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Vermont Small Bound Manuscript Collection

Collection Inventory

Adams, John Sullivan: Memorial Address on George G. Ingersoll   1863 

Albany, Vermont Baptist Church Records   1832-1867 

Albany, Vermont Baptist Sabbath School Record Book   1871-1877 

Albany, Vermont (Congregational) Church of Christ Record Books - 2 volumes   1818-1894 

Albany, Vermont: Congregational Church, Ladies' Aid Society, Society Records - 2 volumes   1896-1927 

Alger, W. R.: Farm account book, Stowe, VT   1881-1887 

Allen, Dennis B.: Journal and account book, Springfield, VT - 3 volumes   1839-1904 

Allen, Joseph Dana: Survey book, Chenango Canal, New York   1838 

Allen, William: Surveyor's notebook, northeastern Vermont   circa 1810 

Anonymous: Scrapbook of letterheads, seals, insignias, and autographs.   undated 

Anonymous Theological and Biblical Commentaries   circa 1800-1820 

Arbuckle & Co. Burlington, VT: Account Book   1881-1903 

Armstrong, Wallace E. Williston Seminary: Math notebooks - 2 volumes of notebooks, 1 text   circa 1890 

Athens, Vermont: Overseer of the Poor, records   1892-1925 

Austin, Louise A: Personal account book, Bethel, Vermont   1850-1881 

Averill, John W. & Edith: Diaries - 11 volumes   1864-1876 

Bakersfield Free Public Library: Out name book   1946-47 

Ballard, A.C. Winooski, Vt.: Attorney Diary - 2 volumes   1870-1871 

Ballard, Mahlon H: Farm Accounts and Georgia Cheese Factory Accounts, Georgia VT- 3 volumes   1862-1914 

Baptist Ministers' Conference of the West River Valley: Record Book   1907-1916 

Barrett, Philip: Account Book, sawmill and personal, no place   1816-1822 

Bartlett, Octave W: Apprentice organ builder's account book, Westfield, MA and Brattleboro, Vt   1868-1874 

Bashford, George James: Music copyright, no location   1835 

Bates, Charles: Autograph Book, Williston Vt   1883-1885 

Baum and Hawley: Collection account book, and some scrapbook pages by Sarah C. Hawley, Troy NY   1835-1850 

Beebe, Farnam S: Wagon maker's account book, Richmond VT   1828-1833 

Bigelow, Nancy H: Commonplace book, various locations   1824-1874 

Bissell, William H.A.: Diary, fishing trip to Laurentians   1887 

Bixby, J.D. and Co: Account book, accounts with Farmers and Mechanics Bank, Burlington VT   1852-1853 

Blinn, Charles H: Diary Civil War soldier- 2 volumes (volume 1 has transcript)   1861-1864 

Boarding House: Daily Accounts, Randolph VT   1893-1895 

Boarding House [for women]: Rent Book, no location   1964-1968 

Boardman, Ellen F Catlin: Personal/household account book, Burlington VT   1852-1881 

Boyce, Thomas E: Survey books and diary, Middleburry, VT- 4 volumes   1881-1922 

Brainerd, A. E.: Commonplace book, and Troy Female Seminary St. Albans, VT   1838-1861 

Brattleboro VT: Pageant Photo Album   1912 

Bristol Aqueduct Company: Records, Bristol VT- 2 volumes   1811-1911 

Bristol, Willard R. and Russell Titus: Account book, butter trade, Vergennes VT   1877-1882 

Brooklyn Society of Vermonters: Constitution, list of members   1891 

Brown, B. F: Diary, Brookfield VT   1875 

Brown, Etta: Senior class notebook, no place or school   1879 

Brownell, Laura Chapin Higbee: Scrapbook, over account book of Chauncy W. Brownell, Essex Junction, VT   circa 1850-1880 

Buckham, James: Sermons in Greek, no place-volume 4   circa 1830 

Bucklin, Mrs. Elden G: Diary, Colchester VT   1954 

Bulkeley and Loomis: Docket book   1809-1811 

Bull, Henry T: Diary and account book, no place- 3 volumes   1914-1916 

Burlingame, Daniel: Personal/general store account book, Proctorsville VT   1831-1854 

