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Abenaki Indians--to 1990   

Abenaki Indians--1991-   

Abenaki Indians--2000-   

Abenaki Indians--Dawnland Center   

Abenaki Indians--Land claims--Articles   

Abenaki Indians--Land claims--Documents   


See also: Unwed mothers; Adoption; Birth control

Abortion--Catholics for Free Choice   

Abortion--Vermont Right to Life Committee, Inc.   

Acid Rain - Bibliographies, Articles, Etc.   

Acid Rain - Newspaper Clippings   

Act 200 // SEE: Regional Planning -- Act 200   

Act 250. SEE: Land Use--Law and Legislation--Act 250   

SEE ALSO: Land Use; Skis & Skiing;

Act 60   

See Also: Property Tax; Act 68

Act 68   

See Also: Property Tax; Act 60

Adamant, Vt.--School of Music   

Addison County Regional Planning and Development Commission   

Addison County, Vt.   

Addison, Vt.   

Adirondack Mountains   

See also: Lake George, NY


See also: Unwed mothers; Abortion; Birth control


African-Americans in Vermont   

See Also: -Africans in Vermont; Anderson, William; Harris, Andrew (UVM 1838); Haynes, Lemuel; Henderson, G.W.; Housing--Fair Housing Law (1967); "Irasburg Affair"; Twilight, Alexander; Vermont in Mississippi; Cultural diversity, UVM Cultural diversity; Slavery in Vermont; Buffalo Soldiers

Africans in Vermont   


Aged--Champlain Valley Area Agency on Aging   

Aged--Retired Senior Volunteer Program   

Aged--Retirement communities   

SEE ALSO: Shelburne, VT--Wake Robin Corp.

Agel, Jerome   

Agricultural Exhibitions   

Agricultural Exhibitions--Champlain Valley, Vt.--Champlain Valley Exposition   

Agricultural Exhibitions--Eastern States Exposition (West Springfield, Mass)   

Agricultural Exhibitions--Middlebury, Vt.--Addison County Fair   

Agricultural Exhibitions--Rutland, Vt.--Rutland State Fair   

Agricultural Exhibitions--Tunbridge, Vt.--Tunbridge World's Fair   


See also Beef; Bees; Sheep; Cheese; Apples




Agriculture--Center for an Agricultural Economy (Hardwick, VT)   

Agriculture--Community-supported Agriculture/Localvore Movement   

SEE ALSO: Agriculture--Sustainable Agriculture


Agriculture--Dairy Farming-- to 1969   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--1970-1985   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--1986-1989   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--1990-1999   

See Also: "Mad Cow" Disease (BSE)

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--2000-   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Agri-Mark   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--American Free Farmers (AFF)   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Brigham Dairy Farm   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--BST   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Equipment and Supplies   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Keep Local Farms   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Milk Income Loss Contract   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Northeast Dairy Compact   

Agriculture--Dairy Farming--Vermont Milk Company   


SEE ALSO: Mad Cow Disease

Agriculture--Family Farms   

Agriculture--Family Farms--Rural Vermont   

Agriculture--Farm Credit   

Agriculture--Heirloom varieties/Heritage breeds   



See Also: Food, Cheese, Gardening, Honey, Bees, Maple

Agriculture--Marketing--Dairy Farmers of Vermont   

Agriculture--Marketing--Vermont Fresh Network   

Agriculture--Marketing--Vermont Northern Growers Co-op   

Agriculture--North Country Farming Network   

Agriculture--Organic farming   

Agriculture--Organic farming--Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA)   

Agriculture--Organic farming--Vermont Natural Food & Farming Association   

Agriculture--Sheep Farming   

SEE: Sheep (reference file)


Agriculture--Societies--Holstein-Friesian Association   


Agriculture--Sustainable Agriculture   

Agriculture--Truck farming   

SEE ALSO: Agriculture--Organic Farming

Agriculture--Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame   

Agriculture--Wheat farming   

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)   

Aiken, George D.   

See Also: University of Vermont-- Aiken Lecture

Aiken, George D.--Obituaries   

Aiken, Lola   

Air Quality   

See Also: Pollution


See also: Aeronautics-history

Airlines--Air New England   

Airlines--Air North, Inc.   

Airlines--Air Vermont   

Airlines--Allegheny Airlines   

Airlines--Delta Airlines   

See Also: Northeast Airlines

Airlines--Mohawk Airlines   

Airlines--Northeast Airlines   

See Also: Delta Airlines

Airlines--Peoples' Express   

Airlines--U.S. Air   

Airlines--United Airlines   


SEE ALSO: Aeronautics--History

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Colchester, VT)   

Albany, Vt.   

Alburg, Vt.   


See also: Prohibition

Alcohol--ABETS Program (Aspects Behavioral & Environmental in Traffic Safety)   

Alcohol--Project Crash   


Allen Family   

Allen, Ethan   

Allen, Ethan - Folder 2   

Allen, Fanny   

Allen, Heman--(1740-1778)   

Allen, Heman--(1777-1844)   

Allen, Heman--(1779-1852)   

Allen, Ira Hayden--(1746-1801)   

Allen, Ira--(1751-1814)   

Allen, Levi   

Allis, Marguerite   


American Antiquarian Society   

American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)   

American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont   

American Civil Liberties Union--Reprints   

American Friends Service Committee   

See Also: Society of Friends (reference file), Religous Society of Friends--Burlington Chapter (Burlington reference file)

American Guild of Organists   

American National Red Cross--Northern Vt. Chapter   

See Also: Vermont-New Hampshire Red Cross Blood Center (Burlington reference file)

American People's Historical Society (Burlington, Vt.)   

American Precision Museum (Windsor, Vt.)   

American Society of Dowsers, Inc.   

American String Teachers' Association   

Anderson, William   

Andover, Vt.   

Andross, Mills DeForest (Vermonter killed at the Alamo)   

Animal Welfare   


Antiques--New England Tool Collectors' Association   

Appalachian Trail   

See Also: Long Trail




See also: Champlain, Lake--Shipwrecks


See Also: Yestermorrow Design/Building School in Warren, Vt.; Burlington Reference files: "Architects".

Architects--Burley, Robert (Fayston,Vt.)   

Architects--Guernsey, George   

Architects--Hubbard, Charles J.   

Architects--Wilson Brothers and Company   

Architects--Young, Ammi B., 1799-1874   


Arlington, Vt.   

Arlington, Vt.--Hale Furniture Company   

Arlington, Vt.--Mack Moulding Co.   

Arnold, Benedict   

Art Galleries   

See Also: under towns: (i.e. Montepelier, Vt.--Wood Art Gallery); University of Vermont-Living/Learning Center-The Gallery.

Art Galleries--Bundy Art Gallery   

Art Galleries--Four Winds Gallery   

Art Galleries--Helen Day Art Gallery   

Art--New Hampshire   

Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation, VT chapter   

Arthur, Chester A.   

Arthur, Harold J. (Governor)   


See also: Dance; Music; Theater; Vt. Millennium arts project; Johnson, Vermont-Vermont Studio School


See also: UVM-- Faculty--Colburn, Francis; Hunt, William Morris.


See also: Van Vliet, Claire

Artists--Andrus, Charles H.   

Artists--Azarian, Mary   

Artists--Belcher, Hilda   

Artists--Davis, Heather   

Artists--Field, Sabra J.   

Artists--Fisher, E.   

Artists--Fletcher, Aaron Dean   

Artists--Healy, Andrew   

Artists--Jackson, Woody   

Artists--Kennedy, Roy   

Artists--Koren, Ed   

Artists--Lillie, John   

Artists--Lucione, Luigi   

Artists--Luksus, Tzaims   

Artists--Moses "Grandma"   

Artists--Robinson, Theodore   

Artists--Sample, Paul   

Artists--Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!)   


See also: Publishers & Publishing-VT-Abbe, Elfrieda.

Artists--Sculptors--Aschenbach, Paul   

Artists--Sculptors--Brown, Judith   

Artists--Sculptors--Kennedy Roy   

Artists--Sculptors--Powers, Hiram (1805-1873)   

Artists--Squire, Anne   

Artists--Stanley, Frederick   


Arts--Vermont Festival of the Arts   


Asbestos--Vt. Asbestos Group   

Ascutney Mountain   

Asians in Vermont   

Assisted Suicide   

SEE ALSO: Euthanasia

Associated General Contractors of Vermont--Montpelier, Vt.   

Atomic Power   

Atomic Power--Clamshell Alliance   

Atomic Power--New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, Inc.   

Atomic Power--Vt. Yankee Nuclear Power Corp.   

Auctions / Auctioneers   

Ausable Chasm   

Austin, Warren R.   

Austine School for the Deaf (Brattleboro, Vt.)   



See Also: Notes from old printout



Authors--Alvarez, Julia   

Authors--Bohjalian, Chris   

Authors--Children's Literature   

Authors--Citro, Joseph   

Authors--Keizer, Garret   

Authors--Mayor, Archer   

Authors--Parini, Jay   

Automobile Club of Vt.   


SEE: Grant, Charles Hampson; Aeronautics-History

Bailey, Consuelo Northrop   

Bailey, Rev. Phinehas   

Baker, Charles Whiting (1865-1941) and Baker, Jefferson W.   

Baker, Remember (1737-1775)   

Bakersfield, Vt.   

Bakersfield, Vt.--Brigham Academy   

Baldwin, Daniel (1792-1881)   

Ballou, Hosea   

Banks and Banking   

Banks and Banking--Barre, Vt--Barre Savings and Trust, Co.   

Banks and Banking--Barre, Vt--Granite Savings Bank and Trust Company   

Banks and Banking--Barton, Vt--Barton Savings Bank and Trust Company   

Banks and Banking--Bellows Falls, Vt--Bellows Falls Bank and Trust Company   

Banks and Banking--Bellows Falls, Vt--National Bank of Bellows Falls   

Banks and Banking--Bethel & Chelsea, Vt.--National White River Bank   

Banks and Banking--Bradford, Vt--Bradford National Bank and Trust Company   

Banks and Banking--Brandon, Vt--First Brandon National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Brattleboro, Vt--Banknorth   

Banks and Banking--Brattleboro, Vt--Brattleboro Savings and Loan Association   

Banks and Banking--Brattleboro, Vt--First Vermont Bank and Trust Company   

Banks and Banking--Brattleboro, Vt--Vermont Financial Service Corp.   

Banks and Banking--Brattleboro, Vt--Vermont National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Brattleboro, Vt--Vermont Savings Bank   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Burlington Bank & Trust Co.   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Burlington Federal Savings & Loan Assoc.   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Burlington Savings Bank   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Chittenden Corp.   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Chittenden Trust Co.   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Howard Bank   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Merchants National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Vermont Eastern Bancorp, Inc.   

Banks and Banking--Burlington--Vt--Vermont Federal Bank   

Banks and Banking--Chelsea, Vt.--National Bank of Orange County Federal Savings & Loan Assoc.   

Banks and Banking--Credit Unions   

Banks and Banking--Credit Unions--Chittenden County Community College Employees Credit Union   

Banks and Banking--Danville, Vt.--Caledonia National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Derby, Vt.--Community Bancorporation   

Banks and Banking--Island Pond - Island Pond National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Johnson, Vt.--Sterling Trust Co.   

Banks and Banking--Lyndonville, Vt.--Lyndonville Savings Bank & Trust Co.   

Banks and Banking--Manchester, Vt.--Factory Point National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Montpelier, Vt.--Montpelier National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Morrisville, Vt.--Union Bank   

Banks and Banking--N. Bennington, Vt.--Catamount Bank   

Banks and Banking--Northfield, Vt.--Northfield Savings Bank   

Banks and Banking--Orwell, Vt.--First National Bank of Orwell   

Banks and Banking--Proctor, Vt.--Proctor Trust Co.   

Banks and Banking--Randolph, Vt.--Randolph Coop. Savings & Loan Ass.   

Banks and Banking--Randolph, Vt.--Randolph National Bank   

Banks and Banking--Rutland, Vt.--Marble Savings Bank   

Banks and Banking--Springfield, Vt.--First National Bank of Vermont   

Banks and Banking--St. Albans, Vt.--Franklin County Savings Bank & Trust   

Banks and Banking--St. Albans, Vt.--Franklin-Lamoille Bank   

Banks and Banking--St. Albans, Vt.--People's Trust Co. of St. Albans   

Banks and Banking--Stowe, Vt.--Mountain Trust Co.   

Banks and Banking--Wells River, Vt.--National Bank of Newbury   

Banks and Banking--Wells River, Vt.--Wells River Savings Bank   

Banks and Banking--White River Junction, Vt.--First Interstate Bank   

Banks and Banking--White River Junction, Vt.--First National Bank of White River Junction   

Banks and Banking--White River Junction, Vt.--First Twin State Bank   

Banks and Banking--White River Junction, Vt.--Valley Bank   

Banks and Banking--Windsor, Vt.--Windsor Federal Savings & Loan Association   

Banks and Banking--Winooski, Vt.--Winooski Savings Bank   

Banks and Banking--Woodstock, Vt.--Bank of Woodstock   

Banks and Banking--Woodstock, Vt.--Woodstock National Bank   

Baptists--Vermont Baptist State Convention   

Barnard, Vt.   

Barnet, Vt.   


Barre Opera House   

Barre, Vt.   

Barre, Vt.--Barre Heritage Festival   

Barre, Vt.--Churches   

Barre, Vt.--Goddard Seminary   

Barstow, John (Gov.)   

Bartlett, Thomas (1808-1876)   

Barton, Vt.   


See Also: Gardner, Larry

Basin Harbor Club (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)   


Bassett, T.D.S. -- articles -- Miscellaneous   

Bassett, T.D.S. -- articles -- UVM; Burlington; Vermont history   

Bassett, T.D.S. -- Lists of Vermont Settlers   

Bats -- White Nose Syndrome disease   

Battell, Joseph   

See Also: Catalogued Manuscript Files


Beaumont, William (1785-1853)   

Beckley, Hosea (1780-1844)   

Beef and Veal   


See Also: Wine and Wine Making


See Also: Honey

Bellows Falls, Vt.   

See Also: Rockingham, Vt

Bellows Falls, Vt.--Churches   

Belmont, Vt.   

Belvidere, Vt.   

Ben & Jerry's   

SEE: Waterbury, Vt. -- Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.; Business Enterprises--Ben & Jerry's (Burlington Reference File).

Benedict, George Grenville   

Benjamin, Samuel G.W.   

Bennington Center, Vt. -- Mount Anthony Seminary   

Bennington College, Vt.   

Bennington County Regional Planning Commission (Arlington, Vt.)   

Bennington County, Vt.   

Bennington Museum (Bennington, Vt.)   

Bennington Pottery   

Bennington, Vt.   

See Also: Park - McCullough House

Bennington, Vt.--Battle of Bennington   

Bennington, Vt.--Bicentennial   

Bennington, Vt.--Business Enterprises   

Bennington, Vt.--Churches   

Bennington, Vt.--Historic Sites   

Bennington, Vt.--History   

Benson, Vt.   

Bentley, Wilson A. "Snowflake" (1865-1931)   

Berkshire, Vt.   

Berlin, Vt.   

Berry Farming   

SEE: Agriculture, Alternative

Berster, Kristina   

Bessette, Ken (Vermont storyteller)   

Bethel, Vt.   

Bicentennial Celebrations (Vt.)   

SEE: VT Centennial Celebrations; U.S.--Centennial


SEE ALSO: Bicycle Path (Burlington Reference File)


Billings Farm and Museum   

SEE: Woodstock Vt,-- Billings Farm Museum

Billings, Frederick   


See Also: Vermont Institute for Natural Science

Birds of Vermont Museum -- Huntington, Vt.   

