiken by Ed Edwin, Columbia University.   1967, April 27 

Discusses Dwight D. Eisenhower and his presidency, national politics of the 1950's, Aiken's efforts in Congress in the late 1940's and early 1950's, his relationship with Eisenhower, Eisenhower's stand on agricultural issues, Eisenhower as President. 32 pp. 28 cm.

Aiken, George David - Transcript of recorded interview of Aiken by Philip A. Crowl, Princeton University Library.   1966, February 5 

Discusses John Foster Dulles and his tenure as Secretary of State in the 1950's, international politics and brinkmanship, Dulles as a person and as a diplomat. 13 pp. 28 cm.

Aiken, Wellington: "Boyhood of Wellington Aiken"   nd 

Aikens, Asa: ALS to Rollin C. Mallary   1826, February 3 

Discusses pensions for Revolutionary War veterans; Aikens hopes upcoming bill will include provisions for "artificers" and other non-combatants who served the military during the war. Written from Bennington, Vermont. 2 pp. 24.5 cm.

Aikens, Asa: War of 1812 Letters   1812-1817 

Group of letters addressed to Captain Asa Aikin (Aikens) of Windson, Vermont. 7 letters, 10 pp.

Ainsworth, Lillian Maria: 1 letter; 3 enclosures to letter   1939 

Albany, VT   

Alden, Phineas: Townshend, VT; 1 letter   February 21, 1835 

Aldrich, Harlan P.: Civil War Diary   1864 

Sergeant Aldrich, returning to the front from parole after being exchanged early in 1864, briefly described conditions on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor and the voyage to Washington. He recorded the names of books he read while waiting to rejoin his regiment. During the summer and fall he noted the ongoing engagements of the cavalry in the upper Potomac region and the Shenandoah Valley, including remarks on the battles of Winchester, Tom's River, and Cedar Creek. Mustered out of service soon thereafter, he attended a meeting in Vermont for Democratic presidential candidate George B. McClellan, but voted for Lincoln.

Alexander Family: Tunbridge, VT   1817-1903 

Alfred, Chauncey Chapin: Maple Sugar, letters of patent, Fairfax, VT   1893-1894 

Allen and Wheeler: North Ferrisburgh, VT; 1 letter and bill   July 27, 1844 

Allen Family   

Allen, Albert R.: Fairmount, MN; 5 letters   1912 

Allen, Ethan: ADS - IOU to Ebenezer Moses of Bennington   

Allen, Heman: Announcement of a forthcoming Whig meeting in Burlington, VT - Sent to Joel Allen, North Hero, VT   December 25, 1839 

Allen, Heman: Washington, DC and Burlington, VT; Correspondence: ALS (4), 5 pp   1822-1838 

Allen, Ira H.   1821-1862 

Allen, Ira: Deed, land in Cornwall, VT   1773 

Allen, Irene E.: Westford, VT; 3 writings   1963? 

Allen, Jonathan Adams, 1787-1848: ALS to Sylvester Morris, concerning Vermont Anti-Slavery Society   1838, April 2 

Provides brief autobiographical sketch, giving brief details of early life, education, militia service and political offices held in New York, including term as U.S. Representative 1853-1855; includes brief mention of studying medicine under Jonathan A. Allen at the Castleton Medical College, 1821-1824. 3 pp. 20 cm.

Allen, Joseph D.: Letter from Horace Hall   August 10, 1845 

Allen, Kenneth T.: Wallingford, VT   

Allen, Lyman: Bristol, VT; 1 letter   1952 

Allen, Lyman: Burlington, VT - Mary Fletcher Hospital, early memories, 1802-1878   n.d 

Allen, Lyman: "Old Burlington"   1950, February 3 

Talk delivered before The Faculty Club of the University of Vermont, February 3, 1950; tells of life in Burlington in the 19th centruy, contcentrating on 1850-1900; details of houses, prominent citizens, businesses and industries, sports, institutions, etc. 11 pp., typescript.

Allen, William S.: Rutland, VT; 1 letter   April 19, 1850 

Altotaetter, J.H.: ALS to Mr. Barlow, Burlington, Vermont from Philadelphia   1905, April 3 

Apologies for delay in paying bill; will pay it by installments. 1 pp.

Alverson, Simeon: Letter to from "Friend", Cavendish, VT   September 7, 1830 

Amadon, John Q.: Civil War Letters, Marshfield, VT   

American Association of University Women. Vermont Division: Bicentennial Project, Fiber of Vermont   1976-1978 

Correspondence, photographs and other materials relating to the planning and production of the AAUW Vermont Bicentennial slide show.

American Asylum: Hartford, CT; 1 letter, 1 copy of letter   May 18, 1830 

American Civil Liberties Union: Volume I - papers, notes, letters   1966-1968 

American Civil Liberties Union: Volume II - minutes, letters   1967-1968 

American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy: Norwich, VT; Middletown, CT - 3 papers   1820-1830 

American Woolen Company - 2 letters, papers   

Amtrak Montrealer - Letters and Clippings   1972-1974 

Anderson, John D.: Journal of a Trip   n.d. 

Andover, Vermont: Church Records (photocopies, 2 folders)   1803-1869 

Andre, John: Journal of the siege of St. Johns (photocopy)   1775, September 17 - November 3 

Copy of original owned by the Public Archives of Canada. 50 pp.

Andrews, Elisha D.: Putney, VT - Typescript of early settlement of Putney   April 8, 1825 

Andrews, Helen: Burlington, VT - writing of trip, 7 pages   1960 

Anonymous Girl (Lucy): Diary - New York City   January 3, 1889 - April 4, 1889 

Anonymous: Canada - letters from Hudson Bay expedition   1937 

Anonymous: Commonplace Book on Spiritualism   1859-1868 

Anonymous: Handwriting Copy Book   n.d. 

Anonymous: Journal of a trip in the northern Adirondacks   1801 

Anonymous: Journal of Discipline in unknown school (photocopy)   undated 

Anonymous: Letter   January 11, 1863 

Anonymous: Resolutions in support of the Connecticut & Passumpsic Railroad   undated 

Ansbacher, Heinz Ludwig: Attitudes of Burlington poll-tax payers on some current civic issues.   1948, December 

Results of a survey conducted November 20-23, 1948. 21 leaves, 9 leaves. Xerox copy of typescript.

Ansbacher, Heinz Ludwig: Newspaper readership in Burlington   1948, December 

Results of a survey conducted November 20-23, 1948. 8 leaves. Xerox copy of typescript.

Ansbacher, Heinz Ludwig: Radio listening preferrence in Burlington, Vermont.   1948, April 25 

Apthorp, Charles Ward: Documents, letters about his trial   1783-1817 

Four documents relating to his trial and eventual acquittal on charges of being a Tory during the American Revolution; copy of New York Supreme Court acquittal of Apthorp, October 30, 1783; statement by Richard Morris, New York Supreme Court Justice, asserting Apthorp's innocence, May 18, 1784; statement by George Clinton, New York Governor, in Apthorp's favor, October 31, 1792; ALS by John Jay, in Apthorp's favor, January 1, 1793.

Arithemetic Book: David Watson, Woodstock, VT   1819 

Arithmetic Book   n.d. (c. 1798) 

Arlington, VT   

Arlington, VT   September 13, 1841 

Arlington, VT: John L. Burdett   1920-1924 

Armstrong, Robert: Bill to Mrs. Walker   August 10, 1819 

Arnold, Benedict: Isle La Motte, VT - Letter to General Gates (photostat)   September 18, 1776 

Arnold, Benedict: Letter to Committee of Safety at Albany. (typescript copy)   1775, May 22 

Asks for seamen and gunpowder. "Am determined to proceed to Crown Point and make a stand there in order to secure the cannon, near 100 pieces, at that point." Ticonderoga. 2 sheets.

Arns, Robert G. and David A. Hammond: "Physics at UVM in the Early Years"   November 5, 2004 

Arthur, Louis A.: TLS to Frank Howe   1939 

Aseltine, Alanson: Civil War Pension Claim (photocopy)   1884-1887 

Ashley, Elisha: Road Survey, Milton, Vermont.   1788, December 10. 

Ashley, Philemor(?) Gilbert   

Athens, VT   

Atkins, G. Glenn, Rev.: Letters   1869-1956 

Atkinson, John: Deeds and Probate Decree   1835-1856 

Atkinson, Major Samuel: Cabot, Vermont - Roster of Gilley's Regiment (Militia)   circa 1790 

Major Samuel Atkinson's list of names and minutes of abode. The foregoing all belon to Gilley's regiment except those marked (x) as in margin all which are Finals viz. Final settlements S. Atkinson.

Atwater, Hiram and William: 2 documents   

Aulette, Rochelle: Student paper - "Theodora Speck: an exploration of her interest in history (1898-1914)   1983 

Austin Family (Colchester): Papers   1792-1857 

Austin Papers: Colchester, VT   

Austin, Calvin P.: Orwell, VT - letters   1846-1849 

Austin, Warren R.   

Austin, Warren R.: Burlington, VT - 1 letter, Family Records   

Autographs: Civil War Generals and others   

Autographs: College Presidents - various universities   1822-1927 

Autographs: Out-of-state personalities   

Autographs: Presidential   

Autographs: Vermont   

Avery, Thomas: Journal   1780 

Ayer, Dana: Civil War letters, Goshen, VT   1861-1866 

Ayer, George A.: Springfield, VT - prospectus of Black River Railroad Co.   1892 

Babcock, Peter: Letters   1964-1971 

Baehr, Karla Brooks: "An attempt to unite Middlebury College and the University of Vermont, 1862-1863: a study of local interest"   1968 

Bailey, Horace   

Baker, Remember ( Ray Stannard Baker) 1737-1775: Autograph   circa 1700s 

Bakersfield Academy, Bakersfield, Vermont: "The Student Weekly"   circa 1865 

April 20 [circa 1865]. Volume 6, Number 6 of a handwritten student newspaper, to be read aloud by Villa Abell and Ellen Houghton; includes an introduction by the readers, a poem on the Civil War, and an essay, "The Schollars [sic] Hope". 10 pp. 20.5 cm.

Bakersfield, VT - Acadmical Soc.: 4th of July invitation   June 10, 1847 

Bakersfield, VT: Account of work on road   1816 

Bakersfield, VT: Civil War - Receipts for boarding soldiers, includes lists of soldiers   1862-1865 

Baldwin, Henry: Charlotte, VT - letter to W.H. Bailey   August 7, 1883 

Ballard, L.A.: 1 letter   1878 

Ballard, Mahlon H.   

Ballou Family: Wilmington and Newfane   1850s-1870s 

Ballou, Phineas D.: Resolutions of Remembrance upon his death, Burlington, Vermont   1877 

Six resolutions of mourning upon the death of Ballou; passed by the City of Burlington, the Freemasons of Burlington, Burlington Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, and several Vermont Masonic bodies and councils; one ALS, from the City Clerk of Burlington, transmitting the city's resolutions to Ballou's widow.

Ballou, William H.: Letters   1922-1931 

Baltimore, VT   

Bandel, Betty: "A Small Room"   January 1969 

Bandel, Betty: "The Crooked Rib"; "Early Vermont Women: Myth and Reality"   1975, 1977 

Bandel, Betty: Amanda   January 13, 1966 

Banks: New York-Plattsburgh - 1 paper   

Barker, Barney and Frank: 2 obituary clippings, 1 discharge paper   1865 

Barnard, Robert: Last Will and Testament   1853, April 19 

Leaves all his property to his two sisters, or to various other relatives in case they predeceas him; names brothers and sisters as executors; does not list any property or possessions. 1 p. 31 cm.

Barnard, VT   

Barnet, VT: Daniel Hayward, Madison, Ohio to Cloud Brock and Chloe Brock   1838, December 28 

Tells of his family difficulties, "I have not enough to eat and clothe my family--Levi came her from Michigan las May". 1 p. 21 cm.

Barnet, VT: Galbarth and Sommers   1790-1820 

Barney, Aaron: 1 document   1811 

Barney, Truman: Letter to C.H. Hayden concerning temperance movement in Vermont in 1841   1913, December 12 

Barnstable Railroad - 1 meeting notice, 1 regulations paper   January 29, 1856 

Barnum, A. W.: Letters to Elkanah Watson concerning the establishment of Port Kent, NY   1823-1824 

Barre, VT   

Barre, VT: Deed for pew, no. 44, in Congregational meeting house given by Elijah Holden of Waitsfiled to Denison Batchelder of Barre   1854, June 15 

Barrett, James: Miscellaneous papers and ephemera, Clarendon, Vermont, relating to Vermont Cavalry Re-Union Society   1886-1887 

Various notes, letters, newspaper clippings and invitations to Barrett, chiefly relating to the 1886 and 1887 meetings of the Society; includes 3 letters from George G. Benedict, 2 from William Wells, and 3 from Henry O. Wheeler.

Barstow, John L. (1832-1913): Civil War letters and miscellaneous   1862, May 3 - 1865, January 4 

Mostly to wife Laura, Shelburne, Vt., while in Louisiana as officer in 8th Regiment, Vermont Volunteers (February 19, 1862 - June 12, 1864). Includes 2 while Brig. Gen. Commanding Provisional Forces, St. Albans, December 1864 - January 1865. 17 letters and 3 undated photographs.

Barstow, John L.: Governor of Vermont (1882-1884)   

Barstow, John L. (Gov): 1 signed letter to G.B. Patrick, National Military Home, regarding Vermont delegates to the Peace Congress of 1861   1890, January 24 

Barlett, Billy: Deed from Oliver Wilder and poem by William Porter on Bartlett's death   1802-1809 

Bartlett, Levi and Solomon: Deeds and Documents, Plainfield/Marshfield, VT   1821-1908 

Bartlett, Martin: Essex, VT - 1 paper   1832 

Bartlett, Thomas C.: 1 letter   July 19, 1850 

Bartlett, Thomas: Washington, DC - 1 letter   February 16, 1852 

Barton, Joseph C.: US sharpshooter from Warren, VT - letter from camp   February 25, 1864 

Barton, H.H.: Putney, VT - Letter to Citizens re: his son Charlie who has lost a leg.   1860, May 9 

Barton, VT   

Barton, VT: School Report   1852 

Barton, William - Danville, VT: Letter to James Whitelaw of Ryegate, VT, written while in prison for debt.   1814, July 11 

Bascom, Robert O.: The men who entered Ti with Ethan Allen   1906, August 25 

Typescript of a letter to the editor of the Burlington Free Press. 29 numbered leaves. Biographical data of 83 men who took Fort Ticonderoga by Bascom, Secretary of New York Historical Association, Fort Edward, NY.

Bascom, W. B: Letter to Lewis Robinson, South Reading, Vermont   1842, March 14 

Also signed by August Haven, agent for W.B. Bascom. Concerns on account of John T. Haggett. Tyson Furnace.

Baruch, Bernard: ALS to William Press, Brooklyn, NY   October 19, 1955 

Bascom, John: Sharon, VT - 1 letter   December 20, 1852 

Bassett, Alice Cook: "My Life in the Vermont Legislature"   circa 1994 

Bassett, Raymond: Photocopies of research notecards on African-Americans in Vermont   undated 

Bassett, William: "Reflections on a Remarkable Flood"   circa 1830 

Batchelder, George W.: Biography   1826-1910 

Batchelder, Wallace: Manuscript, broadside, and pamphlet (temperance)   1902-1903 

Battell, Joseph   

Battell, Joesph: Papers   1841, 1894, and 1839 

Includes typescript Recollections by Elsa Raner; "Joseph Battell: An Appreciation" (1939); and a letter on Breadloaf Inn stationery discussing Joseph Battell and the Inn.

Battell, Joseph (Norfolk, CT): Lats will and codicil   1840-1841 

Baxter, Portus (1806-1868): 3 ALS, to Justin Smith Morrill   1860, November 30 - 1864, October 17 

Discusses possibility of getting his brother appointed Consul to the Canadas, and northern Vermont mail-routes, November 30, 1860; discusses political patronage and dispensation of offices in Vermont, February 4, 1861; discusses national politics and the Civil War, with strong criticism of McClellan and the Democrats, October 17, 1864.

Bayley, Jacob (1726-1815): Letters - Jacob Bayley, Newbury, VT to General Nathaniel Green regarding supplies.   1780 

Baylies, Nicholas (1772-1847: ALS to Nicholas Baylies, Jr.   1837, March 28 

Short letter, inquiring about his son's health and well-being, asking how he likes Louisiana; says his own health has been good.

Beach Family: Genealogy   

Bealls Family: 3 letters concerning family genealogy   1905 

Beals, M.B.: Letter to D.B. McCreary   December 12, 1846 

Beamen, John B.: Bennington, VT - 1 letter   1850 

Beattie, Betsy: "The John Spaulding House, Montpelier, Vermont: A Study in Elegance and Simplicity"   1981, April 28 

Beattie, Betsy: "Old Values, New World: Philip Battel as a Young Man in Jacksonian America"   

Beauchemin, Joan: "Frontier Burlington: A Revisionist Theory"   ca. 1995 

Beaudoin, Diane and Gill Coates: Metamorphosis of the lakeside community.   1981, December 

Beck, Louis C.: Castleton Medical College, VT - photos and memoirs   1826-1827 

Bedell, J.C.: Civil War letter - unknown non-VT regiment   December 16, 1863 

Beeman, William M.: Newspapers   July 23, 1904 

Bell, Charles J.: Bottom of a State Document   July 5, 1906 

Bell, Charles J.: Commission to Merrill L. Lawrence for Justice of the Peace   November 30, 1904 

Bell, Charles: Governor of Vermont (1904-1906)   

Bell, Jesse: Fire-engine contract with Watertown Fire Company   1817, September 29 

Contract for Bell, of Halifax, Vermont to deliver on "Clapp's Patent Crank Fire Engine" to the Watertown Fire Company; describes the engine in detail, including accessory equipment, engine to cost $400.

Bell, Whitfield J.: "Henry Stevens, His Uncle Samuel, and the Franklin Papers"   Decmeber 1959 

Bellamy, Aaron: House of Representatives and US Congress Reports   

Bellows Falls Canal Company: Transcript of hearing on dam   July 27, 1927 

Bellows Falls, VT - 2 religious fragments   1845 

Bellows, Charles: Walpole, NH - 1 letter (family genealogy)   1895 

Bellows, John, Burlington, VT: Tax bill receipt   1814, October 19 

Belvidere, VT: Tax list   April 10, 1847 

Bennett, D.H., Bridgeport, VT: Papers   1891-1899 

Accounts, receipts, notes, including a license to sell liquor issued to Nathan S. Bennett, Bridport, VT, 1841; and a bill from Pain converse to the town of Bridport, 1794 February 29 for food and liquor.

Bennett, S. Crocker: "Judge Milo Lyman Bennett: Puritan in an Industrial Age"   1997 

Bennington Camera Club: Records, Files, Pictures   1946-1956 

Bennington, Battle of - copies of letters and other documents relating to the Battle of Bennington (missing 10-2-2004)   1777-1926 

Bennington County Court: Assorted court papers   1794-1850 

Includes writs, court orders, summonses, petitions to the court, briefs and records of testimon, etc.; papers from civil rather than criminal proceedings; ca. 100 individual pieces

Bennington County Court: Docket Book   1837, June term 

Lists names of suits, plaintiffs and defendants, resolution of each case, court costs, etc. 72 pp. 24 cm.

Bennington, VT   

Bennington, VT - letters   1787 

Bennington, VT: Miscellaneous Papers   1894, July 19 

ALS from [F.J.H.], American House, Bennington, VT to "Dear Folks at Home." Describes trip through southern Vermont to Bennington -- "We are stopping here for the tournament." 6 pp.

Bennington, VT - Notes: Joseph Gordon to C. & Ambrose Mosley   February 15, 1833 

Bennington, VT: Farnsworth, Jos. - letter to Capt. Jeremiah Wadsworth   1776 

Benson, Arthur Christopher: ALS to Elbridge Colby   1912, November 14 

From Magdalene College, Cambridge. 1 p.

Benton, J.   

Benton, Reuben Clark: Letter to Herbert L. Osgood (copy)   May 28, 1894 

Bernstein, Muriel: Letter from Jehan El-Sadat   1976 

Bethell, Deborah: "Doctor Despite Himself"   

Betourney, Leane Catlin: Poetry copy book   n.d. 

Billings, Franklin: Governor (1925-1927)   

Billings, Franklin Swift: 3 letters (ALS) to Herbert G. Tupper, Literary Digest, and F.M. Van Gelder.   1924, May 21 - 1930, May 16 

To Herbert G. Tupper, May 21, 1924, thanking him for his help with primary petitions; to Literary Digest, commending their plan to send out copies of James M. Beck's study of the Constitution, July 29, 1925; to F.M. Van Gelder, declining his offer, May 16, 1930. From Woodstock and Montpelier. 3pp.

Binney, Amos: Boston, MA - 1 letter   

Birdsall, John, Jr.: Burlington, VT - deed to Stephen Mott   August 13, 1763 

Bishop, Harriet E.: letter to Mary P. Hollenbeck   November 29, 1841 

Bishop, Jesse: Promissory note to Elizur Hubbard   July 14, 1812 

Bissell Family, Shoreham, VT: Papers   1827-1869 

Includes will of Benjamin Bissell, d. 1851; deeds dated 1860, 1866, 1869; indenture, 1827; writ of attachment, 1840. Other names in the papers are Edgar N. Bissell and wife Sophia, Salmon Bissell, and Lucinda Willson, indentured apprentice.

Bissell, William Henry: "Recollections"   circa 1856 

Typescript copy of original, 157 pp. Autobiographical recollections written for his children, by the second Episcopal Bishop of Vermont; considerable detail about Bissell's early life, family, Randolph, VT, University of Vermont.

Bissonette, Richard: "Serendipity and Winooski, Vermont"   1970 

Bitney, Abbie: "Founder of Burlington, VT Stephen Lawrence, Esq. And some of his descendents"   n.d. 

Bixby, G.P.: Civil War letter form Vermont Regiment in Virginia   1861, December 19 

Letter from Camp Griffin, Virginia, to Bixby's brothers, concerning his life in camp, "the men are getting hard drills now all the afternoon and two hours in the morning." The sixth regiment has lost more men than his regiment has, "the measles was the trouble with the men the most or the biggest part."

Bixby, Orville: Civil War letters and photographs (4 folders)   1861-1873 

Blaisdell Family: Family letters, Civil War letters, Gold mining letters (13 folders)   1847-1876 

Blake, A.G.: Inventory of property   1841 

Blake, Stephen D.: Civil War letters   1863, 1865 

Blanchard, Jotham[?]: ANS to Isaac Tichenor   1778, July 22 

Encloses an invoice [not preset] for 59 cattle, sent via Mr. Gaylord; apologizes for the leanness of the cattle, but blames it on the recent drought; thought it best to send lean cattle to Bennington rather than none at all; fire-damaged.

Bliss, C.W.: Genealogical materials   1911, 1918 

Bliss, Elias: Bill for day's work on bridges   December, 1822 

Bliss, Fred W.: St. Albans, VT - found inside ledger   1917-1921 

Bliss, George: Letter (ALS) to "Bof"   1901, April 1 

Sends a copy of history of St. Paul's Church, Burlington; hopes it can be improved, many errors; not really written by his uncle, J. Isham Bliss.

Bliss, William H.: University of Vermont grade reports and family letters   1861-1871 

Bliss, Zenas: Discourse on James Marsh, S.T. Coleridge and Cheever   n.d. 

Bliss, Zenas, 1808-1865: "The resurrection of man and eternal judgement as doctrines of faith."   1863 

viii, 433 p. Holograph of book (?) The Rev. Zenas Bliss received his A.B. from UVM in 1831.

Blodgett, Benjamin F.: Papers   1834-1837 

Blood, Moody, Essex, VT: Sawmill agreement with William A. Butler   1825, April 

Blood, William, Essex, VT: Business Papers   1826-1829 

Promissory note; agreement between William Blood and Edwin Brown concerning the "occupancy" of Blood's farm for a period of four years by Brown; William Blood's account with E.D. Harmon [Jericho, VT] for various drugs, anise, opium, alcohol, aloes, jalop. The account allowed by the commissioners of the estate Daniel Littlefield and B.B. Brady.

Blow, David J.: Burlington, Vermont in 1812   

Blow, David J.: Burlington, Vermont in 1855   

Blow, David J.: Burlington, Vermont in 1865   

Boardman, Daniel: Letter to Moses Vila, with map of Sterling   December 19, 1820 

Boardman Family, Middlebury, VT: Correspondence   1860-1865 

Boardman, G.: "Middlesex, a Pioneer Town"   

Boardman, Joel: Middlebury, VT - Papers (Copies)   1802-1845 

Boardman, Louise: Colchester, VT - diary and poems   1851-1852 

Bolton, VT: Tax List for State Prison   1807 

Bolton, VT - Town charter from Province of New Hampshire   June 7, 1763 

Boorn, Jesse: Act for relief of   

Booth, Charles: Autographs, Civil War diary, Strafford, VT   

Booth, Samuel Babcock, Burlington, VT and Florence, Italy: Letters to Rev. John Crocker   1929-1935 

Discusses books, devotions, Roman Catholic Church

Bosch, Alfred: Collection of papers and files concerning socialist party   

Bostwick & Evarts: Burlington, VT - 1 letter   September 23, 1848 

Bostwick, Luther: Civil War letter, "Wolf Run", VA: Leetter to Aunt   1863, January 22 

Typhoid fever has broken out in the Regiment. They have left Fairfax Court House where Stewart's Rebel Cavalry attacked. He is well and wishes to be remembered to his friends in Cambridge, Vermont.

Bostwick, (P.H.): Burlington, VT - Writing exercise book   1839 

Botta, Anne Charlotte Lynch: Biographical Notes   

Boyce, David: Middlebury, VT - Family Records   1789-1939 

Boyce, J.E.: Rochester, VT - two letters   1906 

Boyce, Thomas: Middlebury College, VT - Botany notes, letters   1881-1891 

Boyd, William: Civil War Diary (transcript)   1863-1864 

Boyden Family   

Bradbury, Frank P.: Civil War Letter   1863, April 27 

Bradford, VT: Mortgage Deeds (4 folders)   1829-1862 

Bradley, Dean H.: World War I letters to Nellie May and Mrs. E.B. Gates, North Hartland, VT   1917-1918 

Bradley, Harry: Letters to Wyllis Lyman   February 24, 1843 

Bradley, Robert J.: Burlington, VT - Family papers, pictures   

Bradley, Stephen Row: Letters to Gen. William Eaton and from Sam A. Otis. (xerox copies)   1806-1813 

Bradley, William C.   

Bradley, William C., Westminster, VT: Letter from Peter Taft, Cincinatti, Ohio   1842, January 21 

Concerning Mr. Haven's 1842 note to Mr. Wilcox, later made payable to M. Joslyn, Jan. a detailed account of these transactions.

Brailsford, H.N., London: ALS to Elbridge Colby   1943, August 18 

Brainerd, Ezra   

Brainerd, M.R., a Vermont teacher in Boonville, Missouri: Letter to Martha Sanborn of Lyndonville, Vermont   1852, October 7 

Brainerd, Lawrence: Written letter authorizing seizure of Francis Parker of Fletcher   1845, April 19 

Braintree, VT: Baptist Church Records   1799-1859 

Brandon, VT   

Brandon, VT - Militia Records   1818-1827 

Miscellaneous documents relating to the militia companies of Brandon, Vermont -- company rolls and rosters, notices to town clerks of enlistees, names of officers, etc. 31 pp.

Brandon, VT - Town Meeting Resolutions   1864 

Brannon, Jennifer: "IBM's Socio-economic Impact on the Greater Burlington Area" - student paper for Anthropology 185   1984, May 

Brattleboro & Fitchburg Rail Road Company: Notice of capital stock subscription   1844, September 24 

Brattleboro Country Club - Legal Documents   1939-1940 

Brattleboro, VT   

Brattleboro, VT: Antislavery petition in support of Liberty Party   1844, August 12 

Petition to support the Liberty Party ticket for national and local offices because of its antislavery position. Signed by David Allen, William Brooks, Henry Burnham, John Burnham, J.T. Clark, William A. Conant, Cyrus Davis, Jacob Estey, John Fowles, Charles C. Frost, Willard Frost, John King, O.J. Martin, L.L. Putnam, Elijah Robinson, Reuben Spalding, E.S.W. Thomas, M. Willis, J. Woodbury and others.