Burlington Junior High Council Minutes   1937-1938 

Burlington High School Parent Teacher Association Account Book, Burlington, VT   1932-1947 

Burlington Historical Society: Record book, Burlington Vt   1927-1928 

Burlington, VT General committee of Thirty-nine: Record book for Centennial celebration July 4, 1876   1876 

Burlington, VT: Record of guests, city sesquicentennial   1923 

Burlington, VT: State Capitol -Subscription book to build capitol in Burlington - 3 volumes   1857 

Burlington, VT: Universalist Society Record book,   1830-1848 

Burnap, Blanche: Student, unidentified location, account book   1900-1902 

Bushnell Augustus: Account book, Georgia VT   1873 

Bynes, Lizzie Horn: Diary, Auburn ME   1902 

Caledonia County Court St. Johnsbury, VT: Court transcript, Miles v. Woodbury, December   1900 

Carter, George C: From Massachusetts to Eastern Vermont Via New Brunswick. Ed. by J. Carter   1981 

Carter, Georgia C: Joseph my first born: A New mother's diary. Ed. by J. Carter   1981 

Chadwick, Lucian F; Personal account book, Bethel VT   1859-1871 

Chaffee, Rufus: Shoemaker's account book, Athens VT   1816-1841 

Champlain Ministers Assoc: Records- 3 volumes   1933-1961 

Chase, Rev. Carleton: An exploration of the morning service, Bellows Falls VT.   1838 

Chase, Stephen: Photograph album of Stephen Chase, Student at St. Johnsbury Academy, 53pp.   1892 

Chester Village Lyceum: Record book, Chester, VT, ; with lawyer's notes   1857-1858 

Citizen's Temperance League of Vermont: Record book   1945-1958 

Colton, Eleanor, P: Autograph album, New York and Massachussetts   1837-1840 

Congdon, B.S: Martin Van Bruen Congdon, 19th century doctor. Ed. by J. Carter.   1981 

Commonplace book, Addison County, VT. Anon woman. 9pp 19.5 cm   1849-1879 

Converse, John Kendrick; address book, Burlington VT. no date, used as scrapbook   1843-1847 

Cooper, Alden S: Methodist Episcopal minister's diary, Milton, VT   1867-1869 

Cornell, Deborah: Commonplace book, New York State Oneida County   1831-1845 

Craig, John: Tax collector's record book, Waterbury VT   1793-1795 

Cram, Jacob: Journal, missionary tour through VT and NH   1808-1809 

Cutler, Joseph B: Account book, blacksmith, Highgate VT   1829-1844 

Danforth, James and Prudence: Diary   1899 

Daughters of the American Revolution, Bellevue Chapter, St. Albans, VT: Ledgers and Record Books   1911-1933, 1938-1944 

Davis, Charles R: Personal cash account book, Essex VT   1902 

Day, Nettie C: Autograph album, Ripley female college, Poultney VT   1864-1865 

Dean, William: Transcript of journal/reminiscenes, by Joan Cook   1988 

Dean, William: Cash book, 1851-1860, with reminiscenes written 1855, Ferrisburg, VT (2 volumes)   1851-1860, 1855 

Delano, Samuel: Sermons, Strafford, Williamstown, North Haverhill (13 Volumes)   1857-1873 

Derby Baptist Church, Derby, Vermont: Record Book   1923-1925 

Dougherty, Louise M.: Household/farm account book, Johnson, VT   1878-1885 

[Dewey, William]?: Record of marriages, Montpelier and Burlington, VT   1791-1834 

[Duffy]? (Duffy Farm) Diary: Waterville, VT   1892 

[Duffy]? (Duffy Farm) Diary: Waterville, VT.   1894 

Dutton, John: Civil War Diary   1863 

East Charlotte Ladies Aid Society: Record Book   1871-1876 

East Fairfield Ladies Aid Society: Record Book, East Fairfield, VT   1882-1891 

Eden Mills, VT: Treasurer's records, School District No. 3   1856-1887 

Eldridge, Joseph W.: Account book, Warren, VT, general store & postmaster   1833-1841 