Birth Control   

Black River Historical Society   

Bliss, Daniel P.   

Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Vermont   


Bolton, Vt.   

Bomoseen, Lake (Castleton, Vt.)   

Bonds - Vermont   


Books -- Conservation & Restoration   


Booksellers--Parkinson, William L.   

Boorn Murder Trial   

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)   

SEE: "Mad Cow" disease


Bowman, John P. (Cuttingsville, Vt.)   

Boy Scouts of America   

Boys' State   

Bradford, Vt.   

Bradford, Vt.--Churches   

Bradley, Stephen Row (U.S. Senator)   

Bradley, William Czar (1782-1867)   

Brainerd, Lawrence (U.S. Senator)   

Braintree, Vt.   

Brandon Training School   

Brandon, Vt.   

Brattleboro Arts Initiative   

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Brattleboro, Vt.   

Brattleboro Music Center   

Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, Vt.   

Brattleboro, Vt.   

Brattleboro, Vt.--Business Enterprises   

Brattleboro, Vt.--Churches   

Brattleboro, Vt.--History   

Brattleboro, Vt.--Schools   

Bread and Puppet Theatre   



Bridgewater, Vt.   

Bridport, Vt.   

Brigham, Peter Bent   

Brighton, Vt.   

See Also: Island Pond, Vt

Bristol, Vt.   


Brookfield, Vt.   

Brookline, Vt.   

Broughton, T. Alan   

Brown, John (1800-1859, abolitionist)   

Brownington, Vt.   

Brunswick, Vt.   

BST (Bovine Somatotropin)   

SEE: Agriculture--Dairy Farming--BST

Budbill, David   


See Also: Goddard, Dwight

Buell's Gore   

Buffalo Soldiers (10th U.S. Cavalry, African-Americans) at Fort Ethan Allen, 1909-1913   

Builders for Tomorrow, Johnson, Vt.   

Burke, Vt.   

See Also: East Burke

Burke, Vt.--Burklyn Hall   

Business and Industry in Vermont   

Butler, Ezra (VT Governor)   

Cabot, Vt.   

Cabot, Vt.--Cabot Creamery   

Cady, Daniel L.   

Calais, Vt.   

Calais, Vt.--Churches.   

Caledonia Pictures   

SEE: Moving Pictures--Caledonia Pictures

Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, Plymouth, Vt.   

Cambridge, Vt.   

See Also: Jeffersonville, Vt.

Camels Hump, Vt.   


See Also: Summer Camps

Canaan, Vt.--Beecher Falls Manufacturing Corp.   

Canada--History (Eastern Township)   

Canada--History (Rebellion 1837-38)   


See Also: Champlain Seaway; St. Lawrence Seaway

Candon, Sister Elizabeth   

Canfield, James H.   

Canfield, Thomas Hawley   

Cannon, Le Grand B.   

Canoes and Canoeing   

Capital Punishment   

Carlisle, Lilian Baker   

Carmi, Lake (Franklin, Vt.)   


Caspian Lake   

Castleton Medical College   

Castleton State College   

Castleton, Vt.   

Castleton, Vt.--History   

Catamount Trail   

SEE: Skis and Skiing--Cross Country--Vermont--Catamount Trail


Cather, Willa   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Angell (Kenneth A.)   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Joyce (Robert F.)   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Marshall (John A.)   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Matano (Salvatore R.)   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Michaud (John S.)   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishop Ryan (Edward F.)   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Bishops   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--History   

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Schools   

SEE ALSO: Rice Memorial High School, Mater Christi School, Cathedral High School

Catholic Church--Diocese of Burlington--Sexual Abuse   

Catholics for Free Choice   

SEE: Abortion--Catholics for Free Choice (reference file)

Cavendish, Vt.   



Census, Vt   

SEE: Population VT

Centennial Woods   

SEE: University of Vermont - Natural Areas

Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Jct., VT.   

Center for Northern Studies, Wolcott, Vt.   

Central Vermont   

Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission   

Champion Lands   

SEE: Forests & Forestry--Champion Lands

Champlain Islands   

See Also: Juniper Island, Land Trusts--Lake Champlain Land Trust (formerly Lake Champlain Islands Trust), Rock Dunder

Champlain Maritime Society   

SEE ALSO: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Champlain Monster--Ephemera & Correspondence   

Champlain Monster--Newspaper Clippings   

Champlain Seaway   

See Also: St. Lawrence Seaway

Champlain Transportation Co.   

See Also: Champlain, Lake-Steamboats and Ferries

Champlain Valley   

Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg, Vt.   

Champlain Valley Work and Training Program   

Champlain Water District   

See also: champlain, Lake--Pollution

Champlain, Lake   

See Also: Champlain Seaway, Fishing, International Joint Commission, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum; Lake Champlain Basin Science Center

Champlain, Lake--Boating   

Champlain, Lake--Bridges   

Champlain, Lake--Bridges--Alburg--Swanton Bridge   

Champlain, Lake--Bridges--Sand Bar Bridge   

Champlain, Lake--Description   

Champlain, Lake--History   

See also: MacDonough, Thomas, Plattsburg, Battle of

Champlain, Lake--History--Celebrations   

Champlain, Lake--History--Celebrations--Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration   

Champlain, Lake--History--Celebrations--Champlain Tercentenary Celebration   

Champlain, Lake--Maritime Society   

Champlain, Lake--Pollution   

See Also:Intertnational Paper Co.; Lake Champlain Basin Program; Lampreys; Zebra Mussel; Champlain Water District.

Champlain, Lake--Shipwrecks   

SEE ALSO: Archaeology--Vermont

Champlain, Lake--Steamboats and Ferries   

See Also: Rockwell, Eli B. (Steamboat capt.); Champlain Transportation Co.

Champlain, Lake--Tourism   

Champlain, Lake--Vermont Citizens Advisory Committee on Lake Champlain's Future   

Champlain, Samuel de   

Charlotte, Vt.   

Charlotte, Vt.--Business Enterprises   

Charlotte, Vt.--Cedar Beach Association   

Charlotte, Vt.--Churches   

Charlotte, Vt.--History   

Chase, Dudley (U.S. Senator)   


Chelsea, Vt.   

Chester, Vt.   

Child Welfare   

See Also: Maternal Health Services; Vermont Childrens' Aid Society; Vermont Children's Forum

Chimney Point (Addison, Vt.)   

Chimney Sweeps   

Chipman, Daniel   

Chipman, Nathaniel (U.S. Senator)   

Chittenden Community Correctional Center   

See also: Prisons

Chittenden County Fish and Game Club   

Chittenden County Historical Society   

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission   

Chittenden County Teachers Association   

Chittenden County Transportation Authority   

Chittenden County Transportation Authority--Route Maps   

Chittenden County, Vt   

Chittenden, Lucius E.   

Chittenden, Martin (1769-1840, Gov.)   

Chittenden, Thomas (Gov.)   

Chittenden, Vt   

Christian Action Ministry   


Christmas Trees   

Church and state   

Church Women United   


SEE: Moving Pictures

Circumferential Highway   

SEE: Roads--Chittenden Cunty--Circumferential Highway

Circus Smirkus   

Citizens for Property Rights   

Civil Defense   

Civil Liberties   

Civil Liberties--Miller trial, 1953-1954   

Civil Liberties--PATRIOT Act (2001)   

Civil Rights   

See Also: Vermont in Mississippi; "Irasburg Affair"; Cultural Diversity

Civil Unions   

SEE ALSO: Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender (GLBT); Same-Sex Marriage

Civil War   

SEE ALSO: Grand Army of the Republic; Lonergan, Capt. John (?-1902); Phelps, John Wolcott

Civil War--Sesquicentennial Celebrations   

Civil War--Vermont monument at Gettysburg   

Civil War--Veteran's Organizations   

Civilian Conservation Corps. (1933-1942)   

Clarendon, Vt.   

Clark, Harold W.   

Clark, Walter Van Tilburg   

Cleghorn, Sarah N.   

Clement, John P.   

Clement, Percival W. (Gov. 1919-21)   

Clinton County Historical Assoc.   

Clocks and Watches   

Clocks and Watches - Curtis, Lemuel and Joseph N. Dunning; Ray Bates (Newfane)   

Clocks and Watches - Green Mountain Timekeepers   

Cochran Family (Richmond Vt.)   


Colburn, Zerah   

Colby, Elbridge   

Colchester, Vt.   

See Also: Malletts Bay; Fort Ethan Allen

Colchester, VT--Centennial Celebrations   

Colchester, Vt - Business Enterprises   

Colchester, Vt. - Churches   

Cole, Malvine   

Collamer, Jacob   

Colleges & Universities   

Colodny, Edwin   

Common Cause/Vermont   


Communes--Dawn Valcour Community   

Community Capital of Vermont   

Community Colleges Of Vermont   



Conant, Edward (1829-1903)   

Concord, Vt.   

Congdon, Albert B.   

Connecticut River   

See Also: Salmon; Water Resources


See Also: Green Up Day; Rupert, Vt--Merck Forest; Wetland Conservation; Water resources; Land use; Land trusts

Conservation Law Foundation   

Conservation Society of Southern Vermont   

Constantino, Gabriel   

Construction Industry   

SEE: Associated General Contractors of Vermont

Consumer Protection   

Cook Books--Bibliography   

Cooke, Lusy Ainsworth (1819-1895), clairvoyant ("Sleeping Lucy")   

Coolidge, Calvin -- U.S. President   

See also: Calvin Colidge Memorial foundation

Coolidge, Grace Goodhue   

Cooperative Societies   

Cooperative Societies - 21st Century   

Copper Mines and Mining   

See also: Vermont Copper Company

Corinth, Vt.   

See Also: East Corinth

Cornish, NH   

Cornwall, Vt.   

See Also: Hudson, Henry Norman


Corporations, Foreign   

See Also: Foreign Trade

Corporations, Nonprofit   

Corson, Frank, M.D.   

Courts (Vt.)   

Courts (Vt.)--Vermont Family Court   

See Also: Judges

Coventry, Vt.   

Covered Bridges   

Cowles, Clarence Porter   



SEE: Handicrafts

Crafts, Samuel C.   

Craftsbury Academy (Craftsbury Vt.)   

Craftsbury Chamber Players   

Craftsbury, Vt   

See Also: Hall, Samuel Read

Cram, Reginald M.   

Crane, Charles E.   

Craven, Jay   

SEE ALSO: Moving Pictures--Kingdom County Productions

Crime and Violence   

See also: Victims of crime; Prisons; Hate Crimes; Education--Violence in School; Rehabilitation

Crime and Violence - Terrorism   

Croatians in Vt   

Crossroads Art Council   

SEE: Rutland VT--Crossroads Art Council

Crown Point N.Y.   

Crown Point Road   

Cultural Diversity   

See also: African-Americans; Jews in Vermont; Asians in Vermont; Abenakis; other groups by country of origin; Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender (GLBT); University of Vermont -- Cultural Diversity

Current use Tas Coalition   

SEE: Property Tax--Current Use Taxation

Curtis, Will   

Cutting, Hiram Adolphus   

Cuttingsville Vt.   

Dale, Porter H.   

Dana, Joshua Markham   

Danby, Vt   

See Also: Griffith, Silas



Dance--Ed larkin Old-Time Contra Dancers   

Dance--Green Mountain Volunteers   

Dance--Vermont Ballet Theater   

Dann, Kevin (articles)   

Danville, Vt   

Danziger, Jeff   

Dartmouth College   

Daughters of the American Revolution. Vermont Chapter   

Daughters of Vermont   

Davenport, Thomas   

Davis, Dean C. (Governor)   

Day Care   

Day, Gordon M.   

Dead Creek Waterfowl Area (Addison Vt)   

Dean, Howard (Governor)   

Dean, Howard--Dean for President   

Dean, Leon W.   

Dearborn, Henry Alexander S.   

Deavitt, Edward H.   


Deer--Chronic Wasting Disease   

SEE ALSO: Mad Cow Disease

Deere, John   

Densmore, Carl D.   

Dental Care   


Derby Line, Vt.   

Derby, Vt.   


Development--Association for the Orderly Growth of Vt.'s Future   

See Also: Conservation, Land Use, Regional Planning--Act 200, Vermont Governor's Commission on Vermont's Future

Development--Governor's Commission on Vermont's Future   

Development--"Green" Growth Zones   

Development--Growth Centers   

Development--Sustainable Development   

Dewees, Rusty--"The Logger"   

Dewey, George, Admiral   

Dewey, John   

Dickens, Charles--The Mystery of Edwin Drood   

Dillingham, William P. (U.S. Senator)   


SEE: Handicapped

Dismas House   

SEE: Vermont Dismas House

Dodge, Bertha   


Domestic Violence   

See Also: Women Helping Battered Women (Burlington Reference File)

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award   

Dorr, Julia C.R. (1825-1913)   

Dorset, Vt   

Douglas, James (Governor)   

Douglas, Stephen A.   

Dover, Vt   

Dow, Albert Richardson   

Doyle, William   


Drug Abuse   

Drug Abuse--Chittenden County Alcohol/Drug Abuse Council   

Dubie, Brian (Lieutenant Governor 2002-2010)   


Duffus, Robert L. (1885-1972)   

Duffy, John J.   

Dummerston, Vt.   

Dunham, Josiah   

Dunmore, Lake (Salisbury, Vt.)   

Dutton, Joseph, Brother   

Duxbury, Vt   

Eagle Square Manufacturing Co. (South Shaftsbury, Vt.)   

Earhart, Amelia   

SEE ALSO: Twin State Airport Papers

Earth First   

East and West Assoc. (Vt. Branch)   

East Middlebury, VT   

East Montpelier, VT   

Easton, John   

ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain   

SEE: Lake Champlain Basin Science Center (reference file)

Economic Conditions   

Economic Conditions--New England Council   

Economic Opportunity Act   

Edmunds, George F. (U.S. Senator 1866-1891)   


Education (to 1900)   






See Also: Act 60, Act 68

Education--Finance--School vouchers   


Education--Higher--New England Regional Student Program   

Education--Home Schooling   



Education--Re-districting proposal, 2010-   

Education--Rural Schools   


Education--Secondary--Regional Technical Academy   

Education--Secondary--Vermont Mathematics Initiative   


Education--Special--Bennet C. Douglas School   

Education--Violence in Schools   


Education--Vt Foundation of Independent Colleges   


SEE: Aged

Elections--U.S.--House of Representatives (1960s-1970s)   

Elections--U.S.--House of Representatives (1980s)   

Elections--U.S.--House of Representatives (1990)   

Elections--U.S.--House of Representatives (2000- )   

Elections--U.S.--President (to 1970)   

Elections--U.S.--President (1970's)   

Elections--U.S.--President (1980s)   

Elections--U.S.--President (1992)   

Elections--U.S.--Senate (1970)   

Elections--U.S.--Senate (1980s)   

Elections--U.S.--Senate (1986)   

Elections--U.S.--Senate (2000- )   


SEE ALSO: CLST T W4el D, M, P, R for Political Ephemera

Elections--Vermont - Attorney General 1970   


Elections--Vermont--(2002- )   

Elections--Vermont--Attorney General (1970s)   

Elections--Vermont--Attorney General (1980s)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (1960-69)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (1970s)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (1980s)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (1984)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (1986) Sanders Campaign   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (1990)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (2000)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (2002)   

Elections--Vermont--Governor (2004- )   




Elections--Vermont--Lieutenant Governor (1970s)   

Elections--Vermont--Lieutenant Governor (1980s-1990s)   

Elections--Vermont--Lieutenant Governor (2000-)   

Elections--Vermont--Secretary of State (1900-)   1990- 

Elections--Vermont--Secretary of State (1960)   

Elections--Vermont--Secretary of State (1970)   

Elections--Vermont--Secretary of State (1980s)   

Elections--Vermont--Senate -- (1980s)   

Elections--Vermont--Senate -- (1990s)   

Elections--Vermont--Senate -- (2000)   

Elections--Vermont--State Treasurer 1970   

Elections--Vermont--State's Attorney   

Electric Power   

See Also: Atomic Power; Wind Power; Solar Energy; Vermont Public Service Board; Burlington Ref File - Burlington (city of ) Electric Dept.