Brattleboro, VT: Town Militia Records   1837-1855 

Brattleboro, VT - Treasurer's Warrant   November 1, 1791 

Brattleboro, VT Fire Department - invoices   1877 

Bray, Merenda - Burke, VT: Family letters from Vermont, Ohio, Iowa, and Illinois   1820-1865 

Breck, M.A. (L.T.): Letter to General P.P. Pitkin   December 28, 1867 

Brick Meeting House Society - Jericho, VT - Constittuion and By-laws   1824-1837 

Bridgewater, VT - Library document   1792 

Bridport, VT - letter describing Frost's landing, requesting P.O.   September 17, 1849 

Briggs, Eliza: Letter to E.D. Briggs   1844, November 11 

Letter to her husband, Rochester, Vermont; primarily family news; another ALS on same page, from George B. Lyman to his grandfather, E.D. Briggs; some family news, supports Native American Party, "get rid of these foreighners [sic]".

Briggs, Silas: Letter to George Prentiss   1853, January 4 

From Port Clinton, Ohio. Describes Ohio weather, wild animals, abundance of food; says most Ohioans only intersted in money; asks for news from Williamstown, Vermont.

Brigham, Baxter: Bakersfield, VT - Estate papers, legal documents   1846-1857, 1869 

Brigham, Elbert   

Brigham, Laura: Westford, VT - Family correspondence, autograph album   1836-1893 

Brigham, Paul: to Isaac Bayley, Newbury, VT   

Bristol, VT - Attachment of goods   June 26, 1816 

Bristol, VT - Baptist Church, Harvey Sprague Membership   1831, December 15 

Bristol, VT - Manufacturing Company, Casket Company: Billhead'd and clipping   1907, 1939 

Bristol, VT - Propreitors Record for Pocock   undated 

Records giving names of original proprietors land granted in Pocock, and names of persons redeeming these lands in that township.

Bronson, G.E. and Burke, Edmund: Newport, NH and Albany and Buffalo, NY - letters   1853 

Brooke, Rupert: Biography by G. Wilson Knight   1968 

Brookline, VT: School report   1829 

Brooks, Louisa: Bill for Weaving   1846, January 16 

Brown, Alfred: Letters to Henry Miles of Manutan   1854-1862 

Brown, Amos: 31st Infantry   1813-1814 

Brown, Bertram F.: Civil War letters and misc. family papers   1839-1863 

Brown, John, Norwich, VT: Record Book   1797-1817 

Account and record book of John Brown, Norwich, Vermont. John Brown was the first constable in Norwich, VT from 1805-1811 and 1813-1817. The account book includes records for activites associated with court trials (serving writs, transporting witnesses). Brown also records spring weather conditions in 1815 and 1816 (cold and snow).

Brown, Joseph: Cider mill account and Jericho Town highway tax list for District 2   1845 

Brown, Luther: Jericho, VT - family letters   1821-1843, undated 

Brown, Mark (Sheriff): Montpelier, VT - Papers on acquittal for roughness in handling a prisoner   

Brown, Samuel: Castleton, VT - deed for land   1763, December 14 

Deed to Zenas Persons of one 17th of township of Castleton, possibly the first transfer of land after the original charter.

Brownell, Chauncey W.: Burlington, VT - Biography and papers   1849-1902 

Brownell, George Washington: Account book   1850 

Bruce, Alonzo: Letter to E.G. Hulett   November 19, 1843 

Brush, Edwin: Civil War letters   1864-1865 

Buck, D.A.A.: Autograph/Manuscripts   

Buck, Daniel: Letter to Charles Lanman about Heman Allen biography   1858, December 2 

Buck, M.S.: Civil War Letter - letter from Boston   June 29, 1864 

Buckham, James: Literary adventures of Ebenezer and Jerush Bascom by Paul Pastnor - photostat of fire damaged original   1858-1908 

Buckham, Matthew H.   

Buckley, John: Middlebury, VT - 1 Civil War letter to J. Donnelly   1861 

Buckley, T. Garry   

Bullard, Benjamin: Weybridge, VT - Ledger   1813-1836 

Bullard, Mulfred: Autobiographical sketch of a Methodist minister   1854 

Bunker, Frances: Bill for leather   1790-1791 

Burbank, B.M.: Underhill Center, VT - 1 letter to Rev. A. Harelton   September 15, 1856 

Burdick and Chittenden: Burlington, VT - Yard goods receipt   September 25, 1828 

Burdick, Arthur F.: Underhill, VT - Mortgage deeds   1865-1872 

Burdick, J.: Letter to C. Williams   March 28, 1829 

Burgess, Nancy: Milton, VT - receipt for subscription to the "Advocate & Guardian"   1859, July 30 

Burke, Stephanie and Ruty Fairchild: Mary Hephzibah Parker, Teacher   1992 

Burlee Family: Springfield, VT and Michigan   1839-1851 

Burlington Drug Company: Labels, pricelists, correspondence   1891-1895 

Correspondence from Klinck Medicine Co., Chicago to Burlington Drug Co. (Wells, Richardson & Co.) concerning the sales of Klinck medicine in Burlington, through the Burlington Drug Co.; includes many dunning demands for payment of money due to Klinck.

Burlington Forestry Co. - 1 letter to Eugene S. Boyce, 1 advertising pamphlet   March 24, 1941 

Burlington High School, Burlington, VT - Assorted Papers   1897-1928 

Assorted papers relating to the planning and construction of Edmunds High School in Burlington; primarily correspondence between George P. Edmunds and Burlington mayor Hamilton S. Peck in 1897-1898, relative to the city's acquiring Edmund's property in Burlington for the proposed new school. ca. 100 pp.

Burlington Historical Society, Burlington, VT - Records   1927-1928 

Burlington Merchants Protective Assoc. - 1 document   

Burlington Mill Company - Burlington, VT - correspondence   1846, 1849 

Burlington Relief Association: Minutes and membership list   1861, April 22 

Burlington Trust Company   1915, February 1 

Burlington, VT   

Burlington, VT - Act of incorporation - City and Borough of Burlington   October-November, 1852 

Burlington, VT - Births, Deaths, Marriages (Volumes 1 and 2) - photocopy   1789-1863 

Burlington, VT - Bond of Benjamin Adams and Daniel Hurlbut to the town of Burlington for the sum of 1000 pounds   1792, December 12 

Burlington, VT - Bond of Isaac French and Jeremiah French to the town of Burlington, Vermont for the sum of 1000 pounds.   1793, March 4 

Burlington, VT - Bond of Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Hurlbut to the town of Burlington for the sum of 1000   1792, April 4 

Burlington, VT - Blue Triangle Homes   1918 

Burlington, VT - Board of School Commissioners - Minutes of meetings   November 4, 1970 - September 14, 1971 

Burlington, VT - Cemeteries - Bonds for perpetual care - Lake View, Green Mount, Elmwood   

Burlington, VT - Citizens Committee Chicago Fire: Citizens' Donations   October 12, 1871 

Burlington, VT - City Hall Park - lease to N. Mayo and E. & T. Mills   1831 

Burlington, VT - Civil Marriages - copy of typescript compiled by Lorainne Kennedy   1789-1833 

Burlington, VT - Congregational Church   1898-1917 

Burlington, VT - Deeds   1788-1913 

Burlington, VT - Female Seminary - History - sketch by E.B. Taft   1890s 

Burlington, VT - Grand List   1788 

Burlington, VT - History - John Pomeroy letter copied by Edward A. Hansbury "To the next generation"   June 10, 1845 

Burlington, VT - Land grant - photograph of original French land grant for Burlington, VT (original housed at the Provincial Archives for the province of Quebec)   July 20, 1734 

Burlington, VT - Lands - Record of sale of non-resident lands   1815, November 2-3 

Burlington, VT - letter from Francis Hobort to father describing Burlington events   1888 

Burlington, VT - License for construction - 1 application   October 1, 1953 

Burlington, VT - Railroads   undated 

Burlington, VT - Selectmen - minutes of meetings   1794 

Burlington, VT - schools - outline of general objectives for art courses in public schools   

Burlington, VT - schools, Jr. and Sr. High - Parent Teacher Association minutes and newspaper clippings   1960-1962 

Burlington, VT - student paper (anon.)   1940? 

Burlington, VT - tax list - assessment list   1863 

Burlington, VT - Telegraph - reception of first message in Burlington, 1848   undated 

Burlington, VT - Town Meetings   1790-1794, undated 

Burlington, VT - Unitarian Church - pew holders   1916 

Burlington, VT - weather record - wind direction data   1878-1882 

Burlington, VT - Wharf - legal regulation   April 21, 1893 

Burlington, VT - Writ - Saxton-Allen   1790, January 21 

Burlington, VT - Writ - Saxton-Davidson   1790, January 21 

Burlington, VT - Writ - Saxton-Loomis   1790, September 21 

Burlington, VT - Writ - Saxton-Stevens   1790, January 20 

Burnham, Geoffrey: 2 writings   

Burr, Arba: Inventory of estate, West Fairlee, VT   1866 

Burroughs, Harold: "The Hartford Convention of 1814: The Reasons Behind Vermont's Independent Stand" - Middlebury College term paper   1980, May 19 

Bush, Napoleon: Civil War letters, misc. family papers   1853-1884 

Butler, Ezra: 1 letter   November 14, 1827 

Butler, Ezra: Sidney Barlow Militia Commission   1827 

Elected Captain of the Burlington Independent Greys attached to the First Regiment, Second Brigade, and Third Division

Butler, James Davis: Correspondence with George W. Harmon of Bennington   1887 December - 1904, November 

Butler, John, Captain: Vermont recruits, War of 1812   1812 

Butler, Julia Colt: Stowe, VT - diary   August 4 - September 3, 1889 

Butler, Roswell: Bills   1820-1827 

Butler, Zebediah: Family Genealogy   circa 1869 

Button, Ira: Brandon, VT - Merchant-Business Correspondence   1828-1863 

Buzzell, Azro   

Byers, Mary: "The Atwater-Kent House and its Inhabitants" - Art 196   April 25, 1981 

Cabot, Abel and Sebastian: Chelsea, VT   1787-1847 

Cady, Daniel Leavens, 1861-1934: 2 TLS to Charles E. Tuttle Company   1918 December 27 and 1919 January 31 

Cady, Daniel Leavens, 1861-1934: TLS to Dorman B.E. Kent   1926 September 26 

Cahoon, Edward 1819-1862: ALS 4pages: Letter to J.S. Morrill, 1861 February 4: Lyndon, VT, Re. Civil War   1861 February 4 

Cahoon, George C.: Lyndon, VT - letters - lawyers expenses, law cases, route agents on Connecticut and Passumpsic Railroad   1833-1859 

Cain, Christopher A.; Mary Ellen Martin: "A Survey of Burlington Potteries" - Art 196   January 16, 1981 

Calais, VT   

Calais, Vermont: Democratic Party: Resolutions on upcoming election   1831 September 3 

Calais, VT - letters, warnings of town meeting, bill statements   1913-1915 

Calais, Vermont: Misc. Papers   1913-1915 

Caldwell, Matthew: Burlington, VT - note to A.B. Porter   February 21, 1823 

Caldwell, Sally Hovey and Betty: Hymns and other verses, Ludlow, VT   



Cambridge, VT   

Cambridge, VT: Deeds: Isaac Griswold to Willard Griswold   1822 October 19 

Cambridge, VT - letter from Cambridge   December 14, 1863 

Cambridge, VT: School Bill   1819 December 24 

Cambridge, VT: The School Visitor, The Student's Gem and other miscellaneous manuscripts   

Camp Abnaki - YMCA Boys Camp - South Hero, VT - certificate of attendance and honors earned   1925 

Camp, Issac Newton (1831-1896): UVM: Letters to E. Summers Dana   Undated 

Camp, Lyman L.: Elmore, VT - Letters regarding worship service - end papers from New Testament Bible - documents on feed, fertilizer, drug memorandum - account diaries   1900-1947 

Campbell, Daniel: Letter to John Stearns   January 21, 1856 

Campbell Family Letters - from Hartland, Vermont and Winthrop, Maine   1804-1823 

31 letters, 88 pages. Letters from siblings to David Campbell. Several letters document the mental health of Ruth Campbell, their mother.

Candiotti, Steve: "Old Mill"   July 17, 1998 

Canfield, Ebenezer-Rutland, VT: Court Disposition of E. Canfield   1800 February 6 

Canfield, J.H.H. and Edith R.: Burlington, VT - letters to Emily Canfield   1881-1889 

Canon, Mrs. Olive C.: A Letter from "Cousin Florence"   1884 May 17 

Capen, Col. John: Brandon, VT - certifications of training in surveying   April 2, 1845 

Cardulus, Franciscus, of Narnia: Francisci Carduli Narnienssis Oratio ad Maximillanum...inCovento principum: Germanorum M.D. (with other M.S. in Latin)   Undated 

Cardulus, Franciscus, of Narnia Francisci Carduli Narnienssis Oratio Ad Maximmilianum T.R. by Sarah Godfrey   Undated 

Carey, Mrs. Frank G.: Spiritualist and healing letters and pamphlets   1891-1892 

Carleton, Ebenezer: Business papers   1823-1825 

Carpenter, Davis: ALS, to (Charles Lanman)   1865 September 29 

Carrigan, Philip: N. Chichester, NH: Letter to Darby Select Men   1826 

Carter, Edward W.: Civil War letters   March 2, 1862 

Carter, Stanley, Jr.: Corinth, VT - Boys and Girls Home Gardens reports - prize ribbons   1922-1925 

Cartwright, Richard   Undated 

Case, Levi-Essex, VT: Bond to Lemuel Hayden   1818 August 26 

Cashill, Murdock W.: Barton, VT - certificate of bond on Angus Cashill by Murdock   December 7, 1858 

Castleton Medical College - Address to medical graduates by Louis C. Beck   

Cather, Willa (1873-1947): 2 Letters 1931   1931, undated 

Catholic Church Diocese of Burlington, VT: Pastoral Letters   1881-1903 

Catholic Church Diocese of Burlington, VT: Pastoral Letters   1915-1926 

Catholic Church Diocese of Burlington, VT: Pastoral Letters (1927-1941) 3 of 4   1927-1941 

Catholic Church Diocese of Burlington, VT: Pastoral Letters 1965-1969 (4 of 4)   1965-1969 

Catlin Papers - Mary Mayo: Correspondence   1832-33 

Catlin, Ellen F. (Boardman, Mrs. E): Letters from nieces M.L. Butler and Sophie Jonte - Burlington, VT   1852, 1877 

Catlin, George B. and Ellen F.: Burlington, VT - letters and manuscripts, book of poems - 3 ALS, 2 AMsS, 1 AMS   1919, 1861, 1876 

Cavendish, VT   

Cavendish, VT - School District No. 3 - tax rate and grand list   1869-1871 

Cavendish, VT: School report   1829 

Caverly, Charles S.: Rutland, VT - letter to Walter Crockett regarding medical "crow-bar" case with photo and history   March 2, 1916 

Cedar Beach - Charlotte, VT - Reference papers, map   

Central Vermont Railway - St. Albans, VT - correspondence with W.R. Austin   1927-1930 

Central Vermont Railway - St. Albans, VT - legal papers, notices of sales   1920-1929 

Chace, Charles E.: Civil War letters - 27 folders   1863-1865 

Chaddock, Thomas: "Astonishment to the World"   1813 

Chafee, John C.: diaries   1841-1842, 1850 

Chamberlain, Calvin: Manchester, VT - Revolutionary War land grants, pension grant, military service history, 2 biographical newspaper clippings   1787, 1800, 1820, 1900 

Chamberlain, Chauncey M.: Letter to John Chase in Weathersfield, VT   October 9, 1848 

Chamberlin, Alfred: Newbury, VT   1864-1869 

Chamberlin, J.B.: Civil War Letters   1862-1863 

Chamberlin, John: Deed of land in Thetford, VT   

Chandler, John G.: Derby and Burlington, VT - letters to Sister Elizabeth   1830, 1834, 1865, 1867 

Channing, William Ellery: Letter   February 1, 1873 

Chaplin, Aaron: Berkshire, VT - letter to George W. Chaplin in East Clarendon, VT   February 14, 1850 

Chaplin, J.P.: Letters, Forms, etc.   Circa 1950-1970 

Chapman, ASA--Middlebury, VT: Post-office records   1838-1853 

Chapman, R.G.--Burlington: Letter to Benjamin Chapman   1825 July 4 

Charleston Jail - Charleston, SC - description of city fire and hospital conditions during Civil War   

Charlotte, VT: Cedar Beach   Undated 

Charlotte, VT: Congregational Church 150th Anniversary Program   1942 August 16 

Chase, D.: Bethel, VT - letter to John Hamilton of Cornish   August 10, 1837 

Chase, Dudley   

Chase, Dudley: Letters   1814-1826 

Chase, Dudley (US Senator): Washington, D.C. - letters to Seth Cushman, biographical sketch   March 9, 1829 

Chase, Jonathan: Conneticut River Bridge (Cornish, NH_Windsor, VT): Sale of Share   1796 

Chase, Leonard: Springfield, Castleton, VT - MD graduation certification from Castleton Medical College - property deeds   February 1820, 1828 

Chase, Truman: Boston and Newton Centre, MA - letters from brother Irah, sister Sarah, H. Lincoln Chase, Uncle Henry - obituary of Royal B. Chase - Waterville commencement exercises   1849-1869 

Chatelain, Margaret et al.: "Chateauguay: A study of social and historical patterns in a nineteenth century Vermont settlement" - Sociology 63   1970 

Chedle, John: Memorandum Book   1771-1779 

Chelsea Historical Society: Stained Glass Project (2 folders)   1975-1980 

Chelsea, VT   

Chelsea, VT: First Memorial Day Celebration-Account   1870s 

Chelsea, VT: Orange County Bank draft of $30 to E.R. Skinner   July 15, 1865 

Chelsea, VT: Receipts, Notes   

Chelsea, VT: Sleeper, Ephriam - receipts, bills   1798-1814 

Cheney, Lucy D.: Correspondence to K from Cheney, RE: Hugh Stowell Scott's Novel "The Velvet Glove"   1915 

Cheney, O.H.: New York, NY - diary of a bicycle trip through New England   August 31, 1895 

Cheney, Nettie: Jamaica, VT: History of Baptist Church   Undated 

Cheney, Perley C.J.: Civil War soldiers letter to D.R. Cook describing experiences with 1st Vermont Cavalry   October 3, 1862 

Cheney Family (Brattleboro, VT>) Misc. Documents   1820-1875 

Chester   Undated 

Chester, VT   

Chester, VT: School report   1832 

Chester, Vermont: Stage Road Survey: Report of Survey by Moses Tewkesbury, Thomas F. Hammond and Simmon Warren   1830 September 

Chever, Thankful: Wardsborough/Hartland, VT   1799-1806 

Childs, Asahel S.: Civil War Letters   1865 February 12 

Childs, John: Journal: Journey from England to Quebec   1804 

Chilson, Colonel Oliver: Bristol, VT: Obituary Notice   1832 August 1 

Chipman, Daniel: Note on bottom of a letter to Mr. Jackson from L. Fox regarding court case   

Chipman, George: Washington, DC - letter to Charles Lanman regarding biographical sketch of father Daniel Chipman   April 24, 1859 

Chipman, Jonathan: Deed   February 19, 1790 

Chipman, Nathaniel et al.   1790 

Chipman, Nathaniel: Philadelphia - letter to Cephas Smith, Jr. regarding payment for redemption of lands   December 8, 1796 

Chipman, Nathaniel: Vermont - expense account bill of Jonathan Bell with Chipman allowing payment   July, 1797 

Chipman's Landing: Receiving Book   Undated 

Chittenden County Agricultural Society: Burlington, VT - Appointment of Newton Hayes by Martin Chittenden   March 3, 1819 

Chittenden County Canvassing Committee - Results of an election   1857 

Chittenden County Court Docket Book Index   1797-1814 

Chittenden County Court Docket Box: 1840-1841   1840-1841 

Chittenden County Geneology   ca. 1882 

Chittenden County Legislative Convention: List of Nominees   October 15, 1800 

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission - Burlington transportation questionaire cover letter from Francais J. Taginski   October 6, 1972 

Chittenden, Eli: Burlington, VT and Westport, NY - biographical sketch from newspaper clipping, records of land sales, deeds   1873-1899 

Chittenden, Eli: Westport, NY - legal papers, letters, deeds regarding sale of Averill Ore Bed at Clinton Prison, Clinton Co., NY   1854-1881 

Chittenden, Giles: Judgement Against   1818 April 20 

Chittenden, Martin 1769-1840: ALS to Jonas Galusha about Militia laws/regulations   1810 January 1 

Chittenden, Martin, 1769-1840: ALS to Isaac Tichenor about politics, possibility of war   1812, January 16 

Chittenden, Martin 1769-1840: ALS to Solomon Miller about politics (possibly of war)   1812, May 28 

Chittenden, Martin 1769-1840: Deeds   1823, 1840 

Chittenden, Martin: Governor of Vermont (1813-1814)   

Chittenden, Noah: Duxbury, VT   1789 

Chittenden, Noah: Records of land sales in Bolton and New Huntington, Vt: Bolton, New Huntington, VT ADS, 4 pages   1799 June 14 

Chittenden, Thomas   

Chittenden, Thomas, 1730-1797: ALS to General James (?) Clinton   1779 May 5 

Chittenden, Thomas, 1730-1797: ALS to Samuel Williams   1794 May 2 

Chittenden, Thomas: Letter to Ezekiel Williams   June 24, 1781 

Chittenden, Thomas: Letters to Stephen Row Bradley, on British Incursions South of Canada, VT. Border   1794, February 18 

Chittenden, Thomas: Lieutenant's Commission to Thomas Whipple   1781, May 8 

Chittenden, Thomas: Military Order for Court of inquiry into conduct of Gideon Brownron (?), Oct. 21   Unknown Year, October 21 

Chittenden, Thomas: Resignation, Commission and Other Documents: 1786-1787   1786-1787 

Chittenden, Thomas: Thanksgiving Day Proclamation   1795, October 15 

Chittenden, Truman: Letter concerning the nomination of Henry Clay   1842, June 20 

Chittenden, VT   

Christowe, Stoyan: Letters to Harry Hansen   1935-1975 

Church, William T.: Civil War letters   May 14, 1863 

Churchill, Capt. (?): New York, Fort Johnson, ND - Army supply orders and letters of 1st Reg. Artillery   1819-1821, 1834 

Citizen's Union Line & US Mail - Way bills from Boston & Lowell to Brattleboro & Keene   

Civil War: Doctor's Certificates   1862 

Civil War: Letters and Documents 1861-1865   1861-1865 

Civil War letter - 10th Vermont Infantry, written from the Petersburg trenches   March 15, 1865 

Civil War, Unidentified author "G.D.C." from Redoubt at Dutton, UA   April 20, 1865 

Civil War: Jerd/Meizner   

Civil War: Miscellaneous Documents   


Claredon Sprtings, VT. Bill to Job Lyman: August 14, 1845   1865, Aug 14 

Clark, Carol Ann: "A Draft of the edited transcript of the Governor's Conference on Historic Preservation"   May 30, 1975 

Clark, C.E.: St. Joseph, MI - Response to invitation   August 31, 1898 

Clark, Charles, lieutenant in the 7th vermont Infantry: Civil War letter   1862 May 4 

Clark Family: Peacham, VT - letters   1851-1855 

Clark, Daniel (1752-1854): Chatham, Connecticut, and Plymouth, Vermont 12 Mss.   1775-1826 

Clark, Helen-Brownsvill (N.Y.C?): Letter to her Father: April 4, 1849   1849 April 4 

Clark, Henry: Rutland, VT - letter to Charles P. Marsh regarding debt payment   October 16, 1871 

Clark, John-Middlebury, VT. (Rutland Comp.): Complaint Against John Burnham, Dec. 28, 1824   1824, December 28 

Clark, Lyman: Diary of Revolutionary War, 1775-1777: Northampton, Massachusettes. AMSS Photostat and Transcript   1775-1777 

Clark, N.S., Major: Houlton, ME - letter requesting swords for officers   May 26, 1836 

Clark, W.P.: Papers, Wallingford   19th century 

Clarke, Carrie: School notebooks   n.d. 

Clary, Silas. S.: Civil War letter, 9th Vermont Regiment   1862, September 23 

Clay, Henry, 1777-1852: ALs to Heman Allen (1777-1844) et al., cannot make it to Burlington, Catalogue Misc. File   1833, November 16 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorn: Riversdale; New York City, NY - Correspondence with A.H. Tyson regarding daughter's death   1902 

Clement, Percival: Governor of Vermont (1919-1921)   

Clemons, Seneca S., M.D.: Physicians Accounts (photocopies); other clippings, etc.   1902-1908 

Cleveland - Austin Families: Bethel, VT - Family letters, bill of sale, land survey, abstract of titles, poem   

Cleveland, Stephen, Susan, Daniel: Bethel, VT - Family letters from Joshua Huntington; probate court records; military promotion record; court records of stock held in Bethel Manufacturing Co.   1785-1828 

Cleveland, Stephen, Susan, Daniel: Bethel, VT - Family letters, land deeds, indictment State vs. Jacob Allen   1830-1848 

Cleveland, Susan, Elizabeth, and Austin, Louise: Bethel, VT - Probate court record, family letters, land deeds   1850-1888 

Clifford, Simeon: Civil War soldier's letter   1861 

Clippings on historical Vermont homes   1930s-1940s 

Coakley, William Leo: "The Banyan Press and the printing of Claud Fredericks: a post-war private press."   1972 

Clogston, Laura: Tunbridge, VT   1933 

Cobb Papers: Cobb, D., N., & M. - letters and business papers   

Coffrin Family: World War II Correspondence   1944-1947 

Cogbill, Charles: Hubbard Book Revisited   1989 

Colburn, Charles Sheperd: Civil War Letters to his Parents   1862-1865 

Colby Bros. & Co.: Waterbury, VT - Invoice to A.D. Weswill   May 7, 1870 

Colby, Captain Elbridge: UVM - letter from Newton D. Baker   December 6, 1935 

Colby, John C.: Letter to Captain William Colby   October 9, 1824 

Colby, John C.: MD, UVM 1826 - Love letter to Susan Morrill of Danville, VT   October 20, 1825 

Colchester Land Company Records   1854-1858 

Cholchester, VT: Charter   Undated 

Colchester, VT - Lands - Sale of non-resident lands-list   February 21, 1817 

Colchester, VT.: Methodist Church Membership Book of United Church INC'L. Essex and Others   1839-1855 

Cole, Wesley: Portrait, Letters   1899-1900 

Collamer, Jacob   

Collamer, Jacob: Correspondence   1836, 1857, 1860 

Collamer, Jacob: Court document   May 1840 

Collamer, Jacob: DS, ALS to Charles Lanman   1858-1860 

Collamer, Jacob: Letter to Joseph Ripley Chandler   1860 

Collamer, William, 1824-1873: ALS to Justin Smith Morrill, asking him to help collect writings of his father, Jacob Collamer   1868 August 19 

Collier, Laura Chapin Higbee Brownell: Typescript of "An American Girl of Long Ago"   1850-1900 

Colombe, Joseph C.: Derby Line, VT and New York, NY - Correspondence with Ora M. Carpenter regarding land purchase for timber and patent bottles   1907-1908 

Colton   Undated 

Colton Family: Fairlee   

Colton Family: Georgia, VT - Biographical sketch from newspaper clipping   

Colton, E.P.: Irasburg, VT - from his account books   1873-1877 

Community Council of Greater Burlington: Misc. Files   1989-1991 

Community Lutheran Church - South Burlington, VT - church letters   1964-1973 

Conant, Edward   

Conant, John: Extracts from autobiography   Undated 

Congdon, Bradford S.: Diary/Notebook, Claredon Springs, VT.   1862-1865 

Congdon Family: Providence, RI - Index of Family Papers, Genealogy, letters, journals of sea captain   1811-1863 

Conger, W.R.: St. Albans, VT - US Patent for car door guards   October, 1890 

Congregational Church - Chittenden County - 3 writings   1828, 1842 

Connecticut River   

Connecticut River Valley Association: Programs, Correspondence, etc. (1 of 2)   1902-1919 

Connecticut River Valley Association: Accounts (2 of 2)   1859-1920 

Connecticut, Windham County (Robinson)   

Constitutional Convention, Vermont   1791 

Construction Workers Strike - Montpelier, VT - notice for support of demonstration   January 15, 1973 

Continental Congress Petition - Petition to King George RE: Grievances (copy)   September 1, 1775 

Converse Family   

Converse, Helen C.: Disposition of estate   January 21, 1919 

Converse, J.K. (Rev.): Burlington Free Press - Article on Liberia, support bill and booklist   1841-1870 

Converse, Julius   

Converse, Julius: Legal documents   1828-1859 

Converse, Julius: Letter to John Beatty   1874, August 31 

Converse, Julius: Requests for travel funds, signed by Converse as justice of the peace   May 1840 

Cook, Charles C.: Thetford Center, VT - Letters regarding sale of St. Bernard dogs   March 3, 1931 

Cook, Rachel: Dummerston, VT - Deposition   ca. 1800 

Cooke, Nym: "Solon Silsby's the World of Music" (1834-1848): A Socio-Musicological Study   1979 

Cooke, Roger: University of Vermont - history   

Cooley, Benjamin: Pittsford sawmill account book   1793-1795 

Coolidge, Calvin: Letter to managers of Acadia Mills   April 9, 1919 

Coolidge, Calvin: Letter to Odessa Morris   April 2, 1930 

Coolidge, Calvin: Letter to Thomas Cochran   1930, July 2 

Coolidge, Calvin: Poem on Vermont, in braille   

Coolidge, Carlos, 1792-1866: ALS to Justin S. Morril, recommending R. Atwood of Weathersfield for appointment to West Point   1858 July 2 

Coolidge, Carlos: Governor of Vermont (1848-1850)   

Coolidge, Carlos: 5 Letters Concerning Court Cases   1835-1850 

Coolidge, Gov. Carlos: Windsor, VT - Letters   1836-1852 

Coolidge, Grace: 2 letters to Darwin Kingsley regarding portrait of Grace Coolidge for the University of Vermont   1826 January 21 

Coolidge, Grace: 4 Letters about her chow hound, Blackberry   1927-1928 

Coolidge, Grace: Letter to Sophie   1924, February 14 

Coolidge, Grace G.: Burlington, VT - Letters to Charlotte Hale (11 pieces)   1920-1935 

Coolidge, Grace G.: Northampton, MA - Letter to Wm. J. Collins regarding opinion on portrait artists ability   July 24, 1939 

Coolidge, Grace: Grace Coolidge letters to Lester Heinsheimer   1927-1928 

Coolidge, Grace: Letter to Sophie   February 14, 1924 

Coolidge, Grace: Statement signed by Grace Coolidge about Calvin Coolidge taking the oath of office in 1923.   undated 

Coolidge, Grace: Two letters to Darwin Kingsley regarding portrait of Grace Coolidge for the University of Vermont   1826, undated 

Coolidge, John: Bills   1871-1872 

Coolidge, P.T.: Bangor, ME and Waltham, MA - Report on timberland owned by Mrs. C.H. Carter, Mr. A. Perry Bishop, Searsburg, Bennington Co., VT - letters   1924 

Coolidge, Philip T.: Bangor, ME - Report on timberlands of Emporium Forestry Co., Mt. Tabor, Peru, Dorset, VT - letters - survey maps   1927-1930 

Cooper, Amos B. 2nd (Huntington, VT.): Singing Book   1810? 