Emery, Philo: Civil War Diary   1863-1864 

Emery, Philo: Civil War Diary   1861-1862 

Enosburg Falls, VT: Photograph album   1917 

Enright, Joseph E.: Methodist Episcopal Church: Account book (2 Volumes)   1860-1876, 1875-1882 

Essex, Vermont: Cemeteries Card-file of military graves   Circa 1940 

Excelsior Club (Burlington, Vt): Record book   1856-1858 

Fairfax, Vermont.: North Baptist Church: Record book (2 volumes)   1828-1880 

Fairfax, VT: School District No. 3 Records of notices and minutes of meeting (2 volumes)   1801 November 10 to 1893 March 13 

Fairfield, Vermont: School District Number 24: Record book   1863-1892 

Farr, Squire: Account book, Huntington, VT   1828-1832 

Fassett, Joseph: Tavern and still owner ledger, Bennington and Burlington, VT and Plattsburg, NY   1813-1825 

Fay, Laura Sherwin: Autograph Album, Lowell, MA   1830-1865 

Fisher, H.Q., Addison, VT: Diary   1894-1895 

Aboard steamer Powderham from New York City to to South Africa and South America delivering sheep as a representative of a breeder.

Fisher, William H.H.: Civil War soldier's diary   1865 

Fison, Roger: Diary, Burlington, VT (Journalist)   1912 

Fleming, Archibald: Ocean crossing journal (May to August 1819), Notes on religion (July to September 1817), 16cm   1817 July-1819 August 

Fonda & Rich Ledger, St. Albans, VT   1872-1880 

Franklin County Agricultural Society: Record Book   1844-1899 

French, George B.: Scrapbook, correspondence received as clerk Windsor County Court   1867-1869 

French, George B.: Stud Book   Circa 1880s 

French, Jeremiah W.: Lawyer's records, Burlington, VT, 1854-1868 (volume 1 of 2) Notes on law cases, 1854-1859   1854-1859 

French, Jeremiah W.: Lawyer's records, Burlington, VT, 1854-1868 (Volume 2 of 2) Letter copy book, 1863-1868   1854-1868 

Frenyear, Cyprian P.: "The Roll of the Baptist Ministry of Vermont"   1870s to 1890s 

Fullington, H.C.: Account book, East Cambridge, VT   circa 1882-1902 

Gale, Benjamin, Milton, VT: Notebook   1852-1866 

Gamp, Sarah: Autograph album, East Dorset, VT   1877-1891 

[Garrett, Bessie]?: Scrapbook of clippings from Barre Daily Times   1938 

Glastenbury, Vermont: Proprietors' records   1790-1821 

Glover, VT: Universalist Benevolent Society   Undated 

Gordon, Charles F., Norwich, VT: Naval Log Book   1857-1858 

Goss & Gleason, Monkton, VT (kaolin works): Account book, workers' hours (2 Volumes)   1883 August 1 to 1890 February 23 

Graduate Nurses' Association of Burlington, VT: Record Book No. 1   1900-1911 

Grain trade: Account book, anonymous grain dealer, Franklin County Bank Exchange   1866-1868 

Green Mountain Cotswold Sheep Association, Record Book   1886-1897 

Greensboro, VT: First Universalist Society   1837 January 

Griffith, Peleg: Account book, lumber business, Danby, VT   1877-1886 

Hale, Sarah: Berlin, VT: Commonplace Book   1840-1850 

Halifax, Vermont: Baptist Church Record book   1784-1791 

Hall, George M., St. Albans, VT: Autograph Book   1834-1842 

Hamlin, Nathaniel: Docket book, Rutland County Court 1800-1819; account book, Pawlet, VT 1798-1835   1798-1835 

Harwood, Albert: Civil War Diary   1862-1863 

Harrington, William C.: Docket Book, Chittenden County Court   1800-1813 

Harris, Luther B.: "A Prison Story," Civil War prison account   1887-1888 

Harris, Luther B: Sheep Registery Book, Lyndon Center, VT   1891-1905 

Haskell, Charles W: Account book, no location   1857-1864 

Haverhill, New Hampshire: Post office accounts   1811-1812 

Hawley, Julia F.: Commonplace book, Troy NY and Manchester VT   1869-1881 

Hayden, Chauncey H. (1857-): Notebook, Superintendent of Schools Chittenden County VT   1891-1896 

Haynes, Silvanus: Spiritual Autobiography   1810-1826 

Haynes was pastor of the Baptist church in Middletown, Vermont from 1791 to 1817, when he moved to Camillus, New York.