Electric Power--Biomass Gasification   

SEE ALSO: Fuels-- Biofuels

Electric Power--Conservation   

Electric Power--Hydro Power   

Electric Power--Hydro Power--Black River Hydro Project   

Electric Power--Hydro Quebec   

Electric Power--Rates   

Electric Power--Transmission   

SEE ALSO: Electric Utilities--Vermont Electric Company (VELCO)

Electric Power--Vermont Energy Partnership   

Electric Utilities   

Electric Utilities--Central Vt. Public Service Corp.   

Electric Utilities--Green Mountain Power Corperation   

Electric Utilities--New England Power Association   

Electric Utilities--Vermont Electric Company   

Electric Utilities--Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC)   

Electric Utilities--Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO)   

Ely, Vt.   

Emigration & Immigration   

SEE ALSO: Migrant workers; names of Immigrant groups e.g.: French Canadians; Asians in Vermont; Germans in Vermont; Irish in Vermont; Jews in Vermont; Swedes in Vermont; Welsh in Vermont


Employment--Champlain Valley Work and Training Program   

See Also: Women--Employment

Emporium Lumber Company, 1892-1950   

Endangered Species   

Energy Conservation   

Energy Conservation - Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (Efficiency Vermont).   

Engels, John   

Enosburg, Vt--Business Enterprises   

Enosburg, Vt.   

Enosburg, Vt. - Churches   


SEE ALSO: Conservation Law Foundation


Ephemera--Bumper Stickers   


Ephemera--Calling Cards   



Ephemera--Food Labels   

Ephemera--Greeting Cards   

Ephemera--Groiler Club   


Ephemera--Invitations - Folder 1   

Ephemera--Invitations - Folder 2   

Ephemera--Lincoln, Abraham   




Ephemera--Paper Dolls   




Ephemera--Society of America   

Ephemera--Valentines - 1 & 2 & 3   


Epidemics in Vermont   

Epilepsy Association of Vermont   

Episcopal Church--Bibliography   

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont   

See Also: Burlington Reference File, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont - Schools   

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont--Bishops--Butterfield, Harvey Dean   

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont--Bishops--Ely, Thomas Clark   

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont--Bishops--Hall, Arthur C A   

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont--Bishops--Hopkins, John Henry   

Episcopal Church--Diocese of Vermont--Bishops--McCleod, Mary Adelia   

Equal Rights Amendment   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Constitution

Erie Canal   

Essex County, Vt.   

Essex Junction, Vt.   

Essex Junction, Vt.--Business Enterprises   

Essex Junction, Vt.--Churches   

Essex Junction, Vt.--Discovery Museum   

Essex Junction, Vt.--Schools   

Essex, Vt.   

Essex, Vt.--Essex Election recount, 1972 for Chittenden County Senator   

Essex, Vt.--Harriet Powell Museum   

Essex, Vt.--Town/Village separation, 1999-   

Estey Organ Co. (Brattleboro, Vt.)   

Estey, Julius J.   

Ethan Allen Air Force Base (Manchester, Vt.)   

Ethan Allen Community College   

Ethan Allen Firing Range   

SEE: Vermont National Guard

Ethan Allen Homestead   

SEE: Historic Buildings--Ethan Allen Homestead (Burlington Reference File)

Ethan Allen Institute (conservative think tank)   

Ethan Allen Tower   

Ethics in Government   

Ettinger, Churchill   


SEE ALSO: Vermont Commission on Country Life

Eugenics Survey of Vt.   

Eurasian Watermilfoil   


SEE ALSO: Assisted Suicide

Evans, Thomas W. (?-1897)   

Exotic Species - SEE: Invasive Species   

SEE ALSO: Eurasian Watermilfoi; Zebra Mussels; Lampreys; Purple Loosestrife

Experiment in International Living   

Experiment in International Living - Publications--English   

Experiment in International Living - Publications--Foreign Language   

Experiment in International Living - School for International Training   

Expo 67   


SEE: Foreign Trade

Facos, James   

Fair Haven, Vt.   

Fair Haven, Vt.--Churches   

Fair Tax & Equal Education Coalition   

Fairfax, Vt.   

See Also: Westford, VT-King's Hill Rural Community

Fairfax, Vt.--Bellows Free Academy   

Fairfield, Vt.   

See Also: Artists--Fisher, E

Fairlee Lake (Orange County, VT)   

Fairlee, Vt.   

Fairlee, Vt.--Churches   

Fairs -- SEE Agricultural Exhibitions   

Family & Child Guidance Services - Brattleboro, Vt.   

Farm and Wilderness Camps (Plymouth Vt)   

SEE: Summer Camps--Farm and Wilderness camps

Farnham, Roswell   

Farnsworth, Joel W.   

Farnsworth, Joseph Dean, M.D.   

Farnsworth, Russell   

Farrar, John C.   

Fayston, Vt.   

See Also: Mad River Valley

Federalist Society   

SEE: Vermont Law School--Federalist Society

Fenian Raids   

Ferris, Peter (1722-1814)   

Ferrisburg, Vt.   

See Also: Basin Harbor Club: Summer Camps--Ecole Champlain

Ferrisburg, Vt.--Kingsland Bay Hatchery   

See Also: Grand Isle, Vt (Changed Location)

Ferrisburg, Vt.--Rokeby Museum   

Ferrisburg, Vt.--Rokeby Museum--Robinson Memorial Association   


SEE: Moving Pictures

Finance, Public   

Fireworks and Explosives   

Fish Culture   

See Also: Salmon

Fish Hatcheries   

SEE: Ferrisburgh, Vt--Kingsland Fish Hatchery, Grand Isle Vt

Fisher, Charles W.   

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield   

See Also: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award


See Also: Lampreys; Salmon

Fisk, James (1763-1844) (Sen.)   

Fisk, James (1835-1872)   

Fitzdale, Vt.   


Flanders, Helen   

Flanders, Ralph E.   

Fleming Museum   

SEE: UVM--Robert Hull Fleming Museum

Fletcher Farm Craft School, Proctorsville, Vt.   

Flood Control   



Floods--1927--Newspaper issues, clippings   



Floods--2011--Personal narratives   


Folk Festivals   


Folklore--Vermont Folklife Center   

See Also: Green Mountain Folklore Society, Johnson, Clifton

Food Supply   


Foot, Solomon (Senator, 1851-1866)   

Foote, Leonard E. (The Vt. Deer Herd)   

Ford Foundation--Grants   

Foreign Trade   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Environmental Consortium

Foreign Trade--Free Trade Area of the Americas   

Foreign Trade--North American Free Trade Agreement   


Foreign Trade--Vermont World Trade Office   

Foreign Trade--Vermont/Canada Trade Office   

SEE ALSO: Foreign Trade--Vermont World Trade Office

Forest Products Industries, Inc.   

Forest Resource Advisory Council   

See also: Northern forests; Vermont Citizens Forest Roundtable; Native Forest Network

Forests and Forestry   

See Also: Lumbering, Rupert, VT--Merck Forest, Northern Forest Lands Council (1991-)

Forests and Forestry--Champion Lands   

Forests and Forestry--Clear Cutting   

Forests and Forestry--Northern Forest Lands Council (1991- )   

Forests and Forestry--Pine Shoot beetle   

Forests and Forestry--Vermont Family Forests   

Fort Bridgeman   

Fort Dummer   

Fort Ethan Allen   

Fort Montgomery   

Fort St. Frederic   

See Also: Crown Point

Fort Ticonderoga   

Four H (4-H)   

Frakking and Tar Sands Oil Shipment   

SEE: Natural Resources -- Oil and Natural Gas Prospecting

Franklin County, Vt.   

Franklin County, Vt.--Soil and Water Conservation District   

Franklin/Grand Isle Community Action Group   

Fraser Management Associates   

Fraternal Organizations   

SEE ALSO: Freemasons


SEE ALSO: Fraternal Organizations

Freemasons--Order of the Eastern Star   


French and Indian War   

French Canadians   

See Also: Gill, Samuel B.

French Canadians--Bibliography   

French Canadians--Emigration and Immigration   

French Canadians--in the U.S.--4th Annual Franco-American Conference in Vt.   

French Canadians--in Vermont   

Fresh Air Fund   

Frost, Frances   

Frost, Robert   


Fuel--Addison County Pipeline (Natural Gas)   

Fuel--Champlain pipeline (Natural Gas)   

Fuel--Tar sands pipeline, 2013-   


Fuels--Geothermal and Biofuels   

SEE ALSO: Electric Power--Biomass Gasification

Fuels--Tar Sands Oil Pipeline   


Fuller, Levi Knight (Governor)   

Gade, Daniel W., "L'Image Du Vermont: Mythologie Americaine et Realite Geographique"   

Gage, Phineas P.   

Galusha, Jonas Gov.   


See Also: Horse Racing, Vermont Lottery

Garden Way, Inc., Charlotte, Vt.   

Garden Way Living Center   

Garden Way Publishing Co.   

Garden Way Research, Charlotte, Vt.   


See Also: National Gardening Assoc.; Agriculture--Organic Farming

Gardens For All   

Gardner, John   

Gardner, Larry   

Gary, Dr. Clara Emerette (First Women in Vt. Medicine)   

Gassetts Vt.   

SEE: Chester, VT

Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender (GLBT)   

SEE ALSO: Cultural Diversity; Hate Crimes; Outright Vermont; UVM--Cultural Diversity; Civil Unions

Gaysville, VT   

SEE: Stockbridge VT

Genealogical Society of Vt.   


Genealogy - New England Historical Genealogical Society   

Genealogy - Research   

Genealogy--Stone Family   

General Stores   

Geographic Information System (GIS)   

SEE: Regional Planning GIS

Geography (Vermont)   



George, Lake (NY)   

George, Lake, Battle Of   

Georgia Pacific Warehouse, Shelburne, Vt.   

A collection of brochures, clippings and ephemera about this topic.

Georgia, Vt.   

Germans in Vt.   

Gettysburg, Vermont Monument   

Ghost Towns   


Gibson, Ernest Willard (U.S.Senator)   

Gibson, Ernest Williams (1901-1969) (Governor) 2 folders   

Gibson, Orville (Newbury, VT)   


Gifford Woods State Park - Sherburne, Vt.   

Gift Shops   

Gilbert, Rev. George B.   

Gill, Samuel B.   

Gilman, James Franklin   

Gilman, Marcus Davis   

Gilman, Vt.   

Girl Scouts   

Girl Scouts--Mt.Mansfield Council   

Girl Scouts--Vermont Girl Scout Council   

Glass Industry   

Glass Manufacture   

Glenwood Classical Seminary (W.Brattleboro, Vt.)   


Glover, Vt.   

Goddard College   

Goddard College--Commencement Exercises and Announcement   

Goddard College--Curriculum, Teachers, Studies   

Goddard College--Misc.   

Goddard College--Performing Arts   

Goddard College--Royce Pitkin - Speeches and Adresses   

Goddard, Dwight   



Goodrich Family--Research   

Gordon., John W.   

Goshen, Vt.   

Graffagnino, J. Kevin   

Grafton Historical Society   

Grafton, Vt.   

Graham, Horace F. (governor)   

Graham, John A   

Granby, Vt.   

Grand Army of The Republic   

Grand Isle County, Vt.   

Grand Isle, Vt   


SEE: Vermont State Grange

Granite Industry & Trade   


Granite Industry & Trade Monuments   

Grant, Charles Hampson   


Granville, Vt   

Grass Roots Art and Community Efforts (GRACE)   

Grassy Brook Village Inc.   

Gray Panthers   

Greater Vermont Association   

Greeley, Horace   

SEE: Poultney, Vt. (reference file)

Greely, Horace   

"Green" and Sustainable Businesses   

"Green" and Sustainable Careers   

Green Buildings   

SEE: ALSO: Sustainable Communities Movement, Development--Sustainable Development.

Green Mountain Academy (Underhill Vt.)   

Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center, Huntington, Vt   

Green Mountain Audubon Society   

Green Mountain Boys   

Green Mountain Club   

Green Mountain College   

Green Mountain Conservation   

Green Mountain Consortium   

Green Mountain Distillery, Inc.   

SEE: Bulington Ref File; Business Enterprises--Green Mountain Distillery, Inc.

Green Mountain Doll Club   

Green Mountain Folklore Society   

Green Mountain Forest Watch   

Green Mountain Junior College   

Green Mountain National Forest   

SEE ALSO: Green Mountain Forest Watch

Green Mountain National Forest-- Decision Memos (1993- )   

Green Mountain National Forest-- Sugarbush Snowmaking EIS (1993)   

Green Mountain Nursing Home   

Green Mountain Parkway   

Green Mountain Seminary (Waterbury, Vt)   

Green Mountains   

Green Mountains--Conservation   

Green River Reservoir   

Green-up Day   

Greene, Frank L, (Senator 1923-30)   

Greene, Stephen (1914-1979)   

Greenough, Horatio   

Greensboro Bend, Vt   

Greensboro, Vt.   

Grenfell, Sir Wilfred   

Griffith, Silas   

Groton State Forest,(Groton Vt.)   

Grout, Josiah (Governor)   

Grout, William W.   

Guildhall, Vt   

Guilford, Vt.   

Gun Control   


Habitat for Humanity   

SEE: Housing--Green Mnt. Habitat, etc.

Hackel, Stella   

Haldimand Negotiations   

Halifax, Vt.   

Hall, Hiland (1795-1885)   

Hall, Samuel Read   

Halley's Comet   

Hamilton, Ester   

Hamilton, Harlan Bernhardt   

Hancock, Vt.   


See Also: Caverly Child Health Center; Vermont Achievement Center; Vermont Center for Independent Living


Handicraft - Associations   

Handicraft - Ceramics   

Handicraft - Fairs   

Handicraft - Scratched Stone   

Handicraft - Weaving, Yarns & Textiles   

Handicraft - Weaving, Yarns & Textiles - Marshfield School of Weaving   

Handicraft - Woodwork   

Hanson, Margery Day   

Hard, Walter   

Hard, Walter--Literary Prize   

Hardwick, Vt   

Hardwick, Vt.--Churches   

Hardwick, Vt.--Daniels Furnaces   

Harmon, Daniel Williams   

Harris, Andrew (UVM 1839)   

Hartford, Vt.   

Hartland Open Space Project   

Hartland, Vermont   

Hartness, James (Governor)   

Harvey, George   

Harwood, Van Ness   

Hate Crimes   

Haunted Houses   

SEE: Ghosts

Hawk Mountain, Pittsfield, Vt.   

Hawkins, Joseph   

Hawkins, Rush C.   

Hay, Udney   

Hayford, James   

Haynes, Lemuel   

Hazardous Materials   

See Also: Pollution - E.P.A. Superfund Site; Herbicides; Pesticides

Hazardous Materials--Lead   

Healdville, VT   

SEE: Mount Holly, Vt.


See also: Smoking

Health Care   

SEE ALSO: Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Hospitals; Maternal Health Services; Smoking;

Health Care--Alternative Therapies   

Health Care--Cooperative Health Information Center of Vt   

Health Care--Vermont State Health Care Plan   

Health Care--Vermont State Health Care Plan--Single Payer Insurance (2011-)   

Health Care--Vermont Health Connect (2013-)   

Health Insurance of Vt., Inc.   