Cooper, John: Letter from California to Sally Nealey of W. Bolton   1854 July 9 

Corbin, Job: Washington, DC, New York, Chelsea, MA - Military orders and correspondence of US Navy surgeon, including letter from Henry Mayo, US Navy Surgeon, J. Beale, US Naval Surgeon   1861-1867 

Corinth, VT   

Corinth, VT.: Congregational Church: Organization of Church   1820 

Corinth, VT.: General List: Tax List   1857 

Corinth, VT.: Militia: Regimental List   Circa 1796 

Corinth, VT.: Tax Bill: State, Town and School Tax List   1805 

Cornell, Peter: The Socio-economics of Plainfield, VT   1963 

Cornwall, VT - Baptist Church - Eunice Nash - Certificate of membership   February 27, 1819 

Corse, Henry P.: Civil War Letter   1864 June 4 

Cossett, Simon: Indenture in both Latin and English   1708 

Cotton, Charles   1832 

Council of Censors: Photostat of list of names   1799 

Coutermarsh, H. WW First Lt. B. of C.: Maasin, Iloilo, Panay, Pl - letters to sister regarding military life   1906 

Countermarsh, Vivian   Undated 

Coutermarsh, Vivian: Horoscope - Hartford, VT   1907 

Covered bridges - VT, NH, Canada - index, descriptions, map of covered bridges in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Canda   1954 

Cowles, J.O.: Peacham, VT - letter to Seth F. Cowles in Coventry, VT   March 29, 1847 

Cox, Julie P.: "Who's in the Statehouse?: Women's Legislative Groups, 1936-1986"   1986 

Crafts, Bernard: Bradford, VT - Selective Service Material   1945-1954 

Cram, Mrs. Sarah E.: Letter from H.S. Lay, MD, regarding medical treatment of possible diagnosis of consumption or cancer, n.d., Health Reform Institute, Battle Creek, MI   

Cram?, Harrison: East Braintree, VT - Civil War family letters   1863-1864 

Crane, Edward F.: Arlington, Burlington, VT - letters   1932-1959 

Crockett, Nelli: Diary (with transcription)   1871 

Crystal Lake House - Barton, VT - letterhead (missing 10-02-2004)   October 31, 1833 

Cummings, Charles: "A Genuine Vermonter" by Esther Stebbins   Circa 1945 

Cummings, Charles: West Charleston, VT - 2 letters to Sen. Joseph Cummings   October 25 & 29, 1872 

Cummins, Albert S.   

Cunningham, Helen A.: Letter to Henry R. Blake   April 17, 1866 

Cunningham, William: Civil War diary   1862-1863 

Currier Family   

Curtis, Burlin and Harvey: Manchester, VT - Note to Bank of Manchester   December 4, 1841 

Curtis, Israel: Windsor, VT - love letter to Catherine Perkins   May 2, 1804 

Curtis, Truman: Burlington: Testimony   Undated 

Cushman, Charles: Burlington: Deposition   1812 February 5 

Cutrufello, Mary: "Slate Belt Blues..." Student Paper   1989 

Cuttings, Henry Partridge?: Discourse on comradship   1823-1896 

Daggett, H.: Bill for Farm Chores   1861-1862 

Daggett, Malcolm: Portsmouth, NH - translation of the history of Vermont by J. Toscan's reading of Samuel Williams History, Portsmouth, NH   

Dale, Porter   

Dana, Charles, Jr., 1813-1884: Letter to brother Edward Dana, about local militia training day   1833 June 17 

Dana, Edward S.: Middlebury, VT - letter from Amos Dean of Albany, NY regarding law school   November 21, 1857 

Dana Family, Brandon, VT: Letters   1849-1854 

Dana, Joshua Markham   

Dana, Sylvester, Rev.: Orford, NH   

Danby, Vermont: DS, to Charles D. Mann   1813 January 12 

Danby, Vermont: License to Jabez Mattison   1805 March 

Daniel, Edward A.: "The Life and Times of Capt. Thomas B. Kennedy (1840-1903), Company K, Sixth Vermont Volunteers   2004 

Dann, Kevin: John Bulkley Perry and the "Taconic Question"   Undated 

Danville, VT   

Danville, VT.: Letters to Residents, Brock family and others   1838-1876, undated 

Daugherty, J.S.M.: Milton, VT - letter from James Daughert requesting voyage on August 5, 1845 to Randout, NY   August 15, 1845 

Davies, George: Letter   1872 March 20 

Davis, David: Invitation to memorial services for President Garfield   

Davis, Deane: Correspondence   

Davis, Heman: Letters to friends (G. W. Beardsly) in Malone, NY: re: family health and well-being, 1854, April 17, Milton VT ALS, upp.   1854 April 17 

Davis, Heman A.: Milton, VT: Letters to G. W. Beardsley, Malone, N.Y.   1854 April 

Davis, Jacob (Montpelier Selectman): Land deed, Montpelier, VT. to Clark Stevens of Montpelier   1794 November 1 

Davis, James, 1783-1868: ALS, St. Albans, VT, to Jeffrey Davis, on emigration from Vermont   1833 December 28 

Davis, John: Boston - letter to Stephen Jacob, Windsor, VT, regarding counterfeiters   May 5, 1797 

Davis, Lewis: Chelsea, VT   

Davis, Martin V.B.: Civil War letter   April 1, 1863 

Dean, William, 1795: Quaker, Journal of Missionary Trip through Lower Canada, northeastern U.S.   Circa 1840, undated 

Deed [draught] - England   1663 

Deeds - 3 deeds from Orange County, 1 deed from Caledonia County   1831-1838 

DeGoesbriand, Louis (Bishop): Beloeil, Canada - letter regarding emigration from Canada to US   December 23, 1868 

DeGoesbriand, Louis (Bishop): Canada - biographical newspaper clippings, February 21, 1944 - Translation of memoirs by Rev. Joseph N. Couture, December 29, 1890   February 21, 1944 and December 29, 1890 

Deming, Benjamin J. (US Congressman): Danville, VT - biography by Geo. F. Houghton   1790-1834 

Deming, Philander: Modern dramatizations of works by Ken Lawless of the Center for Music, Drama, and Art, Lake Placid, NY   1978 

Democratic Party - Barre, VT - papers including platforms, policies, newspaper clippings, and speeches   1965-1970 

Derby, VT   

Derby, VT - Writs and attachments - town receipts   1818-1833 

Derby Industrial Association: Constitution   18-- 

Devereux, Everett L.: World War I diary   1918-1919 

Devlin, Bill "Saint B's"   

Dewey, John #6 Corres: Torrey, Henry Augustus Pearson, John Dwey's Letter to (Ann Arbor, Michigan)   1886 February 16 

Dewey, William: Civil War letters   

Dexter, Warren: "From the Perspective of Time: Revisiting Woodstock Ancient Sites"   2002? 

Diary - Farm life   1842 

Diary - Road work and farming   1833 

Dickens, Charles: ALS to Jerome Hopkins   1868 April 15 

Dickenson, Obadiah: Northfield, VT: receipt for land   October 29, 1846 

Dikerman, Francis: Tunbridge, VT? - penmanship copy book and diary   1858?-1879 

Dillingham, Paul: Commission to John A. Tenney for Justice of the Peace   August 26, 1867 

Dillingham, Paul: Justice of the peace commission to Joseph H. Pratt   November 20, 1866 

Dillingham, Paul: Letter sendin a carte-de-visite   February 5, 1867 

Dillingham, Paul: A Letter to Asamel Peck   1875 June 26 

Dillingham, Paul (1799-1891): Proclamation and Biography   1867 

Dillingham, Paul (Governor): Waterbury, VT.: Letter Re: Appointment of Judge Poland   1872 July 30 

Dillingham, William Paul: Correspondence (4pieces)   1875-1907 

Dillingham, William P.: Correspondence of VT Gov. and Senator (4 pieces)   1867-1910 

Dillingham, William: Governor of Vermont (1888-1890)   

Dimick, Marion: Letters to Florence Hartwell   1943 

Diocese of Vermont: Letters   1926-1927 

Doddridge, Philip: Letter to Rev.   

Dodge Family: Thetford, VT   

Dodge, Chester: Civil War Diary: Company D 11th Regiment   1864 May 12 to 1865 September 5 

Dodge, Robert Ebenezer Judah: Marshfield, VT   

Domag, William J.: Civil War letters (3 folders)   1862 

Doolittle, Mike: "Socioeconomic Impact of IBM on Burlington"   Undated 

Dorr, Julia C.R.   

Dorset, VT   

Douglas, Charlotte Ferris: Vermont Memoirs   1822-1874 

Douglas, James H.   

Dow, Hendric: Sunderland, VT: minister's notebook (VT & NH)   1789-1809 

Downer, J.M. and C.R. Young: "Development of the Bingham's Falls Water Power" (Stowe)   1900 

Downs, Thomas: Barrie, VT.: Scottish and Italian Stone Cutters   1982 February 

Doyle, William: Center for Research on VT.: "...New England Regional Primary"   1977 March 2 

Draper, J.: Brattleboro, VT.: Telegram   1880's 

Drenan, John, 11th Vermont: Civil War Letter   1864 

Drew, Arthur: Civil War Papers   1862-1865 

Duane, James, 1733-1797: ALS, New York, to William Cockburn, concerning new survey of Duanesburgh line   1786 April 6 

Duggan, Patrick F.: Papers   1864-1885 

Dunham, Josiah, 1769-1844: ALS to (Stephen Jacob)   1808 January 27 

Dustin, D.: East Corinth, VT - letter to brother Moses Dustin   November 12, 1848 

Dutton, M.W.: Dummerston, VT.: Letters from M.W. Dutton, Hanover, N.H. to his brother Alonzo   1839-1848 

Dutton, Salmon: Oaths and Commissions   1813-1861 

Dvane, James: Philadelphia: Letters to Gov. Clinton   1781 August 9 and 21 

Dwight, Theodore: Letter to his Publisher   1834 April 17 

Dwyer, Edward: Burlington, VT: Lease to E.J. Thomas   April 19, 1914 

Early, Jubal: Letter to Edward Bok   1882, May 22 

East Ryegate, VT: P.O. - Rural Routes   1927 

Eastman, Charles G.: Woodstock, VT.: letter, poem and portraits   1840, undated 

Eastman, Dustine C.: Fairfax, VT.: letter from camp   1862 December 18 

Eastman, S.: Question and answer book: "Leviticus" and "Numbers"   n.d. 

Eastman, Tilton, 1773-1842   1830s 

Easton, John   

Eaton, Dorman B.: New York - Letters regarding unidentified matter with Mr. Gilman and payment of Mr. Foster's burial   October 15, 1872, October 9, 1899 

Eaton, Horace 1804-1855: ALS to A. Houghton, regarding personal financial matters   1847 September 29 

Eaton, Horace 1804-1855: Letters to A. Houghton re: debt collection via purchase of Mr. Adams' Shaw Place, 1842, August 30 1846, March 18 Enosburgh, VT 2 ALS, 5pp. total   1842 Aug 30 and 1846 March 18 

Eddy (family): George AMS photostat, 4pp.: Family records of deaths, births, marriages   1785-1887 

Eddy, George (Family): Family records of deaths, births, marriages   1785-1887 

Eddy, Samuel: Justice of the Peace Commission (Governor Horace Eaton)   1847 

Eden, Vermont   Undated 

Edmunds, George F.   

Edson, Kenneth: Army papers regarding his marriage to a Korean civilian   1950-1951 

Eells, Thomas: Cornwall, VT - Letters and two family genealogy charts   May 30, 1966 

Egerton, Ester: Washington, VT - Letter to Mildred N. Frost   July 2, 1902 

Egerton, Lebbeus   

Egner, Rosemarie Greene: "Franco-Americans in Vermont"   Undated 

Eisenhower, Mrs. Dwight D.: New York, NY - Letter acknowledging gift of 3 books to Mrs. W.R. Smith, Burlington, VT   November 28, 1952 

Elam, Muriel: "Ira Allen"   

Eldred, Caleb: Bennington County Court Indenture and Imprisonment   June 9, 1830 

Eldredge, John: Quit Claim Deed to Charles Eldredge   1814 

Elections - Sample ballots   

Ellis, Gladys: Auburn, ME - Family letters, marriage invitations, recipes   1906-1925 

Ellis, L.B.: Potsdam, N.H.: Letter to friend   1859 January 1 

Elmore, VT   

Elmore, VT - plan   n.d. 

Ely, Jonathan: Springfield, MA - Elgy on his death at Longmeadow   July 27, 1753 

Emerson, Lee: Governor of Vermont   

Emerson, Ralph Waldo--Autograph: Fletcher free library: Gift acknowledgement from Concord free public library   1877 July 16 

Emery, Edson: Civil War diary and papers   1861-1863 

Engelhart, Steven: "The Graven Images of Burlington's Greenmount Cemetery"   Undated 

Engels, Harry: Personal reminiscensces of music, drama, art, literature, and diplomacy in NY and Boston from 1865 to 1886 - Newspaper clippings - February 1904   

Eniti, Ernest: Violinist   1914- 

Enosburg, VT   

Episcopal Church of Vermont: Bishops' Letters   1833-1964 

Essex, VT - account book - [Marshall Castle?]   1796-1830 

Essex, VT - Congregational Church (8 folders)   1802-1851 

Essex, VT.: Misc. papers (some Marshall Castle)   1817-1831 

Estey Family: Estey Organ Co. - Brattleboro, VT   1876-1883 

Estey Organ Company - Brattleboro, VT - Electronic Cable requirements (Spinet)   1954, 1956 

Eugenics - unsigned documents   ca. 1933 

Evans, Oliver: Windsor, VT.: Grist Mills in Vermont, List   1818 August 16 

Everett, Edward: Washington - letter to Hezekial Howe & Co. regarding payment of bill   December 24, 1833 

Everett, Horace   

Everett, Horace: 1 letter   December 26, 1829 

Everett, Horace: Correspondence and biography - Windsor, VT and Washington, DC   1836, 1842, 1848 

Fairbanks, Edward: Burlington, VT - Vermont State Papers, letter regarding Henry Stever   October 27, 1860 

Fairbanks, Erastus, 1792-1864: Assorted Papers   Undated 

Fairbanks, Erastus and Horace   

Fairbanks, Erastus: Governor of Vermont (1861)   

Fairbanks, Erastus: Letter   1857, July 16 

Fairbanks, Franklin   

Fairbanks (E. & T.) & Co. St. Johnsbury, VT.: 2 ALS, to the Fairbanks Co.   1848 

Fairbanks, Horace: DS, to William Vallquette   1877 July 13 

Fairbanks, Horace: St. Johnsbury, VT.: Correspondence   1867 

Fairbanks Scale Co.: St. Johnsbury, VT.: Papers   1846-1946 

Fairbanks, Thaddeus: 2 documents regarding a refrigerator patent   1856-1857 

Fairbanks, Thaddeus: St. Johnsbury, VT.: Recollections   1881 

Fairfield, VT   

Fairfax, VT: School District No. 3   1801-1867 

Fairfax, VT: School District No. 3, Fairfax, VT.   1868-1893 

Fairfax, VT - School tax bills   1891 

Fairfax, VT.: Writ of Attachment   1829 March 4 

Fales, Franklin: Fales Vs. Roberts Case Records   1864-1865 

Fancher, Janet "Assistant Judges and the Matter of Scale"   Undated 

Farmer, Eli: Deed of Sale to Amasa Greeno   1839 May 7 

Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance Company - xerox of insurance policy   February 13, 1852 

Farnsworth, Ian: Note from a merchant   Undated 

Farnham, Roswell: Governor of Vermont (1880-1882)   

Farrell, Betsy: Mary Jean Simpson: A Paradox in American Feminism   Undated 

Fay, Fred W.: Richmond, VT - letter from F.D. Roosevelt's Secretary   February 9, 1932 

Fay, Salmon: Jericho, VT.: Decision between Edward and Salmon Fay   1815 April 

Fayston, Vermont: Lot Divisions Map   1790? 

Felton, Lydia: Stowe and Morristown, VT - letters to relatives   1820-1829 

Fenn, Austin: Civil War letter   October 27, 1862 

Fenn, William Wallace: A Letter to Charles Jason Staples   1907 January 12 

Ferrisburgh, VT -deeds   1833-1863 

Ferrisburg, VT: Town List   1906, Undated 

Field, Abigail: Mass. Bay - Documents signed by Timothy Dwight   1759 

Field, Andrew E.: Berlin, VT: Carpenter's Account Book (loose pages)   Circa 1824-1859 

Field, Charles K.   

Field, Frederick M.: Correspondence, pension papers (6 folders)   1846-1879 

Field, Lilly M.: Middlebury, VT: letter from Thomas to Ferrisburg, VT   [1800s] 

Field, Sophronia: Bakersfield, VT: Correspondence   1891-1897 

Fields, George: Civil War letter   April 19, 1864 

Fifield, Benjamin Franklin   

Fifield, Edson H.: Civil War soldier's letter   August 9, 1861 

Fink Family: Charlotte, Middlebury, St. Johnsbury, and Athens, VT - Family papers   1876-1929 

First Congregational Church: Articles of Association of the First Congregational Society in Burlington   

First Methodist Church (Richford, VT): Programs   1935 

First National Bank: Election of Directors Results: List of Stockholders   1947-1952 

First Vermont Regiment   May 17, 1861 

Fisher, Cassius B.: Letter to Family   May 3, 1864 

Fisher, Curtis O.: Diary and papers   1861 

Fisk, Daniel: Richmond, VT and Claremont, NH: Letters from Crown Pt., NY   1793-1805 

Fisk, Horace and Jane: Sheffield, VT - Letter from Monroe Crain, Braintree, VT   December 24, 1865 

Fisk, James: Swanton, VT: Certificate and letter   1819-1826 

Fitch, Samuel: Windsor, VT - letters to brother   1865-1866 

Flanders, Ralph: Correspondence: A-G   1932-1937 

Flanders, Ralph: Correspondence: H-Z   1934-1938 

Flanders, Ralph: Correspondence with Warren R. Austin   1934-1937 

Flanders, Ralph E.: U.S. Senate Floor Speech Re: Financial Aid to Poland 1957, March 14   1957 March 14 

Fleming, Archibald: Princeton Theological Seminary Catalogue   1830 

Fleming, Julia: Burlington, VT - letter regarding the University of Vermont   June 1885 

Fleming, Roberthull: Genealogy of Hull Family (1066-1840)   Circa 1840 

Fletcher, A. Parker: Plymouth, VT: Letter to brother in Canaan, VT   1850 February 24 

Fletcher, Allen: Governor of Vermont (1912-1915)   

Fletcher, Asa: Orwell, VT: Family correspondence (copies)   1842-1871 

Fletcher, Frances: Diary   1965-1966 

Fletcher, Frances: Novel - The Story of Margaret   1956 

Fletcher, Frances: Poem - "Don Luis de Gongora" (in Quarterly Review of Literature)   1950 

Fletcher, Isaac: Letters to Secretary of Navy regarding Annapolis Candidates   February 18, 1839 

Fletcher, Isaac: Lyndon, VT - letters to Samuel Southand   January 9, 1825 

Fletcher Library: Miscellaneous Testimonials   1968 

Fletcher, Mary: Burlington, VT - Personal and estate papers   1867-1878 

Fletcher, Ryland: Governor of Vermont (1856-1858)   

Fletcher, VT - school, state statistical report for Fletcher School   July 5, 1930 

Flint, Rosalie Viola Matthews: Our Matthews...Ancestors   1981 

Flint, William Henry: Brandon VT: Civil War Diary (Copy)   1861-1865 

Flood, Vermont   Undated 

Flowers, William J.: Civil War Letter   1862, October 11 

Flowers, of Jericho, Vermont, was a muscian in Company A, First Vermont Cavalry, during the Civil War. He wrote from Camp Parole in Annapolis, MD, where he was waiting to be exchanged.

Floyd, William: Letters from Philadelphia to NY Governor Clinton, about Vermont situation in Congress   1782 January to March 

Follett, Timothy: A. Knapp to Follett   1851 July 29 

Foot, Solomon   

Foot, Solomon, Senator (U.S.)   

Foote, Ralph A.   

Forbush Family, Reading, VT: Deeds and Estate Records   1816-1859 

Ford, F.S.: Lower Cabot, VT - Bills   October 21, 1891 

Ford, Norman Robert: Novel: "Colonel Thayer's Plebe Christmas"   1954 

Ford, Norman Robert: Short story: "The Case of the Girl in West Point Uniform"   1955 

Forster, John: Letters to Frederick   

Fort Dummer: unknown writer (L.H.)   1745 

Forty-Third Infantry Division, 1st BN, 172nd Infantry - operations journal (photocopy)   January 9 - May 4, 1945 

Fosdick, William: letter   n.d. 

Fosgate, Bella: Plan of Education presented to Gov. Isaac Tichenor   1799 

Foster, David J.   

Foster, Franklin: Peacham, VT   

Fox, Gerald B.: A Bridge at Hubbel's Falls   

Fox, Gerald B.: "Turning the lights on in Burlington"   Undated 

Fox, Masy: Letters (1 of 3)   1855-1867 

Fox, Masy: Letters (2 of 3)   1868-1874 

Fox, Masy: Letters (3 of 3)   Undated 

Francis C. Derby Company: Audit of the Rock of Ages Corporation   1933 

Francis, Lewis: Castleton, VT - letter to G.E. Goodrich   December 24, 1869 

Franklin, Benjamin: DS to Samuel Moor   1786 January 20 

Franklin, VT   

Freelow, Thomas, Jr.: Hanover, NH - letter to Secretary of Navy   February 9, 1842 

Fremont Seminary, Brattleboro, VT: Prospectus "A Family Boarding School for Young Ladies"   1853 

French, Samuel (1777-1843): Account Book: unidentified, Dummerston, VT   1820-1825 

French, Warren C.: Attorney, Woodstock, VT   1883-1887 

French, Watson, & Co.: Hartford, VT - Bill   April 13, 1869 

French William: DS to Jonathan Hulett   1813 October 21 

Friedrich, Ludwig: ALS to anonymous professor   July 1, 1892 

Friends in Council: Burlington, VT - Notes on German History   1886-1888 

Frost, Frances M.: Burlington, VT - letter to Mr. Coates   June 27, 1927 

Frost, Robert   Undated 

Fuller, Asa: DS to Elias Thatcher   1813 March 31 

Fuller, Levi   

Fullerton, Charles W.: [Chester, VT?]: writing book   1843 

Fullerton, Ephraim: Receipts   1792-1796 

Fullerton, James & Company: Invoice   

Fulton, Robert and Robt. Livingston: Letter to T. A. Emmet. (copy)   1812 August 25 

Gage, Elizabeth (War of 1812): Addison County, VT: Application for bounty lands   1855 March 

Gagnon, Phileas: Quebec - letters to F.H. Sevenance   January 13, 1896 

Gale, Frederick M.: 9 Civil War Soldiers' Letters   1862-1865, 1867 

Gale, Ivah Winfield   

Gallup, Elisha: Windsor and Corinth, VT - power of attorney   1790? 

Galusha, Jonas: ALS to Rollin C. Mallary, on consolidating manuscript records of state government /militia   1816 May 27 

Galusha, Jonas (1753-1834): Fanddeed, Montpelier, VT to Clark Stevens of Montpelier   1794 April 19 

Galusha, Jonas (Gov.): letter and commissions   1805, 1810, 1811 

Galusha, Truman: Chittenden Co. Court: Election to judgeship by Gov. Williams   November 30, 1850 

Games - a word game   

Garfield, James (Pres.) - Elberon, NJ - medical letter regarding Garfield's death   September 19, 1881 

Garrison, William Lloyd: Bennington, VT - letter to Stephen Foster, Boston   March 30, 1829 

Garvin, E. A. (Civil War Letter): Washington, D.C. Letter to Family   1864-1871 

Gas Company - Burlington, VT - complaint against company   

Gates, Charles W.: Governor of Vermont   1915-1919 

Gates, Charles: St. Albans, VT - fragment from "The Tavern" Inn   

Gates, Rodney C.: Rutland, VT: Diary of Seaman (copy)   March-April, 1862 

Gauit, Joseph: Bibliography of 4th of July Orations, 1777-1930   December, 1945 

Gauthier Papers   

Gay, Olin D.: Correspondence regarding Vermont State Prison   1953-1971 

Gay, Olin: Documents, papers   

Geology of David Butler: Vermonter Butler, David (1794-1889)   Circa 1889 

George, W.: Phrenological analysis (photocopy)   1869 

Georgia, VT   

Georgia, VT: Methodis Eiscopal Church: Subscription Book to Support a Preacher   1876-1879 

Gerba, Janet: The Contrast: by Royall Tyler   1989 

Gibson, Alexander: French occupation of the Champlain Valley, 1609-17 - revision by Coolidge - copy #1   

Gibson, Alexander: French occupation of the Champlain Valley, 1609-17 - revision by Coolidge - copy #2   

Gibson, Alexander: French occupation of the Champlain Valley, 1609-17 - revision by Coolidge - copy #3   

Gibson, Ernest W.   

Gibson, Ernest W., III: Interview with Samuel B. Hand for Oral History Project, Montpelier, VT   Undated 

Gibson, Sandra: Bibliography for "The Finton Potterries, Bennington, VT" ART 196   1981 

Gielgud, John: Letter to Willard Pope   1983 August 31 

Gilbert, Sarah: Morristown, VT - Penmanship books   1832, 1834 

Gilbert, W.S.: Poem on the Terrestrial Globe   n.d. 