Hays, Mary E.: Autograph album, Alton Cotner, NH   1872-1891 

Hazard, O.:Farm accounts, Charlotte VT, ca. 100 pp.   1874-1879 

Hazard, S.M.: Farmer's account book, Charlotte VT   1885-1886 

Hill, Rebeccah H.: Autograph album, Montpelier Academy, Montpelier, VT   1827-1833 

Hilton, George H.: General Store Inventory and Ledger: Chester, VT   1832-1835 

Hinckley, Oscar: Civil War Diary   1862 

Hinesburgh Academy: Trustees' Records (2 volumes)   1824-1899 

Holcomb, Cyrus: Account book   1845-1863 

Holden, Clarence E.: Historical Articles concerning Whitehall, N.Y.   1919 January 

Holden, Clarence E.: Whitehall, N.Y. Scrapbook (copy)   1919 

Holley, Nathan, Jr. (Monkton, VT): Diary   1862 

Holton, William H.H.: Soldiers' personal account book   1865-1868 

F.L. Hosford: Ledger Book, Burlington, VT   1885-1893 

Howard, Stephen: Account book, plow sales Londonderry, VT   1849-1871 

Howe Family: Notebook, class notes in French and Math from UVM and bird list from Newfane or Burlington, VT   1888-1892 

Hoxie, Lois: New York State Oneida County, Commonplace Book   1844-1847 

Huard Photo Co.: Flood of 1927 photograph album   Undated 

Hubbard, Jonathan H.: Lawyer's notebooks, Windsor, VT (Volume 1 of 2)   1799-1813  

Hubbard, Jonathan H.: Lawyer's notebooks, Windosr, VT (Volume 2 of 2)   1799-1813 

Hubbell, Charles B.: World War II Photograph albums (2 volumes)   circa 1941-1945 

Huggins, Thomas D.: Lawyer's notebook, 1805: Anonymous Merino sheep accounts   1810-1823 

Hull, Harry Lidell: Child's scrapbook, Chicago, IL   1876 

Huntington, VT: Baptist Church, Records of the church   1828-1866 

Huntington, Vermont Women's Missionary Society (Baptist): Record book of the society, (2 volumes)   1883-1917 

Hurlburt, Hiram: Personal Accounts, Grand Isle, VT   1859-1879 

Hutchins, William W.: Personal account book, Stowe, VT   1841-1856 

Hyde Park, VT.: Account books, General Store, Saw Mill & Commonplace accounts (Volume 1 of 2)   Circa 1860-1900 

Hyde Park, VT: Account Books, French exercises pasted over with clippings of obits. recipes, births & marriages in Lamoille County, VT (volume 2 of 2)   Circa 1860-1900 

International Order of Good Templars: Pioneer Lodge No. 59, Log book   1895-1897 

Ira Button & Co., Brandon, VT: Cash book   1829-1834 

Irasburg, Vermont: Proprietors' records   1801-1808 

Jamaica, Vermont: School District Number One, Record book   1841-1875 

Jarvis, William, Farm account book   Circa 1817-1822 

Jennison, C.S.: Farm machinery dealer's account book, Swanton, VT   1883-1886 

Jericho, Vermont: Town tax records (4 volumes)   1891-1893 

Jewett, Fayette: Journals   1855-1857 

Johnson, Cyrus: Plymouth, Vt, Lister book and militia roster   1868 April 

Johnson, Vermont: Baptist Church, Church records (2 volumes)   1898-1934 

Johnson, Vermont: Baptist Sunday School: Cash book, 1885-1911 and attendance book 1908 (2 volumes)   1885-1911 

Jones, A.J.: West Cornwall, VT: Account book   1855 June 

Kelley, John T.: Civil War soldier's diary, 2nd Reg. VT. Vols.   1864 

Joslyn, James: Farmer's account book, unidentified location   1840-1869 

Kennedy, Eugene H.: Chelsea, Vermont, mechanic/lumberman/carpenter, Account book   1892-1903 