Healy, Arthur and Troy   

Heartman, Charles Fredrick   

Hebard, Emory   

Hebard, Salmon Blodgett   

Helen Day Art Center   

SEE: Art Galleries--Helen Day Art Center

Helmet Law   

Hemenway, Abby Maria   


Henderson, G.W., Class 77   

Henry, Hugh M.   

Herbal Ms. in Italian, ca 1500 - article featuring photo of this Ms. which is in TR/F   


See also: Water pollution; Water quality; Pesticides

Hewitt, Arthur Wentworth   

Heyde, Charles Louis   

Heyde, Hannah Whitman   

Higbee, Elnathan Elisha   

Highgate, Vt.   

Highway Safety Program   


Hiking trails   

Hildreth, Azro B.F.   

Hill, Henry W.   

Hill, Ira (UVM, 1808)   

Hill, Ralph Nading   

Hinesburg, Vt.   

Hinesburg, Vt.--Economou Cheese Corp.   

Historic Buildings   

Historic Buildings--Historic Sites Committee   

Historic Preservation   

See also: Vermont Division for Historic Preservation; Barns

Historic Preservation--Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership   

Historic Preservation--Fund for Vermont's third Century   

Historic Preservation--Preservation Institute for the Building Crafts (Historic Windsor)   

Historic Preservation--Preservation Trust of Vermont   

Historic Sites   

See Also: Champlain, Lake - Shipwrecks; National Historic Landmarks

Historic Sites- National Historic Landmarks   

Historical Research--Oral Interview   

Historical Research--Primary Resources   

Historical Research-Local History   


SEE ALSO: Bassett, T.D.S.--Lists of Vermont Settlers; Champlain, Lake--History; Civil War; French and Indian War; Haldiman Negotiations; History--Research; History--Society; History--Study and Teaching; Land Grants; Revolutionary War; United States--Centennial celebrations; Vermont--boundaries; Vermont--Centennial celebrations; Vermont--History and description-20th Century; Vermont--History and description-Bibliography; War of 1812; World War I; World War II.

History - Bibliographies   

History--McCarthy Era. SEE Civil LIberties; University of Vermont - Faculty - Novikoff, Alexander.   



History--Study and Teaching   

Hoff, Philip H.   

Hoff, Philip H.--articles by Stephen Terry   

Hoff, Philip H.--Campaigns   

Hoff, Philip H.--Governor   

Holbrook, Frederick (Gov.)   

Holbrook, Stewart H.   




SEE: Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender (GLBT)

Honduras and Vermont   


Hooper, John S.   

Horse Racing   


Horses--Green Mountain Horse Association   

Horses--Vt. Horseman's Council   

Hospice Movement   


Hospitals--Bellows Falls, Vt.-Rockingham Memorial Hospital   

Hospitals--Bennington, Vt.-Putnam Memorial Hospital   

Hospitals--Berlin, Vt.-Central Vt. Medical Center   

Hospitals--Brattleboro, Vt.-- Brattelboro Retreat   

Hospitals--Burlington, Vt.-- DeGoesbriand Memorial Hospital   

Hospitals--Burlington, Vt.-- Fletcher Allen Health Care   

Hospitals--Burlington, Vt.-- Mary Fletcher Hospital   

Hospitals--Burlington, Vt.-- Medical Center Hospital of Vermont   

Hospitals--Haverhill, NH Cottage Hospital   

Hospitals--Middlebury, Vt.- Porter Medical Center   

Hospitals--Morrisville, Vt.-Copley Hospital   

Hospitals--Newport, Vt.- North County Hospital   

Hospitals--Randolph, Vt.- Gifford Memorial Hospital   

Hospitals--St Albans, Vt.- Kerbs Memorial Hospital   

Hospitals--Waterbury, Vt.- Vt. State Hospital   

Hospitals--Windsor, Vt.- Mt. Ascutney Hospital   

Hospitals--Winooski,Vt.- Fanny Allen Hospital   

Hot Air Balloons   


SEE ALSO: Aged-Retirement Communities; Homelesseness; Mobile Homes; Housing (Burlington Reference File)

Houseing--HomeShare Vermont   

SEE ALSO: Burlington reference file, Housing--Project Home.

Housing--Fair Housing Law   

Housing--Habitat for Humanity   

Howard Dean Education Center (Springfield, VT)   

Howard, Guy   

Howe Scale Co.   

Howe, David W. (1892-1969)   

Howe, Frances S.   

Howes, Barbara   

Hubbard House--Shelburne, Vt.   

Hubbardton, Battle of   

Hubbardton, Vt.   

Huddle, David   

Hudson, Henry Norman   

Hulbert, Archer Butler   

Humane Societies   

Humane Society of Chittenden County   

Humphery, Zephine   


Hunt Family   

Hunt, Lyman C.   

Hunt, William Morris   

Hunt, William Morris--Misc.   


Huntington, Vt.   

Huntington, Vt.--Sunray Meditation Society   

Hyde Park, Vt.   

Hyde, Capt. Jedediah Jr.   

Hydro Quebec   

SEE: Electric Power--Hydro-Quebec

Ice Boating   

Ice Cutting   

Ice Industry and Trade   

Image Coop. Gallery   

SEE: Photographers, VT.--Image Co-op Gallery


SEE: Emigration and Immigration


SEE: Foreign Teade


Income Tax   

SEE: Taxes--Income Tax

India Project, 1959-1960   

Indians of North America   

See: Native Americans--non-Vermont


Industry--Associated Industries of Vermont   

Industry--Cedar-leaf Industry   


Ingalls, Jeremiah   

Institute for Liberty and Community   

See Also: McClaughy, John

Insurance in Vermont   

International Business Machines (IBM)   

International Business Machines (IBM)--Library   

International Champlain--Richelieu Board   

International Joint Commission   

International Paper Company - Ticonderoga, NY -vs- IPC & NY   

Interstate highway system   

Invasive species   

SEE ALSO: Eurasian Watermilfoil; Zebra Mussels; Lampreys; Purple Loosestrife


SEE ALSO: Davenport, Thomas

Investment Companies   

Ira, Vt.   

Irasburg Affair   

Irasburg, Vt.   

Irish in Vermont   

Iron Industry   

Iroquois, Lake (Chittenden County, Vt.)   

Irving, John   

Islamic Center of Vermont   

Island Pond Historical Society   

Island Pond Vt.--Northeast Kingdom Community Church   

Island Pond, Vt.   

See Also: Brighton, Vt.

Isle La Motte - Vermont   

Isle La Motte Historical Society   

Italians in Vermont   

Jackson, H. Nelson   

Jackson, S. Hollister   

Jamaica, Vt.   

James, Edwin   

Jamestown Exposition, 1907   

Janes, Henry, MD (Civil War Surgeon)   

Japan Society of Vermont   

Jarvis, D.C. M.D. (Folk Medicine)   

Jay, Vt. (inc. Jay Peak)   

Jefferson Legacy Foundation, Ripton. Vt.   

Jeffersonville, Vt.   

Jeffords, James M. (U.S. House of Representatives, 1975-1988)   

Jeffords, James M. (U.S. Senate)   

Jericho Congregational Church   

Jericho Historical Society   

Jericho Town Planning Commission   

Jericho, Vt.   

Jericho, Vt. -- Board of Selectmen   

Jews in Vermont   

SEE ALSO: Jewish Community (Burlington Reference File); Ohavi Zedek Synagogue (Burlington Reference File); Swastika; Terezin Project

Job Corps.   

Joe's Pond   

Johnson Normal School   

See Also: Johnson State College

Johnson State College   

See Also: Johnson Normal School

Johnson State College, to 1946 (Johnson Normal School)   

Johnson State College-- Presidents   

Johnson, John   

Johnson, Luther B.   

Johnson, Otto T   

SEE: Swedes in Vermont

Johnson, Vt.   

Johnson, Vt.--Vermont Studio School   

Johnstone, Ernest F.   

Vermont poet from North Orwell, Vermont.

Journalism and Journalists   


See Also: Courts & Supreme Court

Juniper Island   

Juvenile Delinquency   

Kasson, John Adam   

Kedroff, Lew   

Keep Vermont Beautiful   

Kennedy, Roy   

Kent, H.J.   

Kent, Louise Andrews   

Keyes, Frances Parkinson   

Keyser, F. Ray   

Killington, Vt.   

SEE ALSO: Sherburne, Vt.

Kingsley, Darwin   

Kinhaven Music School   

Kinnell, Galway   

Kinsley, Guy, 1825-1921, "An account of a few incidents in my life." a 1910. Photocopy.   

Kipling, Rudyard   

Kiwanis Clubs   

Knights of Columbus   

Ku Klux Klan   

Kunin, Madeleine   

Kurn-Hattin Homes (Westminster, Vt.)   


SEE ALSO: Wages--Vermont Campaign for a Livable Wage

Labor Unions   

SEE: Trade Unions

Lafayette, Marquis de   

LaFlamme, Gladys   

Lake Bomoseen, Rutland County   

Lake Carmi, Franklin County, Vt.   

Lake Champlain   

SEE: Champlain, Lake

Lake Champlain Basin Environmental Conference, Chazy, N.Y.   

Lake Champlain Basin Program (Lake Champlain Management Conference)   

Lake Champlain Basin Study   

Lake Champlain Club, Mallets Bay, Vt.   

Lake Champlain Committee, Charlotte, Vt.   

See Also: Champlain Seaway

Lake Champlain Islands   

Lake Champlain Islands   

SEE: Champlain Islands

Lake Champlain Islands Trust   

Lake Champlain Islands Trust   

SEE: Land Trusts--Lake Champlain Land Trust

Lake Champlain Management Conference   

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum   

SEE ALSO: Champlain Maritime Society

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce   

Lake Champlain Transportation Company   

SEE: Champlain Transportation Company

Lake Mansfield Trout Club, Stowe, Vt.   

See alo the Lake Mansfield Trout Club collection.

Lakes - Vt.   

Lamoille County Development Council (1964-1988)   

SEE: Lamoille County

Lamoille County, Vt.   

Lamoille River   


Land Grants   

Land Trusts   

SEE ALSO: Natural Areas; Burlington Community Land Trust (Burlington reference file)

Land Trusts - Central Vt. Community Land Trust   

Land Trusts- Lake Champlain Land Trust   

Land Trusts--Vermont Land Trust   

Land Use   

Conservation Law Foundation

Land Use--Law and legislation [Act 250]   

See also: Citizens for Property Rights; Development

Land Use--Planning   

See also: Skis & skiing for Act 250 issues; Regional Planning folders; Development

Land use--Planning --Champlain Valley Greenbelt Alliance   

Land use--Planning--Vermont Forum on Sprawl (now the Smart Growth Alliance).   


SEE: Solid Waste

Landmark College, Putney, Vt. (1983-)   

Law Enforcement   

See also: Vt. Criminal Justice Training Council and Vt. State Police


Leadership Chittenden   

League of Vt. Writers   

League of Women Voters   

Leahy, Patrick   

Leddy, Bernard J.   

Legionnaire's Disease (1977)   

Lewis, Sinclair   

Lewisohn, Ludwig   



SEE: Champlain, Lake--Navigation

Likosky, Marilyn J.S. (A study of the abbreviation in the Vt. Codex de Senecture)   

Lincoln, Vt.   

Living History Assoc. Inc. Wilmington, Vt. (formerly the Vt. Historical Society)   


Lloyd, Robin.   


Local Government   

Lodgings and Resevations   

Londonderry, Vt   

Lonergan, Capt. John (?-1902)   

Captain, Company A, 13th Vermont Artillary. Medal of Honor recipient. Involved in the Fenian Movement in Burlington.

Long Trail   

See also: Green Mountain Club; Monroe, Will

Long Trail Lodge   

Lowell, Vt.   

Ludlow, Vt.   

See also: Black River Historical Society


See Also: Emporium Lumber Co.; Forests and Forestry

Lumbering--History (including articles by Bill Gove)   

Lunenberg, Vt.   

Lyndon Institute   

Lyndon State College   

Lyndon, Vt.   

Lyndon, Vt.--History   

Lyndonville, Vt.   

Lyndonville, Vt--History   

Lyon, Matthew   

MacDonough, Thomas, Commodore (1783-1825)   

Mad Cow Disease   

Mad River Valley   



SEE: Publishers & Publishing Vt. (Magazines and newspapers)

Mallary, Gertrude   

Mallary, Richard   

Malletts Bay, Colchester, Vt   

Malletts Bay, Colchester, Vt.-- Lake Champlain Club   

Malletts Bay, Colchester, Vt.--Marble Island Country Club   

See Also: Lake Champlain Club

Manchester Vt.--Business Enterprises--Orvis Co.   

Manchester Vt.--Churches   

Manchester, Vt.   

Manchester, Vt.--Business Enterprises   

Manchester, Vt.--Hildene   


Non-circulating materials


Maple Diseases and Pests   

Maple Sugar--History   

Maple Sugar Industry   

Maple Sugar Industry--Equipment and Supplies   

Maple Sugar Industry--Marketing and Promotion   

Maple Sugar Industry--Standards   

Maple Sugar Producers   

Maple Syrup   

SEE: Maple--Research, etc. Maple sugar, etc.

Maple Tree Place   

SEE: Williston, Vt--Maple Tree Place


Maple--Research Bibliography   

Maple--Research--George D. Aiken Sugar Maple Laboratory   

Maple--Research--Maple history Comm. - Bibliography   

Maple--Research--Proctor Maple Research Laboratory (Underhill Vt.)(referemce file)   


Marble Island   

SEE: Malletts Bay, Colchester Vt.

Marble--Vermont Marble Company   

Mark Hopkins College, Brattleboro, Vt.   

Marlboro College   

Marlboro Music Festival   

Marlboro, Vt.   

Marsh, George Perkins   

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park   

Marshfield School of Weaving   

SEE: Handicraft--Weaving Yarns; Textiles--Marshfield School of Weaving

Marshfield, Vt.   

Mason Line   

SEE: Vermont--Boundaries

Maternal Health Services   

Mayo, Henry T. Admiral   

McClaughry, John   

McCullough, John G (Gov.)   

McKinley, William (U.S. President)   


Medicine--Folk Remedies   


Medicine--Vermont - History   

Meigs, Cornelia   

Memphremagog, Lake   


Mental Health   

Mental Health--Services   

Mental Health--The Creamery   

Mentally Handicapped   

Merit System   

Merrick, Elliott   

Merrill, Perry H.   

Methodist Church, Troy Conference   

Metzger, Frazer (Progressive Party)   

Meyer, William H. (U.S. Rep.)   

Middlebury College   

Middlebury College--Bread Loaf School of English   

Middlebury College--Bread Loaf Writers' Conference   

Middlebury College--Commencement. Order of Exercises.   

Middlebury College--Freshman Newspaper   

Middlebury College--Junior Exhibitions. Order of Exhibitions   

Middlebury College--Language Schools   

Middlebury College--Library   

Middlebury College--Museum of Art (Christian A. Johnson Art Gallery)   

Middlebury College--Various events after 1950   

Middlebury College--Various events before 1950   

Middlebury, Vt.   

Middlebury, Vt.--Business enterprises   

Middlebury, Vt.--Churches   

Middlebury, Vt.--History   

Middletown Springs, Vt.   

Migrant Workers   

Military Road - Mt. Independence Hubbardton - Ctr. Rutland   

Military Road--Bayley-Hazen Road   


Miller, Jonathan P. (1796-1847)--abolitionist   

Milton, Vt.   