Giles, Aquilla: War of 1812 - Watervilet, NY - supplies bought at Giles store   1812-1820 

Gill, Ella G.: Peacham, VT   

Gilson Family: Genealogy, Hartland, VT   1785-1846 

Glines, Myra: Albany, VT: Biographical Sketch   1945 

Gloucester County (New York/Vermont) - Court records (photocopy)   1771-1774 

Glover, Joel: Civil War Letters   1862 October 9, 1863 April 24 

Glover, VT   

Goff, H.P. (Civil War Letter): Ohio: Letter to A.D. Goff   1863 November 4 

Gold, Frank W.: Civil War Letters   1863 

Goodell, John A.   1865, 1920 

Goodman, Mary A.: Charlotte, VT - letter to cousin in New Hampshire   April 8, 1844 

Goodrich, Chauncey: Bill to VT Medical School Letter to Boston Type Co.   1830-1840 

Goodrich, Chauncey 1798-1858: Inventory of Bookstore and Printing Office, Burlington, VT   Circa 1855 

Goodrich, Chauncey 1798-1858: Inventory of Papermill at Milton   Circa 1855 

Gordon, Dana C.: Use of 19th Century Day Books Ira Cochian HST 283: HIstory Student Papers   1982 

Goshen, VT   

Goshen, VT - list of proprietors   n.d. 

Goshen, VT: Manuscript charter for the town of Goshen, signed by Thomas Chittenden   1792 

Gould, Charles G.: Civil War Era Bible   Undated 

Could, Charles G. (1844-1916): Civil War Letters (typescript copies) Folder 1 of 4   1862 August 13 to 1862 November 21 

Gould, Charles G. (1844-1916): Civil War Letters (typescript copies) Folder 2 of 4   1862 November 23 to 1863 May 11 

Gould, Charles G. (1844-1916): Civil War Letters (typescript copies) Folder 3 of 4   1863 June 3 to 1864 June 8 

Gould, Charles G. (1844-1916): Civil War Letters (typescript copies) Folder 4 of 4   1864 June 18 to 1865 December 24 

Gould, Jay 1836-1892: ALS, Rutland, VT to E.A. Chapin   1862 May 20 

Goulort, Jennifer: In Search of Susie Wilson   1999 

Grafton, VT - Church history, fragment   ca. 1862 

Grafton, VT - tax assessment   

Graham, Horace F.: 1 letter   November 2, 1912 

Graham, Horace F.: Governor of Vermont   1917-1919 

Graham, Hugh P.: The Flow of the Historic Battle Kil   Undated 

Grand Army of the Republic Department of Vermont: Circulars   1888-1916 

Grand Isle Grange: Dues Account book   1914-1925 

Grand Isle School District #2: Records   1871-1882 

Grand Isle, VT   

Grand Isle, VT: Manuscript, "The North"   1858 

Granger, Justin: Letter to Samuel Flowers   January 22, 1777 

Graniteville, VT: List of names for Williamstown P.O.   1908 November 

Grant, Lewis A.: Letter of support for Regular Army Commission to Charles G. Gould   February 3, 1866 

Grant, Lewis A.: Letter to John A. Stewart   October 14, 1915 

Grant, Lewis A.: Letter to Ronald A. Kennedy   April 24, 1890 

Grant, Lewis: Official report of Brigadier General Lewis A. Grant on the Old Vermont Brigade's activities at the Battle of the Wilderness   May 5-6, 1864 

Grant, Lewis A.: Official Report of Vermont Brigade, May 24 - June 12, 1864   1864, September 14 

Grant, Lewis A.: "The Sixth Corps at the 'Bloody Angle' Spottsylvania, Va., May 12th, 1864: A War Paper by Lewis A. Grant, Brig. General and Brevet Maj. General"   1864, May 12 

Granville, VT: Warning of Town Meeting   1843 August 21 

Gray, David: Poem: "The Golden Wedding"   February 1933 

Gray, Harry: Manchester: Note to Benji Roberts   June 19, 1840 

Gray, Kalso: Accounts   1800-1833 

Gray, Kalso: Estate settlement papers   1830-1832 

Gray, Kalso: Miscellaneous papers   1809-1827 

Gray, Kalso: Mortgages, deeds, and contracts   1814-1878 

Greater Vermont Association: Letter to the Librarians of the State of Vermont   1916 

Letter calls on librarians to preserve pictorial record of local history in their communities.

Greely, Adolphus W. Letter   1872 May 12 

Greeley, Horace: Poultney, VT: Apprenticeship (photostat)   1826 April 18 

Green, Cortez E.   February 11, 1872 

Green Mountain Club - Taylor Lodge - Log Book   June - October, 1961 

Green Mountain Doll Club: Papers   1988-1989 

Green Mountain Journal: Winhall, VT (W.M. Lyon & C.A. Whitney 2d)   1869-1871 

Green Mountain Seminary - Warranty Deed   August 21, 1869 

Green, Sarah Ann: Vergennes, VT: Letter to Sarah Green f.s.g.   1850 December 30 

Green, Theodore: Petition for appointment to Naval Academy   Circa 1826 

Greenbaum, Lucy: "The Vermont Gazette-1787: The Role of a Newspaper in a Pioneer Community"   1938 

Greene, Florenece: Burlington, VT: "Experience with Death": typescript   1986 April 

Greene, Frank L.   

Greensborough, VT: David Dunbar, deed   1825 

Gregory, John (1810-1881): Letters regarding Northfield Graded School   November 12, 1872 

Grinnell, Dr. Mary V.: Rutland, VT: Sketch of Life   1855-1914 

Griswold, Alonzo: Jeffersonville, VT: Letter to his son   Undated 

Griswold, Cornelius: Kansas: letter to his Father   1861 April 29 

Griswold, Isaac: letter to brother Willard   1846 January 25 

Griswold, Willard: Jeffersonville: Correspondence   1848-1864 

Grout, Joel: Civil War letter   March 13, 1863 

Grout, W.W.: Civil War letter, Glover, VT   1863 

Grout, William W.   

Grout, William W. (1836-1902): Washington, DC - Letter to T.C. Keys, Newbury, VT   December 24, 1886 

Guilford, VT   1918 

Hagar, George Ingersoll: Burlington, VT: Civil War letters from Virginia   1862-1863 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: James Lane Allen to M.L. Hagar: 1 A.L.S. (Folder 1 of 14)   1901 February 19 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: William E. Channing to Elizabeth P. Peabody: 1 A.L.S. (folder 2 of 14)   1840 September 16 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Margaret Deland to M.L. Hagar: 2 T.L.S., 2 A.L.S. (folder 3 of 14)   1901 March 22 and April 18, undated 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Ralph W. Emerson to Elizabeth P. Peabody: 1 A.L.S. (folder 4 of 14)   Undated 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Zephme H. Fahnestock to M.L. Hagar A.L.S. (folder 5 of 14)   1924 June 3 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: William E. Gladstone to Matthew H. Buckham: 1 A.C.S. (folder 6 of 14)   1891 April 14 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Anne MacVikar Grant "Lines Addressed to the Bromnach" (folder 7 of 14)   1802-1803 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Oliver W. Holmes to Albert N. Blodgett and Clifton E. Wing (Folder 8 of 14)   1880 February 5 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Reginald W. Kauffman to M.G. Hagor: 2 A.L.S. (folder 9 of 14)   1923 February 22 to 1923 May 12 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Bliss Perry to M.L. Hagar 1 A.L.S. (folder 10 of 14)   1902 August 25 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Basil M. Pickering to Dunwiddie 1 A.L.S. (folder 11 of 14)   1851 January 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Francis Hopkinson Smith? to M.L. Hagar 1 A.L.S. (folder 12 of 14)   Undated 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Henry Van Dyke to M.L. Hagar A.L.S. (folder 13 of 14)   1901 January 18 

Hagar, Mary Lyon: Francis Wayland to Peter E. Pease, 2 A.L.S. (folder 14 of 14)   1860 August 27 to 1860 October 11 

Hager, Albert D.: Letters from M.E. Goddard   September 10, 1885 

Haines, Jill L.: "The Edward Wells House: A Study of its Architecture and Decoration" - Art 196   1981 

Hale, Oscar A.: North Troy, VT: letter to J.S. Morrill   1864 November 1 

Halifax, VT   

Hall, A.: Grand Isle County, VT: Address before Washington Benevolent Society   Circa 1810, Undated 

Hall, Abraham: Starksboro, VT: Division of Real and Personal Property   1823 April 25 

Hall, Arthur C.A. (Prot. Episc. Bishop of Vermont), 1847-1930: Correspondence   1893-1915 

Hall, Arthur C.A. (Prot. Episc. Bishop of Vermont), 1847-1930: Xerox Copies of Correspondence   1881-1926 

Hall, Charles P.: Civil War Letters   1864 November 6 to 1865 February 20 

Hall, Hiland, 1795-1885: ALS to L.J. cist, Regarding availability of autographs of UVM presidents   1878, June 29 

Hall, Hiland: Bennington, VT: Correspondence to C.R. Williams and others; N.H.-Mass. boundry   1841, 1843, 1882, Undated 

Hall, Hiland: Document: Justice of the Peace Commission to George H. Chaplin   November 30, 1858 

Hall, Hiland: Document: Justice of the Peace Commission to George W. Leslie   November 30, 1858 

Hall, Hiland: letter to Ellakim P. Walton   1873 February 19 

Hall, Hiland: Governor of Vermont   

Hall, Jacob: Letter to Col. Thomas Johnson   circa 1781 

Hall, Joseph H.: Bennington Milk Dealers   January 2003 

Hall, Joseph H.: William Clar Bull - Architect of Bennington, Vermont   2005 

Hall, Raymond A.: Papers on Church History of VT   1885-1953 

Hall, Samuel Reed: Correspondence with state and others RE: "Geography and History of Vt"   1864-1868 

Hall, Sylvester: Letter to Gilman Marston   November 24, 1833 

Hall, W.F.: Washington, DC - Answer to question regarding Civil War   January 26, 1864 

Hamlin, Cyrus: Middlebury, VT - Letters to Mr. Stearns   September 10, 1880 

Hana, R.L.: Letter to Rev. Dorothy [i.e., Dougherty]   November 15, 1836 

Hanley, U.W.: Letter to Fred H. Prouty with enclosures   September 11, 1917 

Hanson Family Shoe Store: Winooski, VT - Journal, Record Book, Bills, and Business Papers   

Hanson, Bertha: "History of the Huntington Lower Village Church"   n.d. 

Hapgood, J.H.: Peru, VT: Liquor accounts   1879-1880 

Hard, Margaret   

Hardy, Isaac and Truman: Monkton, VT: Writs   March 1, 1832 

Hardy, Thomas (1840-1928): 1 letter   1919 

Harlow, D.E.   

Harris, Broughton D., 1823-1899: ALS to Justin S. Morrill, asking him to stay with Harris when he comes to Brattleboro   1875, July 26 

Harris, Chauncey: Windham, VT: Letter to Cousin Lois   1874-1877 

Harris, Kathleen McKinley: Cyrus 6: Pringle's Neighborhood: Baptist four corners and Prindle's corners, Charlotte, VT   Undated 

Harris, Kathleen McKinley: Student Paper   1988 

Harris, Nathaniel: Letter to Captain Amasa Tracy   1862 November 24 

Harris, Romanzo A.: Civil War letter   November 15, 1863 

Hartford, VT: Wills and Estate Records - Mariah Clark and Abel Hazen   1885-1888 

Hartford, VT   1830-1921 

Hartland, VT   

Hartland, VT   

Hartland, VT: Sleeper, Ephriam et al   1800-1832 

Harvey Family: Papers: West Topsham, VT   ca. 1900 

Harwood, Hiram Hopkins: Bennington, VT: diary, accounts and misc.   [ca. 1800-1840 

Haskell, Dudley C.: Letters to US Pension Office and to Thomas G. Newman   October 26, 1883 

Haskell, Londus W.: Civil War letters (2 folders)   1864-1865 

Haskell, Londus: Appointment Certificate Corporal, 11th Vermont Infantry Regiment   April 18, 1864 

Haskins, Kittredge   

Haskins, Kittredge, 1836-1916: ALS to Justin S. Morrill, inviting him to Vermont Officers Reunion Society annual meeting   1873 October 13 

Hassett, William D.: Northfield, VT - Letters to Mrs. Henry B. Shaw, Burlington, VT   1961-1964 

Haswell, Anthony: Bennington, VT: Verification of Gov. Tichenor's Signature   1806 July 31 

Haswell, Anthony: letter, Bennington, VT   1812 

Haswell, Nathaniel B.: Memorandum on the "Black Snake" Affair   Undated 

Hatch Family: Windsor, VT   1812-1832 

Hatch, Reuben (1763-1818): Norwich, Vermont: last will and testament   1814 

Haverhill Academy   

Hawkins lottery   1798 

Hawkins, General Rush C. (Civil War): Correspondence and printed material   1862-1864 

Hawley, D.: Letters to Myron Barrett, Arlington, VT   December 31, 1842 

Hay, Udney: Underhill, Vt. (and Albany, N.Y.): Certificate   1785 July 30 

Hayden, Ivero: Civil War letters from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to brother   February 26, (?) 

Hayes, L.S.: History of Rockingham and Bellows Falls - typescripts of newspaper articles   1903 

Hayward, B.H., Montpelier, VT: Letter to William Hayward, Guildhall, VT regarding the nomination of candidates for the Liberty Party and for the creation of a Liberty Party newspaper   1841, June 2 

Hazard, Caroline: Letter to Mr. Foster regarding Oakwoods in Peace Harmony, RI   1893 

Hazen, Moses: Canadian Regiment, account of, petitions   1778-1783 

Headlee, Jacob: Ohio - Letter to ?   

Heaney, Seamus: Letter   1983 March 22 

Heath, Buck: Hyde Park, VT - Interview by Mark Pendergrait regarding sawmill   1978 

Heath, Wells: War of 1812 Enlistment   February 27, 1813 

Heaton, Solomon: Letters   1861-1864 

Hedges, Sarah M.: From South Straffod, VT to parents in Illinois - 1 letter   September 4, 1832 

Heineberg Club Papers - history, photos, and clippings   

Heinz, W.C.: "When We Were One - Stories of World War II" (2 folders)   undated 

Hemenway, Abby Maria: ALS to (?), about Vermont Historical Gazettes   1871 June 8 

Hemenway, Abby Maria: ALS to John D. Smith   1887 July 9 

Hemenway, Abby Maria: Correspondence with J.C. Buttre   April 1870 

Hemenway, Abby Maria: Letter to I.W. Sanborn   December 25, 1861 

Hemenway, Abby Maria: Misc. Letters (originals and photocopies)   1862-1890 

Hendee, Caleb: Diary - Pittsford, VT   1813-1818 

Henrey, Madeleine: France: Author's Correspondence   1976 

Henry, Joseph: Smithsonian Institute: ALS to George Chipman (included reply)   1854 August 10 

Henry, William: Rockingham, VT - Biography of US Congressman   1850's 

Henry?, Sophia: Letter to sister Sarah   

Herms, Harris: Fort Ethan Allen Courtmarshal Papers   1920 

Herrick, Charles R.: Boston, MA - letter to wife   1850 

Herrick: Letter to mother   February 3, ? 

Hershaw, David: Middlebury, VT: letter of introduction   June 13, 1814 

Hewes, Elijah: Glastenbury, VT   October 27, 1826 

Hewitt, Arthur Wentworth   

Hibernian Society of Burlington: Invitation to Carolls Noyes to attend Grand Banquet   March 13, 1864 

Hickoc, Samuel: Burlington, VT: Letter to Henry Hickock   1830 May 26 

Hickock, William G.: Papers   1854-1967 

Hickok, James W.: Burlington, VT - Letter from Dickinson, Singapore   October 7, 1838 

Hicks, George A.: Rutland and Montpelier, VT   1845-1860 

Hicks, John A., Sr. family: letters to James, Rutland, VT and Rock Point   1845-1890 

Higbee, W.W.: Ferrisburgh, VT: History   Undated 

Highgate, Vermont: Civil War Documents (2 folders)   1862-1866 

Highgate, VT: Land Agreement   Undated 

Highgate, VT: Tax Bills District # 25   1877, 1879 

Hill, George W.: Letter to his sister   November 14, 1865 

Hill, George: Letter from Washington, DC to Professor Chauncey Fowler of Middlebury College   February 29, 1832 

Hill, Hannah and Moses: Letter to Timothy Vinson   March 8, 1806 

Hill, John J.: Civil War soldiers ALS, Washington, DC, to [?] Hayden   October 29, 1862 

Hill, Marjorie Phelps: Burlington, VT: book of poems   

Hill, Ranald C.: "Railroads"   1991 

Hills, James: Account book, Probably Washington County   1824-1837 

Hills, Mary Crafts: Craftsbury (VT) Miscellany   1853-1867 

Hinckley, Oscar Burnham: Civil War diary, Chelsea, VT   1862 

Hinesburg, VT - writs of detachment and Treasurer's order   1833-1835 

Hinman, Benjamin: Derby, VT: Correspondence (incoming)   1810-1845 

Hinman, Timothy: Letter to David W. Dumner   1825 

Hitchcock, E.V.N.: Receipts, etc., of 7th Vermont Infantry   

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen: Letters with Ethan A. Allen   1841-1863 

Hitchcock, Henry: Letter to mother at Burlington, VT   1836 

Hitchcock, L.N.: Brattleboro, VT: L.N.A. of Greenfield, Mass. to J. Clark of N.J. (copy)   1813 July 10 

Hitchcock, Mrs. Ethan Allen: Correspondence with Mrs. W.A. Hutcheson re: genealogy   1942, n.d. 

Hitchcock, Samuel: DC, Re: Roderick Messenger   1801 September 14 

Hitchcock, Samuel: List of items at Missouri Historical Society   1986 

Hoag, Joseph: Burlington, VT: Friends Soc. "A Prophetic Vision"   1861 May 30 

Hodges, G.T. and Co.: Business letters to Rutland, VT   June 17, 1830 

Hodgkin, Mary: Letter to daughter Eliza Potter   December 23, 1875 

Hoff, Philip: Governor of Vermont   

Hoffman, Stephen B.: Middlebury, VT: letter to John Addams from S.B. at New York City   July 13, 1813 

Hogan, George M.: St. Albans, VT - Addresses on social and legal topics   1906-1934 

Hogan, George M.: St. Albans, VT - Lectures on literary and historical topics   1935-1943 

Holbrook, Frederick (Gov.): ALS to Edwin Barrows   November 30, 1896 

Holbrook, Frederick (Gov.): Brattleboro, VT: letter to Mrs. Albert Smith   July 22, 1908 

Holbrook, Frederick: Governor of Vermont, 3 letters   1861, 1863 

Holbrook, John: D, to Asa Weed   1820 January 7 

Holbrook, O.: Milton Falls: Letter from H. Loyd of Shelby, Ohio   1851 July 8 

Holden, C.E.: Whitehall, NY - Letter to G. Frederick Wright   1919 

Holden, Charles C.: Documents   

Holden, W.W. (1935): "South Northfield History"   Circa 1930 

Holdridge, Jahiel: St. Albans, VT: Rev. War Claim for Pension   1820 July 12 

Holland, J.G.: Burlington VT: Letter to E.C. Stedman   1873, Nov. 9 

Hollenbeck, Beulah: DS to Daniel Parsons   1814 September 21 

Hollenbeck, John B. and Family: Papers - Burlington, VT - correspondence, clippings, and memorabilia   1834, 1872-1887 

Hollenbeck, Mary P.: Burlington, VT: Reminiscences written for College St. Church School and other memorabilia   1832-1881 

Holley, Nathan: Civil War letters   1862 

Hollingsworth, Pierce, Jr.: Opiate Use in Vermont   Undated 

Hollister, Josiah: Journal   1780-1782 

Hollyworts - Itex family -drawings and descriptions   1897 

Holman, Francis, Brattleboro, VT: Vermont Asylum Physician's Letters   1846-151 

Holmes, John G.: Civil War letter   February 16, 1861 

Holton, Harriet A.: Letter   1830 

Hooper Family: Groton, VT   

Hopkins, Erastus: Northampton: Letter relating to the Underground Railway   1859 July 11 

Hopkinson, Joseph (1770-1842): ALS to ?, about legal cases   1817 December 31 

Hopkinville, VT   

Hotchkiss, Raymond: Wells, VT.: Complaint for Breach of Sabbath   1808 February 23 

Houghton, A.: St. Albans, VT - Letters from Williamstown, MA   March 23, 1833 

Houghton, George F.: Letter to Charles Lanman   1858 December 6 

Houghton, George F. (1820-1870): St. Albans, VT: Correspondence with Chas. Lanman   1858-1859 

Howard, Daniel Dyer: Autobiographical Account of his business career   1864 January 18 

Howard, E.S.: Lease to George Smith   March 1, 1899 

Howard, Guy: Burlington, VT - Personal Correspondence   1894-1895 

Howard, Harriet: "Burlington's Living Heritage" (reminiscences)   1976 

Howard, Harry: Burlington, VT - letters from George Aiken and James Wairs   1907, 1940 

Howard, John Purple: Burlington, VT: Letter to Olivia Catlin RE: St. Paul's Church Organ   1867 May 9 

Howard, John Purple: Letters to Amos Spear   1878 

Howard, Miranda: Waterford, VT: Letter to E. Howard, Peacham, VT   1816 December 3 

Howard, Susan E.: Burlington, VT: Reminiscences   Circa 1870-1910 

Howards of Burlington (J.P. Howard): Burlington, VT: Typescript by Levi and Sybil Smith   1982 

Howe, Edgar A. (1828-1923): Autobiographical sketch, Jericho, VT   1916 

Howe, George: Family Record   1816-1857 

Howe, George G.: Civil War: Letters to Shoreham, VT and Army Pass   1864-1865 

Howe, H.H.: Rutland, VT - letters   1900-1902 

Howe, Willard Bean: Diary   1889-1989 

Howley, James: A history of the Burlington Water Resources Department   1982 

Hoyt, Helen L.: English Composition Book: Smith College   1920 

Hoyt, L.A.: Barnet, VT: letter to sister   n.d. 

Hoyt, William Henry: ALS to Father, Daniel Hoyt   1834 July 15 

Hoyt, William Henry: St. Albans, VT: VT. Mutual Life Policy and Sermons from Union Church   1846, 1853 

Hubbard, Erastus: Montpelier, VT - general store receipts   1846 

Hubbard/Moriarity Family: photocopies of misc. family letters - Barnet and Danville, VT - Boston and Salem, MA   1833-1860 

Hubbell Family: Papers (photocopies)   1822-1990 

Huden, John C.: Burlington, VT - Indian research   1956-1959 

Hulbert, E.: DS, tax reciept, Burlington, VT to Nathan White   1801 September 26 

Humphrey, A.O.: Underhill, VT - Civil War draft notice   July 14, 1863 

Humphrey, William H.: Memoir of Abraham Lincoln   March 2, 1916 

Hunt, John: Windsor, VT - letters from David Fogg of Hanover, NH   October 21, 1794 

Hunt, John: Windsor, VT: letter from David Fogg of Hanover, NH   October 21, 1794 

Hunt, Jonathan: DS, to Isaac Tichenor   1807? 

Hunt, Nadine A. and Mitchell J.: "The Mysterious James Hunt (1747-AFT 1800), Pioneer of Bolton, Vermont 1794 and his son Captain Roswell Hunt (1776-1842) of Bolton, Richmond, Jericho, and Waterbury, Vermont."   2008 

Hunt, Samuel (1734-1799) and Samuel Jr. (1765-1807): Guide to papers at VT. State Archives   1987 

Hunter, R.C.: Letters   1849 

Huneter, Truman M.: Civil War Letters   1861-1862 

Hunters Licenses   

Hunting: Diary of the Reluctant Hunter   

Huntington, Dan (Physician): Shaftsbury, VT - Notes on obtetric cases   1806-1809 

Huntington, VT   

Huntington, VT: Receipts and Auction Account   1832, 1846 

Huntley, Lucy: Correspondence to, of Waterbury and Burlington   1844-1898 

Hurlbert, E.: Tax receipt   September 26, 1801 

Hurlburt, Eunice E.: A Letter to Clark Goodale   Circa 1850 

Huse, Hiram: Typescript of article: "Vermont State Government"   August 1901 

Hutchinson, Alden: Civil War papers   1862-1888 

Hutchinson, Fred and family: Windsor, VT   1894-1962 

Hyde, Archibald: Burlington, VT - Collection of Customs - letters from Secretary of Treasury   1834 

Hyde, Edgar R.: "Family Doctor Reminisces"   Undated 

Hyde Park, VT: Deed and License   1823, 1866 

Hyde Park, Vermont. Old Town House: Architect's drawings, specifications   1857?, Undated 

Ide, Simeon   

Imus, Taber: Addison, Essex, and Vergennes and New York Towns - bills, receipts, letters, etc   1838-1853 

Indentures - Nottingham, England Contracts   1781, 1818 

Indians, North American - writings regarding the Indians   

Ingersoll, George Golthwait, 1796-1863: Burlington, VT: Letter to his Uncle (copy)   1822 January 15 

Ingham, Adelia: "In the Days of the Monkton Iron Company of Vergennes, Vermont 1807-1830"   1932 

International Joint Commission: Public Archives of Canada: Guides to Collection   1986 July 

Ira, VT: School report   1828 

Irasburgh, VT: Papers: Deeds, accounts, taxes, agreements, surveys, etc.   1799-1856, Undated 

Irish, Gary: "A History of Vermont License Plates and Registration Laws"   May 17, 1971 

Irwin, Richard J.: Civil War Letters, 12th Vermont Volunteers   1862-1863 

Isham, Arthur S. Hardware Co.: Burlington, VT - store bills and family letters   1919-1925 

Isham/Lamb Families: Misc. Papers   1877-1905 

Island Pond, VT: Porter Dale   1914 

Isle La Motte - photo   

Ives, Abraham: Stowe, VT: Deed of Stowe Land to Joseph Barber   1784 April 

Jack, J.G.: Notes on forest conditions in Vermont   1901? 

Jackman, Jerome: Autograph booklet   1837 

Jackson, Charles   

Jackson, Charles: Letter to Sister From California Gold Fields   1859 June 10th 

Jackson, Samuel Cram   1847 June 25 

Jackson, William (1768-1842): Family Letter   1795-1797 

Jackson, William: Memorandum Book   1793-1796 

Jackson, William H.: Rutland, VT - diary (transcript of microfilm)   1862 

Jackson, William Henry   

Jacob, Stephen (1755-1817): 2 Legal Documents, 1 ALS, Windsor, VT   1789-1809 

Jacobs, E.T. and C.E. Woodworth: Richmond, VT - partnership dissolution   March 1, 1887 

Jacobs, Nathan: ALS, to Hiram & Alvah Smith   1844 February 28 

Jakes, [?]: Letters of African-American man to his sister, from Springfield, VT   October 1, 1847 

James Fullerton & Company: Invoice   Undated 

Janes, Del: Bank Book   1947-1956 

Janes, Henry: Civil War Documents (2 Folders)   1863-1866 

Janes, Henry F.: Waterbury, VT - letter to G. Moore, biographical   March 24, 1837 

Janesville, Wisconsin - letter to brother   1893 

Jarvis, D.C.: Expense Accounts   1929-1933 

Jarvis, D.C.: Folk Medicine - correspondence   1946-1957 

Jarvis, D. C. (DeForest Clinton), 1881- : "Gout"   undated 

Jarvis, D. C. (DeForest Clinton), 1881- : "The Ability of the Food Intake to Thin or Thicken the Blood"   undated 

Jarvis, D. C. (DeForest Clinton), 1881- : "Growing Old Successfully with Folk Medicine"   1962-1965 

Jarvis, D.C.: Vermont Folk Medicine - correspondence   1957-1958 

Jarvis, De Forest Clinton: Barre, VT: Folk Medicine Remedies   1942 May 

Jeffords, James   

Jeffrey, Alon: French Canadians in N.H. Politics, By Alon Jeffrey, University of Chicago, Political Science 329 Paper   1966 

Jenison, Silas H.: ALS to [?] concerning aims for Vermont militia   October 3, 1840 

Jenison, Silas N. (Gov) Extradition Order to N.Y. Gov. William Seward   1839 October 23 

Jennings, Stephen: Civil War, Whiting, VT   

Jerdo, Herny: Letters while in 1st Vermont Cavalry at Brandy Station, VT   January 23 - April 16, 1864 

Jericho Circulating Library Society - Jericho, VT - rules and articles of association   

Jericho, VT - grocery acocunts and list of towns   [1912?] 