Keyes, Francis P.: A Theatre Goer's Guide (2 volumes)   Undated 

Ladd, P.G. & Sons: Steamer express account book of goods to passing steamboats   1849-1868 

Knapp, Francis L.: Civil War Diary   1864 

Lawrence, Abbott: Copy, dispatch to U.S. Secretary of State John M. Clayton   1850 April 19 

Leason, William: Ledger   Undated 

Leavenworth, Henry: Accounts with Farmers and Mechanics Bank, Burlington, VT (2 volumes)   1850-1854 

Leland, Henry S., Private, 1st Vermont Light Artillery: Civil War diary   1864 January to April 

Lindbergh, Charles: Scrapbook of Lindbergh's flight   1927 

Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel: Manuscripts of six poems   Circa 1904 

Locke, Carrie Sawyer: Attendence, grammar and spelling lessons   1894-1910 

Locke, Carrie Sawyer: Attendence, grammar, spelling lessons from Topsham, VT schools   1894-1910 

Long Pond: A History and a Diary - Westmore, VT   1886-1903 

Loomis, Horace & Luther: Tannery receipt book, Burlington, VT (2 volumes)   1802-1825 

Loomis, Maria: Music copybook, Burlington, VT   circa 1840 

Lowell, Vermont: Record book, School District No. 1 (2 volumes)   1851-1893 

Ludlow, VT: Record book, School District No. 8   1844 

Lyndonville, VT: anonymous diary   1873 

Macdonough, Thomas: Personal account book, various locations   1813-1824 

Mason, Mary S. Davis: Young lady's diary, Fairlee, VT   1883-1893 

McAllister, Louis L.: Photographer's diary, Burlington, VT   1958 

McGee, Jonathan: Theological notebook, 1815-1817, and record of marriages performed Brattleboro, VT   1825-1834 

Massachusetts Infantry, 10th Regiment, 1780-1781, Orderly book   1780-1781 

Mather, Susan P.: Travel journal, Mediterranean   1907 

Mayo, H.: Account book, sheep and personal finances, (2 volumes)   1847-1852 

Medical notebook: Anonymous notes on diseases, no place or date   Circa 1820 

Miller, H.J.: Physician's ledger, Sheldon, VT   1868-1870 

Miner, C.M.: Account book, Swanton and Richford, VT   1848-1856 

Montgomery, Vermont: Second Baptist Church, Records   1846-1869 

Moore, Effie: Scrapbook on Rev. Loammi G. Ware, Burlington, VT   1891 

Moore, Fanny A.: Autograph album, various VT & MA locations   1860-1885 

Morrill & Bell (Hardwick, Vermont): Account book, livery stable   1907-1912 

Morse, David S.: Account book, Charleston, VT   1847-1857 

Morton, George: Account book, Williston and Burlington, VT   1868-1871, 1893-1897 

Montreal and Vermont Junction Railway Company: Treasurer's accounts   1863-1887 

Morrison, Laurie: Physician's Book   1916-1941 

Mount Holly Advent Church Records   1854-1888 

[Mower, Josephus J.]?, Farmer's account book, Stowe, VT   1836-1853 

Mumford, Rita: Diary, Rutland, VT   1923-1924 

Mundell, William: Account Book, Jamaica, VT   1848-1860's 

New England Protective Union Div. 101, Minutes, 1849-1865, Calais, Vermont includes records of a grain store 1887-1890   1849-1865, 1887-1890 

New Haven, Vermont: Record book, School District No. 12   1815-1861 

Newton, Louis S.: Index to library of architecture books   Circa 1945 

North Bennington, Vermont. Baptist Curch, Record Books, Baptist Young People's Union (2 Volumes)   1884-1903 

North Bennington, Vermont Baptist Church, Record Book, Brotherhood Class   1914-1915 

Northeast, Kingdom, VT: Photo album of hunting trip   Undated 

Northfield, VT: 9th School District Records   1842-1887 

Northfield, VT: Photograph Album of 1927 flood   1927 

North Thetford Water Co., Account book   1849-1863 

Nye, Elmer Issac (1855-?), Diary, Connecticut and Rhode Island   1864-1866 

Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railroad: Record book, lands in Clinton County, NY   circa 1885 

Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Burlington, VT: Pledge Book   1944-1947 

Olcott, Sarah Jane: Diary/essay book, no place   1843-1847 

Olmsted, Franklin White: Minister's diary, Bridport, VT   1850-1854 

Olmstead, Samuel N.: Tax assessor's accounts, Elmore, VT (5 Volumes)   1876-1883 

Orcutt, Hiram: Educator's autobiography, 1894, teaching various New England towns   Undated 

Panton, Vermont, Methodist Episcopal Church: Church records (5 Volumes)   1877-1931 

Panton, Vermont: Overseers of the Poor: Account book   1838-1861 

Parker, Augustus L.: Londonderry, VT (8 Volumes)   1867-1876 

Parker, Charles Carroll: Minister's diary, Waterbury, VT   1859-1862 

Parker, Samuel D.: Civil War Diary   1864 

Parmelee, Simeon: Pittsford, VT: Stone Mason's account book   1829-1844 

Passumpic Library Association, Records   1880-1884 

Patrons of Husbandry Grand Isle Grange: Log book   1905-1908 

Peck, S.P.: Bennington, VT: an inventory of drugs and chemicals, as well as list of accounts for firm of S.P. Peck. Inventory and appraisal of Julia A. Peck estate   1856, 1861 

Pember, K.A.: Artist's sketch book, Woodstock, VT   1890-1900 

Peru, Vermont: Liquor sales account book, anonymous, Peru, VT (2 Volumes)   1881 January to 1882 March 

Pittsfield Ladies Literary Assoc., record book   1852-1863 

Plainfield-Marshfield Baptist Church, Record books, Plainfield and Marshfield (2 Volumes)   1837-1906 

Post, Herman A.: Civil War Diary   1863 

Powell, Lucia B.: Personal/family account book, Milton, VT   1899 

Powers, Francis Volney: Scrapbook, Waterford and St. Johnsbury, VT   1857-1872 

Prentis, Thomas: Justice of the Peace records, Weathersfield, VT   1799-1817 

Proctorsville Ladies Benevolent Society: Proctorsville, VT, Record Book   1850-1890 

Puffer Family Photo Album   circa 1860-1890 

Album of carte-de-visite and cabinet card photos of the Puffer and Blackmer families. Includes cdv protrait of Dennis M. Blackmer, a soldier in the First Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War.

Quarter Century Club, Burlington, VT: Club record book   1870-1877 

Randolph First Congregational Church: Sunday School Record   1892-1895 

Redfield, Isaac F.?, Docket book and notebook, Vermont Supreme Court   1839-1841 

Reed, Thomas. Account book, Worcester, VT   1840s-1860s 

Rice, Howard C., Jr.: Church Family Materials   Undated 

Richardson, Ira: Account book, Waitsfield, VT, general store (3 Volumes)   1851-1869 

Rogers, Levi, Newbury, VT: Milita Record, Account Book   1813-1849 

Levi Rogers's account book contains 2.5 pages relating to the Vermont state militia, and family accounts for labor and goods, a list of Rogers family birthdays, and poetry.

Root, Erastus: Diary/journal, various VT locations   1815-1818 

Rutland, Vermont High School: Subscription book for library   1856 

Royalton, Vermont: School District Number 17, Record book   1829-1873 

Sampson, George W., account book   1841-1844 

Savage, Ira: Personal account book, Windsor, VT   1814-1835 

Sawyer, (?): Commonplace book, Burlington, VT   1832 

Sawyer, Edward B.: Liquor agent's account book, Hyde Park, VT   1855-1856 

Scrapbook: Anonymous, Hardwick, VT?   Circa 1880s 

School Notebook (possibly belonging to H.E. Rockwell)   Undated 

Shelburne, Vt: Death Certificates   1903-1910 

Sherman, Thomas F.: Farmer's account book, Lyndon, VT   1817-1839 

Shrewsbury, VT: Baptist Church, Record book   1832-1874 

Sketchbooks: Anonymous (Eight Volumes)   1868-1896 

Sloane, Florence A.: Notebooks (2 Volumes)   1889-1894 

Smith, Dorlishka Lorette P.: Autograph book and personal scrapbook, various VT towns   1820-1836 

Smith, George Dana, Diary, Burlington, VT, 1931-1934 with entries for 1946 by John C. Brownell   1931-1934, 1946 

Smith, Herbert W., Fairhaven, VT: Ledgers   1910-1923 

Smith was a jeweler who repaired watches. Ledgers include the following: name of every watch owner, kind of movement worked on, number of movement, kind of case, number of case, date delivered, charge, and the extent of repairs with other comments.