Milton, Vt--Churches   

Milton, Vt. -- Husky Injection Molding Systems   

Miner, William Henry   

Mineral Springs   

Mines and Mining   

SEE ALSO: Copper Mines and Mining; Vermont Copper Co.; Gold; Iron Industry.

Miss Vermont Pageant   

Missionary Societies   

Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge   

Missisquoi River   

Mitchell, William, "An inquiry into the utility of modern evangelists . . ." (1835)   

Mobile Homes   


Monkton, Vt.   

Monroe, James (U.S. President) in Vermont - 1817   

Monroe, Will S.   

Montgomery, Vt.   

Montpelier, VT   

Montpelier, VT--Business Enterprises   

Montpelier, VT--Churches   

Montpelier, VT--History   

Montpelier, VT--Manufacturers - Lane Manufacturing Co.   

Montpelier, VT--Pavilion Hotel   

Montpelier, VT--Schools - Seaver, Ted   

Montpelier, VT--Washington County Grammer School   

Montpelier, VT--Wood Art Gallery   

Montreal, Quebec   

Montshire Museum   


Moretown, VT   

See Also: Mad River Valley

Morey, Samuel   

Morgan Horse   

SEE ALSO: UVM--Morgan Horse Farm

Morgan, Justin   

Morgan, VT   

Mormons and Mormonism   

Morrill Land-Grant Centennial   

Morrill, Justin Smith   

Morrill, Justin Smith--Justin Smith Morrill Foundation   

Morris, George Sylvester (1840 - 1889)   

Morrissey, Charles   

Morristown Historical Society   

Morristown, Vt.   

Morrisville, Vt.   

Morrisville, Vt.--Churches   

Moser, Barry (Portrait of Leonard Baskin)   

Mosher, Howard Frank   

Mount Holly, Vt   

Mount Independence   

Mount Monadnock   

Mount Philo   

Mount Tabor, Vt. - History   

Mountain Rule   

Mountain Schools--Vershire Center, Vt.   

Moving Pictures   

See Also: Photographers--Vermont--Image Coop Gallery

Moving Pictures--Caledonia Pictures   

Moving Pictures--Kingdom County Productions   

Mt. Ascutney   

SEE: Ascutney, Mountain

Mt. Mansfield   

Multiple Sclerosis   

Munson, R.D.   

Murray, William H.H.   


See also: Essex Jct. Vt. -- Discovery Museum


See Also: Composers; Brattleboro Music Center; Craftsbury Chamber Players; Kinhaven Music School; Weston, Vt; Marlboro Music Festival; Vermont Mozart Festival; Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Vermont Youth Orchestra; Vermont State Music Festival; UVM Lane Series; Vermont Reggae Festival; American Guild of Organists; Burlington subjects

Music & Performing Arts   

SEE ALSO: Composers and individual performing artists and music venues

Music--Local Artists   

Music--New England Bach Festival   

Music--Opera North   


Music--Psalmodists and Shape Note Singing   

Music--Vt. Opera Theater   

Music--Yellow Barn Music Festival   

Musical Instrument Makers   


National Gardening Association   

National Life Insurance Co., Montpelier, Vt.   

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in Vermont   

National Society of U.S. Daughters of 1812 of the State of Vt.   

National Survey - Chester, Vt.   

Native Americans--non-Vermont   

Native Americans--Vermont   

SEE ALSO: Abenakis

Native Americans--Vermont--Iroquois   

Native Forest Network   

Natural Areas   

Natural Resources--Oil and Natural Gas Prospecting   

Natural Resources--Vermont Landowners Association   

Nature Conservancy   

Nearing, Scott & Helen   

New England Culinary Institute, Montpelier, Vt.   

New England River Basins Commission   

New England--New England Plantation, Inc.   

New Hampshire - Vermont Development Council   

New Hampshire Historical Society   

New Haven, Vt.   

New York - Vermont Youth Project   

Newbury, Vt   

See Also; Gibson, Orville

Newbury, Vt. - Cracker Barrel Bazaar   

Newell, Graham S.   

Newfane, Vt.   

Newport, Vt   

Newport, Vt--Churches   


See Also: Individual newspapers in Vermont and Burlington reference files; Journalism; Publishers and Publishing

Nicaragua, Maritime Canal Co. of, Chartered in Vt. Nov. 13 1888   

Nichols, Clarina Howard   

Niggerhead Pond   

Non-profit Organizations   

SEE: Corporations, non-profit

Non-profit Vermont   

SEE: Corporations, non-profit

North Bennington, Vt.   

North Hero, Vt.   

Northeast Kingdom--Articles   

Northeast Kingdom--Tourist brochures, information   

Northern Forest Alliance   

Northern Forest--Land Sales   

Northern Forests   

SEE ALSO: Forests & Forestry

Northern Forests-- Herbicides   

SEE ALSO: Herbicides; Forests & Forestry

Northern Vermont Artists' Assoc.   

Northfield, Vt.   

Norton, Vt   

Norwich University   

SEE ALSO: Vermont College

Norwich, Vt.   

Norwich, Vt.--Churches   

Nudists Camps   

Nurseries and Nurserymen   

Nurseries and Nurserymen--Aiken Nursery   

Nurseries and Nurserymen--Horsford Nursery, Charlotte, VT   


Nursing Homes   


Office of Institutional Studies   

Old Home Week   

Oldcastle Theatre   


See Also: Grout, William W.

OMYA, Inc.   

See Also: Granite Industry; Water Pollution

Onion River Arts Council   

Oral history   

See also: Folklore

Orange County, Vt   

Organic Farming   

SEE: Agriculture--Organic Farming


Orleans County Historical Society   

Orleans County, Vt.   

Orleans Vt.   

Orton, Vrest   

Orwell, Vt.   

Ottauquechee Land Trust   

SEE: Land Trust-Vt Land Trust (Reference File)

Outright Vermont   

Page, Carroll S. (U.S. Senate)   

Paine, Elijah (U.S.Senate)   

Palmer, William A. (U.S.Senator 1813-1824)   


SEE: Catamounts

Panton, Vt   

SEE: Ferris, Peter

Panton, Vt.   

Park-McCullough House Assoc.   

Parkers Gore   

SEE: Mendon Vt.


SEE: UVM Transportation/Parking

Parks and Recreation   

SEE ALSO: Vermont State Forests and Parks and individual parks.

Partridge, Alden   

Partridge, Frank C. (U.S. Senate)   

Partridge, Sanborn (Vt. Rep & Senate)   

Passumpsic Turnpike Corporation   



SEE: Inventions

Paterson, Katherine (writer of children's books)   

Patrick, Roy L.   

Patrons of Husbandry   

Patrons of Husbandry   

SEE: Vermont State Grange

Pawlet, Vt.   


See Also: Burlington Reference File; Vermont Citizens for Global Safety

Peace - Champlain Peace Council   

Peace - One Hour for Peace   

Peace - Project Harmony   

SEE ALSO: Russia--Vermont/Karalia, Burlington/Yaroslav Sister Project

Peach, Arthur Wallace   

Peacham, Vt.   

See Also: Harvey, George

Peck, Theodora S.   

Perkins, George Henry   

Perrin, Noel   

Perry, John Bulkley   

Peru, Vt.   


SEE ALSO: Vermont Pesticide Advisory Council; Water pollution; Water quality

Pettengill, Samuel B.   

Phelps, Edward John   

Phelps, John Wolcott (1813-1885)   

Phelps, Samuel S. (U.S. Senate)   

Philo Records, Inc North Ferrisburg, Vt.   

Photographers, VT   

See Also: Burlington File: McAllister, L.L.

Photographers, VT-- Artistic Alliance   

Photographers, VT--Image Co-op Gallery   




Pittsford, Vt.   

See also: Caverly Child Heath Center

Pizzagalli Construction   

Place Names--Vermont   

Plainfield, Vt.   

Planned Parenthood   

Plattsburgh, Battle of   

Plattsburgh, N.Y.   

Playwrights, Vermont   

Plumbers & Steamfitters - Apprenticeship Standards   

Plumley, Charles A (U.S.Representative)   

Plymouth, Vt.   

Poetry--to 1950   

See Also: Dorr, Julia C.R. (Mrs); Engels, John; Frost, Frances; Frost, Robert; Hayford, James; Huddle, David; Johnstone, Ernest; Kinnell, Galway; Stafford, Wendall P.


See Also: Dorr, Julia C.R. (Mrs); Engels, John; Frost, Frances; Frost, Robert; Hayford, James; Huddle, David; Kinnell, Galway; Stafford, Wendall P.

Poetry--Carruth, Hayden   

Poetry--Herrick, William F.   

Poetry--Kimball, Alice Mary   

Poetry--Kinsey, Leland   

Poetry--Lea, Sydney. Vermont poet laureate, 2011-   

Poetry--Paley, Grace   

Poetry--Palmer, E Dorcas   

Poetry--Peach, Arthur Wallace   

Poetry--Published poetry   

Poetry--Voigt, Ellen Bryant   

Poetry Society of Vermont   

Poland, Luke Potter   

United States Senator (1865-1866) and Representative (1867-1874, 1883-1884).

Political Parties - Non-Vermont - New Party   

Political Parties - Non-Vermont - Republican   

Political Parties - Vermont   

Political Parties - Vermont--Burlington Green Party   

Political Parties - Vermont--Citizens Party   

Political Parties - Vermont--Democratic   

Political Parties - Vermont--Green Party   

Political Parties - Vermont--Libertarian Party   

Political Parties - Vermont--Liberty Union Party   

Political Parties - Vermont--Liberty Union Party (1970)   

SEE ALSO: Robin Lloyd in reference file.

Political Parties - Vermont--Liberty Union Party campaign 1974   

Political Parties - Vermont--Liberty Union Party press release   

Political Parties - Vermont--New Party   

Political Parties--Vermont--Progressive Coalition (1980-)   

Political Parties - Vermont--Progressive Party (1912)   

Political Parties - Vermont--Progressive Party (1948)   

Political Parties--Vermont--Progressive Party (1990-)   

Political Parties - Vermont--Rainbow Coalition   

Political Parties - Vermont--Republican   

Politics and Government   

SEE: Local government; Political Parties--Non-Vermont; Political Parties--Vermont; Town government, etc.


See Also: Air quality; Hazardous Materials; Pesticides; Water Pollution

Pollution-- Vermonters Organized For Clean Up   

Pollution-E.P.A. Superfund sites   

Pomfret, Vt.   

Population-Vermont--to 1940   






Post Cards   

Post Office Buildings   

See Also: Name of Town For Individual P.O.

Postage Stamps   


Poultney, Vt.   

Poultney, Vt.--Churches   

Poultney, Vt.--Gray Foundry, Inc.   



See Also: Sheldon, Vt. - Sheldon Poor Farms

Pownal, Vt.   

Pownal, Vt.-History   

Prentiss, Samuel (U.S. Senate)   

Preservation Institute for the Building Crafts   

Preservation Institute for the Building Crafts   

SEE: Historic Preservation

Preservation Trust of Vermont   

SEE: Historic Preservation--Preservation Trust of Vermont

Presidential Visits to Vermont   

SEE ALSO: Monroe, James; McKinley, William.

Pringle, Cyrus G.   




SEE ALSO: Spooner, Alden


SEE ALSO: Vermont State Prison; Chittenden Community Correctional Center

Proctor, Mortimer (Gov.)   

Proctor, Redfield (U.S. Senate)   

Proctor, Vt.   

Proctorsville, Vt.   


See also: Smuggling

Project Harmony   

SEE: Peace--Project Harmony


SEE: Taxes--Property

Protest Movements -- Occupy movement.   

Prouty, Winston L. (U.S. Senate)   

Public Trust Doctrine   

Publishers and Publishing   

Publishers and Publishing--David Godine   

Publishers and Publishing--University Press of New England   

Publishers and Publishing--Vt--Banyan Press (Pawlet, VT)   

Publishers and Publishing--Vt--Book Rack (Winooski, VT)   

Publishers and Publishing--Vt--Countryman Press (Weston, VT)   

Publishers and Publishing--Vt--Images from the Past (Bennington, Vt.)   

Publishers and Publishing--Vt--Tory Press (Rutland, VT)   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Beach Seal Press (Bennington, Vt.)   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Charles E. Tuttle Publ. Co.   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Chelsea Green (1984- )   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Countryman Press, Guiford, Vt   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Countryman Press, Taftsville, Vt.   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Daughters, Inc.   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Elfriede Abbe   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Elm Tree Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Erikson, Paul   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Fraser Publishing Co.   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Magazines and Newsletters   

See Also: Newspapers

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Marlboro Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--New England Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Press at Diamond Hill (Brandon, Vt.)   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Red Rose Publications   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Roscoe Printing House   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Stephen Daye Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Stephen Greene Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Stinehour Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Storey Communications   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Vt. Crossroad Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Vt. Heritage Press   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Vt. Stoveside Press, Cabot   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Wallace-Cummings Printing Co.   

Publishers and Publishing-Vt--Waterfront Books   

Puppets and puppet plays   

Putney Graduate School of Teacher Education, Putney, Vt.   

Putney School, Putney, Vt.   

Putney, Vt.   

Putney, Vt.--Churches   

Putney, Vt.--History   

Quechee Gorge, Quechee, Vt.   

Quechee, Vt.   

Queen City Park   

SEE: South Burlington, VT--Queen City Park



Radio Stations   

Radio Stations--Radio Station WVMT (folders 1 & 2)   

Radioactive Wastes   

See Also: Uranium Mines and Mining; Atomic Power; Radon





Railroads--Maine Central RR   

Railroads--Mass.-Boston, Concord, Montreal, and White Mt RR   

Railroads--N.H.-East Branch and Lincoln   

Railroads--The Vermont Special 1927   


Railroads--U.S.--Amtrak (includes Vermonter)   


SEE ALSO: Transportation--Commuter Rail


Railroads--Vermont-Addison Branch   

Railroads--Vermont-Baggage Checks   

Railroads--Vermont-Barre Railroad   

Railroads--Vermont-Bennington and Glastenbury Railroad   

Railroads--Vermont-Bicentennial Steam Train, 1976   

Railroads--Vermont-Boston & Maine   

Railroads--Vermont-Canadian National   

Railroads--Vermont-Central Vt. Railway   

Railroads--Vermont-Central Vt. Railway-Locomotives   

Railroads--Vermont-Central Vt. Railway-Wood Fuel   

Railroads--Vermont-Conn & Passumpsic Rivers Railroad   

Railroads--Vermont-Connecticut River and St. Lawrence Railroad   

Railroads--Vermont-Delaware & Hudson Co.   

Railroads--Vermont--Green Mountain Railroad   

Railroads--Vermont-Lamoille Valley RR   

Railroads--Vermont-Manchester, Dorset, & Granville RR Co.   

Railroads--Vermont-Rich Lumber Co. Railroad   

Railroads--Vermont-Rutland Railway   

Railroads--Vermont-Southeastern Railway Co.   

Railroads--Vermont-St Johnsbury & Lake Champlain   

Railroads--Vermont-Steamtown (Bellows Falls, VT)   

Railroads--Vermont-Tickets issued by Various Vt. RR   

Railroads--Vermont-Vermont Railway   

Railroads--Vermont-Woodstock Railway   

Rainville, Maj. Gen. Martha (Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard)   

Randolph, Vt.   

Randolph, Vt.--Chandler Music Hall   

Randolph, Vt.--Churches   

Randolph, Vt.--History   

Randolph, Vt.--State Normal School   

Randolph, Vt.--Vermont Castings   

Read, Ogden Benedict (1843 - 1889)   

Reading, Vt.   

Readsboro, Vt.   