Jericho, VT - meeting house account   1854-1861 

Jericho, VT - Methodist Church class records and membership list   1825-1826, 1853 

Jerough, B.: Civil War letter - Charlestown, VA - letter to William   September 1, 1864 

Jewett, Luther (1772-1860): Letters to his son, Luther   1850, 1856 

Johns, James: A First Settlement of Huntington, VT   ca. 1860 

Johnson, Austin: Letters, etc., relating to anti-slavery activities - Rupert, VT - 3 items - xerox copies from Perkins Library, Duke University   1828-1861 

Johnson, Austin: Xeroxes from Perkins Library, Duke University   1829-1861 

Johnson, Cooper B.   1991 

John, Johnson (sentence)   Undated 

Johnson, John: Sentence for counterfitting   1797 

Johnson, Joseph: Lt. Governor and Governor of Vermont   

Johnson, Oliver Papers   1852-1885 

Johnson, Otto Theophilus: "Bibliography-Proctorianna"-bibliography of printed materials on Proctor, VT   Circa 1945 

Johnson, Silas: Letters from Malone, NY, to his family in West Rutland, VT   1809-1839 

Johnson, VT - town plan   ca. 1700's 

Johnson, VT: Methodist Episcopal Church, pew subscription   1855 

Johnson, Willard: "Vermont's Opportunity"   October 19, 1945 

Jones, Alfred Goldsborough: Diary   1867, September 2 to October 11 

Jones, Emma C.: 2 TLS, to Mrs. George H. Perkins   1897 

Jones, Lawrence   

Jones, Matt B.: List of Vermont County and Town histories   1926 

Jones, Matt B.: Vermontiana in Gilman's Bibliography--list   1926-1929 

Jones, Samuel (1734-1819): Misc. Family Papers, Wills, Photos   1792-1871 

Joy and Way Families - Genealogical memo   

Joyce, Charles H.: A Letter to Justin S. Morrill   1875 June 25 

Joyce, Robert   

Judson, John: Huntington, VT - Overseer of Poor - agreement and receipt   1839, 1843, 1847 

Judd, Eben: Essex: Journal of Surveying   1786-1787 

Junius: Letters to the Duke of York   1750s 


Kast, Lawrence: "The Urban Informal Sector: A Look at Applying Third World Theory to Burlington, VT"   Undated 

Kehoe, Forrest W.: Correspondence with descendants of Hosea and Harmena Sayles Williams   1947-1948 

Keith, Israel: Rev. War: Letter to J.P. Palmer   1776 December 17 

Keller, Jacob W.: Hartford, CT - appointment to Invalid Corps   January 25, 1864 

Kelley Family: Papers   

Kellogg, J and L: Benson, VT   

Kelsey, Curtis: Rutland, VT - Petition to General Assembly   October 7, 1794 

Kemp, Rebecca and Serena: Georgia, VT - Family Correspondence   1835-1836 

Kemple, R.E.: Albany, NY - Recommendations to James McQuade   1853 

Kendall, Susie: Vermont Writing Book   Circa 1855 

Kennedy, John F.: Christmas Card   1958? 

Kennedy, John Pendleton (1795-1870) (Secretary of Navy): A.L.S. to Commander George Read   1852 August 13 

Kennedy, Matthew: Mt. Independence: Letter to Brother & Notebook   1776 October 11 

Kennedy, Ronald A.: Civil War Documents, Co. K, 3rd Vermont Infantry   

Kennedy, Ronald A.: Civil War Pension Application Papers   1863-1865 


Kent, Chephas (Dorset, VT.?): Journal (copy) (1775)   1775 

Kent, Cephas, Jr. (1754-1813: Revolutionary War Diary   Undated 

Kent, Dorman B.: Montpelier, VT - letter from Guy W. Bailey   July 13, 1926 

Kent, Jacob: Affidavit for Wolf Bounty   October 1778 

Kerr, Chester: Correspondence, photos, financial documents   1941-1947 

Keyes Family: Newbury, VT   

Keyes, Frances Parkinson: Letters and newspaper clippings   1954 

Keyser, F. Ray Jr.: Governor of Vermont   

Kherdian, David: Waterbury, VT - letters to Richard Flamer from California printer   1970 

Kibbey, A.L.: Letter to His Brother   1859 March 8 

Kiddey, Elizabeth: Highgate, VT - Letter to Sister Lucy in Fairhaven, VT   January 16, 1842 

Killburn, John: Rutland, VT: Land Survey   1813 December 16 

Kilmer, Joyce to Elbridge Colby: Letter, Printed Articles and Clippings   1913-1917 

Kimball, B.H. Woodstock, VT.: Letter to Mr. Pratt   1844 December 22 

Kimball, Stephen: Civil War Letter   1862 December 8 

King, Aaron and Son: Tunbridge, VT - Bills and receipts   1865-1868 

King, G.W.: Letters concerning the draft   1863 

King, Gideon: Receipts, financial noes (7 pieces)   1788-1789 

King, Keith E.: Mt. Mansfield: "A Desert into the Cave of the Winds"   1950 

King, Lorentio H.: 6 Civil War Letters, 1st VT. Cavalry   1861-1864 

Kingman, Thomas (War of 1812): Burlington, VT.: Memo of Events   Undated 

Kingsbury, A.R.: [Springfield?] - letter to Mr. Rugg (fragment)   n.d. 

Kingsland, C.M.: Panton, VT - letter to her daughter Ellen   December 22, 1849 

Kingsley, Darwin P.: Memoirs   Undated 

Kinsman, Charles C.: Civil War Letter   July 14, 1862 

Kirby, Frank: Burlington, VT - family papers   1927-1932 

Kirby, VT: Reed Family, with genealogy   1819 

Kirk, George L.: Bird List   1901-1941 

Klebenov, David: "Growth and Development in Vermont: A Case Study of the Town of Williston" (student paper)   1996 

Knight, Thomas: 2 Bills of Sale for Slaves & Letter from Brown & McMillan Concerning 8 Lane, New Orleans, LA.   1841, 1846 

Koopman, Harry Lyman: Burlington, VT - "George P. Marsh" - an address before New England College Librarians   April 1926 

Kranz, Roiden: "Remember the Day" A Drama in Three Acts.   Undated 

Krawitt, Laura: Bristol, VT.: Peake Family of Bristol: Student Paper   1986 June 

Kremers, Laura: Cards   

Kremers, Laura: Correspondence   

Kremers, Laura: Jokes and anecdotes   

Kremers, Laura: Newspaper clippings   

Kremers, Laura: Notes on postcards   

Kremers, Laura: Odd notes and envelopes   

Kremers, Laura: Surnames   

Kremers, Laura: Surnames - notes   

Kremers, Laura: Word lists   

Kunin, Madeleine: Governor of Vermont   

Kyper, John: Conscientious objection during WW I in Great Britain and United States   April, 1969 

La Pierre, George W.: Burlington, VT: Scrapbook, S.S. Ticonderoga Move   1885-1955 

La Pierre, George W.: Burlington, VT: Correspondence   1940-1957 

Labaree, Benjamin: Middleburry, VT: Recommendation of Jane LaBrace as Teacher of Colored People   1865 May 8 

Labaree, Peter, 1724: Diary , Fort Number Four, Charlestown, N.H.   1762, November 26 to 1763, February 23 

Ladd, Charles: Correspondence with C.T. Bodwell   1936-1938 

Ladies' Social Circle: South Woodstock, VT - Treasurer's Book   February 1878 - February 1891 

Lafayette, Marquis de: Albany, NY.: A.L.S. to Albany Committee   Undated 

Lake Champlain Tercentenary Commission Public Exercises Announcement   1909 

Lamb, James M.: Papers   1831-1861 

Lambe Family Geneaology   

Lamson, Frank S.: Civil War Letter   1864 June 18 

Land Grants - Vermont Propreitor's List   ca 1800? 

Landman, John: Civil War Letters (3 folders   1863-1865 

Landon, ALF M.: A.L.S. to Daniel Weine   1969 December 1 

Lane, Jedediah (1741-1818): Jerico: Letter to brother Re: War of 1812 and Other Matters   1813 August 28 

Lane, Levi: Catalgoued account by Jedediah Field, guardian   1819-1823 

Langdon, Chaucey (M.C. 1815-1817): Castleton, VT: Recommendation of James N. Seaman   1820 May 20 

Lanou, F.S. & Son Plumbing Co.   1900-1946 

Lanou, F.S. & Son Plumbing Co.: Burlington, VT - Wayne Oil Burner catalog   1929 

Lanou, F.S. & Son Plumbing Co.: Burlington, VT - Wayne Oil Burner materials   1929-1938 

Latham, A. and Co.: Salary Ledger (photocopy, original in Dartmouth College Library)   1852-1856 

Lathrop, George: Burlington, VT - Court order (Albany, NY) to pay debt   

Lathrop, Gideon: Letter Copy Book, Retail Store, Burlington, VT., and Albany, NY   1840-1843 

Law, Jonathan, 1674-1750: DS, Military Commission to Moses Atwater Connecticut   1747 October 29 

Lawrence, A.I.: Specifications for Concretete Bridge, Abutements, etc. for Geo. H. Allen - South Burlington, VT   undated 

Lawrence Medicine Co.: Burlington, VT - bills and receipts relating to the Susan J. Lawrence Medicine Company and the William H. Lawrence Advertising Company   1907 

Lawrence, Archibald: Burlington, VT - plans for stable   1900 

Lawrence, Mrs. Huldah: Affidavit on Ethan Allen's Death   1858 

Leach, Chester: Correspondence   1864 April to June 

Leach, Orrin T.: Civil War Letters, Diary, Reminiscences, Pension Documents, and Veterans Photographs (6 folders   1862-1920s 

Leahy, Patrick   

Leavenworth, Nathan: Milford, CT - deed of land and slave (xerox)   1755, 1770 

Leavitt, Elisha: Hingham, MA - deed from (Israel Lasell?)   April 14, 1746 

Leddy, Barney: Civil War DIary   1863 

Lee, John Parker: Green Mountain Conventions and naming of Vermont   1777 

Lee, Milford: Lewis, NY - First Congregational Church - historical sketch, 1810-1900   1901 

Leland, Aaron   

Leslie, Averill: "To Produce The Best Type of Future Citizens": The Eugenics Survey of Vermont and the Construction of Definitive Vermonterhood   2005 

Leslie, Henry, 2nd Sharpshooters and 4th Vermont: Civil War Letters   1865 

Leslie, Warren: Civil War Letters   1862-1863 

Lesperance, Gerald O.: "Tracing French-Canadians from Vermont back to Quebec in the 19th Century"   March 29, 2001 

Levings, Charles W.: Some Recollections of School Life at the Orange County Grammar School...1846-1854   1888 

Lewis, Sinclair (1885-1951): ANS to Joseph L. Hills, concerning Leis' summer home in Barnard   1934 March 12 

Lewis, Thomas D. Burlington: Letter to William D. Lewis   1814 March 11 

Lewisohn, Ludwig: Burlington, VT - letter   January 8, 1937 

Liasse, George: Burlington, VT - Motrgage Deed to J.H. Macomber   April 5, 1911 

Liddell, Hart, Basil, Henry: 2 letters   1943 

Limoge, T. (Pele) et. al.: A Brief History of Porter Screen Company   1945 

Lincoln, Abraham: ALS to Lyman Trumbull, on Louisiana Senators   1865 January 9 

Lincoln, Abraham: reference to Booth   

Lincoln, Abraham: Washington, DC - Letter to L. Trumbell (Forgery?)   January 9, 1865 

Lincoln, Benjamin: Bennington, VT - Letters to Council of Massachusetts Bay (photostats)   August 18 and 20, 1777 

Lincoln, VT.: Proprietor's Record   1789, Undated 

Lindsay, John P.: US Patent Certificate   1891 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1807-1882: "A Dutch Picture"   Undated 

Linsley, Charles: Rutland, VT - Correspondence   1846-1861 

Liscom, Emerson H. (General): Burlington, VT - Memorial Ceremony   April 28, 1911 

Litch, George F.: Letters from Brattleboro, VT to John Kellogg, Skaneateies, NY   March 18, 1846 

Lockoff Spring Co.: Wells River, VT - Mortgage bond   1899 

Londonberry, VT: Stage Road Survey: Report of Survey by Moses Tewkesbury, Thomas F. Hammond, and Simon Warren   1830 September 

Londonderry, VT   

Long, J. Hall: Panton, VT - Essay on John Brown [Typescript]   [ca. 1876] 

Lookoff Spring Co.: Wells River, VT: Mortgage Bond   1899 

Loomis, Joseph: Deed of land to Thomas [Parsons], South Hero, VT   August 10, 1799 

Loomis, Phineas: Shoemaker's account book, Burlington, VT   1804-1805 

Lord, Charles D.: Stowe, VT; History of Skiing   Circa 1920-1977 

Lovejoy, John M.: "The Life of Ichabod Twilight and the Early Life of Alexander Twilight, 1765-1821"   1998 

Lovell, Horace (War of 1812): NY State: Application for Bounty Lands   1850s 

Lovering, John L., (1809-1862): ALS to Justin Smith Morrill, asking himto address Windsor County Agricultural Society   1859 August 18 

Lowell, John, (1743-1802): Mss. on Massachusettes' claim to Vermont territory   1779-1786 

Low, Asa: Bradford, VT - Family correspondence including Burlington Female Seminary   1840-1858 

Lowell, VT   

Luce, Eva (Ellinwood): Cambridge, VT - Family correspondence   

Ludlow, VT   

Ludlow, VT: Congregational Society: Constitution and By-Laws   1826 August 25 

Lunenburgh, VT   

Lydius, John Henry: Albany, N.Y.: Letter to Col. Stoddard (Copy)   1747 November 9 

Lyman, Elias (1890-1951): Burlington, VT: Collection of Epitaphs   Undated 

Lyman, Elias: Burlington, VT: Collection of Short Stories   Undated 

Lyman, George: Hartford, VT - letters to Edward Lyman of Burlington   1847-1853 

Lyman, Job: Woodstock, VT - Letters to Edward Lyman of Norwich, Boston, and Burlington   1843-1856 

Lyman, Simeon: Family records   1851 

Lyndon and Lyndonville, VT   

Lyndon and Springfield, VT: Whitcomb, Roy M. (also photos filed separately)   1878-1937 

Lyon, Matthew: ALS to George Clinton, About Nathaniel Chipman   1793 July 13 

Lyon, Matthew: Correspondence (photostat) including biography   1803-1828 

Lyon, Matthew: Letter to Charles W. Coldborugh   1809 April 11 

Lyon, Matthew: Notes and copies of Lyon letters for thesis by H. Herrick   ca. 1952 

Lyon, Newell: Franklin County, VT - Admission to practice law and anessay   1832 

MacClure, James: Mt. Independence - letter to wife, Essex, VT   May 12, 1777 

MacDonough, Thomas: Letter to Col. Elisha Jenkins, needs sils for Lake Champlain vessel   March 20, 1814 

Mack, Aaron   

Mack, Henry: Poetry   

Macomber, John H.: Civil War diaries   1863, 1865 

Macomber, William Harmon: Westford, VT - Letters to wife from Wisconsin   1856 

Macrae, William F.: Vermont Botanist: A study by L.A. Charette - letters   1841-1842 

Macrae, William F.: Vermont botanist: corrrespondence regarding Vermont flora   1841-1842 

Madden, Karen: "The Athens Club of Burlington, VT"   ca. 1997 

Maginnis, Matthew: Civil War Letters (file 1 of 2)   1861-1862 

Maginnis, Matthew: Letters (file 2 of 2)   1871-1918 

Maher, Mary Barbara (Rep. South Burlington): Letters   

Mallary, Rollin C.: Debate Text, "Ought the Right of Suffrage to be Regulated by Property?," Middlebury College   1803 October 17 

Mallary, Rollin C.: Letter   October 6, 1820 

Mallery, John and Mary Ann: West Stockbridge   1828, 1829, 1840 

Manchester, VT   

Manchester, VT - Episcopal Church - St. John's Episcopal Church Records   1907-1930 

Manchester, VT - school records and other papers   1816-1819 

Manchester, VT - school records and other papers   1820-1829 

Manchester, VT - school records and other papers   1830-1834 

Manchester, VT - school records and other papers   1840-1850, 1862 

Mann, Alexander: Burlington, VT: Letter to Father, RE: Slavery   1838 March 6 

Manning, Jaska: Huntington, VT - letters of a young girl to her mother   June-November, 1918 

Mansfield, David L.: Gathered by the Dummerston Correspondent of the Vermont Phoenix   undated 

Mansfield, David L.: The Putney "Great Meadow"   undated 

Mansfield, VT - deeds and contracts   1792-1814 

Mansfield, VT.: Deeds & Contracts: David Reed and John Wheeler   1826-1842 

Mansfield, VT - land survey by Joseph Beeman   December 1836 

Maple sugar producers - record of indebtedness   1925-1935 

Marble, John Nelson   

Markham, Edwin: Letter   April 7, 1933 

Marsh, George Perkins   

Marshall, Eulalie: "The Waterford Uncles"   1920-1940 

Marshfield, VT   

Marshfield, VT - school tax record   1892 

Marshfield, VT - survey of road to railroad station   December 6, 1873 

Martin, Edward (?): 2 ALS, New York City and Guilford, VT: on contemporary politics, Henry Clay, Martin Van Buren, etc.   1839 July 13 and July 22 

Martin, Eldon H.: "Methodism in Vermont"   Undated 

Martin, Dr. Oscar: Medicines   1856-1857 

Martin, Peter: Correspondence (photocopies)   

Martin, Willard (1787-1849): Misc. family and personal papers, Guilford, Vermont   1820-1844 

Martindale, Stephen Jr.: AMSS to "her who can remember, Dorset, VT"   1812 October 20 

Marvin, Allen: West Alburg, VT - letter to cousin   September 14, 1862 

Mason, John W., 1805-1866: Letters to Colonel Covel in Craftsbury, VT   April 28, 1837 

Massachusetts - table showing the physical and mental condition of idiots in Massachusetts   

Massachusetts Bay Colony Petition (photocopy)   October 17, 1754 

Massachusetts Bay Deed (June 10, 1751) Joshua Lyman to Ebenezer Field   1751 June 10 

Mathematics Text   Circa 1800 

Matson, Joseph: Thetford, VT - Commission as Justice of the Peace from Gov. C.K. Williams   November 13, 1850 

Matteson, Isaiah: Montpelier, VT - correspondence of town Rep. With wife   October-November, 1855 

Matthews, Horace P.: Civil War letter   February 20, 1863 

Mattocks, Gov. John (1777-1847): Danville, VT: Letters to Sam Pierson and Andrew Eliot   1811, 1826 

Mattocks, Wm.   April 8, 1845 

May, Albert: Civil War letters   October 8, 1861-March 9, 1863 

Mayo, Henry: Burlington, VT: Letters to Him...   1847 February 14 to 1850 September 26 

McAllister, Cora May: Numerology   1927, 1928 

McAllister, L.L.: Burlington, VT - orders for group photos   1960 

McAllister, Louis L.: Burlington, VT - misc. memorabilia   1928 

McCarty, Virgil L.: Historical Records Survey Project: "Evolution of VT. Counties"   Circa 1900s 

McCauley, Henry: D. Pilot's License   1872 April 26 

McClellan, Mareret "Katherine Benedict--Victorian Lady of Burlington, Vermont: 1844-1918"   Undated 

McCorison, Marcus   

McCullough, Hall Park (1872-1966): "Bennington Battle, 16 August 1777"   1777 August 16 

McCullough, John: Papers, Governor of Vermont   

McFarland, John: ALS to Captain. John McNeil, About War of 1812 (Xerox Copy)   1812 December 8 

McGee, Jonathan, 1789-1876: Brattleboro, VT - sermons   1840s 

McGinnis, John and Samuel S. Burton: Shoreham   1807 

McGlachlin, E.F. (Gen.): Army War College, Washington - lecture - "The Art of Command"   March, 1923 

McGough, Cornelius: Civil War Letters   1863-1864 

McGrath, M.: Shelburne, VT - letter to Mr. Leonard   April 13, 1880 

MCHV vs. City of Burlington, VT   1987 

McKeen, Levi: Brunswick, ME: Letter to John McKeen from New York   1833 March 3 

McKeen, Levi: "Deed of Land to Samuel W. Kelley"   1813 May 1 

McKenzie, Bridget Anne Hart: "Bridget Anne Hart: An Irish Legacy" (photocopy)   August 18, 1914 

McKillop, Malcom: Poems   186?, Undated 

Mead Rent-A-Canoe: Farifax, VT - Canoe Rental Application   May 4, 1975 

Mead, John A.: Governor of Vermont   1910-1912 

Mead, John A.: Governor of Vermont   

Mead, John Abner: Papers - Inventory of papers in the Vermont State Archives   

Medical Center for Vermont: Burlington, VT - Articles of Association   

Medical notes - student lecture notes   ca. 1890-1910 

Medical Society, Vermont - license to practice Physic and Surgery   January 12, 1827 

Medical Society of Vermont, Third: Minutes of Meetings   1803-1808 

Medical Society, Windsor County - correspondence and misc.   1936-1947 

Meech, Ezra, 1773-1856: Shelburne, VT - biography of US Congressman   1850s 

Melville, Thomas: War of 1812 - Boston, MA - letters re: prisoners of war   August 13-December 23, 1813 

"Memorandum, October 7th, 1782, Ordering the Seizure...": American Plan to invade Vermont   1782 October 7 

Mendel, Sigrid A.: "Changing with the Times: An Examination of Assistant Judges in Vermont" (UVM Student Paper)   1984 April 

Marchant, Marble & Reynolds Families Geneology (1754-1850)   Undated 

Merrick, Eliot Tucker: Burlington, VT: "Northern Nurse" Misc.   1942 

Merrick, Eliot Tucker: Burlington, VT: "Northern Nurse" Misc. (Annotated) 1942   1942 

Merrill, Ferrand, 1814-1859: Montpelier, VT - letter to Anson Hall   December 15, 1843 

Merritt, E.A. (General): Five letters of Civil War General and US Consul to England   1865, 1881-1884 

Metcalfe, Simon: Deposition concerning his 1784-1785 attempt to settle in Swanton, VT and his eviction by Ira Allen (photocopy)   March 6, 1786 

Metcalfe, Simon: Financial memorandum   n.d. 

Methodist Episcopal Church: Burlington District Documents   1913-1914 

Meyer, William   

Meyer, William H.: RESTRICTED - interview by Sam Hand   July 1971 

Michaud, Colby: Letter to a Mr. Taplin, an East Corinth, VT business propreitor   1854, January 4 

Michenon, James: autograph from centennial   

Michniewicz, Margarex: "Best of Caroline Crane Marsh: Hiram Powers (American, 1805-1873) Circa 1862, Marble   1998 

Middlebury Community Players - script of "The Permit"   March, 1972 

Middlebury, VT   

Middlesex: Historical Sketch: "Middlesex, A Pioneer Town" by G. Boardman   Undated 

Middletown, VT   

Migration West: Letter from Mary Ann & Flavel to Cordelia"   1860 August 12 

Miles, Henry: Letters and Documents   1839-1868 

Miles, John Fay, 1820-1919: Hinesburg, VT - physicians license and commission, printed Masonic Memorial   1863-1921 

Miles, John Fay: Hinesburg, VT - Physician's ledger   1845-1851 

Miles, Pvt. Lorenzo, Co. E, 3rd Vermont Volunteers - Civil War letter from "Fort Eathern Allen", Virginia   1861, September 17 

Miley, John: Thetford, VT   

Militia: Newbury, VT: Accounts with Tom Johnson & Others for Troop Supplies   1799 September to 1800 October 


Miller, C.: Diary   1856 

Miller, Elisha: Will   1871 

Miller, H.: Auctioneer - list of sales   May 1833 

Miller, J. Wesley III: Newspaper article   January 6, 1974 

Miller, Robert: Letter   April 24, 1976 

Miller, Timothy, 1750-1824: 8 ADS, deeds of land in Sudbury, Vermont   1774-1811 

Mills, Ephraim, Jr.: Whaling Ship Journal   1845-1847 

Milton, VT: James Powell: Note to Essex Baptist Church and unidentified Memo   1828 March 1 

Milton, VT - Board of school directors - report on finances for 1910-1911   June 30, 1911 

Miner, Ahiman L.   

Minor, Touson, Jr.: Deeds, Colchester   1865, 1883 

Misc. Mss   

Miscellaneous Manuscripts   

Missouri Historical Society: Letter   April 24, 1895 

Mitcham, J.D.: Manchester, VT - letter to L.B. Buggly   May 27, 1872 

Mollica, Joan: "Seth Warner and the Green Mountain Regiment" (student paper)   1975 

Monkton Antislavery Society, Monkton, VT: Constitution   Undated 

Montpelier Carriage Co.   

Montpelier, VT   

Montpelier, VT: Letter, Dorman B.E. Kent, on Montpelier history   1944 April 25 

Montpelier, Vermont: Selectman: Petition to the Selectman to call a town meeting to discuss religious meeting house   1796 June 22 

Moody, James (1755?-1809): Narrative of Exertions and Sufferings (Xerox of Original in Public Archives in Canada)   1776-1782 

Mooers, Eliza: ALS to her husband (xerox)   1813 July 2 

Mooers, Eliza (Mrs. Benjamin Mooers): Letter   July 2, 1813 

Moony, S.P.: Letter   October 11, 1883 

Moore, Holley & Co. (Dorset, VT.): Misc Papers Relating to Marble Industry: Dorset, VT, 29 Pieces   1835-1846 

Moore, James S.: Strafford, VT   

Moore, Sir Henry, 1713-1769: Order to Alexander Colder to Survey Vermont Lands   1767 January 28 

Moretown, VT: Town List   Undated 

Morey, Arthur   

Morey, Arthur P.: Civil War letter concerning colored troops   February 4, 1864 

Morey, Arthur, Captain: photocopy   

Morey, Charles C.: Letters to Sister Marnie E. Morey of West Lebanon, N.H., RE: Civil War military life as 1st Sargent, Co. E. 2nd Vt. Volunteers, Infantry, 6th Corps 1864, January 21, April 25. ALS, 7pps   1864 January 21 and April 25 

Morgan Horse: Memo: "Have we a Morgan Horse Among Us"   1848 July 12 

Morgan Horse - misc. papers   1793, 1890 

Morrill, Justin S.: Autograph, US Senate, Eight Hour Law   1870 

Morris, Gen. Lewis: Woodstock and Springfield, VT - letters to Isaac Tichenor   1798-1800 

Morris, Lewis R.   

Morris, Lewis R. (1760-1825): Congressman (1797-1803): Windsor, VT: Letter to Stephen Jacob, RE: Matthew Lyon Scandal   1798 April 28 

Morrisville, VT   

Morse, Hiram & Isaac: Salisbury, VT - tax roll and Appointment as school teacher   1847, 1858 

Moseley, Nathaniel: Pawlett, VT.: Warrant   1797 February 25 

Mott, Samuel I.: Petition to Governor for release from Prison for Black Snake affair (xerox copy)   1813 

Moulton, Stella Platt: Burlington, VT - play "The Old Lantern"   n.d. 

Moulton, Stella Platt: Burlington, VT: Play "The Sale"   Circa 1952 

Moulton, Stella Platt: Burlington, VT: Play "The Wedding of the Tory's Daughter"   Undated 

Mount Holly, VT   

Mount Mansfield Electric Railroad (2 articles)   

Mourner's Carriage List   

Mower, Emory C.: Burlington, VT - death and letters of sympathy   1923 

Mower, Marshal: Morrisville, VT - Bills and receipts   1872-1876 

Mower, Nelle A.: Wellesley College - exams and other papers   1890 

MSS: Niles Nathaniel   1809 

Mss. Orwell, VT   Undated 

Mueller, Justin J.: Letters from Vermont Politicians   1960-1964 

Munn Genealogy   

Munsill, Harvey (1791-1876): Bristol, VT: History of Bristol, pp. 1-148   Circa 1866 

Munsill, Harvey (1791-1876): Bristol, VT: History of Bristol, pp.149-237   Circa 1866 

Munson, Loveland, 1843-1919: Manche, biographical address   

Murdock, Asahel: Norwich, VT: Complaint Against Calvin Johnson: Summons to Appear Before Windsor City and Daniel Gilbert   1792 January 9 to 1789 May 14 

Murray, John C.: Civil War Veteran's Letter   1887, October 22 

Murray, Nathan: St. Albans, VT: Regimental Orders, 11th Regiment, 7th Comp.   1838-1848 

Murray, O.S.: Brandon, VT: ALS to NH Baptist Church, RE: Slavery Revolution   1842 May 4 

Murray, Warren E.: Dorset, VT: Vermont Lives: A Play for the Dorset Bicentennial   1976 

Music-Vermont and New Hampshire songs by B.J. Tiemann   n.d. 