Smith, James O: Civil War Diary   1864 

Smith, John Eldrige: Smith/Wheeler family genealogical notes   1728-1938 

Smith, Portus Baxter: Civil War Journal   1864 

Smyth, James, Account book   1843-1874 

Smyth, George H.: Minister's commonplace book, New York City and Wilmington, DE   1871-1877 

Sociable Spinster's Sensible Society, Burlington, VT, record book   1847 

Spanish Journal   Circa 1920s 

Spear, Amos C.: Apothecary/Druggist's inventory book   Circa 1853-1859 

Sterns, Annette: Autograph book   1881-1884 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence, "The Death of Bryant," holograph poem   1878 

Stevens, Leonore Commonplace Book, East Montpelier, VT   1888-1932 

Stevens, Oliver Crocker: Drawing books, unidentified location (2 Volumes)   1864-1865 

Stewart, Emesa: Account book (2? Volumes)   Undated 

Stewart, Charles: Lectures on electricity and natural philosophy   circa 1780 

Stone, Amy G.: Essex Junction, Vermont: Household Account Book (2 Volumes)   1922, 1925 

Stone, B.A.: Letter Book of a coffee salesman, Essex Junction, Vermont   1919 August-1920 July 

Stone, Charles B.: Civil War Diary   Undated 

Stone, James R.: Record of Marriages   1859-1883 

Stone and Webster Engineering Crop: Storage Investigation of Connecticut River Headwaters Boston, Mass, Study done for Turner Falls Co.   1914 October 

Stowe, VT: First Militia Record Book   1803-1845 

Strong, Adelia: Autograph Album Hinesburgh Academy   1827 

Strong, Samuel: Sheriff's and personal account book, Addison, VT   1784-1803 

[Sullivan, Patrick E.]?: Account books, lumber dealer's 1912, and personal 1920, St. Albans, VT (2 Volumes)   1912, 1920 

Sulzer, William: Scrapbook of letters & Clippings   1910-1920 

Sunderland Debating Society, Records   1860-1862 

Wift & Smith (St. Albans, VT): Legal firm's account book   1823-1826 

Talcott, Frank: Diary, Barre and Williston, VT   1890-1892 

Teacher's gradebook: Anonymous, unidentified location   1870-1871 

Thetford, VT. Baptist Church: Record book of Baptist Soceity of Thetford and Fairlee   1852-1881 

Third Medical Society of Vermont, record book   1803-1827 

Thomas, Ellen Jane: School notebooks, unidentified location (2 volumes)   1851 

Tinkham, Edson Scott: Diary/autobiography, Browning, VT   1850-1916 

Tubbs Family: Photograph albums (2 volumes)   circa 1860-1870 

Family portraits, includes Civil War soldiers. Possibly a Guilford, Vermont family.

Tucker, Nathanael A.: Notebook and letter book, Burlington, VT   Circa 1847-1857 

Tunbridge Band, Account book   1893-1902 

Tunbridge, VT: Town records   1803-1840 

Tunbridge VT: Town records   1826-1850 

Tunbridge, VT: Farmer's account book   1834-1856 

Tunbridge, VT: School District No.12, records   1836-1892 

Tuttle, Berenice R. Scrapbook on Vermont Children's Aid Society   1918-1959 

Underwood, Levi Jr.: Law student's notebook, Burlington, VT   Circa 1890 

Unidentified: account book of estates   1933-1937 

Unidentified Notebook   1858 

Union Agricultural Society Tunbridge, VT   1875-1896 

United Presbyterian Society of Ryegate, VT, record book   1823-1876 

United States Postal Service, New England Postal Directory   1877 

United States Post Office Vergennes, Vermont, Office record book   1866-1867 

Upham, S.H.: History of Windham, Vermont   1854 

Vermont Anti-Slavery Society, Account book   1834-1844 

Vermont Baptist Historical Society, Catalogue of Society library   1886 

Vermont Club of Bridgeport, Conn., Account book   1925-1942 

Vermont Central Railroad: Record book of lands along line in Vermont compiled   circa 1885 