Real Estate   

See Also: Northeast Kingdom--Land Sales

Real Estate-- Foreign Ownership   

Real Estate-- Patten Corperation   

Real Estate-- Sotheby Parke Benet VT Properties (1982- )   


Reapportionment (2002, 2011)   



Redfield, Isaac Fletcher   


See Also: Southeast Asians in Vermont

Regional Planning   

See Also: County Regional Planning Commissions; Land Use--Planning; Development

Regional Planning - Act 200   

Regional Planning - Act 200 (Town Votes)   

Regional Planning - Act 200 - Council of Regional Commissions   

Regional Planning - Geographic Information System (G.I.S.)   

Rehabilitation, Criminal   


Religion--Twin State Fundamental Ministers   



SEE: Mentally Handicapped

Retired Officers Association - Green Mountain Chapter   

Revere, Paul--Vermont Church Bells   

Revolutionary War   

See Also: Bennington, Battle of; Hubbarton, Battle of; Valcour Island, Battle of

Rice, Howard Jr.   

Rich Lumber Co.   

SEE: Railroads--Rich Lumber Co. RR

Richard A. Snelling Center for Government   

Richardson Henry H. (1838-1836 - American Architect)   

Richardson, Dr. J.H.   

Richford, Vt.   

Richford, Vt.--Churches   

Richmond, Vt.   

Richmond, Vt.--Churches   

Richmond, Vt.--Harrington's   

Ripley, Edward Hastings   

Ripton, Vt.   

River Valley Performing Arts--Putney, Vt.   


Roads - Ancient Roads   

Roads - Chittenden County   

Roads--Chittenden County--Circumferential Highway   

Robin Hood Powder Co. & Robin Hood Ammunition Co. (Swanton, Vt)   

Robinson, David   

Robinson, Lewis   

Robinson, Rowland Evans   

Rochester, Vt   

Rock Dunder   

See Also: Champlain Islands

Rock of Ages (Barre, Vt.)   

Rockingham, Vt--History (Folders 1,2 &3)   

Rockingham, Vt.   

SEE ALSO: Bellows Falls, Vt.

Rockingham, Vt.--Old Rockingham Meeting House   

Rocks and Minerals   

Rockwell, Eli B. (Steamboat Capt.)   

Rockwell, Norman   

Roger's Rangers   

Rokeby Museum   

SEE: Ferrisburg Vt.--Rokeby Muesum

Rood, Ronald   

Rooms and Meals   

SEE: Sales Tax

Roosevelt, Theodore   

Ross, Charles   

Ross, Senator Jonathon (1899-1900)   


Rowley, Thomas (1720-1796)   

Royalton, Vt.   

Ruggles, Carl   

Rupert, VT   

Rupert, VT-- Merck Forest & Farmland Center   

Rural Electrification Survey 1962-1967   

Rural Vermont   

SEE: Agriculture--Family Farms--Rural Vermont

Rural Vermonter   

Russia--Vermont/ Karelin Burlington/Yaroslavl Sister Projects   

Rutland - Rutland Junior college   

Rutland County   

Rutland Herald   

Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce   

Rutland Regional Planning Commission   


Rutland, Vt - Business Enterprises 1930-   

See Also: Howe Scale Co., Maple Sugar Industry Equipment and Suppies

Rutland, Vt - Business Enterprises, Pre 1930   

Rutland,VT - Business pre-1930   

Rutland, Vt - Churches   

Rutland,VT - Crossroads Arts Council   

Rutland, Vt - Flood, 1947   

Rutland, Vt - Historic sites   

Rutland, Vt - History   

Rutland, Vt - Hotels   

Rutland, Vt - Library   

Rutland, Vt - Maps   

Rutland, Vt - Rutland - Historical Society   

Rutland, Vt - Rutland - Museum of the Arts   

Rutland, Vt - Rutland Marble Co.   

Rutland, Vt - Schools   

Ryegate, Vt   

Safford, Mary J.   

Safford, Truman Henry - An Intellectual Prodigy   


SEE: Sales Tax

Sales Tax   

Salisbury, Vt.--Churches   


Salmon, Thomas P. (Gov.)   

Same-Sex Marriage   

SEE ALSO: Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender (GLBT); Civil Unions

Sanders, Bernard   

See Also: Elections--U.S. House of Reps, (House of Representatives, 1991-)

Sanders, Bernard (U.S. House of Rep. (1991-2007)   

Sanders, Bernard (U.S. Senate 2007- )   

Save Outdoor Sculpture (SOS)   

SEE: Artists (Sculptors)

Saxe, John Godfrey   

Saxtons River, Vt.   

Scholarship Fund--Lew Kendroff, Jr.   

Scottish Americans   


SEE: Art (Sculpture)

Second Vermont Republic movement (seccessionists). SEE: Vermont Secessionist Movement.   

Secretaries - Misc.   

Seldes, George   

Sewage Disposal   

Sex Education   

Seymour, Senator Horatio (1821-33)   

Shaftsbury, Vt   

Sharon Academy   

Sharon, Vt   

Sheep and Goats   

SEE ALSO: Handicraft - Weaving, Yarns, Textile

Shelburne Craft School, Shelburne Vt   

Shelburne Farms, Shelburne,Vt   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt.   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt.- Collections   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt.- Exhibits   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt - Guides   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt - History   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt - Publications   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt.- S.S. Ticonderoga   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt.- School Programs   

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vt.- Workshops / Lectures   

Shelburne Pond   

Shelburne Spinners   

Shelburne, Vt   

Shelburne, Vt.- Business Enterprises   

Shelburne, Vt.- Business Enterprises--Shelburne Industries, Inc   

Shelburne, VT- Business Enterprises- Vermont Teddy Bear Co.   

Shelburne, Vt.- Churches   

Shelburne, Vt - History   

Shelburne, Vt - Planning   

Shelburne, Vt - Schools   

Shelburne, Vt.- Wake Robin Corp.   

Sheldon Family Association   

Sheldon Museum, Middlebury, Vt   

Sheldon, VT   

Sheldon,VT - Sheldon Poor Farm   

Sherburne, Vt.   

See Also: Killington, Vt.

Sherburne, Vt. - History   

See also: Killington, Vt

Shoemaker, Joseph   

Shopping Malls   

See Also: Williston, VT - Maple Tree Place; Pyramid mall; Wal- Mart

Shoreham, Vt.   

Shrewsbury, VT--History   

Shrewsbury, Vt.   

See Also: Cuttingsville, VT

Shumlin, Peter (Governor, 2011-)   2010- 

Shut-in Society in Vt.   

Sierra Club   

Silk in Vermont   

Silloway, Thomas   


Simmonds Precision Products, Inc   

Simpson, Jean   

Simpson, W. Arthur   

Author of the Burlington Free Press Column, "Green Mountain Heritage".

Sisters of Mercy (Vermont)   

SEE: Sisters of Mercy (Burlington Reference File)

Skating Rinks   

Skinner, Richard   

Skis and Skiing - (other than Vt.)   

Skis and Skiing - Accidents   

Skis and Skiing - Articles - (1935-1970)   

Skis and Skiing - Articles - (1970- )   

Skis and Skiing - Brochures - (1935-1969)   

Skis and Skiing - Brochures - (1970- )   

Skis and Skiing - Cross Country   

Skis and Skiing - Cross Country - Vermont - Catamount Trail   

Skis and Skiing - Cross Country - Vermont - Sherman Hollow   

Skis and Skiing - Equipment   

Skis and Skiing - History - (other than Vt)   

Skis and Skiing - History - Vermont   

Skis and Skiing - Snowmaking   

SEE ALSO: Water Resources

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Barnard - Sonnenberg Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Barre - Skyline Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Bolton - Bolton Valley   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Brattleboro   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - East Burke - Burke Mountain   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Fayston - Glen Ellen   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Heartwellville - Dutch Hill Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Hubbardton   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Jay - Jay Peak   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Jeffersonville - Madonna Mtn.   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Jeffersonville - Smugglers Notch   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Jeffersonville - Village at Smugglers Notch   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Londonderry - Magic Mountain   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Ludlow - Okemo Mountain   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Manchester - Bromley Mountain   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Manchester - Snow Valley Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Marlboro - Hogback Mountain   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Mendon - Pico Peak   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Middlebury - College Snow Bowl   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Montgomery   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Norwich   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Pittsfield   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Pittsford   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Plymouth Union   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Randolph - Pinnacle Skiways   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Richmond   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Sherburne - Killington Basin (Folders 1&2)   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - South Vernon - Pine Top Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Stowe   

SEE ALSO: Stowe, VT - Mount Mansfield Corporation

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Stowe - Racing   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Stowe - Vermont Ski Museum   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Stratton - Stratton Mountain   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Waitsfield - Mad River Glen   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Warren - Sugarbush Valley (Folder 2 general)   

SEE ALSO: Green Mountain National Forest-- Sugarbush Snowmaking EIS (1993)

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Warren - Sugarbush Valley (Folder 3: snowmaking, 1992-1993)   

SEE ALSO: Green Mountain National Forest-- Sugarbush Snowmaking EIS (1993)

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - West Dover - Mount Snow   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - West Dummerson - Maple Valley Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Wilmington - Haystack Ski Area   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Windham - Timber Ridge   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Windsor - Ascutney MT.   

Skis and Skiing - Vermont - Woodstock   


Slavery in Vermont   

See Also: Hawkins, Joseph; Stone, Lucy

Slayton, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald, Montpelier, Vt   

Small Business   

SEE ALSO: Community Capital of Vermont

Smaller Business Association   

Smalley, Howard R. (Clippings from San Francisco Chronicle)   

Smith's Green Mt. Renavator, E. Georgia, Vt   

Smith, Bradford   

Smith, Columbus   

Smith, George E.   

Smith, Henry Edgar   

Smith, Israel (U.S. Senate, 1803-1807)   

Smith, John   

Smith, John Gregory   

Smith, Joseph   

Smith, Katherine Scholl   

Smith, Peter   

Smith, William Jay & Mrs. (Barbara Howes)   

Smith, William Jay (Pownal) - Poet   


Smugglers Notch   


See also: Prohibition

Snelling, Barbara   

Snelling, Richard (Gov. 1991)   

SEE ALSO: Richard A. Snelling Center for Government

Snow Festival   

Snow Festival - Vt. Division of Recreation   



See: Skis and Skiing--Snowmaking


Social Life and Customs   

Social Service   


Society of Colonial Wars, Vt   

Society of Friends   

See Also: American Friends Service Committee (reference file), Religous Society of Friends--Burlington Chapter (Burlington reference file)

Society of St. Edmund   

Solar Energy   

Solar Energy--New England Solar Energy Association   

Solid Waste   

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander   

Sons of the American Revolution   

Sons of Vermont   

Soule, Dr. Hermon B.   

Sound Recordings - Industry and Trade   

South Burlington, VT   

South Burlington, VT - Business Enterprises   

South Burlington, VT - Business Enterprises - Pizzagalli Construction   

South Burlington, VT - Churches   

South Burlington, VT - Churches - Community Lutheran Church   

South Burlington, VT - City Government   

South Burlington, VT - City Government - Budget   

South Burlington, VT - City Government - Elections   

South Burlington, VT - City Planning   

South Burlington, VT - History   

South Burlington, VT - Parks and Recreation   

South Burlington, VT - Queen City Park   

South Burlington, VT - Schools   

South Hero, Vt.   

Southern Vermont Arts Center   

Southern Vermont Women's Health Center   

Space Research Corp   

Spanish - American war   

Spargo, John (1876-1966)   

Spear Family   

Special Olympics   


SEE: Vt. State Spiritualism Assoc. & South Burlington Queen City Park

Spooner, Alden   


Sports Car Club of Vermont   


SEE: Land Use--Planning files

Spring Lake Ranch, Cuttingsville, Vt.   

Springfield Business Enterprises   

Springfield, Vt. - (Folders 1&2)   

Springfield, Vt. - Churches   

Springfield, Vt. - Manufacturers   

Springfield, Vt. - Manufacturers - Fellows Co.   

Springfield, Vt. - Manufacturers - Jones and Lamson   

Springfield, Vt. - Russian Roots   

Springfield, Vt. - Schools   

St. Albans Raid   

St. Albans Vt - Bibliography   

St. Albans, Vt   

St. Albans, Vt - Bellows Free Academy   

St. Albans, Vt - Business Enterprises   

St. Albans, Vt - Calenders   

St. Albans, Vt - Churches   

St. Albans, Vt - History   

St. Albans, Vt - Maple Festival   

St. Albans, Vt - St. Albans Dramatic Club   

St. Albans, Vt - Wal-Mart   

St. Anne's Shrine (Isle La Motte, Vt)   

St. George, VT   

St. Johnsbury Academy   

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum   

St. Johnsbury, Vt.   

St. Johnsbury, Vt. - Business Enterprise   

St. Johnsbury, Vt. - Catamount Arts   

St. Johnsbury, Vt. - Churches   

St. Johnsbury, Vt. - Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium   

St. Johnsbury, Vt. - Fairbanks Scale Company   

St. Lawrence Seaway   

St. Mary's Catholic Mutual Aid Society of Burlington, Vt.   

St. Michael's College   

St. Michaels College--Courses and Programs   

Stafford, Robert T. (U.S. Senator)   

Stafford, Wendall P.-- Poet   


Stannard, Vt   

Stannard, Vt - Star Spangled Banner   

Star Spangled Banner   

SEE: Kent, H. J.

Stark Family   

Starksboro, Vt.   

State Parks   

SEE: Vt. State Forests and Parks

Steam Engines   


See Also: Champlain, Lake - Steamboats & Ferries

Steamtown, U.S.A.   

Sterling College, Craftsbury, Vt   

Sterling School, Craftsbury Common   

Stewart, Senator John W.   

Stock / Certificates - Vermont   


Stoeh, Dr. Richard Franz   

Stone, Arthur (of St. Johnsbury)   

Stone, Lucy   

Stores, Retail   

Story, Ann - the mother of Vermont   


Stowe, Vt   

See Also: Lake Mansfield Trout Club

Stowe, Vt - Business Enterprises   

Stowe, VT- Business Enterprises--Stoware   

Stowe, Vt - Churches   

Stowe, Vt - Day Foundation   

Stowe, Vt - History   

Stowe, Vt - Lodging & Restaurants   

Stowe, Vt - Mount Mansfield Corporation   

Stowe, Vt - Music & Performing Arts   

Stowe, Vt - Preparatory School   

Strafford Historical Society   

Strafford, Vt   

Stratton Arts Festival   

Stratton, Vt   

Sudbury, Vt   

Summer Camps - Aloha Camp, Fairlee, Vt   

Summer Camps - Brown Ledge Camp, Mallets Bay, Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Abnaki, Burlington, Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Hochelaga, So. Hero, Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Keewaydin, Salisbury, Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Najerog, Wilmington, Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Skybird, Rutland Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Ta-kum-ta   

Summer Camps - Camp Thorpe, Brandon, Vt   

Summer Camps - Camp Waubanong, W.Brattleboro, Vt   

Summer Camps - East Hill School and Farm, Chester, Vt   

Summer Camps - Ecole Champlain, Ferrisburg, Vt   

Summer Camps - European Travel Camp, Putney, Vt   

Summer Camps - Farm & Wilderness Camp   

Summer Camps - Green Mountain Camp   

Summer Camps - Quinibeck Camps, Lake Fairlee, Vt   

Summer School Programs 1976 - in Vermont   

Sunday Legislation   



Sustainable Communities Movement   

SEE ALSO: Yestermorrow Design/Build School; Community Capital of Vermont

Sustainable Communities Movement--Transition Towns   

Sutton, Vt   

Swanton, Vt   

Swedes in Vermont   

Swift, Senator Benjamin (1833-39)   

Symington, Gaye   

Taft, Russell Smith   

Taft, William Howard   

Taggard, Genevieve   



See Also: Vermont Dept. of Taxes; Tax--Fair; Taxes--Income Tax; Taxes--Poll Tax; Taxes--Property; Taxes--Property Tax

Tax, Fair   

Taxes--Income Tax   

Taxes--Poll Tax   

Taxes--Property Tax   

Taxes--Property Tax--Current Use Taxation   

Taxes--Sales Tax   

Taylor, Daniels T. (The Shores of Champlain)   

Taylor, James P.   