Nagy, Catherine: "Sara Frances Fletcher: An Unconventional Diary"   1992 

Nash, H.C.: FT. Monroe, VA: Letter to Flavia (Civil War)   1862-1863 

National Car Co.: St. Albans, VT - ephemera   1870 

Nay, C.M.: Letter to Ed Deavitt   1846 December 20 

Nay, Young G.: Winooski, VT - Last Will and Testament   March 27, 1922 

Nelson & Wallace: Brick Manufacturer, East Ryegate, VT - correspondence, receipts   1904-1907 

Nelson, John: Portsmouth, NH - agreement with Theodore Atkinson   October 1, 1761 

Nevins, James: New Hampshire Grants: Memorial to King in Council (copy)   April 22, 1766 

New Hampshire - Rochester receipt   1783 

New Hampshire Grants   

New Hampshire Grants: Simsbury Subscribers   

New Hampshire Grants Re: Vermont Relation to N.H. & N.Y. Grants   1782 December 5 

New Hampshire Legal Documents   

New School (Douglas) - Burlington, VT - correspondence, reports, and misc.   1956-1958 

New York mss. - journal (Mrs. Aristus Greene): Trip from L.I. To Newport   1700's 

New York (Province): Grant of Town of Fulham (Dummerston, VT) to John Kathan ET. AL.   1766 November 14 

New York State: Clinton, Co.: Bill of Sale   1825 April 7 

New York State - history - letters from John Frey, Frederick Bellenger, Gen. Schuyler   August 12-16, 1777 

New York State, Plattsburgh - deed, Tomlinson to Parsons   April 7, 1825 

Newbury, VT   

Newcomber, Grace G.: "A Circus Pony and a Conundrum: Why Ernest W. Gibson, Jr. Left Politics"   2004 

Newell, Rev.: Goshen, VT - Church Society - request for his resignation   January 1781 

Newfane, VT   

Newman, Daisy N.: Putney, VT - House sale and letter   June 20, 1946 

Niles, Nathaniel   1809 

Niles, Nathaniel   1775 

Nixon, Richard Milhous, 1913: Correspondence with Fraser B. Drew   1952-1972 

Noble, Henry Harman: Essex, NY - Historical Sketch   1931 

North Springfield Temperance Society: Constitution, Membership and minutes of meetings   1841-1843 

Northfield, VT   

Northfield, VT - deeds - Central Vermont Railway and Harriet Bugbee   1877, 1908 

Northrup, Samuel: Civil War - Shoreham, VT - letters to soldier from home   June-July, 1863 

Norton, A.: Bennington: Note to George F. Powers   April 26, 1838 

Norton, Roswell: Writ for highway tax assessment to Samuel A. Brownell of Williston   April 26, 1815 

Norwich, VT   

Noyes, M. and Co.: Burlington, VT - letter to J.J. Beardsley   February 7, 1849 

Noyes, Murillo: Burlington, Vt - letter Hill to McFarland and Writ of Attachment   November 15, 1851 

Noyes, Vernon P.: Burlington, VT - legal correspondence   1858-1861 

Noyes: Hyde Park, VT   

Nutting, William: Randolph, VT - correspondence   1836-1840 

Nye, Isaac: Letters   

O'Brien, Charles: The Champlain Waterbury, 1783-1897 (Missing 9/2003): Published in New England Quarterly 1988 61 (2): 163-182   1987 

O'Callaghan, Jeremiah: Catholic population section from Thompson's History of Vermont   

Ogden, Samuel R.: Bass Viols and Parasols - an account of the life and times of Abraham Prescott (1759-1858), of the musical instruments he made and of the search it took to track him down   1970 

Olds, James and Tirzah: Letter to sister   January 7, 1859 

Olin, Henry, 1768-1831: Leicester, VT - biography of US Congressman (1824-1825   1850's 

Olmsted, Noble: East Franklin, VT - letters to J.S. Royce, Richmond, VT   December 11, 1854 

Oppenheim, Bertha: Ferrisburgh: Poem "Indian Summer in Vermont"   Undated 

Orange County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.: Policy   December 28, 1837 

Orange County, VT   

Orange County, VT: State document   Undated 

Ormsbee, Ebenezer J, (Governor): Brandon, VT: Correspondence   1887-1889 

Ormsbee, Ebenezer Jolls, 1834-1924: Legal petition filed on behalf of John Quitty   August 4, 1869 

Ormsbee, Ebenezer Jolls, 1834-1924: Quartermaster commission to Charles H. Fuller   December 24, 1886 

Ormsbee, Edgar L., 1805-1861: Rutland, VT - letters   May 14, 1847 

Ormsby, R. McKinley: Bradford, VT - letter to Andrew Johnson, President of the United States   August 12, 1865 

Orton, Harlow S.: Notes on Vermont Banks   1851-1854 

Orwell, VT   

Osgood and Park Families: Genealogy   

Ostrow, Pierson Papers: Burlington: Urban Renewal   1943-1967 

Out-of-state manuscripts   

Outwater, John Ogden, Jr.: "I'm John Ogden Outwater Jr. and this is my story"   undated 

Packard, Arthur: Interview & Correspondence   1953, 1964 

Packard, Origen: Letters Patent for Theodore Gallup   1827 

Packer, Daniel: Miscellaneous Documents   1851-1869 

Paddock, James: Tax Reciept: Hardwick   1801 

Page, Carroll S.   

Page, Carroll S.: Correspondence, etc.: sheep   1909-1932 

Page, Carroll Smalley: Page offers himself as VT Inspector of Finance (2) letters to F.B. Taft (3) misc.   1884-1921 

Page, Guy Milton: Burlington, VT - Memorial and memorial correspondence   1956 

Page, J.B.   March 23, 1861 

Page, John B., 1826-1885: Commission to George W. Leslie as Justice of the Peace   November 30, 1868 

Page, John B., 1826-1885: Commission to Joseph H. Pratt as Justice of the Peace; Governor's pardon for William Valiguette   November 30, 1868; May 10, 1869 

Page, John: Governor of Vermont (1867-1869)   

Paine, Amasa: Windsor, VT   

Paine, Charles   September 4, 1847 

Paine, Charles: Governor of Vermont (1841-1843)   

Paine, Charles: Justice of the Peace Commission to Ezra Holt   November 9, 1842 

Paine, Charles: Letters   1843-1845 

Paine, Elijah   

Paine, Elijah: Toast to Lafayette (photocopies)   1825 

Paine, Elijah (1757-1842) (Sen.): Williamstown, VT   1806-1819 

Paine, Lucy   

Paine, Martyn, 1794-1877: Biographical Sketch of the Honorable Elijah Paine. Jr., (1796-1853)   Undated 

Palmer, E. Huntley: St. Johnsbury, VT - WPA plant disease control operation   1930-1939 

Palmer, Ella Dorcas: "The Burlington Guide"   Circa 1937 

Palmer, Florence Wyman: A genealogy   January 4, 1971 

Palmer, Huntley: Panton, VT: Mountain Men Hunting Club: invitations to go duck hunting   ca. 1950-1980 

Palmer, James L.: Hinesburg, VT: Military Discharge   1863 July 13 

Palmer, Thomas Haig, 1782-1861: Photocopies of address on education and misc. other materials, Pittsford, Vermont   1853-1858 

Palmer, William A. (Gov.): Danville, VT: Correspondence and Commission to Amos Robinson   1819, 1834 

Pangborn, Zebina Kellogg: Johnson, VT: Letter to Bradley Fullington   1851 January 2 

Panton, VT: Baptist Church: Certification of Membership for Elisha A. Hyde   1883 June 1 

Panton and North Ferrisburg Vermont - Methodist Church - assessments   [1870] 

Panton, VT - eviction notice   March 24, 1830 

Panton, VT: Land Surveys   1786-1825 

Parady Family: School, Religious, and Genealogical records   1876-1914 

Parker, Ariel: Richford, VT - Justice of the Peace writ - confiscation of goods   April 20, 1840 

Parker, Catherine E.: Letter about mourning ceremonies for Pres. Lincoln   1865 April (27?) 

Parker, Mae: Letter to Charles Quimby   1862, January 16 

Parker, Ralph: Glover, VT: Note to Samuel D. Blood   1809 September 4 

Parker, Robert Kimball, 1806-1878: Trigonometry notebook, American Scientific, Literary adn Military Academy, Norwich, VT   1822 

Parker, Samuel D.: Civil War diary and letters   1864-1865 

Parker, Simon and Family: East Montpelier, VT - misc. family papers   1867, 1945-1949 

Parker, Wallace Harrison, 1839-1921: Cambridge, VT - autobiography   

Parker, William H.: A Letter to Charles Lanman   1867 

Parkerstown, VT: Doc Re: Houses of Public Entertainment   1819 

Parkinson, Royal, Rev.: Randolph, VT - letters to Rev. W.G. Hawkins   1865 

Parmenter, Harriet H.: Belmont, VT - address "Highlights in the History of Mt. Holly"   1941 

Parmenter, Jacob & Co.: Troy, N.Y.: Bill from Wilder & Snow   1814-1815 

Parrish, Maxfield: Windsor, VT - letter from Frank V. Dumond (copy)   1916 

Parson, James   October 16, 1883 

Parsons, George: Letters to Edwin Parsons   1848 August 17 

Parsons, Henry Chester (1840-1894): St. Albans: Civil War Letters from Camp & Other Papers   1862-1864, 1890-1891 

Partridge, A. Capt.: Norwich, VT: Letters from George Cuth Powell of Middlebury   1846 September 8 

Partridge, Alden (President, Norwich U): Norwich, VT: letters to him   1815-1846 

Partridge, B.: Letters   1837-1851 

Patrol Committee for the Citizens of Vermont: Public Education Documents   1918 

Patterson, Edith: Fairfax, VT - school papers   1909 

Pawlet Academy   

Pawlet Manufacturing Co.: Attachment of goods of Milo Durfee   1850 December 30 

Peach, Arthur Wallace: New York City, NY - letters to Dr. Smith   June 26, 1926 

Peacham, Derby, VT - incoming correspondence   1810-1845 

Peacham, VT - Congregational Church - subscription pledge   September 19, 1818 

Peacham, VT: Gill, George and Elvira   

Peacham, VT: Petition to abolish slavery, 39 signatures   Undated 

Pearl, Stephen: Burlington, VT: Deed to Horace Loomis   1808 April 22 

Pearl, Stephen Burlington, VT: Deed to Thomas Barney   1799 March 30 

Pease, Calvin: Burlington, VT: UVM Diary   1860 September, 1862 January 

Pease, Mary E.: 1st Cong. Church Burlington   Circa 1952 

Peck, Asahel: Burlington, Rutland, VT - pardons and other legal documents   1875-1876 

Peck, B.G.: Account books - Middlebury, VT (2 vols.)   

Peck, Clark & Co.: Brookfield, VT - bill   March 22, 1870 

Peck, Hamilton   

Peck, Levi: Autograph   

Peck, S.B.: Montpelier, VT: Letter to F.H. Churchill of Burlington   1842 January 3 

Peck, Theodore S.: Civil War letter   November 20, 1864 

Pelham,? (N.Y.?): Ecclesiastical Council Convention: list of delegates   1796, June 28 

Pell, William F.: Burlington, Vt: Letter to Asa Aldis of St. Albans (copy)   1805 July 1 

Peloquin, Mary: Student Papers: Female Friendship in America in 19th Century   1983 December 

Peloquin, Mary: Student Papers: Male-Female Relationships in the 19th Century Middle Class Family   Circa 1984 

Pendergrast, Mark: Transcript of interview of Laurice Cushing   1978 

Perham, William: "Account Book" and letter (file 1 of 9)   1862 September to October 

Perham, William: Civil War Letters (file 2 of 9)   1863 April 25 to May 28 

Perham, William: Civil War Letters (file 3 of 9)   1863 June 4 to July 9 

Perham, William: Civil War Letters (file 4 of 9)   Undated 

Perham, William: Post Civil War Letters (file 5 of 9)   1866 September 11 to 1868 May 4 

Perham, William: Post Civil War Letters (file 6 of 9)   1872 March 4 to September 

Perham, William: Post Civil War Letters (file 7 of 9)   1872 September 15 to 1903 September 15 

Perham, William: Poetry, Misscellaneous (file 8 of 9)   Undated 

Perham, William: Post Civil War Letters (file 9 of 9)   Undated 

Perigo, Dr. John: Burlington, VT: Bill to Josiah King for Liquor and Tobacco   1812-1815 

Perkins Family: Barnard, VT   

Perkins, Hiram: Civil War Letters (photocopies)   Undated 

Perkins, J.L.: Civil War letter   April 23, 1861 

Perrin, David P. Family: Burlington, VT - family record   1762-1895 

Perry, Belmont: note   May 15, 1893 

Perry, G.W. Family: Two photos   

Perry, Jacob jr.: Rio de Janiro: letter to his father   Undated 

Perry, Philip Fletcher: Saxtons River, VT - diary   1859-1860 

Perry, William W.: Civil War letter   September 18, 1863 

Peters, Samuel (Episcopal Bishop): Burlington, VT: Correspondence (typescript copy)   1790-1795 

Peterson, George: Letters to C.P. Austin regarding sale of his brothers property   March 25, 1845 

Petingil, Matthew: Letters to   1777, 1781 

Petition on behalf of Noah Smith   1811 

Petrie, William H.: Civil War letters   March 1 - July 13, 1862 

Pettibone, John S. (1786-1872): Early history of Manchester (see V.H.S. Proc. n.s. 1:149-166 (1930))   

Pettingale, Matthew: Petingil (gale?) Matthew-letters to, 1781 and 1772   

Phelps, Charles: Photocopies of Phelps manuscripts at UVM   1750-1970 

Phelps, E. J.: "To My Cousin Jack"   undated 

Phelps, E. J.: Correspondence about "Lay of the Lost Traveler"   1938-1941 

Phelps, Ebenezer: Legal papers   

Phelps, Edward J.   1851-1896 

Phelps, Edward, J   

Phelps, Graham: "Brief History of a home at 43 Nash Place." - Student Paper   2005 

Phelps, J.D.   

Phelps, John W.: 2 folders   1861-1862 

Phelps, Leverett: Grafton, VT - general store misc. papers   1857-1865 

Phi Beta Kappa: Charter and Minutes, UVM Chapter - security copy   1848 

Phi Beta Kappa: Membership list - founding   1968 

Phi Sigma Nu Society: Constitution of the Phi Sigma Nu Society at the University of Vermont (original in Archives)   1828 

Philippines - misc. from Spanish-American War period   1895-1905 

Phillips, George W.: Letters   1889-1913 

Philips, John: Albany Fort: ADS to Clinton petition against Vermonters from Eviction from Land   1778 July 15 

Pidge, Winthrop (Keene, N.H.): ALS to Joel Boardman, Middleborough, VT (re: Sheep)   1821 

Pierce, Edna E.: Letter to Mrs. Anna Stanley   1919 January 

Pierce, Dr. William A: Quotes against the War in Vietnam   1965-1968 

Pierce: Windham County, Putney   

Pierpont, Robert, 1791-1864: Rutland, VT - letters to George F. Houghton   February 13, 1860 

Pingree, Samuel E.: Hartford & Montpelier, VT: Letters   1865, 1884-1885 

Pinney, Bessie: Letters   1887-1888 

Pinney, Inez: Plymouth, Bridgewater   

Pirier, Marcelle: Quit Claim Deed to Toussaint Menord   1864 May 6 

Pitkin, Gen. P.P.: East Burke, VT - letters from Lt. M.A. Breck   December 28, 1867 

Pitridge, John W., 5th Vermont Infantry: Civil War letter from camp near Bell Plain, PA   1863, January 10 

Pittsford Freeze Locker Coop. Inc.: Stock Certificate and Articles of Inc.   1944 

Pittsford, VT   

Pittsford, VT: Petition from citizens to Congress   1812 March 18 

Pittsford, VT: School District No. - Grand Lists, etc. and orders   1803, 1840-1898 

Pittsford, VT: School District No. 6: orders   1871-1899 

Plainfield - Cornell, Peter - "The Socio-Economics of Plainfield, Vermont"   November 29, 1963 

Plainfield, VT: Webster, Mary R.   1856 

Planned Parenthood of Vermont: Springfield, VT Records   1966-1984 

Planned Parenthood of Vermont: Xerox of correspondence   1965 

Platka, Dudley P.: Burlington, VT - estate papers and memorabilia   1929-1930 

Platt, George K.: George K. Platt letter to Joseph Clark   1842 August 22 

Platt, James H.: Washington, DC - letters to Rev. Perley Poore   1833? 

Plattsburgh, N.Y.: Deed: Nicholas Governor of Anslem Parsons   1826 July 8 

Plumley, Charles A.: Xerox of courts with Herbert Hoover   1936-1945 

Plumley, Charles and Frank   

Plymouth Kingdom and Plymouth Five Corners: A Study of Social and Historical Patterns in Two Nineteenth Century Vermont Settlements   1970 

Plymouth, VT   

Poetry--anonymous   1966 

Poetry: "To Arms, To Arms"   

Poetry: 19th century   

Poetry: Unidentified Poem   Undated 

Poland, Luke   

Poland, Luke P. 1815-1887, m.e.: Washington, D.C.: Correspondence   1866-1878 

Politics, Vermont: autographs   

Pollard Brothers: Business Papers, also Moore & Pollard - Proctorsville, VT   1866-1911 

Pollard Brothers: Proctorsville, Vermont: Business Correspondence   1879-1913 

Pomfret, VT   

Pomfret, VT: Betsey Allin: Seminary Applications   1829 

Pomfret, VT: Ephraim Gross: Warrent & Punishment for Horse Stealing   1795 August 25 

Pond, Harvey C.: Poultney, VT: Apprentice Contract   1832 

Pond, Henry A.: Civl War soldier's letter   April 3, 1863 

Poor, Robert: Journal of a trip from Wisconsin to Vermont and return   

Pope, Charles C.: Papers   1853-1856 

Porter Screen Company: Burlington and Winooski, VT - typescript history   1945 

Porter, Charles E.: Letter   1859 

Porter, Molly Prentice: Short stories and poetry   1932 

Porter, Sarah 1759: Weybridge, VT   

Porter, William H.: Washington, DC - letters to A. Salbin   1854 

Potash, P. Jeffrey: "Missionaries, Revivals, and the state of Vermont: 1788-1803"   1976 

Potter Family: Papers   1850-1890 

Potter, Andrew: Letters from Sarah   May, 1864 - June, 1865 

Potter, Mosley Family: Papers - St. Albans, VT   1818-1849 

Potter, Mosley Family: Papers - St. Albans, VT   1850-1895 

Potter, Silas: Bakersfield, VT - Family correspondence   1849-1876 

Potthast, John: "Language in the World"   1978 

Poultney, VT   

Powell, E. Henry and Family: Richford, VT - deed   1871 

Powell, Homer E.: Milton, VT - Misc. family papers   1840-1930 

Powell, Thomas Reed: Burlington, VT - Memorial address and correspondence regarding death   1952-1955 

Powers, George M.: Correspondence of Vermont judge   1932-1958 

Powers, H. Henry: Washington, DC - letter to constituent   1891 

Powers, Nathaniel (War of 1812): Ferrisburgh, VT: Statement of Service   

Pownal, VT   

Pratt, Ezekiel: Williston: Probate of Estate   1835 March 16 

Pratt, John A.: Woodstock, VT: Letters to Lorenzo Pratt   1837 and 1847 

Prentiss, Samuel   

Prentiss, Samuel: Washington: Letters to Oscar Keeler and David Robinson   1841 December 3 

Presidential visits to Vermont: Monroe, Grant, and Harrison (memo by E.B. Taft)   1916 

Press, Samuel: Burlington, VT: Development of Eotechnic Burlington   1783-1893 

Preston Family: Deeds of land in Ferrisburg   1837-1875 

Pretty Polly [song]   ca. 1812 

Pringle, Cyrus G.: Charlotte, VT: Letters   1873 November and 1886 January 

Pringle, Cyrus G.: Charlotte, VT: Letters   1886 February to 1900 March 

Pringle, Cyrus G.: Civil War diary, published in Christian Living   September-October, 1863 

Pringle, Cyrus G.: Letters from Harvey P. Baker   1862-1863 

Pritchett, Elizabeth F.: Life and Times of Anton Christian Hanson   1990 

Proctor, Fletcher Dutton 1860-1911: TLS, to Edwin Mortimer Haynes for a copy of Hayne's History of the Tenth Regiment   1894 June 5 

Proctor, Mortimer, Fletcher, and Redfield   

Proctor, Redfield (1831-1908): 2 TLS, to Arthur Fairbanks Stone   1905 February 20 to 1907 October 28 

Proctor, Redfield: Commission to Solomon Johns for Justice of the Peace   November 30, 1878 

Proctor, Redfield (1831-1908): DS, commission to Solomon Johns for justice of the Peace   1878 November 30 

Proctor, Redfield: Letter   1894 

Proctor, Redfield: Letter to John A. Stewart   1923 July 20 

Proctor, Redfield: Letters to and about S.L. Griffith and wife from Danby, Vermont   1898, 1900 

The Griffiths were maple producers. Two of the letters introduce the Griffiths to individuals in Cuba before they take a business trip there.

Proctor, Redfield (1831-1908): TLS, to Russell, Smith Taft, about schedule of Congress and Supreme Court   1895 January 29 

Proudfit, David L.: Military Reunion Poem   1885 

Prouty, Edwin: East Fairfield and Franklin County, VT - Papers   1890-1901 

Prouty, Ethel Louise: Flower Lists - Wildflowers of Montpelier (2 volumes)   1916, 1918 

Prouty, George   

Prouty, Winston   

Province Line Railroad Company: "Articles of Association" (Alburg, VT to Champlain, NY)   1882 March 4 

Putnam, Kinsley: History of the Putnam Farm, Westford, VT   Undated 

Putney, C.E.: St. Johnsbury, VT - letter regarding Royalton Evangelical Convention   July 10, 1876 

Putney, Charles: Misc. bills and receipts   1875-1890 

Putney, VT   

Putney, VT: War of 1812: Town Meeting in reaction to Declaration of War   1812 August 10 

Quarter Century Club, Burlington, VT: Correspondence & Records   1870-1880 

Quechee, VT   

Queen City Cotton Company: Burlington, VT - Articles of Association   June 13, 1891 

Queen City Park   

Queen City Park: Photographs and Journal 1888   1888 

Quincy, Eliza Susan (Morton), 1773-1850: Boston, MA - Correspondence to J. Savage and S. Greene   1861 

Raab, William: Reminiscences of Richard Stoehr   



Railroads: Black River Railroad - prospectus   1892 

Railroads: MSS   

Railroads: Rutland and Burlington Railroad Company - stock certificate   October 10, 1849 

Railroads: Way-bills   

Ralph, James: Fighting on AU Fronts: The War and Warren Austin: Term Paper for History 402, Middlebury College   1981 

Randall, David: Letters regarding Poe and Tarkington   1944, 1951 

Randel, Israel   1801, 1805 

Randall, Joseph: Marriage Certificate: Jesse Moon and Elizabeth Terry   1794 February 12 

Randell, Thomas: Deed: Danville, VT   1823 

Randolph Center, VT - account book   1835-1836 

Randolph Hydraulic Company: Randolph Ctr., VT: Constitution and By-laws   1868 August 

Randolph, VT   

Rasp, Fritz: Postcard   1954 May 27 

Raymond Family: Ludlow, VT   

Raymond, Eleanore: Stories   

Read, David: Letter to Nathan Read concerning Patriote Rebellion   November 26, 1837 

Read, James March: Canton, Ohio: letter to Sister Hattie   1854 April 23 

Readsboro, VT: Gold Mining Co., etc.   

Redfield, Isaac F., 1804-1876: 1 letter   March 6, 1869 

Redfield, Isaac F., 1804-1876: Derby, VT - Letters to James T. Mitchell   1875 

Redfield, Timothy   

Reed, Emerson B. Co.: Swanton, VT: Woodworker Papers   1852-1911 

Reed, Jedediah: Arithmetic Book   1793 

Religious text: unidentified   1752 

Remington, Jonathan: Civil War Letters (file 1 of 3)   1861 January 31 to 1862 October 17 

Remington, Jonathan: Civil War Letters (file 2 of 3)   1862 October 29 to 1865 March 22 

Remington, Jonathan: Ambrotype Portrait (file 3 of 3)   Undated 

Republican State Committee: Records   

Revolutionary War - Benedict Arnold - letters to Capt. Herrick and "Genlemen of Charlestown" (copy)   1775 

Revolutionary War - Benjamin Lincoln to General Washington   August 4, 1777 

Revolutionary War - Bennington: Committee to settle claims of volunteers in Seth Warner's Regiment (copy)   1780 

Revolutionary War - Col. Seth Warner: Commission for raising volunteers (copy)   1778? 

Revolutionary War - Ft. William: Company books of Captain Brush   April 8, 1782 

Revolutionary War - John Stark and Jos McCracken to Col. Walbridge (copy)   September 2, 1781 

Revolutionary War - Payroll of Col. Craf'ts Regiment (Boston)   1781-1787 

Revolutionary War - Philip Schuyler letter to General Lincoln (copy)   July 31, 1777 

Revolutionary War - Record book of lots granted to volunteers   n.d. 

Revolutionary War - Rupert, VT - Elisha Lincoln, pensions request   April 7, 1818 

Revolutionary War - Seth Warner to Capt. Gidion Bronson (copy)   1779 

Reynolds, Jonathan: Revolutionary War Pension Records   Circa 1830-1842 

Reynolds, Jonathan: Revolutionary War Pension material (xerox)   Undated 

Reynolds, Michael and Mary: Letter with family news (2 pp)   March 18, 1849 

Reynolds, Peter: Deed to Timothy Miller lot in Sudbury   February 20, 1795 

Rhodes, William: Richmond, VT: Family Letters   1812 

Rice Family: Journal   1863, April 15-October 3 

Rice, Lyle K.: Railway Mail Service   1864-1977 

Rice, Mark: Montreal, Canada: Bill   1809 August 21 

Rice, Mrs. Gerald: Rochester, VT - family letter   February 2, 1937 

Rice, Rt. Rev. John J. (Bishop): Burlington, VT: Correspondence with Guy Bailey and Walter Crockett   1919 

Rich, Alonzo D.: Letter to Asa D. Lord   May 12, 1841 

Rich, Charles: Shoneham, VT: ALS to Sec'y of Navy and Legal Paper   1811, 1818 

Rich, James D.: Civil War Documents of Co. H, 11th Vermont Regiment   1863 

Rich, V.: Letters to Charles W. Rich   1836 January 10, 1834 January 18 

Rich, Virtulou: Memoir Sarah Bush Virtulon   1850 

Richards, Mark: letter   January 6, 1821 

Richardson, Nathan M.: Dundee, IL - Letter to George Stewart of Westford   January 2, 1844 

Richford, VT   

Richmond, Charles Lenox (Duke of): Letter to Sir Charles Bagot re US incursion into Quebec Province from Rouse's Point   1818 

Richmond, Mrs. Lorenzo   

Richmond, VT: Baptist Church: Letters to Essex Church   1831, 1833 

Richmond, VT - tax list   1829 

Richmond, VT Round Church: Items to pertaining to the erection Multi-Denominational Meeting House   1812 

Riddle, John A.: Letters to Riddle, RE: Gold Mining in VT and Nova Scotia   1865, 1883-1894 

Rider, James: Kirby, VT   

Ridley Family: Genealogy   

Riford/McMurphy Families: Misc Documents   1857-1868, 1916-1927 

Ripley, J.: Letters to Charles P. Ripley of Barre, VT   April 2, 1850 

Ripton, VT - propreitor's list   ca. 1800 

Ritchie, Anna C. and Mary A.: Burlington: Summons to appear at court   January 3, 1919 

Rixford, Oscar S. and Family: Highgate, VT - misc. papers   1890-1946 

Robbins & Lawrence Company, Windsor, VT: Check for $698.76 to James S. Manning, for gun stocks   1856 March 14 

Roberts, Benjamin S.: Letter to Mrs. Roberts during Mexican War   1847 August 25 

Roberts was a Captain in the United States Cavalry during the Mexiacan War. The letter describes the battles of Contreras and Churubusco.

Roberts, Daniel C.: Montpelier, VT - letters to Mrs. Gamide   March 22, 1869 

Robie, E.W. (Civil War Letters): Letters to Friends from Various Army Camps   1861-1863 

Robinson, Abner: Roll of R.I. Co. commanded by Robinson   October 1777 

Robinson, Calvin L.: Civil War Memo - "A Record of Civil War Experience"   May 20, 1865 

Robinson, E.: West Charleston, VT - letters to Postmaster of Limington, Maine   May 30 , 1859 

Robinson, Edwin Arlington: Letter from John Spargo   May 18, 1927 

Robinson, Elizabeth: Notes on the Joseph Hoag and David Knowles families   1850-1910 

Robinson, George: Bill   November 19, 1821 

Robinson, Jonathan (1755-1819): ALS to Robert Smith   1809 January 31 

Robinson, Jonathan (1755-1819): ALS to Ryall Tyler   1809 April 25 

Robinson, Jonathan: Includes John Van Ness letter to Robinson   

Robinson, L.R.H.: Castleton, VT: ALS to C.G. Eastman, RE: Merging the VT Statesman and Spirit of the Age   1841 August 3 

Robinson, Moses (Gov.): Bennington, VT: Letter to Jonathan Robinson and Proxy   1795 February 6, 1803 

Robinson, Moses: Governor of Vermont (1789-1790)   

Robinson, P.: Letters to children, Mr. And Mrs. Charles Robinson   June 8, 1848 

Robinson, Rowland E.: Autograph and photo   

Robinson, Rowland E.: Correspondence of family and friends and print of article   1815-1900 

Robinson, Rowland T. (1796-1879): Lease, sawmill in Montpelier, VT, to Charles Putman   1828 March 17 

Robinson, Rowland E: Xerox of two mss   n.d. 