Vermont, County Court (Chittenden County): Docket book   1829 January 

Vermont Horse Stock Compnay, record book   1869-1874 

Vermont Industrial School Diaries, Vergennes, VT - 2 volumes   1908-1909 

Vermont Infantry Regiment, First, Autograph Book   1861 June -August 

Vermont Infantry. 14th Regiment Orderly book (Henry Vaughan?)   Undated 

VT. Medical College, Woodstock, VT: Student Notebook   1841-1842 

Vermont Militia: record book, 2nd regiment, 2nd brigade, 2nd division   1794-1837 

Vermont National Guard, First Vermont Infantry, Hospital Corps, Corps record book   1901-1907 

Vermont State Teachers' Association, association records (3 volumes)   1850-1892 

Vershire, Vermont, Baptist Church, record book   1851-1888 

Village Improvement Society of Hardwick, VT, minutes and constitution   1909-1918 

Waits River Glee Club, Waits River, VT Minutes   1914-1915 

Waitsfield, VT, Baptist Church, Church record book   1835-1849  

Wallace, Lewis: Military reports on Battle of Monocacy   1864 

Waltham, Vermont, town records   1860-1882 

Walworth, John: Accounts--military,land, family - Plattsburgh, NY (2 volumes)   1808-1850 

Ware, Ellen E. Kinney: Autograph album, Irasburg, VT   1863-1889 

Warren, Henry E.: "Survey of Seymour Lake (Morgan, Vermont)"   1922 

Way, Truman: Shoemaker's ledgers, no place (2 Volumes)   1851-1875 

Weeks, Charles H.: Diary 1842, Salisbury, VT   1842 

Weeks, George Augustus, Diary, Salisbury, VT   1847-1849 

Wells, Frank S.: Party guest list, Burlington, VT   1922-1931 

West Claredon Baptist Church, Clarendon, VT, record book   1812-1840 

Westford School Districts, Record Book   1825-1893 

Westminster, Vermont: L.F. Society: Society record book   1845-1847 

West Randolph, VT Congregational Church, Church record book   1831-1869 

Wheeler, John Henry: "Erlarung von Aristoteles Poetik" Bonn   1878 

Wheeler, John Henry, Library catalogue, no place   Circa 1890 

Wheelock Association of Free Will Baptists, Young People's Union, Records (2 volumes)   1899-1917 

White & Whittemore (Eden, Vermont): Sawmill account book, Eden, VT   1870-1874 

Whitmore, C.T.: Clothing store account book and inventory, no place   1868-1879 

Whittemore, Albert G.: Family account book, Milton, VT   1849-1861 

Wightman, Moses: Account book, local tax lists, Georgia, VT (3 Volumes)   1860-1873 

Williams, Daniel, Jr. Rutland?, Vermont, Account book   1833-1835 

Windham County, VT: Carpenter's account books, anonymous, Windham County, VT, primarily bridges, (2 Volumes)   1882, 1885-1889 

Windsor County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.: Company record books (2 Volumes)   1838-1868 

Wooster, Benjamin Sermons   1791-1826 

Worthen, Arthure E., Band of 3rd Vermont Volunteers: Journal   1889 

Covers service from May 6, 1861 to August 20, 1862. Written from his letters home, diary, and a friend's letters. Includes a 20 page manual of his service and a sighned photo of the Bandmaster.

Wyman, C.E. Account book, Waterbury, VT   1888-1905 

Young Men's Debating Society, Burlington, VT: society record book   1854-1855 

Yost, George: Survey notebook: White River Railroad   1898 

Young Men's Total Abstinence Society, constitution and minutes, Cheney & Boynton account book, 1846-1848, North Springfield, VT   1841-1843 

Young People's Society in Christian Endeavor, Vermont Free Baptists, Society record book   1892-1914 

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