Teachers - Training of   

Teal, John J. Jr.   



Telephone - New England Telephone   

Telephone - Verizon and Fairpoint   

Television Stations   

Television Stations - Cable   

Television Stations - Vt. ETV (Folders 1&2)   

Television Stations - WCAX   

Temperance Societies   

Terezin Project   

Textile Industry   


See Also: Bread & Puppet Theater; Circus Smirkus; Individual Towns; and Burlington File: Champlain

Theater ( to 1900)   

Theater (1900-1950)   

Theater (1950-1979)   

Theater (1980- )   

Theater (2000-)   

Theater - Dorset Players   

Theater - Essex Community Players   

Theater - 5 Reasons Dinner Theater   

Theater - Lost Nation Theater   

Theater - M&M Players   

Theater - Phantom Theatre   

Theater - St. Michael's Playhouse (folders 1&2)   

Theater - Theater Group Ltd   

Theater - Two Penny Theater   

Theater - Unadilla Theater   

Theater - Vermont Repertory Theater   

Theater - Vermont Repertory Theater - Programs   

Theater - Weston Playhouse   

Theaters (Buildings)   

Thetford, Vt.   

Thetford, Vt. - Chubb Fishing Rod Factory   

Thetford, Vt. - Churches   

Thomas, Will   

Thompson, Charles Miner   

Thompson, Daniel P.   

Thompson, Zadock   

Thorowgood Family   

Tichenor, Isaac   

Ticonderoga - Steamboat   

Times-Argus, The   

Tinmouth, History of   

Tomasi, Mari   

Tools and Toolmakers   



See Also: Travel-VT-Mass, Foliage

Tourism - 1900   

Tourism - to 1950   

Tourism - 1951-1989   

Tourism - 1990...   

Tourism - Canada   

Tourism - Inns, Hotels, Motels (Brochures)   

Tourism - Inns, Motels, Hotels   

Tourism - Maps   

Tourism - New England   

Tourism - Vermont   

Tourism - Vermont--Maps--to 1970   

Tourism - Vermont--Maps--1970-   

Town Boundaries   

Town Government   

See Also: Local Government, Vermont League of Cities and Towns

Town Meeting   

Town Office   

Town Reports   

Townshend, Vt   

Townshend, Vt - Leland and Grey Seminary   

Toxic Waste   

SEE: Hazardous Materials; Pollution; Solid Waste


SEE: Foreign Trade

Trade Unions - American Federation of Teachers (Afl-Cio)   

Trade unions - Champlain Valley Labor Council   

Trade unions - Construction workers   

Trade unions - Granite Cutters Assoc. of America   

Trade unions - Teamsters   

Trade unions - United Stone & Allied Workers of America (Afl-Cio)   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Marble Co.

Trade Unions - Vermont   

See Also: VT Labor History Society; Wages--Vermont Campaign for a Livable Wage; Vermont Workers' Center; Vermont State Employees Association; and UVM - Labor Unions.

Trade unions - Vermont Industrial Relations Council   

Trade unions - Vermont State Industrial Union Council (CIO)   

Trade unions - Vermont State Labor Council (AFL-CIO)   

Traffic Safety   

SEE: Highway Safety Program

Trailer Parks   

SEE: Mobile Homes

Trailer Parks (camps)   


See Also: Vt. Transit Co., Railroads

Transportation -- Commuter Rail   

Trapp Family   

Trapp Family Lodge   





Trombly, D. T. ("Batiste")   

See Also: Johnson, Earnest F.

Tropical Storm Irene: SEE Floods--Flood of 2011   

Troy Conference Academy   

SEE: Green Mountain Junior College

Troy, Vt.   

Tunbridge School   

Tunbridge, Vt.   

See Also: Agricultural Exhibitions-Tunbridge Worlds' Fair

Turk, J.C.   


Tuttle, Fred   

Twilight, Alexander Lucious   

Two Fifty One (251) Club   

Two Rivers Regional Planning & Development Commission   

Tyler, Royall (1757-1826)   

Tyler, Royall (1757-1826) - 'The Contrast.' Modern performances: notes by Howard C. Rice, Jr. (folders 1-3)   

Tyson, Vt.   

SEE: Plymouth, Vt.

Underground Railroad   

Underhill Academy - Rhetorical Exercises 1861, '70, '71   

Underhill, Vt   

See Also: Maple--Research--Proctor Maple Research Laboratory (Underhill Vt.

Underhill, Vt -- History   

Unicorn of Holy Writ   

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO'S)   

Unification Church   

Union Carbide   

Union Twist Drill Co.--Derby, VT   

Unitarian Universalist Association   

United Church of Christ (Congregational) - Vt. Conference   

United Community Services of Chittenden County   

United States   

United States - Centennial Celebrations - 1976   

United States - Centennial Celebrations - 1976 - U.S.   

United States - Centennial Celebrations - 1976 - Vermont   

See Also: VT Centennial Celebrations

United States - Centennial Celebrations - 1976 - Vermont/NH   

United States Coast Guard   

United Way   

United Way, Addison County   

University of Vermont   

University of Vermont Foundation   

University of Vermont - Admissions   

University of Vermont - Advising and Referral Center   

University of Vermont - Affirmative Action   

University of Vermont - Aiken Lecture Essay Program for Vt., High School Students   

University of Vermont - Aiken Lecture Series   

University of Vermont - ALANA Students. SEE ALSO: UVM--Cultural Diversity   

University of Vermont - ALANA Studies   

University of Vermont - Alcohol and Drug Abuse   

University of Vermont - Allied Health   

University of Vermont - Alumni   

University of Vermont - Alumni -- Ira Allen Society   

University of Vermont - Anti-Aparteid Stock Divestiture (1985).   

University of Vermont - Archives   

University of Vermont - Art Dept.   

University of Vermont - Athletic Hall of Fame   

University of Vermont - Athletics   

University of Vermont - Baroque Ensemble   

University of Vermont - Biomedical Research - Core Facilities   

University of Vermont - Bookstore   

University of Vermont - Botany Dept.   

University of Vermont - Boulder   

University of Vermont - Budget Crisis of 2008-   

University of Vermont - Budget, Expenses, Tuition, etc.   

University of Vermont - By-Laws   

University of Vermont - Campus   

University of Vermont - Campus Ministry   

University of Vermont - Canadian Studies program   

University of Vermont - Center for Career Development   

University of Vermont - Center for Cultural Pluralism   

University of Vermont - Center for Holocaust Studies   

University of Vermont - Center for Research on Vermont   

University of Vermont - Center for Rural Studies   

University of Vermont - Center for Service learning   

University of Vermont - Center for Sustainable Agriculture   

University of Vermont - Center for World Education   

University of Vermont - Center for the Study of Aging   

University of Vermont - Charles Ross Memorial Conference   

University of Vermont - Choral Union   

University of Vermont - Christ Church   

University of Vermont - College Republicans   

University of Vermont - College of Agriculture   

University of Vermont - College of Arts and Sciences   

University of Vermont - College of Education and Social Services   

University of Vermont - College of Medicine   

University of Vermont - Colleges   

University of Vermont - Commencement Exercises   

University of Vermont - Committee for Environmental Action   

University of Vermont - Computer Service   

University of Vermont - Continuing Education   

University of Vermont - Continuing Education--Osher Lifelong Learning Institute   

University of Vermont - Counseling and Testing   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity (Before 1991)   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity (1991)-3 folders   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity (1992- )-2 folders   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity (2000- )   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity - ALANA groups   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity - Diversity University   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity - Faculty and Staff   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity - LGBTQA Services   

SEE ALSO: Domestic Partners

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity- Building Our Community Day   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity- Racism   

University of Vermont - Cultural Diversity- "UVM Today" online discussion   

University of Vermont - Curriculum   

University of Vermont - Deaf and Disability Awareness Month   

University of Vermont - Dental Hygiene   

University of Vermont - Department of Geology   

University of Vermont - Department of History   

University of Vermont - Department of Music   

University of Vermont - Department of Plant & soil Science   

University of Vermont - Domestic Partners   

University of Vermont - Early Childhood Development Center   

University of Vermont - Employees   

University of Vermont - Energy Fair   

University of Vermont - Enrollment   

University of Vermont - Environmental Council   

University of Vermont - Environmental Studies   

University of Vermont - Events and Programs off-Campus   

University of Vermont - Events and Programs on-Campus   

University of Vermont - Experiment Station   

University of Vermont - Extension Services   

University of Vermont - Faculty   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Bandel, Betty   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Colburn, Francis   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Hilberg, Raul   

University of Vermont - Faculty - McCrorey, H. Lawrence   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Morselli, Mariafranca   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Novikoff, Alexander   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Parenti, Michael   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Pringle, Cyrus G.   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Tupper, Frederick (1871-1950)   

University of Vermont - Faculty - Underhill, Prof. Ralph H. - Tenure Matter, 1979   

University of Vermont - Faculty Senate   

University of Vermont - Faculty Senate: Res & School Committe   

University of Vermont - Farm   

University of Vermont - Finance   

University of Vermont - Fine Arts Project - Fund Raising Brochure   

University of Vermont - Folk Dance Club   

University of Vermont - Food Service   

University of Vermont - Francis Colburn Art Gallery (2 folders)   

University of Vermont - Fraternities and Sororities   

University of Vermont - Friends of UVM   

University of Vermont - GREENUVM   

University of Vermont - Ghosts   

University of Vermont - Global and Regional Studies   

University of Vermont - Graduate College   

University of Vermont - Greeks   

University of Vermont - Green, The   

University of Vermont - "Greening" UVM   

University of Vermont - Gund Institute for Ecological Economics   

University of Vermont - Handicapped   

University of Vermont - Health Services   

University of Vermont - Hillel Foundation   

University of Vermont - Historic Preservation Program   

University of Vermont - History   

University of Vermont - History--Centennial Celebrations   

University of Vermont - History--Centennial Celebrations - 1941 Sesquicentennial   

University of Vermont - History--Centennial Celebrations - 1991 Bicentennial   

University of Vermont - Hockey   

University of Vermont - Honorary Degrees (1806-2006)   

University of Vermont - Honorary Societies   

University of Vermont - Honors College   

University of Vermont - Human Resources   

University of Vermont - Human Resources - Benefits   

University of Vermont - Instructional Development Center   

University of Vermont - International Students   

University of Vermont - International Studies Program   

University of Vermont - Irish Dewey Coalition   

University of Vermont - Irish Studies Program   

University of Vermont - Jericho Research Forest   

University of Vermont - Kake Walk (folders 1 & 2)   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - Staff   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - Faculty   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - John Dewey Federation   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - Staff Union drives, 2011- (NEA and United Staff).   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - United Electrical Workers   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - United Staff campaign, 2003-.   

University of Vermont - Labor Unions - United Staff campaign, 2005-.   

University of Vermont - Landscape Change Project   

University of Vermont - Lane Series   

University of Vermont - Lane Series--Announcements ( to 1980)   

University of Vermont - Lane Series--Announcements (1980- )   

University of Vermont - Library   

University of Vermont - Library--Center for Digital Initiatives   

University of Vermont - Library--Dana Medical Library   

University of Vermont - Library--Reference Department   

University of Vermont - Library--Special Collections   

University of Vermont - Living & Learning Center   

University of Vermont - Living and Learning Center - The Gallery   

University of Vermont - Management Development Series   

University of Vermont - Martin Luther King Scholarship   

University of Vermont - Medieval and Renniassance Program   

University of Vermont - Mindpower (Outstanding Faculty Program)   

University of Vermont - Misc.   

University of Vermont - Morgan Horse Farm   

University of Vermont - Mortar Board   

University of Vermont - Music   

University of Vermont - Natural Areas   

University of Vermont - Newman Center   

University of Vermont - Office of Sustainability   

University of Vermont - Outing Club   

University of Vermont - Park Gallery of Art   

University of Vermont - PeopleSoft   

University of Vermont - Physics Museum   

University of Vermont - Place-Based Landscape Analysis and Community Education (PLACE) Program   

University of Vermont - Planning (1990-1998)   

University of Vermont - Planning (1999-2000)   

University of Vermont - Planning (2001- )   

University of Vermont - Planning--Project CATalyst   

University of Vermont - Police Services   

University of Vermont - President's Commission on the Status of Women   

University of Vermont - Presidents   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Andrews, Edward C.   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Angell, James Burrill   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Bailey, Guy Winfred   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Bramley, John (Interim, 2011-)   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Carlson, William S.   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Colodny, Edwin (Interim)   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Coor, Lattie   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Davis, George H.   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Fey, John Theodore   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Marsh, James   

University of Vermont - Presidents - McCune, Shannon   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Millis, John Schoff   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Pease, Calvin   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Ramaley, Judith A.   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Rowell, Lyman Smith   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Salmon, Thomas P. (Interim)   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Sanders, Daniel Clarke   

University of Vermont - Presidents - Sullivan, E. Thomas   

University of Vermont - Presidents- Inaugural Addressess   

University of Vermont - Pringle Herbarium   

University of Vermont - Professorship, Endowed   

University of Vermont - Project S.T.A.Y.   

University of Vermont - Protest Movements   

University of Vermont - Protest Movements - Terrorism   

University of Vermont - Public Relations Office   

University of Vermont - Recycling   

University of Vermont - Rescue   

University of Vermont - Research   

University of Vermont - Residential Life/Housing   

University of Vermont - Rising Sun Coalition   

University of Vermont - Risk Management (2 Folders)   

University of Vermont - Robert Hull Fleming Museum   

University of Vermont - Robert Hull Fleming Museum - Exhibitions   

University of Vermont - Robert Hull Fleming Museum - Exhibitions - Announcements   

University of Vermont - Robert Hull Fleming Museum - Exhibitions - Posters   

University of Vermont - Robert Hull Fleming Museum - Muse   

University of Vermont - Robert Hull Fleming Museum - Schedule of Events   

University of Vermont - Royall Tyler Theater (2 Folders)   

University of Vermont - Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources   

University of Vermont - School of Business Administration   

University of Vermont - School of Natural Resources   

University of Vermont - School of Nursing   

University of Vermont - Seal   

University of Vermont - Service   

University of Vermont - Service learning   

University of Vermont - Speakers Bureau   

University of Vermont - "Spires of Excellence" --Transdisciplinary Research Initiative   

University of Vermont - "Spires of Excellence" - Transdisciplinary Research Inititive - Complex Systems   

University of Vermont - "Spires of Excellence" -- Transdisciplinary Research Initiative - Food Systems.   

University of Vermont - "Spires of Excellence" - Transdisciplinary Research Initiative - Neuroscience, Behavior, and Health   

University of Vermont - Sports   

University of Vermont - Sports - Basketball   

University of Vermont - Spring Fest   

University of Vermont - St. Anselms Chapel   

University of Vermont - Staff   

University of Vermont - Staff Council   

University of Vermont - Staff--Basic Needs and Equitable Compensation Task Force   

University of Vermont - Student Activities on Campus   

University of Vermont - Student Association   

University of Vermont - Student Government Association   

University of Vermont - Student Organizations   

University of Vermont - Summer Session   

University of Vermont - Technical Information Center   

University of Vermont - Telecommunications   

University of Vermont - Theatre Department   

University of Vermont - Town/Gown Relationship   

University of Vermont - Transportation & Parking Services   

University of Vermont - Trustees   

University of Vermont - United Way   

University of Vermont - University Club   

University of Vermont - University Quarterly   

University of Vermont - UVM Start   

Alumni-supported program that assists student intrepreneurs in development of their projects.