Robinson, Samantha: Bennington, VT - Letter to her brother Charles Robinson   February 22, 1846 

Robinson, Samuel: Petition to Benning Wentworth   1769 December 8 to 9 

Robinson, Samuel Jr.: Bennington, VT - Deed of land to Solomon Safford   March 30, 1805 

Rochester, VT   

Rockingham, VT   

Rockwell, George Lincoln: Letters   1964 March to April 

Rodgers, John (1727-1811): ALS to Stephen Jacob, concerning claim to lands in Woodstock   1786 November 28 

Rodgers, Levi Captain: War of 1812   

Rollins, Alfred B. Jr.: Correspondence with prominent political figures re: FDR and L. Steffens   1948-1967 

Romans, Bernard (1720-1784): DS, receipt for service in Ticonderoga expedition   1775 May 31 

Ronald McDonald House: Burlington, VT: Background and Photos for Conversion   1982-1989 

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Telegram to Edward W. Tewksbury   1942 July 8 

Roosevelt, Theodore, President, U.S., 1858-1919: Letters to George W. Alger   1903-1912 

Root, Erastus: A Journal of...Proceedings, studies and observations: xerox copy of bnd. ms.   1815 October 1 

Ross, Henry H.: Letter to his brother Frank   1883, December 20 

Root, Jonathan: Account for supplying hospital, Sheffield, MA   1756-1757 

Ross, Frances J.: North Bennington, VT - poems - queries   June 1976 

Rossiter, William F.: St. Albans, VT - Address on Vermont population growth, 1790-1920   March, 1921 

Roth, Lewis: The Convention That Wasn't: Vermont Constitutional Revision, 1969, Senior Honors Paper for Department of History, UVM   1980 

Rounds, William: Letter   April 29, 1850 

Rowley, Thomas   

Royalton and South Royalton, VT   

Royalton, VT - "The Great Snow"   

Royalton, VT: School tax bill, school district #17   

Royce, Stephen, 1787-1865: ADS, instructions for a court case   1849 March 

Royce, Stephen, 1787-1865: Commission to Henry N. Sollace for justice of the peace   November 30, 1854 

Royce, Stephen: St. Albans: Correspondence East Berksle: Re: Correspondence   1843-1845, 1853 

Rowell, Abram: Civil War Letters   1862 October 24, 1863 June 10 

Rudge, William E.: Letters concerning Books and Printing   1943-1944 

Ruggles, B.: Nova Scotia - Letter to Miss Greene of New York   May 24, 1811 

Russell, Captain Charles P.: Letters written to Russell, Captain of the steamer Horicon (19 items plus envelopes)   1879 

Russell, George Albert: Bibliography of Vermont Local History   Circa 1950 

Russell-Root Families: Burlington, VT - Family correspondence   1876 

Rutland and Rutland County, VT   

Rutland County - Nominating Committee Report   October 15, 1800 

Rutland County: Legal Documents   

Rutland Railroad   

Rutland, Bank of: Letter to Cone and Burton   May 19, 1865 

Rutland, County: Misc. Writs, bills and receipts   1800-1837 

Rutland, Sutherland Falls and East Dorset Italian Marble   

Rutland, Vermont: Minutes of meeting to discuss incorporating Rutland Vllage under a city charter   1880 December 16 

Ryegate Town History Committee: "History of Ryegate, Edward Miller and Frederic P. Wells" (2 pieces)   1913? 

Ryegate, VT   

S?, Mira C.: Letter to George W. Chaplin, Jr.   1859 September 14 

Sabin, P. Anna: Oshawa, Ont.: to Father in Georgia, VT   1846 August 

Safford, Daniel: Essex, New York: Letters from James McRoberts   1848, 1849, 1850 February 20 

Safford Family: Correspondence, sermons, photos (6 folders)   1817-1864 

Safford, Jacob: Document   December 30, 1803 

Safford, John: Chitteden Co.: Receipts   1793, 1803 

Safford, Stanley: Letter from Stanley Safford to his Parents   1919 

St. Albans, VT   

St. Albans, VT - Catholic Church: Misc. ephemera   1870-1871 

St. Albans, VT School District #4: Financial report   March 31, 1863 

St. Albans, VT: Summons   1846, 1851 

St. Johnsbury, VT   

St. Johnsbury, VT: Fairbanks   

St. Joseph's Academy: Burlington, Vt: Christian Brothers House, Founding and Prospectus   1891 

St. Luke's Episcopal Church: Manchester, VT - Register and papers   1854-1888 

Salau, Bruce; Whipp, Jennifer R.: "A Walk with Robert Frost" - unpublished manuscript   undated 

Salinger, J.D.: Letter   1975 November 13 

Salisbury, VT   

Salisbury, VT: Misc. Legal Papers (folder 1 of 3)   1829-1852 

Salisbury, VT: Misc. Legal Papers (folder 2 of 3)   1861-1871 

Salisbury, VT: Misc Legal Papers (folder 3 of 3)   1879-1902 

Salmon, Thomas   

Sanborn, Ladd, Frisby: Correspondence   1938-1939 

Sand Bar Bridge, A History   1950 

Sand Bar Bridge Company: Description of Records in State Archives   1847-1907 

Sand Bar Bridge Company (South Hero, VT): Misc. Manuscripts 8 pieces   1827-1851 

Sanders, D.C. to Isaac Tichenor   1800 September 3 

Sanders, Daniel, First President UVM: to Tyler, Royall   1810 December 5 

Sanders, Daniel Clark, 1768-1850: Burlington, VT: ALS to Wm C. Harrington   1806 October 6 

Sanders, Daniel Clark: Letter Concerning Son's Imprisonment for Debt   1830 October 16 

Sargent, James B.: Letters   1918-1919 

Sargent, John G.: Address at annual Bench and Bar Dinner of the Bar Association of the City of Boston   1935 March 15 

Sargent, John Garibaldi   1884-1937 

Sawyer Family: Civil War - Burlington, VT - Correspondence and misc   1861-1863 

Sawyer, C.W.: Gaysville, VT   

Sawyer, Charles: Lowell, VT - Deed to Martha Sawyer   July 3, 1862 

Sawyer, Edward B.: Hyde Park, VT - letters to Prof. J.E. Goodrich   1903 

Sawyer, Edward: Rutland, VT - Letter from a youth regarding summer at Lake Bomoseen   1880 

Sawyer, Horace B.: Correspondence (folder 1 of 4)   1830-1862 

Sawyer, Horace Bucklin: Clippings and Geneaology and Memorabilia (folder 2 of 4)   Undated 

Sawyer, Horace Bucklyn: Presidential Commission signed by James Madison (folder 3 of 4)   1812 June 4 

Sawyer, Horace B.: ALS from James Fenimore Cooper (folder 4 of 4)   1846 January 16 

Saxe, John Godfrey (1816-1887): Correspondence   1846-1879 

Saxe, John Godfrey: Portraits and MSS Verse   1854-1875 

Saxton, Lucinda: Shelburne, VT - poem "And This is Life"   

Saxtons River Old Meeting House Society: Record book   1807-1834 

Saxtons Rivers Academy: Proprietors minutes   1842-1860 

Schechtman, Jonathan   

Schmokel, Wolfe: "Doing History at UVM, 1962-1987   ca. 1987 

Schools - photographs   

Schroder, William: Burlington, VT - speech by Howard Beechen and a copy of William T. Sherman letter   1878 

Scott, Erastus H. (3rd Regt. 1861-1864), Luther W. (8th N.H. Regt. 1861-?_, Margaret, So. Reading, Mass.: Letters 1858-1867   1858-1867 

Scott, Joseph: Irasburgh: List of Lands   1804 March 9 

Scott, Julian: Painter   

Scott, S.J.: Letters to Charles Robinson, local Bennington news   June 2, 1840 

Scott, Walter Brady: "Growing up in Vermont" reminiscenes   Circa 1940 

Scott, William: Edinburgh: C. Mackenzie Recommendation of Scott   1856 August 8 

Scribner, Oscar A.: Essex, VT - family correspondence   March - May, 1864 

Secrist, Margaret: "The Long Trail" - pageant about the history of Vermont   1941 

Seeger, E.A.: Typescript: "The Story of China"   1926 

Sermons - Unidentified   ca. 1820-1825 

Severens, Kenneth - Bright Dudes: Four Vermont Schoolteachers Go to the Grand Canyon   

Seward, William H.: Washington, DC   1850s 

Sexton, Anne: Weston, MA - letters to Betty Douglas   April 23, 1969 

Seymour, Charles: Canton, China - letter and other papers of US Consul   1885 

Seymour, Charles W. 1869: "My Story" Autobiographical   1950 

Seymour Family: Correspondence   1803-1805 

Seymour, Horatio   

Seymour, Horatio: Washington, D.C.: Letters to Nicholas Biddle   1829-1830 

Shadick Family: Civil War Papers (folder 1 of 5)   1858-1862 

Shadick Family: Civil War Papers (folder 2 of 5)   1863-1864 

Shadick Family: Civil War Papers (3 of 5)   Undated 

Shadick Family: Betsy Shadick's Pension (folder 4 of 5)   1864-1900 

Shadick Family: Civil War Papers (folder 5 of 5)   1871 

Shakespeare Club, Swanton, VT: Program of literary club   1904-1905 

Sharon, VT   

Shattude, De Forrest?: Civil War Letter: 1st Cavalry; near Winduster, VT   1862 June 21 

Shaw, Irwin: Letter to Hubbel Lathrop   October 3, 1976 

Shaw, John: Letter to Woodstock Court Clerk   1826 

Shaw, Susan Sophia: Phrenology Chart   1845 

Shaw, W.G.: Burlington - letter to U.A. Woodbury   April 25, 1890 

Shedd, L.C.: ALS to Mrs. Bethiah C. Tew   1865 December 31 

Shedd, Timothy, 1783-1855: Letters to Benjamin Hindman regarding fire insurance   December 23, 1846 

Shedd, W.G.T.: New York City - letter to Peter E. Pease   April 17, 1868 

Shelburne Farms: Articles of Association - xerox from LCTC papers   1922 

Shelburne School District #2: Petition to split district #2   October 31, 1851 

Shelburne: Town History and Genealogy Notes   Circa 1935 

Shelburne, VT: Proprietors' records, copied by Ira Allen   1763-1775 

Sheldon, Caleb: Manchester, VT   1786-1790 

Sheldon, VT.: Deeds   1835-1846 

Shepard, F.H.: "Address on Gettysburg"   1913 

Shepard, Mary Ann: Burlington, VT - correspondence with Senator Porter Dale regarding Veteran's Pension   1926-1934 

Shepardson, Frederick W.: Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT: correspondence and reports   1959-1969 

Shepardson, Frederick: Burlington, VT - aviation folder   1935-1959 

Sherman, Elise L.: A Letter to Elijah Fillmore et. al   1851 June 4 

Shipman, Julia: Vermont related letters   1934 

Shipman, William: Shelburne, VT - letters to Joshua (Morriseau?)   1782? 

Shortt, C.J.: Letters to sister, North Montpelier: University of Vermont   1852-1854 

Showdy, Mary: Saratoga Co.: Letter to Brother   1850 July 15 

Shrewsbury Historical Society: Bicentennial Play: "A Peek into the Past"   October 4, 1975 

Shumway, John B. Jr. "Shevidan's Raid"   1865 April 3 

Shurtleff, Roswell: Schedule of personal property in the Island House, Bellows Falls, VT, 1853; Stock Indenture for Bellows Falls Island Company, 1852   1852-1853 

Sillman, Benjamin: New Haven, CT - bill for magazine order   1836 

Simonsville Debating Society: Record (Photocopy)   1848-1844 

Simpson, Arthur   

Sinclair, Upton: Letter to John Henry Hopkins   August 18, 1942 

Six Commissions Signed by Chittenden As Governor   1787-1793 

Skiing - Vermont - photo file   

Skillin, Glen: Clippings   

Skinner, Otis: Woodstock, VT - letters   1935 

Skinner, Richard (Gov) (1778-1833): Correspondence   1823-1826 

Slade, James   

Slade, William   

Slade, William (1786-1859): Middlebury, VT & Washington D.C.: Correspondence (mostly copies)   1818 

Slayton, Ronald: Victory   Undated 

Small, J.B.: Brattleboro, VT - memo on enlistments   1861-1863 

Small, Leander Smith: Morristown, VT - Reminiscences (xeroxes)   1822 

Smalley, Bradley   

Smart, Isaac Chipman, 1858-1931: "In Memory of John Ellsworth Goodrich, D.D." biographical eulogy   1915 February 28 

Smith, Calvin P: Warning to troops   n.d. 

Smith, Charles Lee: Chittenden Co.: Diary and Letters   1819-1820, 1832 

Smith, Edward L.: Montpelier, VT - letters from "Lady" L.L. Nichols   December 24, 1899 

Smith, Fred: Pioneer Mechanic Shop, Burlington   1846, 1856-1859 

Smith, Gregory   

Smith, H. Boardman: Correpsondence   1874-1880 

Smith, Harold Ladd Jr. "Vermont's Contribution to Science and Innovation"   Undated 

Smith, Harvey Batchford: Woodstock, VT - Biography by W. Nelson Smith   1931 

Smith, Heman R. (Gen): Hinesburgh, VT: Letters from Superiors and Commission as Sargent   1829, 1838-1839 

Smith, Hiram D.: Williston, VT - Appointment to Justice of Peace by Gov. Williams   1850-1851 

Smith, Howard M.: Correspondence   1930-1933 

Smith, Israel: Rutland, VT: Letter to Major William   1808 July 19 

Smith, J. Michael: "The Highland King Nimhammaw and the Native Indian Propreitors of Land in Dutchess County, NY: 1712-1765   2001 

Smith, Jemima: Notes and bills   1823-1830 

Smith, John: Rutland, VT: Attachment   1811 March 15 

Smith, John, 1789-1858: St. Albans, VT - biography of US Congressman (1839-1841)   (1850s?) 

Smith, John D. (1816-1901): Misc family deeds, papers   1839-1861 

Smith, John Gregory (1818-1891): 2 LS, to Solomon Foot, and to Abraham Lincoln, on conduct of Gen. William F. Smith   1864 December 30 

Smith, Joseph: Vermont Militia, letter   1799 

Smith, Joseph Rowe: Civil War Biography   Undated 

Smith, Levi P.: "John Hay"   

Smith, Levi P.: Burlington, VT - "Rambles about Burlington" includes photos   1907 

Smith, Levi P.: Burlington, VT - interview by Paul McLuaghlin regarding Ted Roosevelt   April 25, 1962 

Smith, Levi P.: Burlington, VT - Memorial to Warren R. Austin for Vermont Bar Association   1963 

Smith, Levi P.: Burlington, VT - Papers of George Morton   1885-1898 

Smith, Levi P.: Burlington, VT - photocopy of typescript "Walt in Burlington" - play about Walt Whitman, 12 pp.   

Smith, Levi P.: Burlington, VT: PLay "Walt in Burlington"   Undated 

Smith, Levi P.: Correspondence and Editorials   1904-1928 

Smith, Levi P.: Hyde Park, VT - Letter from Carroll S. Page   November 29, 1911 

Smith, Levi Pease: Burlington, VT - Article on Charles G. Eastman and Vermont Lesser Poets (BF   n.d. 

Smith, Levi Pease (1885-1970): Mss. relating to 1912 election and 1914-1915, Vermont judicial crisis   1912, 1914-1915 

Smith, Levi & Sybil: Burlington: Howard Family History   1982 

Smith, Margaret L.H. (Mrs. Ramsay): Poems. Burlington, VT: Bittersweet Berries   1954 

Smith, Phelps: Milton, VT - Deposition   January 13, 1835 

Smith, Stephen, Jr.   

Smith, Sybil: "Green Mountain Giant for God"   undated 

Smith William (1728-1793): Account book of land holdings, largely Vermont (xerox copy)   Circa 1790 

Smith, William (N.Y. Chief Justice): New York: Letter to Col. Philip Skene, Re: Peace Negotiations with Britain   1782 August 10 

Smith, William F.: Letter to John Codman Ropes   1889 May 28 

Smith, William Farrar (1824-1903): Letters about charger of drunkenness in battle, by Smith's subordinates   1862 April 25 to 26 

Smith, William J.: US Paymaster General - autograph   1892 

Smith, Worthington C., 1823-1894: Washington, DC - letters to B. Perley Doone; St. Albans, VT - letters to Charles Lanman   December 1869 

Snell, Charles W.: Report on th Strength of the British Army   1951 

Snelling, Richard   

Soldier's Relief Society (Montpelier): Records (folder 1 of 2)   Circa 1862-1863 

Soldier's Relief Society (Montpelier): Receipts (folder 2 of 2)   Circa 1862-1863 

Solomon, Isaac and Dora: Burlington, VT: Warranty Deed   June 9, 1916 

Solomon, Ron: Abolitionist movement in Burlington in the 1830's   

Sons of Temperance   

Soule, A. Bradley: "Recollections of the VT. flood of Nov. 1927"   1927 flood 

Soule, Sarah A.: New York: Vermont Youth Project, Farm Paper   1987 December 

Soule, William H. "St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, St. Johnsbury, Vermont..."   1964 

South Burlington, VT - diary   August - December, 1861 

Southern, VT: R.R. Co.: Company Records, transfer to Troy & Greenfield RR Co.   1856-1860 

Southwick, John L.: Writings and correspondence   1926 

Southworth, Niles: West Fairlee, Vt - 3 items (school homework). Found in Hetty (Green) Robinson biographies   n.d. 

Southworth, Samuel Lalbert: Post Mills, VT   

Sparrow, Bradford: Letters (folder 1 of 3)   1861-1863 

Sparrow, Bradford: Letters (folder 2 of 3)   1864-1865 

Sparrow, Bradford: Civil War Diary (folder 3 of 3)   1863-1864 

Sparrow, Bradford P.: xeroxes   

Spaulding, James G.: Business correspondence and ephemera, poultry and product business   1895-1927 

Spaulding, Oliver Lyman: Boston: Letter to Elbridge Colby at Charlotte, VT   1925 August 15 

Spear, Polly: Lake Family History and Genealogy   1874-1987 

Spear, Zenas: Papers   1839-1851 

Speigel, Henry V.D.: Bennington, VT - letters from west regarding gold   1850-1852 

Spencer, Hiram Ladd (1829-1915): Poem   Circa 1850 

Spooner, Alden: Bill from Summer and Aage   1816 

Spooner, Alden: Recovered judgement against Spooner and Josiah Burton   1793 

Springfield School District #5: Tax list   1843 

Squier, Daniel W.: Civil War Letters   1863-1864 

Squier, Daniel W.: Civil War Letters (copies)   1863-1864 

Stacy, Henry B.: Burlington, VT: Promissory to L.B. Platt   January 28, 1854 

Stafford, Robert   

Stafford, Robert T. (US Senator): Letters from Ronald Steffenhagen, Prof. Of Sociology, University of Vermont   1969-1974 

Standish, Rev. Josiah: Stafford: letter to his sister   1731 May 26 

Stanhope Family: Genealogy   

Stankevich, Katherine: Accounts of Polish Immigrants, Springfield, VT   ca. 1965-1968 

Stanstead, Shefford & Chambly Railroad   

Stanton, Henry Gen., 1796-1856: New York City - letters to Col. George Talcott   1834 

Starbird, Ethel: Winooski, VT: Reminiscences of Fort Ethan Allen, 1894-1926   

Stark, John Capt.: Crown Point, NY: Letter to Capt. Nathan Folsom, RE: Deserters   1759 October 1 

Stark, John Capt.: Memo: Rogers Rangers   1768 October 27 

Stark, John Capt: Mount Independence: Letter to Gov. Livingstone of New Jersey   1776 October 10 

Starksboro, VT: Deeds, writs, bills, receipts, letters, etc.   1813-1878 

Starksboro, VT: Matthew Lyon and other freeman votes for Rep. to Congress   Undated 

State Sabbath School Association: History - records and misc. printed matter   1872-1894 

Stearns, John W. (18??-1883): 3 Civil War Letters, Company I, 12th Vermont Regiment   1862-1863 

Stearns, Nathan: Williston, VT: Appointment as Drum Major, militia   1818 

Stebbins, J.W., 9th Vermont: Civil war Letter   1865, April 6 

Stedman, Phebe: Lincoln, VT: Divorce suit before Burlington Supreme Court   December 1840 

Steel, EF: Woodstock, VT: to Martin Wires, Cambridge, VT   September 2, 1840 

Steel, John: Quebec, Canada - copies of manuscripts and documents   1797-1823 

Stevens Family: Genealogy   September 1933 

Stevens, Henry: Autograph   

Stevens, Roswell: Richmond, VT - letters to James W. Stevens   August 13, 1854 

Stevens, Samuel (1735-1823): Guide to Papers at the VT State Archives   1987 

Stevens, William B.: Civil War Letter   September 2, 1863 

Stewart, Almira Doty: Memoirs   Undated 

Stewart, John   

Stewart, John: Burlington: Letter from Troy, N.Y. to brother Ira, RE: Cure for Cold   1801 July 31 

Stewart, Ola G.: Correspondence (5 folders)   1917-1926 

Stickney, Benjamin: Dummerston, VT   1850s 

Stickney, William   

Stiles, Joseph D.: Poem improvised at North Tunbridge, VT   1871 

Stock Certificates   

Storey/Story Family: Genealogy   

Storey/Story Family: Genealogy   

Storrs, Seth: Middlebury, VT: Letter to Major General Samuel Strong   1816 May 27 

Stowe, Harriet Beecher: Letter to friend written by secretary   September 2, 1878 

Stowe, VT   

Stowe, VT - deed - Chas. B. Wait to George W. Batchelder   July 27, 1865 

Stowe, VT - Mansfield, VT - deed to Seely Bennett   1800-1801 

Strafford Lodge No. 136: Independent Order of Good Templars   

Strafford, VT   

Street, Alfred B. (Vt. Poet): Albany, N.Y.: Letters to Albert Basson and Poem   1875 May 31 

Strobridge, A.L.: Letter to unidentified man from West Danville, VT   January 31, 1862 

Strong, D.H. (Rev.): Williams town, VT: Motion Picture Showing   1905 October 6 

Strong, John (1762-1832): Misc. family papers, deeds   1809-1834, 1937 

Strong, Samuel Paddock (1793-1864): Accounts with general store of Morgan and Bowman, Vergennes, VT   1848-1853 

Sturdevant, Helen Ruth: President Roosevelt's visit to Windsor   

Sturtevant, F.C.: Civil War letter   March 4, 1862 

Sugland, John G.: Civil War Letter   May 20, 1864 

Sullivan, Michael V.: "Shadows on the Green Mountains: The KKK in VT, 1920-1930."   2003 

Sunderland, Vermont: 3 deeds for sle of lead and silver mine property in Sunderland   1796-1837 

Sutherland, John: Rutland, VT - misc. papers   1800-1817 

Sutherland, Silas: Promissory note to Broughton and Sargent   March 26 1835 

Sutton, VT: Unidentified letter   n.d. 

Swan, Frank B.: Civil War Letter   June 5, 1864 

Swanton, VT   

Sweet Family: Lowell, VT - letters   

Sweet, Ezekial: Hinesburgh, VT - deed to son Allen   November 29, 1837 

Swift, Benjamin   

Swift, Benjamin: St. Albans, VT - Piece from New York Court to examine witness for suit   May 17, 1808 

Swift, Samuel: Vermont Judiciary   

Taber, Russell: Lincoln, VT: Receipt to Ira Sweet   1847 November 19 

Taft, Vezaleel: Bennington, VT: Millwright's Correspondence (Emmigre to Michigan 1836)   1823-1832 

Taft, Bezaleel: Bennington, VT: Millwright's Correspondence (Emigre to Michigan, 1836)   1833-1839 

Taft, Bezaleel: Bennington, VT: Millwright's Correspondence (Emigre to Michigan, 1836)   1840-1872 

Taft, Eleazer: Williston, VT: Deed from Hiram D. Smith   November 30, 1836 

Taft Family: Genealogy   

Taft, Russell: Letter   1900 

Taft, Willard: Record of land survey, Athens, VT   1974 December 23 

Taftsville, VT: Anon.: Farm Family Diary   1856-1862 

Taplin, Myra F.: "Helena, wife of Samuel de Champlain"   

Taverns: Tavern licenses   18th and early 19th century 

Taylor, Addie: Letter to brother Jerome   1862, September 11 

Taylor, Daniel: Champlain, N.Y.: Invention of Reaping Machine   Undated 

Taylor, Daniel Walton: Sherburne and Ludlow, VT: Correspondence (copies)   1842-1852 

Taylor, E. Waterbury, VT: Freight receipt from Vermont Central R.R.   1853 April 22 

Taylor, Gamaliel: Hyde Park, VT: Deed to Russell B. Hyde   August 25, 1834 

Taylor, Hepsy: Dover, VT: Letter from S. Taylor   Nov. 27, 1813 

Taylor, Nathaniel: Plymouth, VT - from sister   January 12, 1823 

Teacher training - report   

Temperance Society, Underhill and Cambridge, VT: Constitution and Articles of Association   Circa 1830 

Tenney, H.W.: Letter   November 15, 1840? 

Terentius After Publius: Manuscript Leaf from the Andria   Circa 1440 

Terrill, Aleander: Civil War letters (photocopies)   1862 

Tewksbury, Charles C.: Civil War letters (3 folders)   1862-1863 

Thanksgiving Hymn: Castleton, Vermont   1820 

Thayer, Isaac: Randolph, VT: floor plan of house attributed to Isaac Thayer   

Thayer, Samuel W.: Statement on Burlington   1857 

Thetford, VT   

Thetford, Vt: (1st Cong. Church)   1862 

Thetford, VT: Letter from R. Murphy to Hist. Soc., RE: Thetford, VT   1901 May 16 

Thetford, VT - letters from S. Tenney, Pasor of First Congregational Church   1862 

Thomas, Carmen M.: "Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn: A Case Study"   

Thomas, Joshua: Letter to Gov. Carlos Coolidge   1848 February 3 

Thomas, Stephen   

Thompson, Alfred B.: Letters (2 folders)   1862-1871 

Thompson, Anne: "Ira Allen and the Founding of the University of Vermont"   1974 

Thompson, Charles M.: 6 folders   

Thompson, Daniel Pierce (1795-1868): Letter to Josiah Pierce   1815 December to 1830 November 

Thompson, Daniel Pierce (1795-1868): Letters to Josiah Pierce   1831 March to 1865 May 

Thompson, John C.: Burlington, VT - inventory of estate   n.d. 