University of Vermont - Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies   

University of Vermont - Vermont Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases   

University of Vermont - Vermont Community Data Bank   

University of Vermont - Vermont Cynic   

University of Vermont - Vermont Seminars   

University of Vermont - Vermont Studies Program   

University of Vermont - Vermont Water Resources Research Center   

University of Vermont - Volunteers in Action   

University of Vermont - Women   

University of Vermont - Women's Center   

University of Vermont - Women's Studies   

University of Vermont - Women--Women's History Month   

University of Vermont - WRUV   

Unwed Mothers   

Upham, Senator William (1843-53)   

Upper Valley - Lake Sunapee Council   

Upson, William Hazlett   

Uranium Mines and Mining   

See Also: Radioactive Wastes; Radon; Atomic Power

Urban Renewal   


SEE: Electric Utilities

Valcour Island - Battle of (1776)   

Valcour Island - Raising of Philadelphia (1935)   

Van de Water, Frederick   

Van Pattern, William James   

Van Vliet, Claire   

Vergennes, Vt   

Vergennes, Vt - Bixby Library   

Vergennes, Vt - Churches   

Vergennes, Vt - Elton Crafts   

Vergennes, Vt - History   

Vergennes, Vt - Kennedy Brothers Woodenware   

Vergennes, Vt - Northlands Job Corp Center   


Vermont "Firsts"   

Vermont (Cross) Crackers   

Vermont - Dept. of Health   

Vermont - Dept. of Highways   

Vermont - Dept. of Highways - Highway Construction, Regulation & Safety   

Vermont - Dept. of Highways - Right of Way Division   

Vermont - Dept. of Labor and Industry   

Vermont - Dept. of Libraries   

See Also: Libraries; Vermont Free Public Library Service

Vermont - Dept. of Liquor Control   

Vermont - Dept. of Mental Health   

Vermont - Description (1900--1950)(1950-)   

Vermont - EPSCOR   

Vermont - General Assembly - House   

Vermont - General Assembly - Senate   

Vermont - Geological Survey   

Vermont - Governor's Commission on the Administration of Justice   

Vermont - Governor's Commission on The Status of Women   

Vermont - Governor's Commission on Women   

Vermont - Governor's Committee on Aging   

Vermont - Governor's Committee on Children and Youth   

Vermont - Governor's Conference on Recreation   

Vermont - Governor's Conference on the Future of Vermont's Heritage   

Vermont - Governor's Cost Control Council   

Vermont - Governors   

Vermont - Governors - Planning Council (Water Resources Report)   

Vermont - Health Policy Corporation   

Vermont - Heart Association   

Vermont - Higher Education Council   

Vermont - Historical Society - Clippings, Publicity   

Vermont - Historical Society - Edmunds Memorial Essay Contest   

Vermont - Historical Society - Library   

Vermont - Historical Society - Meetings   

Vermont - Historical Society - Misc.   

Vermont - Historical Society - Ralph Nading Hill Literary Prize   

Vermont - Historical Society - Trustee Reports   

Vermont - History and Description - 20th Century   

Vermont -- History and Description (2000- )   

Vermont - History and Description - Bibliography   

Vermont - Home Demonstration Council   

Vermont - Home Mortgage Guarantee Board   

Vermont - Horticulture Society   

Vermont - Hospital Association   

Vermont - Housing Investment Fund, Inc.   

Vermont - Human Rights Commission   

Vermont Academy (Saxtons River, Vt)   

Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences (folders 1 & 2)   

Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering   

Vermont Achievement Center (formally, Vt. Association for the Crippled)   

Vermont Advisory Council for Vocational - Technical Education   

Vermont Agency of Development & Community Affairs   

Vermont Agency of Human Services   

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources   

Vermont Agency of Transportation   

See Also: VT. Dept. of Highways

Vermont Agricultural Mobilization Committee   

Vermont Alliance   

Vermont Alliance of Conservation Voters   

Vermont and Boston Telegraph   

Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association   

Vermont Antiquarian Society   

Vermont Antique Dealers' Association   

Vermont Archaeological Society   

Vermont Arts Council   

SEE: Vermont Council on the Arts

Vermont Association for Mental Services   

See Also: Mental Health Services

Vermont Association for Retarded Citizens   

Vermont Association for the Blind   

Vermont Association for the Crippled   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Achievement Center

Vermont Association of Insurance Agents   

Vermont Association of New Haven, Ct   

Vermont Association of Realtors   

Vermont Association of Students' Councils   

Vermont Association of Worcester   

Vermont Astronomical Society   

Vermont Attorney General   

Vermont Auditor of Accounts   

Vermont Bankers Association   

Vermont Bar Association   

Vermont Bible Society   

Vermont Board of Education   

Vermont Boundaries   

Vermont Budget   

SEE: Vermont State Budget

Vermont Bureau of Industrial Research   

Vermont Bureau of Publicity   

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility   

Vermont Cares   


Vermont Center For Geographic Information   

Vermont Children's Forum   

Vermont Children's Magazine   

Vermont Christian Youth Council   

Vermont Church Council / Vermont Council of Churches   

Vermont Citizens Conference on the Administration of Justice   

Vermont Citizens For Global Safety   

Vermont Citizens Forest Roundtable   

Vermont Citizenship Education Program, Works Projects Administration   

Vermont Civil Rights Union   

Vermont College   

SEE ALSO: Norwich University

Vermont College of Fine Arts   

Vermont Colleges and Universities   

Vermont Commission on Country Life   

Vermont Commission on Higher Educaton   

Vermont Commission on Women   

SEE: Vermont - Governor's Commission on Women

Vermont Committee for Irish Human Rights   

Vermont Community Data Bank   

Vermont Community Foundation   

Vermont Community Theatre Survey   

Vermont Conference for Independent Political Action   

Vermont Conference of Social Welfare   

Vermont Conference on the Primary Prevention of Psychopathology   

Vermont Conservatory of the Arts   

Vermont Constitution   

Vermont Constitutional Conventions   

Vermont Council on the Arts   

Vermont Council on the Humanities & Public Issues   

Vermont Council on World Affairs   

Vermont Country Store   

Vermont Craftsmen and Artisans   

SEE ALSO: Handicraft; Silversmiths

Vermont Data Bank   

Vermont Dept. of Agriculture   

Vermont Dept. of Banking and Insurance   

Vermont Dept. of Corrections   

Vermont Dept. of Education   

Vermont Dept. of Education - Division of Instruction   

Vermont Dept. of Education - Social Library Services   

Vermont Dept. of Employment Security   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Unemployment Compensation Commission

Vermont Dept. of Fish & Wildlife   

Formerly Vermont Dept. of Fish & Game; SEE ALSO - Vermont Fish and Game Department (Haugen File)

Vermont Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation   

SEE ALSO: Vermont State Forest & Parks

Vermont Dept. of Motor Vehicles   

Vermont Dept. of Recreation   

Vermont Dept. of Social Welfare   

Vermont Dept. of Taxes   

Vermont Development Credit Union   

Vermont Developmental Disabilities - Planning and Advisory Council   

Vermont Dismas House   

Vermont Division for Historic Preservation   

Vermont Economic Development Authority   

Vermont Ecumenical Council - Bassett Folder   

Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society   

Vermont Education Association   

Vermont Educational Media Association   

Vermont Educational Medical Political Action Committee   

Vermont Electronic Technicians Association   

Vermont Farm Bureau   

Vermont Firsts Art Collection   

Vermont Flora   

Vermont Folklife Center   

SEE: Folklore--Vermont Folklife Center

Vermont Foodbank   

SEE ALSO: Hunger

Vermont Forums   

Vermont Free Public Library Service   

Vermont Freeman   

Vermont Fund Raising Council   

Vermont Games and Toys   

Vermont Gas Systems   

Vermont Genetics Network   

Vermont Girl Scout Council   

SEE: Girl Scouts

Vermont Heritage Days   

Vermont Historical Association   

SEE: Living History Association, Inc.

Vermont Historical Society--Vermont History Expo   

Vermont in Mississippi (Civil Rights Project)   

Vermont Institute of Government   

Vermont Institute of Natural Science (Woodstock, Vt.)   

Vermont International Film Festival   

Vermont Kidney Association   

Vermont Labor and Farm Council   

Vermont Labor Forum   

SEE: Trade Unions

Vermont Labor HistorySociety   

Vermont Labor Relations Board   

Vermont Land Trust   

SEE: Land Trusts--Vermont Land Trust

Vermont Landscape Image Project (1976)   

Vermont Law & Statutes   

Vermont Law School   

Vermont League of Cities and Towns - Conference and Workshops   

Vermont League of Cities and Towns - Employees   

Vermont League of Cities and Towns - Guidelines   

Vermont League of Cities and Towns - Revenue Sharing   

Vermont Legal Aid   

Vermont Libraries   

Vermont Libraries--History   

Vermont Library Association - Conferences   

Vermont Library Association - Constitutions   

Vermont Library Association - Constitutions - 1974-1978   

Vermont Library Association - Constitutions - 1991   

Vermont Life Magazine   

Vermont Literature--bibliographies   

Vermont Lottery   

Vermont Low Income Advocacy Council   

Vermont Lung Association   

Vermont Military History   

Vermont Mozart Festival (3Folders)   

Vermont Multiple Sclerosis Society   

Vermont Museum & Gallery Alliance   

Vermont National Guard   

SEE ALSO: Militia

Vermont National Guard--F-35 aircraft controversy (2012-).   2012- 

Vermont National Guard--War in Iraq/Afghanistan   

Vermont Natural Resources Council   

Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Act   

Vermont Old Cemetery Association   

Vermont Outlook (Burlington Free Press)   

Vermont Parent Teacher Association   

Vermont People's Bicentennial Commission   

Vermont Pesticide Advisory Council   

SEE ALSO: Pesticides

Vermont Petroleum Association   

Vermont Philatelic Society   

Vermont Philharmonic   

Vermont Press Association   

Vermont Psychological Association, Inc.   

Vermont Public Bureau   

Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG)   

Vermont Public Radio   

Vermont Public Records Commission   

Vermont Public Service Board   

Vermont Real Estate Commission   

Vermont Real Estate Investment Trust (bankrupt 1982)   

Vermont Reggae Festival   

Vermont Regional Cancer Center   

Vermont Renaissance Symposium   

Vermont Research Corporation   

Vermont Respite House   

Vermont Restaurant Association   

Vermont Retail Association   

Vermont River Conservancy   

Vermont School Boards Association   

Vermont Secessionist Movement   

Vermont Secretary of State   

Vermont Societies   

Vermont Society of Mayflower Descendants   

Vermont State   

Vermont State Budget   

Vermont State Chamber of Commerce   

Vermont State Coat of Arms   

Vermont State Colleges   

Vermont State Craft Center at Frog Hollow, Middlebury, Vt.   

Vermont State Craft Center at Windsor House, Windsor, VT   

Vermont State Educational Advisory   

Vermont State Emblems   

Vermont State Employee's Association   

Vermont State Flags   

Vermont State Forest & Parks   

Vermont State Government   

Vermont State Grange   

Vermont State House   

Vermont State Housing   

Vermont State Income   

Vermont State Medical Society   

Vermont State Musical Society   

Vermont State Music Festival   

Vermont State Papers   

Vermont State Papers - Grand Lists   

Vermont State Planning Office   

Vermont State Police   

Vermont State Prison   

Vermont State Retirement System   

Vermont State School of Agriculture   

Vermont State Seal   

Vermont State Teacher's Association   

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation   

Vermont Studio Center: SEE Johnson, VT--Vermont Studio School   

Vermont Symphony Orchestra (4 Folders)   

Vermont Tax Department   

SEE: Vermont Dept. of Taxes

Vermont Technical College (Randolph, Vt.)   

SEE ALSO: Vermont State School of Agriculture; Randolph--State Normal School

Vermont Teddy Bear Co.   

SEE: Shelburne, Vt.--Business Enterprises--Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

Vermont Teen Congress   

Vermont Temperance Society   

Vermont Tomorrow   

Vermont Transit Co., Inc.   

Vermont Tuberculosis and Health Association   

Vermont Unemployment Compensation Commission (2 Folders)   

Vermont Vanguard Press   

Vermont Veterans Home (Bennington, Vt.)   

Vermont Veterans of Foreign Wars   

Vermont Whey Pollution Abatement Authority   

Vermont Wilderness Association   

Vermont Woman's Relief Corps   

Vermont Women's Christian Temperance Union   

Vermont Women's Fund   

Vermont Women's History Project   

Vermont Women's Political Caucus   

Vermont Workers' Center   

Vermont Yale Club   

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps   

Vermont Youth Orchestra   

SEE ALSO: Burlington Friends of Music (Burlington Friends of Music)

Vermont--Centennial Celebrations   

Vermont--Centennial Celebrations - 1941   

Vermont--Centennial Celebrations - 1991 (Statehood)   

Vermont--Centennial Celebrations - Sesquicentennial   

SEE: Centennial Celebrations

Vermont--Centennial Celebrations - Vermont Bicentennial Commission   

Vermont--Center for Independent Living, Montpelier, Vt   

Vermont Chambers of Commerce   

Vermont Charities   

Vermont Children's Aid Society (Folders 1 & 2)   

See Also: Child Welfare

Vermont General Assembly--Legislative Committees   

Vermont Imprints - "American Imprints Inventory for Vermont: 1857-59, 1866-68" From Library of Congress   

Vermont Industrial Development Society   

Vermont International Sculptors Symposium   



SEE: Vermont Centennial Celebrations

Vermont/Canada Trade Office   

SEE: Foreign Trade--Vt./Canada Trade Office


SEE: Television Stations--Vermont ETV


Vermont/New York City Project Community of The Performing Arts   

Vermont/Nicaraguan Construction Brigade   

Vermonter Magazine (1895-1946)   


Vermonters for a Clean Environment   

Vermonters for a Democratic Palestine   

Vermonters for Democratic Action   

Vernon, Vt.   

Vershire, Vt.   


Victory Bog   

Victory, Vt.   

Viele, Mrs. Teresa Griffin   

Viet Nam War   

Views, Vermont   

Visiting Nurse Assoc.   

Vocational Rehabilitation   


SEE ALSO: Labor; Trade Unions

Wages--Vermont Campaign for a Liveable Wage (1999- )   

SEE ALSO: Vermont Workers' Center

Waitsfield, Vt.   

See Also: Mad River Valley

Waitsfield, Vt. -- History   

Wake Robin Corp.   

SEE: Shelburne, Vt.--Wake Robin Corp.

Wal-Mart (1993-)   

See ALso: St. Albans, Vt.--Wal-Mart; Williston, Vt.--Wal-Mart

Walden, Vt.   

Waller, Mary Ella, 1855-1938   

Wallingford, VT   

Walton, E.P.   

War in Iraq   

SEE ALSO: Vermont National Guard--War in Iraq; Peace--One Hour for Peace

War of 1812   

Wardsboro, Vt.   

Warner, Seth and Green Mountain Boys   

Warren, Vt.   

See Also: Skis and Skiing - Warren, Vt.

Washington County Grammar School   

Water Pollution   

See Also: Champlain, Lake - Pollution; Sewage disposal

Water Pollution--Amphibian malformations