Thoreau, Henry David: Letter, including possibility of visiting Brattleboro, VT   February 1, 1855 

Thorn, Stephen: Letters of Col. Graham's trip to France and biographical material collected by James Wilbur   1797 

Thornton, Henry W.: Remarks at the opening of WDEV: Radio Station - Waterbury, VT   1931 July 16 

Thunderbolt, Captain (Wilson, John): Newfane, VT   1833 

Tichenor, Isaac   

Tichenor, Isaac (1754-1838): 14 misc. manuscripts, mostly to Tichenor from others   1793-1820 

Tichenor, Isaac: Commission to Daniel Houghton   1806 

Tilley, Herrick: Civil War letter   November 27, 1864 

Titterton, Robert J.: "Life in the Stone Age..."   1990 

Todd, Alden: Letter Re: Patriot Richard Montgomery   1967 April 20 

Todd, Eli Dr.: Farmington, Conn.: Letters, case notes & Prescriptions   1792-1832 

Tolman, Thomas (1756-1842): Deed of land in Brownington, VT to Erick Donaldson   1787 August 27 

Tomlinson Family: Genealogy   

Tomlinson Geneaology - Stowe, VT - from Bible of Miss Jane Tomlinson   Undated 

Topsham, VT   

Topsham, VT: School District No. 4 Papers   1823-1887 

Torrey, Augustus: "Doctor Despite Himself, the Life of Augustus Torrey, 1850-1880" by Deborah Bethel   1958 

Torrey, John: Bethel, VT - letters to James Brown, Tunbridge, VT   May 21, 1846 

Toscan, J.: History of Vermont   ca. 1790 

Town, Abner   

Townsend, Micah: 2 ALS, Brattleboro, VT, to David Van Horne, New York City   1787 May 25 and July 17 

Tracey, E.C.: Windsor, VT   April 2, 1862 

Tracy, Amasa S.: Correspondence and papers (4 folders)   n.d. 1853-1964 

Trask Family: Geneaology - North Hartland, VT - Graveyard Record   1907 

Trowbridge, John Townsend: Verse, "Years & Art"   1907 

Troy, VT: Deeds   1851, 1862 

Truman, N.B.?: Note   Undated 

Tucker, Philip C. (1800-1861): Insurance policy Mss., mss. of article on Matthew Lyon   1857-1864 

Tucker, Philip C.: Vergennes, Vt: Correspondence and Misc   1778-1847 

Tunbridge, VT: Autograph   

Turk, Bennett: Burlington, VT: Draft of Will   Undated 

Turrell, Frank Robinson: Burlington, VT - poems   

Tuttle, Mary McArthur: Letter   

Twining, Alexander C., 1801-1884: ALS Middlebury, VT, to Harry White   1839 March 21 

Twitchell, Marshall H. (1840-1905): Kingston, Ontario: letters from W.P. Kellogg, Washington, D.C.   1877 March-1879 December 

Twitchell, William: Sheldon, VT - Civil War letter home - 5th Regiment Co. A - Vermont Volunteers   1860s 

Twombly, N.C.: 2 letters   1875, 1956 

Tyburski, Michael John: "Landscape as Metaphor: Urban and Rural Landscapes in the Art and Culture of Burlington, VT, 1790-1864   1990 

Tyler, ?   1879 

Tyler, Hildreth Chadwick: Diploma   1906 

Tyler, John E.: Civil War Letter   October 30, 1864 

Tyler, Milton R.: Orleans Country: Appointment as Judge of Probate by Gov. G. Smith   1865 November 30 

Tyler, Royall (1757-1826): 2 ADS, 1 ALS to Gen. William Barton (xerox copy)   1807-1816 

Tyler, Royall: Autographs   

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: "The Origin of Evil; an Elegy" (copy)   1793 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Bennington, VT - appointment to Orsamus Merrill by R.T. & J. Galusha   1808 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Brattleboro, VT - A valedictory address delivered by Tomas P. Tyler…   1824 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Brattleboro, VT - Agreement to write "The Touchstone"   January 26, 1818 

Tyler, Royall jr. (1757-1826): Burlington, VT: "The Dumb Gent" (facsimile)   1812 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Burlington, VT - "Laws of University of Vermont" (copy)   1811 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Legal Document   1808, June 13 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Letter to Orasmus C. Merrill   April 27, 1812 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Stockbridge, VT - appointment of Elias Keys   October 23, 1798 

Tyler, Royall Jr., 1757-1826: Windsor, VT - "Convivial Song" (Broadside Verse)   1799 

Tyler: Letter   1879 

Tyng, Dvdley: "Vt. Episcopalians, 1763-1961" --typescript history   1961 

Tyson, VT Iron Works: The Tyson Furnace   

Ufford Family: Fairfax, VT (5 folders)   1814-1865 

Underhill, Vt.: Congregational Church: Subscriptions and Site of Meeting House   1832, 1838 

Underhill, VT - plans of lots   n.d. 

Underhill, Vt: Rival Gazette and Students Journal   1854 November 1 

Underwood, Levi   

Underwood, Levi: Letter to John B. Hollenbeck   February 10, 1879 

Unidentified letters from Michigan, Deleware, Burlington, VT and others   1865-1874 

Unidentified lists of names   

Unidentified Vermont Manuscripts   

United States ARmy Quarter Master General: 3 recruiting station equipment reports, Burlington, Vermont   1847 May 15 to 1850 July 17 

United States Army Sharpshooters Regiment, 2nd: Muster rolls, etc   1861-1865 

United States Army: Sketch of Burlington Battery (copy of original in National Archives   1817 

United States Food Administration: Food Rationing during World War I   1918 

One of the documents is a form letter from James Hartness, who was Federal Food Administrator of Vermont.

United States Post Office: Record - reporting form sent to postmaster at Bridport, VT   November 14, 1853 

United States Post Office: Vergennes, Vt: Quarterly Reports   1858-1860, 1868 

University of Vermont: Charter of Incorporation - facsimile and transcript and slides   December 25, 1810 

University of Vermont: Constitutions and Laws (copy)   1809-1810 

University of Vermont: Laws: Royall Tyler, Committee Chairman   1811 

University of Vermont: Minutes of Meetings of Corporation   1829-1845 

University of Vermont: Minutes of Meetings of Corporation   1845-1856 

University of Vermont: Minutes of Meetings of Corporation   1857-1868 

University of Vermont: "President's Judiciary Records" (Daniel C. Sanders)   1800-1814 

University of Vermont: Trustees Meeting - Burlington, VT - Minutes of Meetings   1799-1824 

Unknown (7th Vermont Infantry): Civil War Letter   1862 September 3 

Updike, John: Postcard   1984 June 25 

Upham, William (1792-1853): Montpelier, VT: Correspondence and Biographical   1846-1851 

U.S. Circuit Court: Vermont District Decision in Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts V. John Bennet, of weathersfield, VT May term, 1825   Undated 

Vail, Henry Hobart (1839-1925): Assorted Papers   1912-1925 

Vail, Theodor N.   

Van De Water, Frederic F.: "Rudyard Kipling's Feud" - from Harper's Magazine   May 1937 

Van Ness Hotel: Bulington, VT - papers - 1959, 1873   

Van Ness, Cornelius P.: Article on Spain   April 6, 1848 

Van Ness, Cornelius P. (1728-1852): Burington, VT: Correspondence   1802-1852 

Van Ness, Cornelius P.: Governor of Vermont   

Van Ness, Cornelius P.: Whig resolutions concerning his activities   n.d. 

Van Ness, Cornelius Peter, 1782-1852: Blank militia commission   

Van Schaik, Henry: Letter to Governor Isaac Tichenor   1793 

Van, Ness, Cornelius: Autographs: letter from Cornelius Van Ness to President Monroe and an engraving of Van Ness   March 27, 1823 

Vattier, Georges: France, 1 letter to Jules Dorion, Quebec, Canada, concerning his article in L'action catholique on Essai sur la mentalife canadienne-francaise by Vattier   June 7, 1929 

Vaugh, Gerald F.: "The Possible Influence of Robert McCrillis Carter, Jr. on Governor Ernest W. Gibson, Jr.'s New Deal, 1947-1950"   2000 

Venner, Lillian: Student Paper: "The Struggle for Equality for Women in the Methodist Church"   1983 December 6 

Vergennes, Vermont: Survey of Water Street   1830 March 

Vermont Anti-Slavery: Vt. Anti-Slavery Society-Treasurer's Book   1834-1845 

Vermont Association for Billboard Restriction: Misc. printed materials   1938-1940 

Vermont Autographs   Circa 1870 to (1932-1942), and 1947 

Vermont Central Railway: Boston, Mass.: Circular to Shareholders   1850 June 25 

Vermont Children's Aid: Misc. papers   

Vermont Colonization Society: Williamstown: Colony in Liberia   May 9, 1833 

Vermont Commission on Adminstrative Justice: Papers   1972-1980 

Vermont Commission on Country Life   

Vermont Committee of Public Safety: Confidential…report…byt the Industrial Survey Committee   April 17, 1917 

Vermont Copper Co.: Bill - March 1, 1857   

Vermont Council of Censors, 1848-1849: (M.s. records of the 1848=1849 council)   1848-1849 

Vermont Digest: Burlington, VT - printing contract with Burlington Free Press   October 29, 1901 

Vermont Farm Machine Corp., Bellows Falls, VT   1919-1920 

Vermont Farm Scrapbook - Women's Land Army   1944 

Vermont Governor (1823-1826: Van Ness): Blank Militia Commission   1823-1826 

Vermont & Idaho Mining & Milling Co.: Stock Certificate to Harry Palmer   1904 January 1 

Vermont Infantry - The Vermont Brigade   

Vermont Infantry Regiment, 2nd: Letter from "Curt" to Fanny W. Thompson   August 4, 1861 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, 4th: Muster Rolls, etc.   1863-1866 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, 6th: Morning Reports   1864 November-1865 June 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, 8th: Muster Roll   June 30, 1863 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, 9th: Muster Rolls, etc.   1863 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, 11th: Unidentified letter   1865, February 24 

Vermont Library Association: Minutes   [1960s] 

Vermont Loan and Trust Co.: Applications and letters   

Vermont Lumber Company: Letter re: sales and land holdings   1882 

Vermont, Making of: Unkown Author   Undated 

Vermont Medical College: Woodstock, VT - matriculation and admission cards for Charles Fisher   1849 

Vermont Militia: Emmet Guards - letter to Gov. Erastus Fairbanks   [1860s] 

Vermont Militia: Record Book of 1st, Co. Cavalry: 2nd Reg. 2nd Brigade 1st Division (Windosr County)   1821-1828 

Vermont Militia: Returns of men & supplies, Underhill & Cambridge   1817, 1830 

Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co.   

Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co.: Policies   

Vermont National Guard: Colchester, VT. and Texas: Muster Roll Infantry   1916 

Vermont Old Cemetery Association: Burlington, VT - Cemetery Lists   1963-1965 

Vermont People's Party   1894-1896 

Vermont Politics: Know-Nothing Party   1855 

Vermont Sesquicentennial Committee: Albert Cree to H.F. Perkins   1940 May 27 

Vermont Society of Colonial Dames: Membership Application   1920 

Vermont Stained Glass Association: Lists and Letters   

Vermont State Agricultural Society: ALS to Hon. Justin S. Morrill   Undated 

Vermont State Asylum   1896 June 20 

Vermont State Convention: Warning of Meeting   1830 June 15 

Vermont State Employees   

Vermont State Flag: History of Flag   Circa 1923 

Vermont State Government: Montpelier, VT: Report on State Government manpower during WWII   1942 December 7 

Vermont State House: Report   

Vermont State Planning Board: Notebook on Local Debt Levels   1936 

Vermont State Prison: Windsor, VT - William Crawford's report on prisons   1834 

Vermont State Seal - letter from Vermont Historical Society and history of seal by Charles Reed   1862, 1894 

Vermont Supreme Court: Order to sheriff to proceed with punishment for Daniel Smith   1808 March 2 

Vermont Supreme Court - printed testimony   

Vermont Writing Book   [1855] 

Vermont, University of   

Vermonter, The   1943 

Vernon, VT   

Vilas, Levi B.: Chelsea, VT - letter to Steven Thomas of West Fairlee, VT   

Vogelmann, Thomas: "Archaeological Survey Report of the Proposed Route of I-91from Ryegate to Lyndonville and St. Johnsbury to Waterford"   September 1973 

Wadsworth, G.: Letter   

Wadsworth, George: Letter to Callender Irvine   1814 May 28 

Wadsworth, H.: Bill for coat and vest; bill for sword, etc.   1836; n.d. 

Wadsworth (Wadworth), H: Invoices for Purchased Items   1836 

Wadsworth, James: Correspondence   1953-1963 

Wadsworth, James: Letters   

Wagstaff, Samuel J.: Misc. Wagstaff, DuBois Family Papers   1831-1956 

Wakoski, Diane: Correspondence   1962-1970 

Wainwright, H.: Letter to Edward Passy: Mentions Burning of Steamboat "Phoenix"   1819 September 10 

Wait, Clara Conant Long: Tokyo, Japan: Letter from Henry Satoh   1908 December 17 

Waitsfield, Vt: Voters List   Undated 

Waldo, H.B.: "Rustic Rhymes of Old Vermont" Typescript   Undated, Circa 1945 

Wales, Louisa Sibley, 1792: Journal, Westford, VT   1817-1818 

Wales, Martha (1864-1946): Burlington, VT: Reminiscences of Childhood at military posts in Dakotas and in Burlington (1943)   1866-1880 

Wales, Martha Gray, 1864: Reminiscenes of childhood at western Army posts in 1860s and 1870s   Written 1944 

Walker, James Dover: Diary   1835 October 20 to 23 

Walker, Lewis: DS Court Order to Rutland County Sheriff   1831 March 19 

Walker Papers   

Wallingford, VT   

Wallingford, VT: Account and Subpoena: Whitfield Foster   1789 April 

Wallingford, VT - Marriage Certificate - Jesse Moon and Elizabeth Teary   February 12, 1794 

Walton, E.P.   

Walton, Eliakim P. (Rep. U.S. Cong. 1857-1863): Montpelier and Washington: Correspondence and Documents   1817-1875 

Walton, Eliakim Parsons, 1812-1890: ALS to Justin Smith Morrill, on U.S. House Reapportionment   1871 October 20 

Walton and Leavitt, attorneys: Account book   1820-1826 

War of 1812   

War of 1812: Battle of Plattsburgh and other Papers   1813-1814 

Ward, Amasa Morse: ALS, Woodstock, VT, to Dustin G. Cheever, detailed account of Vermont Medical College exams   1849 June 12 

Ward, Barney: Williston, VT - deed to William S. Covell   September 12, 1842 

Ward, Franklin: Orwell, VT: Letter to Capt. Flagg   1859 February 15 

Ward, John D.: Vergennes, VT: Correspondence   1816-1817, 1833 

Ware, L.G.: Burlington, VT - Biographical Sketch   1863-1891 

Ware, Loomi G.: Letter   1863-1891 

Warner, Alpha: Tax receipt   1801 

Warner, Amasa S.: Militia Commissions and acceptance of resignation   1840-1843 

Warner, Israel: Massachusetts Bay Colony - deed to Zachariah Field   December 16, 1732 

Warner, Seth: Records   

Warner, Seth: Voucher for Abraham Brownson, Receipt for same   1781 April 12, 1781 September 

Warren, John: Charlotte, VT - wool carding account book   1818-1819 

Warren, John P. 1795-1878: Letters, Brattleboro, VT, to his son Edward J. Warren in North Carolina   1862-1869 

Warren, VT: North School District: Minutes of Meetings   1823, 1838 

Warren, VT: Proprietors lists   n.d. 

Washburn, Ebenezer: Prince Edward Co., Canada   1818, 1822 

Washburn, Peter   

Washington Benevolent Society: Montpelier, VT: Constitution, By-laws, and Minutes   

Washington, George: ALS to Joseph Jones (xerox)   1783 February 11 

Washington, VT   

Wasson, Christopher: Writings   

Waterbury, VT - appointment of guardian for a "lunatic"   April 23, 1828 

Waterbury, VT - Order for land assessment - document   Ferbruary 1, 1814 

Waterford, VT: Tax Bills - Highway   1832, 1834 

Waterford, Vermont: "The Casket," ed. by Celia A. Church and Louisa Stiles, school journal, Lower Waterford, VT (3 issues)   1860 

Waterman, Garey P.: World War I diaries   1918-1919 

Watkins, Thomas: Marriage bond   July 6, 1793 

Watson, Sir William, 1858-1935: Newspaper clipping; Letter from Rose Riall   1910; n.d. 

Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748: Letter to Elisa Williams, 1694-1755   April 2, 1737 

Waugh, Ida M.: Middlebury, VT - verses   n.d. 

Way, Laurie: Rodin's Contribution in Marble   1990 

Waybridge, E: Weybridge   Undated 

Weathersfield, VT   


Webb, W. Seward: Shelburne, VT - political correspondence   1900 

Webb, William: Autograph: re Haldimand Negotiations   

Webster, D.B.: Burlington, VT - Letter to Southwick, Caannan and Warren   November 1, 1830 

Webster, Daniel: Autograph   

Webster, J: "Development and Present Status of Unemployment Relief Measures in the State of Vermont"   1934 September 25 

Webster, Lucian B.: Letter to West Point   April 17, 1833 

Weed, Eunice: Account book   1893-1895 

Weed, Sarah: "In Memoriam"   May 15, 1872 

Weed, William: Letter to his father in Essex, VT   April 7, 1857 

Weeks, Governor: Letter to Mrs. C.P. Cowles of Burlington, VT   August 31, 1929 

Weeks, John Eliakim: A Letter to Dorman B.E. Kent   1926 September 27 

Weeks, John Mosely: Contract   1837 April 2 

Welch, John: Civil War Letters to Mandana Goodenough   1861-1862 

Welch, Lorenzo: Account notes due Cyrus Barnes   1835-1843 

Wellford, Polly: A Woman in exile: Sarah Hagar's years in the South   1988 

Wells, Daniel L: Papers   

Wells, Edward B.: Civil War Letter   1865 

Wells, Elsie Camp: Bethlehem Chapter #67: Order of Eastern Star   1956 

Wells Family: Genealogy   Undated 

Wells, Frederick Palmer, 1850: Newbury, VT: TLS to George F. Howe   1929 November 21 

Wells, Jonathan and Family: Family records contained in Jonathan Wells account book   

Wells, VT: Writ to Barnabas Mass   1781 July 3 

Wentworth, Benning, Governor   

Wentworth, Benning: Oath of Allegiance (2 documents) to King George II   1744 

Werman, L.H.: Lowell, Vt: Letter to Cousin William   1855 June 3 

West Dummerston, VT   

West, Ernest H.: Rutland, VT.:Report on United Marble Co. Properties   1917 

West Randolph, VT   

Westfield, VT: Deeds and Notes   1844-1854 

Westford: Teacher examinations   1895 

Westford, VT: Baptist Church: Dismissal of William and Viletta Wilcox   1823 January 11 

Westford, VT: Letter: Eliza to Cordelia and to Mary   1848 March 20 

Westford, VT - list of soldiers in Civil War and Revolutionary War of 1812   

Westford, VT - pages from a school book   

Westminster, VT   

Weybridge, VT   

Wheatley Family: History - Brookfield, VT   1786- 

Wheaton Family: Correspondence (Folder 1 of 2)   1861-1865 

Wheaton Family: Correspondence (folder 2 of 2)   1870-1877 

Wheeler and Ripley: Burlington, VT - bills to general store   1865 

Wheeler, Dr. C.H.: Misc. Papers   

Wheeler, E.C.: Temperance Debate - misc. pamphlets and clippings   ca. 1880s-1940 

Wheeler, H.L.: Burlington, VT: Church Society Social and Literary Group Minutes   1893-1898 

Wheeler, John Brooks: Correspondence Regarding his "Memoirs"   1935 

Wheeler, Lydia Lorraine: Letter   

Wheelock, Ebenezer   

Wheelock, Hepsey: Rutland, VT: Letter to Desire Robbins   1789 June 14 

Wheelock, John (Pres. Dartmouth): Hanover, N.H.: Moore's Charity School and Other Papers   1815, 1817, Undated 

Whistler, Ross: Letter to Thomas Bassett about World War II and the University of Vermont   1992 

Whitcomb, Amanda M.: Stockbridge - letter to Frances Coburn of Leicester, VT   November 2, 1848 

Whitcomb, Doris: Planned Parenthood Collection   1961-1983 

White, David: Misc. relating to charges against White in working on Burlington breakwater   1882 

White, Edward N. (Holyoke, Mass) to Joseph F. Smyth (Manchester)   1915 July 19 

White, Effie W.: Letter & Postcard: Bennington History   Undated 

White, F.A.: Burlington Academy Student's Letter   1849 March 18 

White, Ira (War of 1812): Addison County, VT: Application for Bounty Lands   1855 

White, Lyman N. "The Man who wrote the Play"   Undated 

White Mountain Railroad   

White, Pliny H.: Letter concerning Samuel A. Worchester   1860 December 21 

White, Pliny H.: List of VT state officers in letter form   1853 August 8 

White River Junction, VT   

White River Junction, VT - Paper Company - price lists   

White, F.A.: Burlington Academy student's letter   March 18, 1849 

Whitehill, William Henry H.: 12 ALS, Civil War soldier's letters   1862-1865 

Whitelaw, James   

Whitelaw, James: Letter to William C. Arnold on Newark Vermont land record   September 24, 1810 

Whitelaw, James: Ryegate, VT: Misc. Mss (5 Pieces)   1791-1816 

Whitford, Russell C.: Civil War letters   1862-1863` 

Whiting, E.B. and A.C. Co.: Financial Reports   1963-1964 

Whiting, Enoch B. and Nathaniel: Wrting about their lives   

Whiting Gift   Undated 

Whiting, VT   

Whiting, Vermont: Grand List   1826 

Whitingham, Vermont Militia Records   Undated 

Whitman, Walt: ALS to Charley and Nelly, describing trip to Burlington, VT, Joaquin Miller, health, etc.   (?) July 19 

Whitney, Edmund: Autograph Collection   undated 

Whitney, Ellen O.: Commonplace Book-Castleton Seminary   1848-1849 

Whitney, Hinman T.: Pension records for wife, Lilla E; Discharge records for Hinman   1865-1909 

Whitney, O.E.: Dorset, VT: Songs and Poems   1854, Undated 

Willard, Emma: "An Address to the Public, paricularly to the Members of the Legislature Proposing a Plan for Reforming Female Eduaction." Middlebury, VT   1818, October 15 

Wittemore, Albert G.: Wittemore Papers   1831-1914 

Whittemore and Tyler Co.: Burlington, VT - Letters from Elizer L. Saxton   

Whittmore, J.: Bellows Falls, VT - Letter to Gov. F. Edmond   March, 1875 

Whorton, T.K.: Diary   1853 July 8 

Widmer, Fred: Letter to M.B. Morgan   September 4, 1889 

Wilbur, Lafayette F.: Jericho, VT: Letter to Alonzo Girswold   1858 July 30 

Wilbur, Reuben   

Wilcocke, Samuel H.: Burlington, VT: Letters to Calvin Averill   1823 June to September 

Wilcox Family Papers: Vermont (Cambridge…)   1870-1922, n.d. 

Wild, Arel E.: History of the Congregational Church in Vermont to 1825   

Wilgus, William: Autobiography   

Wilkins, Daniel G.: Misc Papers   1826-1846 

Wilkinson, G.: Letter to mother, about Jefferson's Embargo   1809 February 13 

Willard: A note   1870 

Willard, Charles. W.: A Letter to Charles Lanman   1868 November 28 

Williams, Azarius: List of Lands in Vermont and New Hampshire   1794 November 25 

Williams, C. K., Hon: St. Albans, VT: Letter from Benjamin Swift   1828 November 17 

Williams, Charles K.: War of 1812 - Rutland, VT - ordinance account with State of Vermont   September 17, 1812 

Williams, Charles Kilborn (1782-1853): 14 Letters to Williams, 1 Williams DS   1848-1853 

Williams, Charles Kilborn, 1782-1853: Commission to Eli Howe for justice of the peace   November 30, 1850 

Williams, Chauncey K.   

Williams, F.C.: Spencer Bay, California - letters   1852-1853 

Williams, Lyman S.: Captain 6th Vermont Vol - Civil War letter (xerox)   October 23, 1864 

Williams, Norman: Speeches   1843-1855 

Williams, Norman: Woodstock, VT: Letter to Job Lyman Horace Everett   1830, 1861, 1864 

Williams, Roderic R.: Civil War Letter   October 10, 1862 

Williams, S.P.: Letter from Plattsburgh   January 16, 1818 

Williams, Samuel: History of Vermont - Toscan trans. - translated by Malcolm Daggett   1923 

Williams, Samuel: St. Albans, VT - Letter to A.B. Caler   April 10, 1864 

Williams, William: Deerfield, MA - bills to Beaman and Field   1752 

Willmarth, Harriet Willard, 1807-1891: "Brief Sketch of a Journey from America to France, commencing April 8 and terminating June 4th, 1834"   

Wills, William   Undated 

Wilson, Francis: Burlington, VT - bills and receipts   1855 

Wilson, Frederick: "History of Catholicism in Vermont"   Circa 1950 

Wilson, Joseph: Letter to Butler?   1816 March 8 

Wilson, Stanley   

Windham County, VT   

Windham County, VT - town list   n.d. 

Windham, VT - Lowell, MA - O.A. Wentworth ALS to cousin   November 4, 1855 

Windsor County, VT   

Windsor, VT   

Windsor, VT - poll tax lists   1778-1797 

Windsor, VT - Resolution of State Council   February 14, 1781 

Wing, Augustus: Rochester, VT: Letters to James D. Dana   1867-1877 

Wing, Heman R.: Sixth musical…1877. Program   March 9, 1877 

Wing, Thereza J.: Fairhaven, VT - "To Young Ladies" - poem   December 17, 1828 

Winhall, VT - Constable's Certificate   March 6, 1843 

Winooski Bridge: Specifications and contract   July 1928 

Winooski Steamer Hose Company Nember One: Records of firefighting company   1914-1919 

Winslow, Dana: Receipt for subscription to "Sentinel" and "Democrat"   1848 February 18 

Wires, Martin: Correspondence relating to debts, accounts, adn goods purchased   1843-1848 

Wolcott, VT   

Women and Work in Vermont -exhibit prepared by the Vermont AAUW   1985 

Wood, Merle L.: Pfc. Letters to Mrs. E.R. Rowell, White River Junction, VT   1943-1945 

Woodbridge, Frederick E. (1818-1888) (Rep. in Cong. 1863-1869): Corres. with Chas Lanman, RE: Biographic Dictionary   1863 November 13 and 1868 July 2 

Woodbridge, Frederick E., (1818-1888): Envelope franked with Woodbridge's signature as members of Congresss   Circa 1865 

Woodbury, Mary Camp: Western Lands Mortagage Documents   1916-1922 

Woodbury, Mary Camp: Western Lands Mortagage Documents   1923-1932 

Woodbury, Mary Camp: Western Lands Mortagage Documents   1933-1939 

Woodbury, U.A.   

Woodbury, Urban   

Woodbury, Urban A. (Gov.): Inventory of papers at Secretrary of State's Office   

Woodbury, Urban Andrain, 1838-1915: DS, commission to Solomon R. Johns for justice of the peace   November 30, 1894 

Woodbury, VT   

Woodruff, Richard (1976): Pathologist's testimony in Barber Case   Undated 

Woodstock Light Infantry: Roll of members   January 5, 1861 

Woodstock, VT   

Woodstock, VT - anonymous personal journal   1847-1849 

Woodstock, VT: J. Lawson letter to Texas   June 24, 1866 

Woodwar, Joel: Burlington: Acc't with   1793-1799 

Woodward, Nathan Armsby   Undated 

Woodward, William: letter to Isaac Tichenor   1796 October 22 

Detailed narrative by Woodward of what, apparently, was an attempt by one Col. Noah Lee, a selectman for the town of Castleton, Vermont, to manipulate a local election for his personal benefit.

Woodward, William Castleton, Vt: Letter to Isaac Tichenor   1796 October 22 

Wool, General John E.: St. Albans, VT - letter to   February 1, 1838 

Woolbridge, Frederick E.: Envelope franked with Woolbridge's signature as member of Congress   ca. 1865 

Wooster, David: New York City - A.D.S. petition against [Vermonters] squatters on New York lands   February 20, 1773 

Worcester Cycle Mfg. Co.: Contract with Bennington Bicycle Co.   1896 

Worcester, Leonard: John H. Worcester sermons, Worcester family papers   1884-1886, n.d. 

Worth, David: West Rochester, VT and San Francisco - letters to family   1853-1854 

Worth, G.C.: Upper Sandusky, Ohio   October 29, 1847 

Worth, George A.: Fair Water, Wisconsin - Letter to Father   October 6, 1851 

Worth, Richard: Starksboro, VT - deeds, bills, and receipts   1792-1845 

Worth, William: Starksboro, VT - correspondence, deeds, receipts, and other business papers   1788-1852 

Worth, Zeno B.: Starksboro, VT - letters from Prudence Bliss, and Bill   1849, 1852 

Worthen Papers: Vermont Savings and Investment Company   1890-1897 

Writers: Vermont   

Wyman, C.E.: Moretown, VT - cash book   ca. 1888-1905 

Yale, Calvin: Letters to Calvin Yale   1816, 1820 

York, Barbara: The Morrill Homestead   

Youmans, I.: Civil War letter   March 8, 1865 

Young, Ammi B.: ALS to samuel C. Crafts (xerox): Montpelier   1838 July 16 

Young, Augustus   1853 February 2 

Young Women's Christian Association: History of club, 1931-1941   1941 

Young, June Elizabeth: Glover, VT - tale of "Runaway Pond"   

Young, William H.: Wardsboro, VT - probate of estate   September 26, 1876 

Zirblis, Ray: Greatwood Farm: Its Tradition, and Its Furniture   

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